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Mary Kay Compensation Plan Review


Hey guys! As you’ve stumbled upon this page, I’d like to tell you about something. How about making some money through multi level marketing, abbreviated as MLM? You may or may not have come across this word. Don’t worry for I can help you towards an in-depth understanding. It is serious business and those willing to devote time and effort can reap the benefits later. Network marketing has been a blessing for many with growing number of people getting involved with the passage of time. Mary Kay is a company which can help you to achieve financial freedom through some genuine programs. A legitimate business opportunity with no rat race competition will help in getting paid as much as you deserve. If you feel like going further into this, keep reading.

 A quick walkthrough of Mark Kay

Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded in the year 1963 at Texas. It has turned into one of the prolific direct selling companies of the world. It has almost 1.7 million using the products monthly and also building businesses. Mark Kay herself has more than 25 years of experience in direct sales industry. Every new member or representative starts off as an independent beauty consultant. You can learn how to market affectively on the internet and build the business around you. With the training, the internet will allow you to get a step closer to earn a significant income. Many people have managed to become financially successful by selling Mary Kay products. If you feel like Mary Kay would be suitable for you, keep reading.

Mary Kay

The Mary Kay products are manufactured through multiple rounds of product testing and extensive research. Several tests are conducted to ensure that the products are of high quality and suitable for use. There are products ranging from cosmetics, perfume, sun protection, skin care, and body care. A separate men’s category is also there and all of these products come with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not satisfied after using their products, you may return them for a refund or even exchange as per specific terms and conditions. It is enough to prove the credibility of a business which was initially started off with only nine beauty consultants. At present, more than 1.8 million distributors are driving the business ahead in more than 30 countries globally.

Mary Kay developed the cosmetics company with tremendous self belief. She left her first job and decided to come up with something on her own. The company started by her provides all the employees or associate consultants a chance to benefit out of their achievement. Make business and growing prospects have been turned easier for independent consultants. They are provided with a personal website where targeted customers can place orders. Thus, there is no need to meet face to face or have telephone conversations.  Having a website helps in marketing the business online with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

 Review of Mary Kay compensation plan

Many women seek income opportunities for financial freedom. A flexible schedule allowing her to balance professional and family life is a prerequisite. As a Mary Kay consultant, they can try building a big distribution network to make a decent income. There would be challenges as in case with other professions to grow a large consumer network. After beginning to use these products, you can also teach others to use them. With a minimum investment, you’ll be on your way to start almost a personal business. There is no boss to pressurize you, less payment can be made in tax and income can be doubled up later. You’ll have to learn and understand a lot of things in the baby stages. There would be a complete transition from employed to self employed.  Your business would be up and running in no time.

Most of the people trying out Mary Kay products have given positive feedback. Some products are also sold separately while the others in kits or bundles . It is particularly based on customer convenience. Samples can be availed for customers to try out in case they like color, smell and feel of products prior to purchasing. Mary Kay is involved in humanitarian efforts across various charitable causes on an ongoing basis. It includes efforts to decrease the evils like domestic violence, habitat for going green, fighting cancer, and donation to relief efforts in natural disasters.

Mary Kay cosmetics are among the leaders in direct selling industry. The consultants have an chance to earn as much money as possible. In the constantly changing business atmosphere, developing a successful MLM business requires hard work.  The company’s business model is developed on starting a business targeting people in friend circles, home parties, family, etc. With a solid training support, the newbies can expect fun in doing something which they can also enjoy.  Those willing to make the most of the business opportunities need to learn producing results. They have to reach the masses as much as possible to grow the distribution network. MLM could be a great learning curve for new members.

 Membership levels in Mary Kay compensation plan

With Mary Kay, the new members or consultants receive everything to fly off to a solid start. There is a Starters Kit which costs almost $100 including tax, shipping and handling charges. Enough samples are provided in order to share with at least 30 friends at the time of gatherings and parties. Catalogues and brochures are also provided as educational guides, learning guides and training materials. There would be always something or the other specials such as chances to earn business card, free products and other product marketing materials.

There would be number of ways to get paid for selling Mark Kay products to customers. Products can be sold to customers directly to online by an authorized and personalized website. It is also possible to sell products by delivering them to customer doorsteps. There would be system in place in order to mail directly so that customers can also call you or simply place the order on your site. You also have the option of delivering the products as skin care and makeover consultant. Parties hosted at house are again a great way to introduce the products. Gather as many friends as possible in order to maximize the sales.

