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MonaVie MLM Compensation Plan review


Hi buddy its’ me Brad again and this time I have not come without a purpose. I know common American fellows like you are badly in need of jobs to shape their personal life in order. Well as you know me I always suggest working with MLM companies for that would be the ideal platform for your success. Before coming to that do you not feel tired and lethargy sometimes or do you not feel to be active always and completes all task in time. You might be wondering why I am today so concerned about being active and healthy ha! Ha! The fact is MonaVie is one such MLM that deals with healthy and nutritional products to make you feel active and energetic. I think you would love to join this firm because as it would help in your business cause and also take care of your health. If your are honestly interested then hooked on to my review to know more about the firm, its products, compensation plans and much more. Giving proper time to these plans can help you earn huge, to know more on the ways that can help you earn more than 5K per week click here.


About MonaVie

MonaVie was established in the year of 2005 and the head office of the company is situated in Utah. At present the firm operates in more than 12 nations of the world and has given employment to more than 1 million people. At present the firm has generated annual revenues of above 600 million and is expected to surpass this figure within next 5 years. The firm has mainly acquired specialization in manufacturing healthy products of Acai fruit juices with numerous product lines are on the move. It distributors play a vital role in maximizing the popularity and sale of the products. They mainly employ the technique of direct marketing network to sale products directly to the consumers through oral advertising. Without the hard work, dedication and determination of the distributors it would not have been possible for the firm to progress at the period of the time.

Products of MonaVie

The firm has mainly acquired recognition for its exclusive range of dietary and nutritional supplements and these mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • MonaVie Pulse.
  • MonaVie Essential.
  • MonaVie EMV.
  • MonaVie mum powder.
  • MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix

Though I have not tasted all these products but from my personal experience of using some of these products I can guarantee these products are not only tasty and yummy but also improve your health and fat level to a considerable level. You can notice the difference within two months of consumption but then don’t forget to thanks me buddy. It uses the technology of Max flash to preserve the nutritional values of these products and all its products labels have secured the approval mark of FDA. The experts working in the firm used natural ingredients and innovative scientific techniques to prepare these products. For more information you can log in to the site of the company.

Commission side of MonaVie Compensation Plan

As per the official compensation plan of the firm distributors have the scope of earning 9 types of commissions depending on the generation of their sales volumes. These mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Direct Sales Bonus: The firm considers it important that all distributors must sell their products directly to the consumers. In fact, bonafide consumers are the main foundations on which an effective MLM business of MoNavie is formed. When any distributor of Monavie purchases products at a wholesale price and sold them at retail price they have the scope of earning immediate cash bonus or commissions. This profit which is generated through the handling of cash with carry products is known as direct sales bonus. The firm requires generating more than $ 200 in in personal sales every month and its active consultants need to generate above 50 sales per volume separately to the preferred and retail customers to be in the business.
  • Preferred Customer Bonus: This bonus is usually given for enrolling any preferred customer for automatic shipments of products of the firm. This bonus matches the 50% volume of Preferred Customer Order which is counted to your requirement of $ 200 monthly personal order volume.
  • Executive Order Bonus: This $ 100 bonus is usually paid to the distributor every time when any newly enrolled distributor places order for the business kit of Senior Executive. The bonus of Junior Executive Order of $ 50 can be earned every time for selling Junior Executive Kit to a distributor enrolled personally.
  • First Order Bonus: It is a bonus commission between 10-20% which is paid to any distributor when their personally recruited distributor places orders for the first time for the products of the firm.
  • Star Achievement Bonus: When any enrolled distributor achieves the position of Star through reaching volumes in between $ 100-200 for the initial 30 days he is rewarded with an achievement bonus of $ 40 or $ 20 on the basis of their personal volume of order.
  • Team Bonus: It is designed for encouraging the downline of your replacement for selling products to their consumers. Any distributor who is qualified and active having a group volume of minimum $ 500 for every leg can earn bonus commission of 5% on the group volumes of greater and weaker legs. This implies if the volume of the left leg is $ 300 and that of the right leg is $ 700 then the qualified distributor has to earn only on 5% of 300 dollars per leg.
  • Executive Check Match Bonus: The active distributor who belongs to the level of Bronze Executive or more and has qualified other criteria is eligible for receiving Executive Check Match Bonus. It is determined through intricate system of point that allows every qualified representative for collecting a commission percentage from the overall bonus pool not exceeding $ 1000.
  • Rank Advancement Achievements: Each time you’re promoting your products with achieving higher sales volumes and other criteria there is a scope of earning special reward. It mainly involves cash prizes, car allowances, paid vacations and much more on the basis of rank achieved.
  • Leadership bonuses: Distributors belonging to the rank of Blue Diamond and higher eligible for receiving the initial 1.5% from the overall sales volume. It is also split into points differs on the basis of quarters.

