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Longaberger compensation plan review


Hi folks, its Brad here and I’ll be sharing serious information for those willing to earn money.  Have you heard about Longaberger and their MLM plans? If your answer is no, don’t worry I can guide you step by step. There is nothing to lose but opportunities to earn fat cash with some effort investment. Longaberger is one such opportunity which I state as a genuine opportunity that can add good amount of bucks in your wallet when you do it the right way. Definitely I will guide you how exactly you can use this platform to make the money which the promoters of this program speak about.


A quick walkthrough of Longaberger

At first let me tell you what actually or rather who is Longaberger. It is a credible company which has a history of over 35 years which establishes the fact that they are not scammers and mean business. The company is in the business of selling handcrafted baskets along with a range of home products by its network of marketing business model. The company was founded by Dave Longaberger and has over 45,000 distributors spread across. This Ohio based company also ranks among largest employers of the area. Dave Longaberger started off with honest manufacturing efforts which were carried further by daughters, Racheal and Tami. One of the most successful family operated businesses of US has numerous representatives working hard day and night. Home consultants can be contacted for their products that operate through a direct selling approach. The extensive product category involves protectors, basket liners, colorful fabric accessories, pottery, and more.

There is some interesting history associated with the entire thing. J.W Longaberger, the father of Dave was the real maker of quality baskets. He along with his wife started off after learning basket making initially from Dresden Basket Factory. Although the factory was closed after a period of time, the couple went on with their work to come up with baskets. More and more products were added continuously to cater to the needs of homemakers, home owners and more.  Pottery was also one of its additions which were of fine quality to fit easily into these baskets. A wide selection of accessories and items to serve well as decorations was gradually included into overall collections. They were admired and appreciated by people throughout the globe from different generations. Porcelain products were also manufactured to match as well as fit inside these baskets. Such products are hardly available at other stores and shopping malls. Only a company representative can sell you these products.


The Longaberger site is different compared to other home based marketing opportunity sites. By filling out a three page application of the website, anyone can proceed to get the position of a consultant. A Longaberger representative is likely to get in touch and explain about membership packages. They will provide maximum support, assistance and training to help getting started in the relevant area. The new member would be well trained by experienced consultants for holding and conduction basket shows. It will be a great learning process to know and explore various aspects of this profession. All the unique abilities and qualities required to be a qualified representative would be clear.

This direct sales networking plan has consultants or representatives going from door to door for having basket party. There would be hosts having such parties in order to introduce it among their family, friends or may be professional circles. It is a great opportunity for the consultant to earn as much as possible by selling these products. As a result, the scope for more shows either via guests or referrals also open up which would provide better income earning opportunities.

So, You must be thinking all above is lucrative and appealing but, is it really the thing that you could trust? Well as I said earlier, it’s not a scam and promoted by a company with history on its back. It definitely is an opportunity which you could try out yourself. The reason being, it’s 35 year old track record, great products and a pretty solid compensation plan. I believe working with a credible company that supports you is what exactly the premise for a good business is. The entire success would definitely be dependent on the ability for sponsoring additional people within your team. Basically that’s one part of the whole trade, you would need to sell the products and build a productive team to succeed and make some good bucks out of its MLM program.

Longaberger MLM is a special program and not suitable for anyone who can read through. It requires putting up serious effort to excel as synonymous with other professions. There are no shortcuts are one should take all these aspects into consideration prior to making any decision.

In order to achieve the volumes I spoke of above, you just need to do the basics right. Leverage upon the effective attraction marketing system allowing you to brand yourself and hence generate the leads. A combination of the online lead generation program with the offline team building activities can ideally be the best way forward to develop a prosperous business.

I have a positive experience as Longaberger being a legitimate business set up. It is a great opportunity to make some money and add to present income. You will be fully trained to make the most of your connections such as friends, close ones and loved ones. It will be sufficiently easy to achieve sales and also recruit extra team members.  Longaberger offers a variety of useful products which are of high quality in a convenient and fun atmosphere.

Now let me tell you about membership levels of Longaberger

Becoming its distributor can be quite simple and there are different ways which includes a free membership as well. The free membership comes with specific time period while the other membership options range from $49 Easy Start kit, the $229 Business Basics Kit and the $459 business builder kit. So you could go ahead and choose the program you can afford. Easy Start Kit features pamphlets, leaflets and medium sized basket which are free of cost. In case of the Business Basics Kit, there is bread basket, medium flare container, pottery sample set, average sized basket, etc. There are also things like baking dish invitations for residential invitations, pamphlets, flyers and flying start quick guide.