Apart from bonus through direct sales, recruiting as many consultants as possible could be a great way to earn some revenue. All the new representatives can purchase Mary Kay products straight from Mary Kay cosmetics. These are available in wholesale price irrespective of status along the independent sales career path. One of the better ways of adding to the compensation may be growing up the leadership ladder. Plenty of leadership opportunities are their within Mary Kay organization.  The mentor or leader helps in setting your future goals in order to advance into the next big role. Attaining the set business goals turns out to be much easier with proper guidance and training. There is a chance for almost everyone to get a step closer to main leadership. The company reportedly has more than 39,000 sales directors across the world and more than 500 sales directors nationally.

On the same lines as other networking companies, you start organizing gatherings to sell the products. You can also try to sell through friends referrals along with the use of business cards and catalogues. There is a need to grow connections as much as possible in order to gain exposure. Although it may sound simple, it is quite a challenging thing as many representatives aren’t expert enough to utilize the online platform.

For succeeding at a level as Mary Kay consultant or other network marketing business, one requires a steady supply of leads. Consequently, it is important to get trained in the best possible manner by industry experts. It is significant for individual success and duplicating the same thing for the entire team.

 Affiliate programs in Mary Kay compensation plan

Mary Kay has the membership of Direct Selling Association which holds all the members to a strict code of conduct. The new independent beauty consultants are required to recruit as many people as possible. Any MLM business comes with a chance to decide on going as far as possible. It could be a great way to make money but not necessarily from the comfort of home. A trusted name in cosmetics, Mary Kay is known to generate more than 2 billion sales per year which is reasonable enough for investment. Every consultant has the option of purchasing a business kit along with personal webpage to sell body care products. The overall success of its product line speaks volumes of their quality.

The Mary Kay network marketing involves new consultants starting their business with minimal risk and investment. It is almost a change from employed to self employed without nay boss or so called deadline. Overtime, the new consultant has to grow a consumer network in order to obtain a portion of sales as commission.

There is no immediate profit after becoming a sponsor. You must build up a team in the same manner as your sponsor did. The commission rates are directly influenced by growth of your team and sales. It is a home based business plan allowing you to be financially successful through your individual downline. It may be termed as stairway-breakaway strategy and success to a greater extent is dependable on further recruitment. Each and every team member should be actively selling and marketing the business. Merely relying on brand popularity won’t bear fruits and each sponsor must ensure the down line is well equipped. You need to provide a certain amount of time as in case with other businesses. You can sell these quality products from home as per days and times which are more convenient.

Review of compensation side in Mary Kay MLM

Becoming a distributor of Mary Kay products involve a onetime payment of $100. Compensation plan is quite simple where you’ll earn almost 50% commission on total sales. Later on, you may also qualify for better rewards and incentives based on consistent performance. Expensive cars, diamond rings, pendants, world class travel, and television sets can be earned. The company is known to spend up to $50 million per year to pay out incentives. For a dedicated and committed person, it could be great income opportunity. Your abilities to market the products would be tested and its critical to your success.

After reaching a certain point, a consultant may break away from his or her original sponsor. Thus, the actual sponsor would only receive a small percentage of the distributor’s full sales volume. As a marketer, you need to come up with as many ways as possible in order to reach a large quantity of people. You’ll earn points based on sales volume which also increases your rank.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mary Kay business opportunity


  • Being one of the leading players in the MLM industry, Mary Kay is here to stay in the coming years. It is regarded as one of the most prolific and reputable organizations. Many women have become finally independent after working as independent sales consultants.
  • It is already an established business with products, distribution and other systems fully developed. A new member has to just plug into the system and grow the business.
  • The income opportunities are unlimited depending upon performance in the long run. You can make a fortune out of this business plan depending upon your commitment levels.
  • There are great products and a lucrative payment plan along with flexibility to suit people from different walks of life.
  • Large scale research goes into coming up with products which aren’t compromised in terms of quality.
  • The company also believes in ensuring the best performers are rewarded accordingly. It has a very good culture with a proven track record for success.
  • All of their products are environment friendly and there is no use of animals for product creation.



  • It can be women centric business which minimizes the suitability to men. As a result, their potential may be cut down by almost half.
  • It is really important to have a proper mentor or guide to undergo best possible training.
  • Selling the products could be a time consuming task for many.
























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