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Morinda Compensation Plan Review

Hi people! It Brad here and I would like to thank you for stumbling upon my page. As you’ve already landed here out of somewhere, I have something really interesting to share. I am not here to promote anything or sell some random thing to viewers. But I can surely tell you about ways to make money with the investment of time and effort. How about growing you income with some MLM job? Don’t worry it is not the same as 9-5 jobs pursued by so many people out there. However, it can help you to earn a decent sum of money monthly or even yearly basis. If you are willing to hear more about this thing, just keep reading. Morinda has some genuine MLM programs suitable for part time or even full time job seekers. Those who are already doing a full time job can also spare time to increase their income level on a long term basis. As you’ve already read this much, it might have intrigued you to a certain extent.  Keep on reading further to understand the matter deeply. Building a good network and getting good leads can help you earn huge amount of revenue. To know more and start earning more than 5K per week click here. 

A quick walkthrough of Morinda

Morinda is a well established company selling a wide range of products made up of noni plant. It has 1500 employees and counting all over the world. The company is known to market their products by MLM programs to tap into the income streams. It was started off in the year 1996 with headquarters situated in Provo, Utah. There are factories of this company situated in USA, Japan, Germany, China, and Tahiti. It was originally referred as Tahitian Noni International. However, the name changed to its present Morinda since 2011. It has grown up with a fair share of challenges since inception. The way it conducts business has also been a subject of debate but the company has evolved clean from the entire mess.


The key products of Morinda are noni juice based beverage and True age max. Apart from various health and nutritional supplements, the company also offers a full series known as FIT Body Composition System. It has a line of limited beauty products known as Defy Biotopical Age Intervention System. If you’ve read this far, I can assume that you’re interested in business opportunities. I’ll not make your wait anymore and proceed to the next level, income opportunities. The multilevel marketing company specializes in manufacturing products out of noni plant. It belongs to the coffee family of plants which grows in Southeast Asia.

The products should be promoted in the best possible way. You have to start off by purchasing the starters kit and joining as an affiliate. After purchasing the starters kit, you may begin selling their line of high quality products. The company also offers a series of skin care and cosmetic products. It is designed to maximize the impact of noni upon the skin and bring improvement to the skin. The Morinda multi level marketing model has been functioning really well since 1996. It has already generated income levels of $500 in yearly sales. Full time and part time associates are known as independent sales representatives.

Review on the Morinda Business Opportunity

Many people using the products of Morinda have provided positive feedback. The personal testimonials are written by those who’ve used them for a long period of time. After practical use and obtaining the benefits, they have shared their experiences. It goes on to show the reach of the company and its positive image. The affordable beverages are prepared from authentic flavored noni drinks which are diluted with some fruit juices. They have long term and multiple health benefits for users. Joining as an affiliate may well turn out of be a life changing experience as it have been for many sales representatives. Each representative works as an independent contractor who has already signed a contract with the company. It gives them rights and powers to recruit as many representatives as possible in their team

The noni juice based beverage, a flagship product of this company is consumable as a regular supplement. It is manufactured with ingredients which can battle against dark spots and age lines on skin. The range of skin care and various cosmetic products are also designed to help you towards improving appearance. Many users have reported pain relief, reduced healing time, bursts of energy and other benefits.

In order to make money, you need to have many other people on board. There have been times when representatives didn’t manage to do so. It is primarily due to the lack of guidance from mentors, leaders and various sponsors. You should proceed with a strategy in place in order to maximize the distribution. Many products are seemingly targeted to the wealthy class of people.

Opportunity side of this company makes it very different to other MLM companies and their so-called ‘business plans’. With such business opportunity, people have a good chance of increasing the monthly or annual income. However, one of the concerning aspects could be official site of this company. It doesn’t offer much insight into the supposed business opportunities. The next big step is all about signing up for the opportunity.

The newly joined representatives need to understand the business and way of functioning from a distributor. However, conducting a thorough research individually would be fine as well.

 Membership levels in the Morinda MLM compensation plan

Almost anyone is eligible to be a part of Morinda family by investing in the starter kit. The cost is as low as $35 which should be affordable to many interested people. It may be more beneficial provided there is a sponsor to help you in getting started. Not to worry, if you are not connected to a sponsor, help, support and assistance is likely to arrive from Morinda after joining.

Earning limit is usually undisclosed of the Morinda MLM program which drives suspense and curiosity among many people. A personal rebate system is used by this company alongside bonuses for active affiliates. Bonus is completely based on the level of selling registered by the distributor.

There is a True age bonus system suitable for those selling 35 or more packs of true age per month. You may get back up to $42 on each pack which is quite a lucrative marketing opportunity. Some great income opportunities are just waiting for those who are able to bring in more affiliates. These newly recruited affiliates should perform well enough to earn more.

