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MannatechMLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM companies are providing surplus employment opportunities to people around the world. This is not limited to one particular region and users from all the countries can expect to get good returns through business opportunity. There are several MLM companies where you can try out your luck. But first it is important to understand all the aspects of a particular MLM plan. If you have fascination for healthy products comprising of skin care and fitness products then Mannatech is the ideal MLM Company for you. Once you join this company’s MLM compensation you can easily start earning good income from the comfort of your home. Besides, you can gift these products to your loved ones as well as to their friends for the purpose of promotion and free trial. You can also get rid of your lethargy and laziness if you consume these products. So in both ways you would be the beneficiary. Using effective techniques and building a good network can help you earn triple digit income. Some people have been earning around 5K per week and to know more about this click here.To know more about the company, its products, compensation plan and business opportunities read the review below.

About Mannatech MLM Compensation Plan

Mannatech was established in 1993 for selling health and fitness products using the strategy of direct network marketing. At present this company generates million dollar revenues every year and has employed more than 40,000 sales representatives to sell and promote its supplements and nutritional products. The sales representatives mainly rely on oral advertising in convincing customersto buy these nutritional products. They also sold products through online platform as well as through home parties. The firm manufactures these products mainly for health conscious people. The firm is based in Texas and is focused on spreading awareness on the relevance of having healthy body and mind as well as on rewarding people who play a vital role in championing its cause. The work environment in this firm is quite sophisticated and every employee is putting their sole effort in maximizing the profit of the company.


Products of Mannatech MLM Company

Mannatech is offering vast range of products in the categories of skincare, fitness and weight as well as wellness and health. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Skin Care: You can only feel best when you are good looking and attracting the admiration of your beauty from others. Keeping this in fact the firm has brought out exclusive range of skin care products for making your radiant, younger looking and beautiful. It mainly comprised of LIFT Body Lotion, Emprizone, Night Repair Crème and so on.
  • Fitness and weight: To make you feel energetic and active the firm has brought out series of products like Glyco Slim, Ambro Start, Sport and so on for helping you reach the extra miles. You will soon find the difference once you have started to use these products.
  • Wellness and health:To have a strong and stout health it is quite essential to have proper supplement and nutritional pills. Keeping in view of the requirements the firm has brought out products like NutriVerus, Manna Bears, Catalyst and so on.

All its products are quality certified and there is no scope of any side effect after consumption. The firm employs specialized scientists while manufacturing nutritionalproducts of skincare, fitness and health. The firm uses Real Food technology as well as other nutritional technology solutions for manufacturing these products. You can find the FDA approved seals on every product pack where the manufacturing ingredients are clearly specified. For further information you can visit the website of the company for satisfying your knowledge. These products are also appropriate for consumer of every age group and are often prescribed by the doctors all over the country.

Compensation Plan of Mannatech MLM Company

The compensation package of the company is quite attractive yet reasonable focusing to encourage the hard working employees for their contribution to the surplus revenue generation that it has been consistently achieving every year. Its compensation plan mainly includes the following mentioned below:

