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LifeVantage MLM Compensation Plan Review


There has been a steady influx of various MLM companies in USA to provide surplus scope of employment opportunities to many young unemployed American youths who are desperately in search of jobs after completing their studies. These MLM companies can enable you to acquire financial stability and other outstanding privileges which you have always dreamed in your entire life. If you are serious about trying out your luck then Life Vantage is the ideal MLM firm to shape your career in the MLM industry. It is a wellness which mainly sells various nutritional products in the market. If you are seriously considering for joining this company then read the review carefully. MLM plans can be a nice earning opportunity for people willing to give it proper time and effort. Peple can expect to earn more than 5K per week through this networking plan, click here to know more.

About Life Vantage MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM organization was established in the year of 2009 and its head office is located in the area of Sandy in UT. At present LifeVantage operates in more than eight countries with annual revenue generations of above $208 million. It has so far employed more than 35,000 distributors and these distributors are playing a vital part in registering the present prosperity of the company. The distributors mainly employ the technique of word of mouth in convincing the customers to purchase the products of the company. The firm rewards every hard working distributor with suitable commissions and bonus opportunities to encourage their effort.

Products of LifeVantage MLM Business Opportunity

The firm is a specialized manufacturer of various nutritional supplements, capsules and anti-aging products. All its products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced doctors and secured the quality certification of FDA before releasing these products in the market. The firm uses superior state of the art facilities with pure natural ingredients to manufacture these healthy products. You can clearly view the expiry and manufacturing dates in every product label besides the approval seal of FDA. Some of its well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Protandim: It is a nutritional dietary supplement which is quite useful in overcoming oxidative stress in your body with the activation of Nrf2. It mainly comprises of natural herbal ingredients in combating stress in your body and also for regulating the normal functioning of the body cells. Besides, it also supports the functioning of the liver and clears our digestive systems very actively.
  • AXIO: This products help in the rejuvenation of lost spirit through infusing fresh energy to enable you to involve in multiple activities for a long period of time. This energy drink can be consumed after extensive physical workouts or to remove the afternoon lethargy. Unlike other energy drink, this product is devoid of artificial flavors and colors, calories, carbs, sodium and sugar. It is also useful in fastening our mental activities with increasing the cognitive functioning of the brain.
  • True Science: This product is available in various forms for proper care of your skin in the form of body lotion, facial cleanser and eye corrector serum for removing your skin spots, wrinkles and to make your skin glow shiny and young again. Apply this product after reading the prescribed methods mentioned in the product pack gently to your skin. It contains no harmful chemicals and other artificial ingredients and so it does not create any adverse impact on your skin.
  • Canine health: This product is mainly designed for keeping into consideration the mental and physical conditions of your beloved dog. This nutritional supplement reduces the oxidative stress and supports the general functioning of the other physical portions of your dog. This product is absolutely safe for your pets and can enhance its physical and mental activities to a considerable extent. The product has been manufactured keeping into consideration the appropriate diets of your dog. It mainly comprises of chewable tablets of various tastes and while giving just follows the prescribed norms.

LifeVantage MLM Networking Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan of Life Vantage distributors have the scope of earning income in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Fast Start Bonus: Here the distributors have the scope of earning thirty to forty percent of the overall business volume mainly through the product purchasing of their newly recruited distributors. When any newly recruited distributor buys individual products or the Vantage pack it opens up the scope of earning this bonus by the distributors who have enrolled such new recruits. This bonus is also awarded when any latest preferred consumer sign up with the company for generating their autoship and all orders should be placed immediately during the enrollment period to be qualified for this bonus that are being paid in weekly basis.
  • Infinite Fast Start Bonus: This bonus is primarily paid for every Vantage pack which is being purchased by your downline every week. You have the scope of earning $50 on selling initial three product packs to the customers. The amount shall be increased consistently depending on your selling of product packs to the consumers.
  • Fast Start Bonus Pool: It is usually paid to the distributors in terms of shares. Distributors have the chance of earning one share of the five percent global pool when any group of their personally enrolled distributors made the overall purchases of three Vantage packs.
  • Royalty Commission: These are team centric residual payments of income mainly given for selling products within your whole organization. Here you have the scope of earning till 9 levels when you advance in terms of ranking. However it is restricted through the maximum earning in every promotional level during any month.
  • Generational Matching Bonus: It enables you in earning equivalent percentage on royalty checks of the commissions of your personally enrolled recruitment in the downline. You have the scope of earning ten percent in response to first generation and five percent on every successive generation.
  • Elite Bonus Pool: People working at the highest leadership levels have the opportunity to earn the percentage out of the universal commissionable sales after achieving the Elite ranking in the organization.