Getting Started with the MonaVie Compensation Plan

I know that chaps like you have gone impatient after reading my compensation plan of the company. But wait a bit there is still more to come. In my opinion the best way to start business with this company is to enroll yourself to the officially recognized distributors of the company in your locality. If there is none then you can sign in the website of the company and log on to the distributor option of the site to register yourself with your complete address and other essential information. From my personal experience I can say that you would be provided with top quality training and product kits to boost up your business opportunities from home. These product kits mainly comprised of all the nutritional products of Monavie that you need to distribute to your casual acquaintance as a free sample for testing the quality of the products. Once they grown attracted to these products you have no problem in enrolling them as your preferred customer lists. I must suggest that you should taste some of these products so as to convince your people successfully. You just have to pay $ 39 to start as a distributor and then you can receive product discounts on every purchase. Besides, working with the sales teams of the company will enhance your idea and experience in the MLM business. Through MVP Starter Kit you can obtain proper online training to boost your business options and can also attain seminars and other important conferences of the firm.

Once you enrolled as a distributor with this company you can set your own Autoship program for generating personal volumes in between 200-300 so that you can products to share with more number of people once you established contact with them. The firm will also provide your own website for obtaining orders from your preferred customers and in this way you would be able to obtain handsome commissions and cash bonus if you stay focus on your business. I suggest you to select the strong leg for feeling less pressure because it is your first step in this competitive market. Not only generating higher sales volume you also have to focus on building your own downline and help them to replicate your success process. Then you have the scope of reaching the Star so as to enjoy more cash bonus and higher percentage of commissions. So what are you waiting for just jump for it!

Is the MonaVie Compensation Plan suitable for you

Let me put it straight punks because you will be cursing me afterwards if I don’t suggest you in the earliest. The world of MLM business is quite tough and competitive for anyone to survive so easily. If you are planning to become reach immediately then I suggest you that this company is not for you and you can turn up for other firms which can guarantee to fulfill your dreams quickly. As a distributor you need to serve the firm at least 5 years before promoted to other levels. Even in those levels you have to show your maturity and skills in obtain higher personal and group volumes respectively. You need to compensate the performance of the weak leg through your intelligence and experience. So the question of becoming rich immediately is quite absurd and bogus. Think about it pals before setting your foot in this company. You must not consider your business as a part time venture otherwise you would have to remain satisfy with inadequate returns. You must devote considerable amount of time for your business and must work hard to learn all the tricks. You need to have interactions with your sponsor so as to explore further avenues to boost up your business. It would be better if you seek the advice of senior most distributor of the firm for gaining much insight to become successful in this business.

What else can be done in the MonaVie Compensation Plan

I know that attracting customers and generating leads for the products are the prime concern that is holding you up right buddies! In my opinion the ideal way of obtaining leads and attracting new customers is through guest blogging. You can collaborate with leading e-commerce sites for posting your blog articles on health and other fitness issues. In this way you can obtain sufficient response from your customers and will get an opportunity to promote your healthy products and supplements. In my opinion you should also utilize the platforms for quick sharing and obtaining responses of the users. Social media tools can help you to conduct dynamic campaigning of your products through announcing special packs and other cash prize awards to the potential winner. So these will naturally help in accelerating leads for your products in the online world. Better if you set up your own blog site for that would be a professional approach in seeking the attentions of the users properly. So think about it guys which would be the ultimately route of your success.


Before wrapping up my review I suggest you guys not to fall in the trap of baseless propaganda of rival firms. As you are now aware of the extreme popularity of Monavie many rival firms are in the attempt of tarnishing its reputations so as to reduce the recruitment of employees working here. But my suggestion to you is just follow this review and sign up with this company to have a solid future. You will never find such a MLM company as this whose products are healthy and contain no toxic ingredient, whose compensation plan is much advanced and seeks to reward the sincere and hardworking distributers only. So don’t let this chance slip from your lap and go get it as soon as you can.




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