Quarterly based black pearl bonus is designed to reward the top 3 percentage of leaders. There is also the infinity bonus for people working in cooperation with IPCs above eighth level range. All such incentives are there to encourage as many marketers as possible to work out together. If your down line comes up with a good performance, you can also benefit from it. Morinda’s MLM programs and business opportunities are well structured and promoted for marketers to make the most.

Affiliate programs in Morinda MLM compensation plan

Morinda is basically a target for attraction based marketing to say the least. There is always a need to focus on selling their products to interested prospects. However, it is more important to have a growing number of audiences within your team.  It is not enough for they should eb motivated enough for selling the products as sold by you.

Although a slight distinction is already there, it is significant while throwing light on higher value purchases. A solid database is almost a pre-requisite for MLM marketing and Morinda affiliates can locate many people who take their fitness and well being seriously. These affiliates are well trained to cater to the needs of women who would like to experiment with age defying systems.  They also reach out to people who may afford the supplements and people interested in losing weight.

It could be relatively easier to sell such products who is looking for them and unaware of brand name. Consequently, Morinda isn’t coming up with some entry level programs while providing MLM business opportunities. There is requirement of decent marketing knowledge and enthusiasm of selling their products.

Anyone willing to put up at least the aforementioned level of investment may consider joining the company as an affiliate. They need to achieve the essential qualifying product sales volume per month in order to receive decent commission rates. Some people may also consider it as a full time job as per their choice.

Review of the compensation side Morinda Compensation Plan 

Morinda like many other MLM businesses operate via unilevel team structure. Every new recruit is placed by the leader on first level or uppermost generation of business. The leader depends on these team members for building different successive network of distributors. A distributor is simply allowed to amass a big topline for developing a team. Discussed below are some ways o making money through their MLM plans:

Retail commission

A new distributor may qualify for retail commission on first day itself. They must order the essential kit and there’s a chance of earning 20-40% on each item sold. However it is also dependent upon personal rebate standards.

Personal rebate

New representatives who are ordering products more than a certain level qualify for product rebate. It is almost 20% of the personal order volume exceeding the minimum monthly autoship.

Fast Start Bonus

After enrolling a new member, you are getting a bonus as per their order volume. There is an opportunity of earning 45% based on team’s purchase. However, they should be placed on any of the best 5 generations within your team. Up to 20% commission can be earned on for those recruited on first level. It goes to 10% for those placed at your fifth level and so on.

Customer Autoship Residuals

Maximum residual commission can be earned on loyal customers with autoship order monthly. Most of the distributors are able to earn almost 20-30% commission upon each product purchased by a customer. It should be directly from this company and on shipping products at home.

Duplication and growth

It is a type of bonus or series of bonuses earned as per total number of people added to team per month. This structure is devised to assist in offsetting time and funds exhausted in supporting and training new members.  It varies significantly as per the promotional level.

Matching bonuses

It is a kind of bonus allowing you to earn a limitless bonus on a number of occasions. This is almost on similar lines as downlines, duplication and growth bonuses. It is primarily available to people at gold and platinum stage and above. These are also rewards for developing strong leaders within your downline.

IPC Unilevel Residual

This is mainly the commission earned out of the efforts and performance of team members. More than 40% of profits made by your team are distributed throughout 8 levels. Payout amount and levels are based upon the depth of your organization. Level 1 gets 1% commission, 2nd levels may earn up to 5% and it goes on. Those placed on bottommost levels of leadership are paid out as per best three levels of their downline. There are extra payment levels which gradually surface based on progress in the program and earning via promotions.

Dynamic Compression

Based on each leg of organization, your receive payments on minimum of eight levels deeper. Morinda has a clear understanding of people leaving the business suddenly which may create holes within the organization. It is compensated via dynamic compression allowing you to make 7-8% deep within the organization wherever appropriate.

Infinity Bonuses

Almost 3% of total sales internationally enter inside a pool. All the leaders at topmost positions are qualified to earn points. It is fairly utilized for conversion into a share of the pool per month. Commission brochure of the company describes the bonus as lifestyle enhancing.

Black Pearl Bonuses

These incentives are derived from 3% of the global pool. It is well paid out in a quarterly manner and only exclusive to distributors belonging to Black Pearl Standards.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Unilevel compensation plans of Morinda are again an advantage for distributors. It allows them to form a big team and consequently amass massive topline.
  • Morinda distributors apply the back office model for tracking success level of each downline. It is also done to monitor and accordingly adjust total volume at month end for ensuring promotion.
  • The commission levels, bonus and incentives are at par with some of the well recognized MLM companies of the world. Even the income level has no limit based on distributor performance
  • Some people can do it on a part time basis while other can pursue it as full time income opportunity. Each distributor qualifies for commission on first day itself as per total items sold by them.
  • The company has been around for quite a while. Newly joined members don’t carry the burden of establishing the company by starting from scratch.


  • The success rate is reportedly low as many people tend to give very soon without performing to the best of their abilities.
  • To increase income and climb up leadership ladder, you must sell the products and recruit more into your team. There is no shortcut to success and this MLM program requires you to work really hard.




















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