This compensation plan is quite dynamic because it provides the opportunities of earning bonuses and commissions on monthly and weekly basis. In short, the bonuses on downline training and enrollment are paid on weekly basis and the commissions on the basis of sales volumes are usually paid out in every month. Every distributor has the chance of earning incomes from the quarterly bonus pool checks, unilevel commissions, fast start bonuses and retail sale profits. Any distributor paid till a certain level numbers are entirely based on the productivity and their recruitment which normally ranges from two to ten percent of the overall sales volumes excluding one- time incentives and bonuses. The compensation plan of Life Vantage is mainly based on the structure of stair step breakaway. It implies that every distributor needs to develop latest distributor levels under them in the form of the design of stair step. When these distributors do get upper ranking promotions they are mainly paid on the basis of the higher number of downline recruits under their disposal. When the leaders of these downline recruits are successful in achieving certain levels in the company they detached from their sponsored distributors and begin the process of forming their own down-line teams.

The greatest advantage of this compensation plan mainly includes stability. This compensation structure has played a vital role in the prosperity of many MLM companies around the world. Its main advantages mainly include infinite team depth and infinite topline leaders. The disadvantage of this design mainly involves that the new distributors are always paid little commissions as the overall commissions are usually go into the pockets of their upline. Besides leaders under this design do not work consistently or provide guidelines to their downlines as expected. They hardly devote less than thirty months and always exert pressure on the down-lines to meet the sales target at all costs.

Getting started with Life Vantage MLM Business Opportunity

You can begin your career in an ideal manner in Life Vantage once you enroll as an independent distributor of the company. You can either enroll yourself through a recognized distributor of the company or can visit the website of the firm to enroll your-self after completing certain formalities. While enrolling online you will be given the chance of purchasing some optional product packs to start your home business. You will be glad to hear that every Vantage optional distributor kit is particularly designed for supporting your requirements to prosper in your home business. Once you enrolled as the independent distributor of the company you shall also receive an all inclusive free event pass for attending all the events of Life Vantage to boost your MLM business. Besides, you shall also be eligible for a discount amount of $370 for thirty days after the enrollment process. You must choose the $1200 Platinum Pack so that others can consider you seriously. No one will take you seriously if you purchase product pack options of reduce price. You must devote considerable amount of time for your business promotion and must go through the online training modules quite seriously. Your exposure in MLM industry will be much enhanced once you establish rapport with the experienced distributor of the company. Under his guidance you can learn the tricks of generating leads for your products as well as the appropriate ways of convincing the customers. You will always receive the guidelines of the company in every step of your MLM business. It is quite tough to become successful in the MLM business given the level of competitions. Your immediate income earning opportunities can be further brightened if you are successful in building a solid down-line under your disposal. These down-leaders in ordering and selling products to the preferred customers can further help you in the promotion of upper levels with increased commissions and bonus amounts.

But you need to be stayed focus always to retain all these bonus privileges. If you engrossed in the disillusionment of becoming immediate rich once joining this company then you have to face ill consequences which may result in your demotion. It often takes 3-5 years to become successful in this MLM business and during these tough periods you cannot engage in the luxury of neglecting your training sessions and other essential business related activities. So focus on your training and set up a target to establish your business in a standard position. This company is perfect for the fresher to start their careers. Usually when any fresher join as the distributors of the firm they have no concepts of how to communicate, approach and find the ideal customers for selling the products. The training provided by this firm exclusively focuses on building the skills among such newly recruited distributors to convince customers in the most pleasant manners without creating any ruckus.

Conclusion of LifeVantage MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending the review you must always remember that the roads of MLM business are very much tough and highly competitive. Every moment there is the possibility of failure in the business and so never takes any unnecessary risk that can put your business in great trouble. Never pays attention to any misleading information for that may jeopardize your chance of becoming a successful distributor of this company. You will be surprised to hear that many rival MLM firms of this company are adopting every possible attempt to malign its image in the market. For such purpose they mainly target young inexperienced youths like you who are desperately searching for jobs.

In doing so they think that they can ruin the prospects of this company. But that is not so easy and you should always verify such misleading facts before believing them. Otherwise you shall be the sole loser and not those companies. As you have read this review you are now acquainted with the fact that this firm is quite transparent regarding its products, compensation plans and other business opportunities. Its internal working atmosphere is quite good and there is no unrest among the employees. All of them put their whole hearted effort in registering the present success of the company. So without wasting any time you must join this firm at once.

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