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Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

Hello guys its’ me Brad and this time I am again here to share with you some more interesting information about multi-level marketing. Believe it or not, many firms are now operating their businesses on the MLM model because they have realized its importance for running businesses in a profitable and prosperous manner. It has helped them to increase their product sales with higher profit margins. On the other side it has provided job opportunities to millions of unemployed people. The most important part is even the government is also lending support to these MLM firms for making it possible to recruit and employ a huge percentage of unemployed population. This business model is also playing a vital role in developing the spirit of team work and leadership skill among the people. You have plenty of options to join the MLM firm of your choice but I can understand due to the availability of multiple options such choice becomes automatically tough. But if you have knack in healthy products, then you can try with Life Shotz. But before joining, read its review carefully which elaborates on its products, compensation plans and other exciting opportunities. To earn more through this business opportunity click here. 

About Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan


Life Shotz was established with the ultimate objective of providing the best nutritional supplements in the market. Since its inception, all its products have received positive approvals of the global customers due to the presence of quality manufacturing ingredients for optimizing the performance of various biological organs in the human body. The company follows the MLM business model where it employs distributors to interact directly with the customers for selling its products. At present it is operating business in more than sixty nations of the world and is exploring the market environments of other countries to launch its products. So far, it has recruited more than forty thousand distributors but still requires more distributors maximize the sale of its products. These distributors utilize the tactic of word of mouth advertising to convince customers to buy these products. The firm acknowledges the hard work of every distributor and rewards them with attractive bonus and commission amounts.

Products of Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

The scientists working with this company utilized the most advanced technology to obtain the finest product in the market. This is quite evident when you view the outcomes of various tests results. All its products have cleared the quality certification tests of FDA and other reputed quality testing firms. All its products have been designed to strengthen the health of the customers and contain no harmful chemical substances. Some of its well known products are the following:

Motion: It is mainly available in the form of capsules and is very useful in improving the flexibility and mobility of your physical joints. Its other usefulness mainly includes tissue protection and joints protection. It contains no toxic components to affect the functioning of essential parts of your body. Take this capsule in empty stomach to reap its benefits within few weeks.

Mind: It is the ideal product for your brain as it helps in improving your memory and optimizes the performance of essential cognitive activities. With its help, you shall have a sharp memory to recall any matter quite easily. It also helps you to obtain a cool and calm mind so as to have focus on your task without any sort of distraction. In addition to that, it also prevents and slows down the pace of brain aging. Just buy this product once, so as to experience its utilities.

Vibe: This nutritional shake contains perfect blend of proteins with other useful natural ingredients. It helps you to shed your excess fat quite easily for having lean body muscles. It also enhances your physical energy for enduring the harsh outdoor environment to the fullest extent. In addition to that, you can control your hunger and appetite with this protein supplements. Just try it for few weeks to experience its benefits.

Compensation Plan of Life Shotz MLM Business Opportunity

The company brought out a dynamic compensation plan for maximizing the income earning scope of its distributors. It also provides valuable supports to the associates who are interested to set up their autonomous business centers. As per this plan, distributors can earn in the following ways mentioned below:

Retail profit: Here you have the chance of earning up to twenty percent profit and for that you simply need to buy the products of the company at a wholesale price. Then you have to sale these items to the customers at specific retail price and your profit amount will be determined on the basis of difference between wholesale and retail price. You can enjoy higher percentage of profit based on the increased product orders of your customers.

Customer Bonuses: You can receive this bonus on enrolling preferred or retail customers without any prescribe limitations. Here you have the chance of receiving five percent of the overall bonus volumes that have been generated by your enrolled customers in the first order and thirty percent of the bonus volumes generated by these enrolled customers in their fifth order.

Retail bonus outlet: Here you have the scope of receiving bonus for referring the products of this company to more number of people who own retail stores. If you continue the momentum, then you have the scope of getting ten percent rebate personal order above $750 and similar such rebates on the purchases made by your referred retailers.

Three for free: In this program, you just need to sponsor minimum three affiliates or distributors to buy the products of the company. Here you have the chance of receiving discount on the auto order based on your purchasing amounts of $100 from the up-coming month. The discount rate can be higher, if you are successful in generating autoship orders above $100. Your sponsored distributors will also be entitled to the same benefits if they are able to replicate your process according to the letter.