Business builder kit includes things like bread basket, summer containers, leaf basket, medium containers, baking recipe, coffee cups, basket, backing recipe, candle sticks, dinner plates, etc. Summer seasonal supplements, invitations, brochure and leaflets are also available.

The home consultant will be given an opportunity to sell a wide range of products through a free of cost personalized website. There would be opportunities to participate in home parties for these consultants.

To build upon the Longaberger business presents varied options to choose from. You may go for sharing products one-on-one or make home presentations and use one’s company replicated website for selling the products online. Making money would mean opportunities like 25% commission over the personal sales while ideally the team bonus hostess dollars would fetch some additional perks.

With free longer baskets and a set of products along the same range, the consultants are able to build their personal collection.  You can avail up to 25% of discount on handcrafted baskets and other products. With the presence of home show experience, there are great chances of earning commissions up to 25% or even more. For almost a month, you’re simply getting 50% off samples to make the most of given opportunities. As result, you’ll be able to enjoy the collector club membership at a half price. There would be great chances of growing sales by revenue and travelling opportunities. Membership should be valuable to you in case you can purchase the items on special category. Many products are exclusively available for the members.

After enrollment as a consultant, you will be simply partnered with a sponsor to provide comprehensive support and assistance. While building the business, he or she would be your support system in baby stages. You will also get full access to various online tools and an exclusive call centre team for getting answers on your queries.  

Affiliate program

Use affiliates in order to market the products in best possible manner.  You can simply swap the affiliate links with the likeminded business owners. Look for an affiliate program which is already experienced success. As a result, it would be easier to increase the number of products gradually. Get in touch with similar kind of businesses and let them share your affiliate links.

There is a need for proper coaching and training otherwise it may be an exercise in futility. The intent and efforts should be channeled in the right direction. A high degree of professional commitment is required to succeed in this field.  You’ll have to beat some limitations and I am here to help you as much as possible to be closer to your goals.

Just authorize and register yourself as a consultant to get started by choosing out of different plans available. Almost anyone can sign up and become a consultant by choosing out of different beginners plans provided.

Review of compensation side

People get the opportunity to boost their earnings through multi level marketing in this business. Hundreds and thousands of dollars can be earned as a marketer. Selling the products gives an earning through 25% of commission on the products which are on sale. Passive income out of the sales of individuals inducted into the company by you also works in your favor. Best thing about being a marketer is the exclusive seller which is likely to increase your demand. It is really easy to sell such products which are prepared out of highest quality items with beautiful designs. Many of these products include household goods, home accessories, porcelain, pots, and baskets.

As host, you will get a great opportunity of introducing the products and relevant income opportunities. This can be explained to people you know but there is a need to have leadership skills. A proper influence and communication skills will also work in your favor to represent the company in best possible manner. Explaining the real features and benefits of items is likely to work in your advantage. You have the freedom to alter the strategy by creating a website, online destination or even blog. Social networking could be also a great way of promoting freely to create awareness and positive image. As a result, people come to know about the items and privileges. Members can also get the opportunity of earning paid for tours, recognition and a number of other incentives.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Only a modest sum of money is necessary to get started into this business. It is such a convenient business opportunity can be understood from the fact that other business would require investment of big capital.
  • It is already an established business running for several years. The scheme is fully legitimate and no double standards are there.
  • For opening up restaurant, eatery or café, there is a need for space, interior furniture, devices, manpower, management, etc. Most of the MLM type businesses are only selling certain products and services at prices similar to those available from shops. Only a certain amount of money is required to spend and get these products and services to starting off the venture. Longaberger business chance is also similar to a great extent. There is a sole need for finding other customers and distributors.
  • Another positive of being a representative is the absence of 9 to 5 working, no manpower to manage, and no boss for reporting. Many people have managed to create a financial freedom this way and some people have also managed to earn millions. You can also enjoy a dream luxury life after a successful professional record.


  • Although it doesn’t determine if your wound be successful or not, only limited number of people such as 5% or lesser have managed to achieve overwhelming success. You may also come across individuals switching jobs from one sector to another in a hope to achieve success with little or no effort. There are no shortcuts to success and it’s the same with Longaberger.
  • Some principles and techniques should be adopted which work to grow this business. Due to inappropriate training, many individuals fail to meet success. Some people are lazy enough to not work hard and fail to achieve a certain level of efficiency.














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