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Melaleuca MLM Compensation Plan review


You are now aware of the fact that MLM companies have been successful in providing employment to millions of unemployed American youths but the real task begins when it comes to find the appropriate company for earning decent living. At present there are many MLM firms and some of them are not regular while it comes to paying compensation to the employees and offering other service facilities. It is quite hard for any ordinary American fellow like you to choose the suitable firm among such conglomeration. In this context you can try your luck with Melaleuca. If you have the knack for using health and wellness products then this MLM firm is quite appropriate for you. To know more about the firm, its products, compensation plan and other facilities just read the review below. There are huge amount of people earning good revenue through their MLM marketing technqiues, to know more and earn more than 5K per week you can click here. 


About Melaleuca MLM Compensation Plan

Melaleuca was established in the year of 1985 under the leadership of Frank L. VanderSloot. The head office of the firm is located in Idaho Falls of ID area of USA. The firm has mainly acquired specialization in manufacturing wellness, health and household products using natural ingredients and sell them through the distributors using the technique of direct network marketing. At present, the firm generates annual revenues through product selling above 1.13 billion and provides employment to above 40,000 distributors. Presently operating in more than 18 countries the products of the firm has generated surplus demand in the international consumer markets. The distributors mainly sell the products directly to the customers using the technique of word of mouth so as to convince them about the usefulness of these hygienic products.

Products Melaleuca MLM Company

The firm is mainly known for manufacturing products which mainly includes supplements and vitamins, weight and food loss, beauty, household, essential oils and much more. Though I haven’t tried all the products but all of them are eco as well as skin friendly and so provides effective support to your body and skin formation. Its household products like detergent and stain treatment can clean your clothes effectively making it shiny and stain free. The beauty products of the company mainly comprises of luxury skin care lotions, shampoos, conditioners and much more which make your skin young and smooth and you can spot the difference within few weeks of usage. The most popular among the essential oil products of the firm is Melaleuca oil which is commonly known as the tea tree oil. It is made from some Australian trees and is quite useful as the anti-viral remedy, antibiotic and fungicide. You need to apply this natural anti-septic oil gently on the skin to relieve from the pain of various burns, cuts and bites. This oil can be used on animals for the treatment of stings, rashes, ticks, dermatitis, lies, mange, fleas, ringworms and much more.

All these products are manufactured using high quality state of the art facilities under the supervision of experienced scientists. Products are FDA certified and you can clearly view the approval seals on the product labels with expiry and manufacturing dates. All natural ingredients are thoroughly processed before being used for manufacturing products. To know more you can log on to the official website of the company.

Compensation Plan of Melaleuca MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of Melaleuca is mainly designed for rewarding the autonomous marketing executives who play a vital role in maximum selling of the products in the market. This compensation plan is mainly based on three main factors that include number of registered consumers at your disposal, the amount of products purchased by each consumer under your disposal and the number of down-lines that have been formed under your leadership.  Now this compensation plan mainly includes the following mentioned below:

  • Product Introduction Commission: You have the scope of earning commission of twenty or twenty seven percent of the overall product points on helping personally your new consumers to buy the products of the company till the product points of 150. You will be entitled to have this commission in the first month of the product purchases of your registered consumers.
  • Enrolled Customer Commission: You have the scope of earning commission on the basis of the purchases of your enrolled customers in the second month. Here you can receive commissions of about seven to twenty percents on the overall product points on the basis of their monthly purchase.
  • Organization Commission: You have the option of earning seven percent commission on overall product points on the basis of the monthly purchases of the enrolled customers in your down-line.
  • Career Pack and Value Pack Commission: When you assist or enroll customers to buy Career Pack or Value Pack there is the scope for you to earn commission amounts between $ 30-50.
  • Weekly Pay: When you achieve the quality customer score of seventy five percent and more you are entitled to receive weekly payments on the successive three bonuses mentioned below:
  1. Product Introduction Commission: Here you can earn twenty percent commission on the basis of the first month purchase of the enrolled consumers.
  2. Quality customer bonus: You can earn dollar twenty five every week for enrolling quality preferred consumers after starting the enrollment process from the first month.
  3. Career/Value Pack Commission: You can earn dollar thirty every week once you assist or convince your enrolled customer to buy the Value Pack. On being able to convince the new customers to buy Career Pack you can earn dollar fifty every week.
  • Pacesetter/Onetime Advancement Bonus: When your business advances to a new level you become eligible for earning onetime advancement bonuses on achieving every new status or level. On advancing to the level of Director you have the scope of receiving double bonus amounts and can earn above $13,200 from Pacesetter and Onetime Bonuses.
  • Leadership Development Bonus: Every time when any of the personal marketing executive of yours advances to the level of Director and higher you have the scope of earning equivalent bonus amount which is 50 percent of the Pacesetter bonus which is being paid to your personal marketing executives every time they progress to a new level. To become eligible for this bonus the commission rate of yours must be equal or above to that of the personal marketing executives advancing towards every level.
  • Leadership Pools: When your business expands you have the option of joining the monthly leadership pool on the basis of the increased number of new consumers within your organization.
  • Leadership Growth Bonus: Commission wise Senior Directors and higher can earn this bonus from the leadership pool on the basis of the overall growth within their organization in every month. The bonus amount for the Senior Directors is $500, for the Executives is $1000 and for the Corporate Directors is $2000 on the basis of the status.
  • Customer Services Commission: You have the scope of receiving commissions on every service that is being used by your customers and also by you which includes credit card buying, identity theft protection and so on.
  • Car Bonus: Executive Directors do receive $1,000 every month as well as Senior Directors receive $400 every month for the qualifying car of their choice.