Leadership Bonus: It normally begins from the rank of Bronze and continues up to the highest level of leadership. Your bonus amount shall be determined on the basis of your high ranking position and you shall have the sole authority to claim a legitimate share from your down-line members also. Here you will also receive bonus for inspiring and helping your enrolled member to achieve high ranking positions through replicating your processes.

Get Started with Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

If you have decided to start your career with this company, then the ideal way to do so is to sign up for the position of distributor. For that, you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly visit the website of this company. For online enrollment, you have to observe certain steps to make your enrollment initiative a successful one. In the first step, you have to fill up certain information columns along with selecting the nearest marketing location. Then in the second step, you have to select and then shell out your money to buy the business builder pack that contains useful and advanced training materials. You guys will be much benefitted if you purchase the costly pack. Then in the final phase, you have to select and purchase the optional product kits in a similar manner. Here also you must go for the costly pack so as to get more product bottles for self consumption, selling and offering to the nearest people for free trials. Once you have completed these formalities, you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrollment. Then a replicated website shall be forwarded at your mail address from where you will forward the autoship orders of your customers directly to the customers.

Training in Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

The firm offers free of cost training to the distributors in its advanced back office establishment with modern infrastructures. Newly enrolled distributors are mentored by special MLM experts who have been in this field for quite some time. Distributors are at first given well documented introduction to the concept of multi-level marketing and also provided detail explanations of various other technical terms associated with this industry. Once distributors are able to comprehend those concepts then they are imparted training on how to set up home business through incurring limited financial loss. But don’t think for a moment that the firm only supports conventional approaches to make money. It also offers whole hearted support to those distributors who have the guts to adopt innovative and risky marketing approaches. It is due to the fact that MLM constantly explores new and unique marketing and product selling approaches to maintain its appeal among large group of audiences. It will be much beneficial for you to establish friendly relations with any experienced distributor of this company. He will give you full logistical and other back office supports while you land up in the real marketing environment of the outside world. He will also give you sufficient guidelines on how to convince and spot your target customers easily. The firm organizes events like office parties, seminars and workshops from where you have the chance of meeting successful distributors of the company to acquire many useful tips.

Making money with Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of the company fully ensures that you can earn maximum profits in the long and short terms consistently after setting up your home business. This is quite evident when you study the compensation plan properly. In addition to that, if you work in this company as a distributor then also there is no dearth of profitable earnings in your pockets. This normally begins with the provision of retail profits in the beginning phase of your career. Then there is the earning opportunity through retail bonus where you just have to convince those retailers who have the required money and interest to buy the products of the company and sell it to your customers. Then as you continue to progress the various leadership levels, you keep on attractive bonus amounts and commissions including those of your down-line members also. While working as a distributor of the Life Shotz, you have the sole authority to determine the marketing and product selling strategies of your distributors or affiliates. You can earn much appreciation from the company in shape of high incentives if you help your down-line members to replicate your success steps to achieve similar high ranking positions in the company. Another simple option to earn money is to just continue posting blogs to create curiosity among the customers on its products. Such referrals blogs will result in increased follow of traffic in the company’s website for ensuring the flow of surplus income in your pocket.

Conclusion of Life Shotz MLM Compensation Plan

Before I end my MLM review here, I must want to tell you that no matter how much you train yourself, there is no scope of success unless you work hard and sincere. I am speaking this to you out of my own personal experience. I had come into touch with many promising MLM distributors who because of their laziness and greed had lost their focus and ultimately suffered heavy failure in this industry. Therefore, I am requesting you guys to focus on your trainings and hard works in the beginning phase of your career while working as a distributor in such companies. Apart from that, I need to make you conscious about another unpleasant trend which I am noticing for quite sometimes. It is the circulation of wrong information about various well known MLM companies. Such incorrect facts are mainly propagated by some distributors who had witnessed tremendous failure in this business. So you guys must not treat such misrepresented information seriously. If take seriously then you shall be the sole looser. This trend is also evident in case of this company. Now that you have read this review, you know pretty well that there is nothing wrong with this company. For instance, the firm has clearly specified the ingredients of all its products along with the outcomes of various tests. It has also specified in details the several earning opportunities enshrined in its compensation plan. Hence instead of easting your time, you must join this company at once.   






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