  • Retail Profit: Associates have the option of purchasing products from the firm at wholesale price and re-sell it to their consumers at the retail prices. The retail profit of yours shall be the difference between wholesale and retail price.
  • Member Bonus:The first qualified associate sponsoring any new member shall have the scope of receiving 15 percent member bonus on the product purchase of that member. If the qualified associate is able achieve the position of All Star Associate then his membership bonus is enhanced till 20 percent of the product purchase of the sponsored member.
  • Personal production rewards: It can provide you innumerable scopes of earning commissions for directly selling the nutritional products of the company. It ensures quick income for the associates for selling the product pack and products directly to the retail customers. There is no scope of earning commission for purchasing product from your wallet.
  • Member All Star Bonus: It includes paying a commission of 5 percent on the product purchase of a sponsored member to the first upline of an qualified All Star Associate on achieving the status of Regional Director and above.
  • Direct Bonus: It is mainly paid to the enroller on selling any product pack. Enroller must belong to the similar sponsorship line as that of the person buying the pack of sign up product. Once the position of that particular enroller is terminated then the bonus shall be paid to the successive enroller in the upline. If Direct Bonus rolling up higher amount then the payout will be the preferred amount. It is mainly paid on products available in any product pack. There is no need for generating personal QV (Qualifying Volume) for earning this bonus.
  • Personal Power Bonus: It has been designed for awarding immediate, significant income for those achieving the position of All Star Associate.
  • Generation Direct Bonus: Every product pack selling beyond 100 personal volumes would generate dual Generation of Direct Bonuses which is not applicable for All Star Pack and Preferred Custom Pack. The first generation will be paid to the associate enrolling for the earner of direct bonus and second generation would be paid to the associate enrolling for the earner of First Generation Direct Bonus.
  • Team Development bonus: It has been primarily designed for rewarding the distributor who has played a vital role in the growth and training of their organizational downline. It also sees to encourage such people to help every member of the downline in forming their own team as well.
  • Leadership Development Bonus: This bonus has been designed for maintaining and building the leaders within your company. On becoming the National Director or above you will be eligible for such bonus. There is no specific limit for earning such bonus.
  • Presidential Development Bonus: This bonus is mainly designed for rewarding the presidential directors for developing presidential legs in both sides. Every presidential director receives bonus on the basis of team generation in both legs.
  • Lifestyle Bonus: It has been mainly designed for paying the qualified All Star associate and the leadership level of the National Directors and beyond. It could be earned in every business level and is based on the leadership level. National Director has the scope of earning $ 300 every month, executive director can earn up to $ 650 per month and presidential director can earn $ 1500 respectively.
  • Incentive compensation plan: This has been designed for additional motivational purposes to the people working as the associates of the company. It involves recognition, trips and additional payment.

Getting Started with Mannatech MLM Compensation Plan

If you want to develop your business prospect with Mannatech you need to begin as an independent distributor. You have the option of making casual acquaintance with your local distributor to sign up as an independent distributor of the company. If you do not have the information of any local distributor then you have the option of visiting the website of the firm and after reading the essential information you can begin the process of enrolling yourself as a distributor of the company. This would help you in gaining sufficient exposure in the field of multi-level marketing. Once you have signed up as a distributor you can purchase the product packs and kits at a much reduced price. You will also receive quality online training kits to maximize your business through online platform. You will also gain the knowledge of generating leads through your promotion in this business opportunity. On becoming a distributor you have the scope of presenting product packs to your friends and relative for free trial. It would be quite ideal if you taste some of its products then you have no problem in convincing your customers. Once you enrolled your first customer you have the scope of earning decent commissions that would surely make you feel good. If you are successful in building your own downline then you can receive team development bonus provided they must be able to replicate your process to form a new team in the organizational downline.

Why most people fail to make money

You might be wandering why majority of the people fail to earn money in MLM companies. The reason is plain and simple. Most of the people lose their focus within 7 months of joining this business. To be successful in a MLM business you have to be very sincere and hard working. You have to generate sales volume consistently. Very few people have this capacity of generating volumes consistently. But if you have that quality inside then you can join this company so as to experience its world class products and MLM marketing structure. It has been often found that many youth of today’s generation are eager to become rich quickly on joining any such firm. But this is quite absurd and if you are obsessed with such thoughts then you can hardly concentrate on your tasks. From my personal experience I can say that to become successful in this business you need to spend 5-6 years as an independent distributor of the company. Besides, you must consider this business not as a part time job otherwise you would have to be satisfied with part time earnings. You need to spend considerable time for your business and also follow the suggestions of experienced distributors. Earning money in this company is not so tough once you remain firm and steady in your approach. You also have to acquire the basic skill to be successful which can only be possible if your focus is consistent.Mannatech is always cooperative towards its employees and always help them to receive surplus training so as achieve success in this initiative. It is quiet regrettable that only few people do take their MLM business venture with considerable sincerity while the rest just flow with the tide of the time. This lackluster attitude has to be changed and a proper approach has to be taken to generate a decent performance in this business.


Before wrapping up the review I would like to comment on the fact that you should never give importance to any rumor about the company. If you have decided to join this company then go for it and do not waste any further time. This firm recognizes the value of hard work and so offers surplus rewards to the hardworking and sincere employees of every level- starting from Associate to Presidential level. There is no wage discrimination and you would receive your salary in time. There is no gender discrimination in this firm and both male and female workers do receive equal amount of shares from the revenues of the company. It is very hard to find a very genuine and transparent MLM company like Mannatech. So never lure into the trap of false information because you would be the sole loser but not the firm. When you find such confusing information just verify it from your reliable sources because it would be quite unfortunate if you lose the opportunity to work in this company.




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