Getting Started with Melaleuca MLM Compensation Plan

The ideal way of starting with this MLM company is to enroll yourself to the registered distributor in your locality. If you do not find such distributor then you have the scope of enrolling in the official website of the company. At Melaleuca you shall receive all sorts of support to boost your MLM business from home. Here are some of the ways through which you can kick start your business opportunity with this company. These mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Reading the Customer Benefit Booklet: If you have any query or doubt about joining this firm you can refer to this booklet that addresses all your essential concerns. It is mainly available with the membership kit when you have enrolled with the firm for the first time. This kit mainly comprises of other stuffs like country catalogue, forms for setting up the shopping account of the customer, business booklet, compensation plan booklet, overview materials and brochures of Pacesetter program besides the booklet of preferred customer benefits.
  • Setting up the online account of shopping: Once enrolled as the customer of the company an e-mail is forwarded at your mail address containing essential guidelines for the formation of the online shopping account and the password.
  • Purchasing the Value or Home Conversion Pack: Once you have spotted the suitable products of the company then instantly transform your entire house into a store room for quality products. For helping you in this initiative the company provides you the scope of purchasing either Value or Home Conversion Pack at a discount price saving up to fifty percent of the retail cost.
  • Learn from the videos: You can know the tricks of earning income simply watching the informative and funny videos of the firm. Once you watch these videos you will be able to know the advantages as well as the constituent ingredients of the products of the company. Then you can successfully convince the customers to use these products and you can get $100 for spending on the preferred products of the company.
  • Identifying the goal: While starting any business you know the purposes of starting so and hence similarly before starting business with this company take some time to identify the purpose for which you are doing this business. You need to address the core issue of financial autonomy and the welfare of your family members in the mind while starting with this MLM company. You should jot these concerns and discuss with your mentors so that he can help you to provide a clear cut goal to achieve success in this business.
  • Building contact lists: You should jot down at least hundred names of those customers interested in your products or can benefit from your products. Try to contact these people and booked an appointment with them so as to give the product packs for free trials and to offer live demonstrations of the advantages of these products. Your passion must be reflected on your face while convincing them otherwise they would not consider you seriously.
  • Determining the business hours: This is quite essential and it will reflect how much you are serious and sincere about your business. You must devote considerable time in your business so as to generate surplus revenue but if you spend fewer hours then your business shall suffer considerably and you will lose sufficient revenue in the market. Hence you must think on the business durations otherwise your business will not expand properly.
  • Visiting the portal of Getting started: Once you clicked on this portal you shall have all the tips and training to become successful in this business. Through video and audio training your exposure in this business will considerably increased. Besides, you shall also have the option of working with some of the leading marketing executives of the company who shall provide you with vital inputs of generating leads for the products in the market.

Conclusion of Melaleuca MLM Company

I know that you guys are now relishing joining this company but before wrapping the review you must be aware of the fact that in MLM business many rival firms are always seek to tarnish the reputation of a leading company like Melaleuca so as to acquire upper hand in the consumer market. Usually they resort to false propagandas to misguide the youths like you. In that case if you listen to it then you will be the lone sufferer but not the company. So never belief in such misleading information without prior verifications otherwise you would end up your bright career and then you will hardly find anyone standing behind you. From my personal experience I can say you that you will never find such company which always recognizes the hard working performances of its employees and rewards them without any distinctions to encourage their sincerity for the hard works they perform on behalf of the company.


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