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Naturally Plus MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Naturally Plus MLM Compensation Plan

We Midwesterners are known for our honesty, so I will begin my Naturally Plus review by giving credit to the blogs where I found the details of this story of a great Midwestern deception.  I am indebted to the blogs Extinct Monsters and Fascinating Earth for most of the information in the story I am about to tell you.

If you are going to tell the truth, the Midwest is easily the best place to do it, but every so often, a big lie takes root here in the Midwest.  Albert Koch immigrated from Germany to St. Louis, which is not too far from here, in 1835.  Koch arrived in the United States just in time to see P.T. Barnum achieve tremendous fame charging people admission to see slightly unusual looking people and animals, almost always with fabricated backstories.  Koch also happened to be in Missouri at a time when people were starting to take an academic interest in the bones of extinct species.  The bones of several ancient reptile-like creatures had been discovered in England and were attracting public attention, and in North America, researchers discovered that the bones being unearthed in various parts of the continent belonged to mammals larger than any North American mammals alive today.  In 1840, on one of his fossil-finding expeditions, Koch found the nearly complete skeleton of an elephant-like creature, which was eventually given the name mastodon.  He could have given the fossilized bones to a museum or university where subsequent generations of researchers could study them, and where the public could be amazed at this ancient creature that was so much like modern elephants yet so different, but Koch decided instead to apply his talent for showmanship and to give the public a truly impressive sight.  His Missourium, as he called the creature, was going to be an even more amazing sight, more impressive even than the curiosities at Barnum’s circus, such as the “Feejee mermaid” (actually the skeleton of a fish with a monkey’s skull in place of the original head of the fish).  The mastodon whose bones Koch found was quite a big animal, but Koch added additional vertebrae and ribs to the skeleton to make it even bigger.  When he assembled the skeleton, he even made the tusks point upward in order to make the Missourium look even scarier.  People from all over flocked to St. Louis to see the Missourium.  Eventually Koch took the (much augmented) Missourium skeleton on tour.

New fossils are always being discovered, and researchers are always finding new information, so ideas about how extinct species looked and behaved are always changing.  In London, there is a sculpture garden full of dinosaur statues which were constructed in 1854 to be displayed on the grounds of the Crystal Palace.  Even though they have been restored, they bear little resemblance to the modern idea of how dinosaurs looked.  Modern visitors describe them as looking like well-fed lizards, like if a kid had a beloved pet iguana that grew big enough to defend him from bullies.  This is because far fewer dinosaur bones had been discovered in 1854 than are known today, and because Benjamin Hawkins and Sir Richard Owen, the men who designed the sculptures, had to fill in the gaps by modeling the creatures off of modern animals.  Still, Hawkins and Owen, along with other people who made drawings of extinct animals and attempted to reconstruct their skeletons out of fossils made a sincere effort to be as accurate as possible with the information that was available to them.  Koch, on the other hand, intentionally exaggerated his Missourium in order to make it into a money-making spectacle.

But the Missourium was only a slight exaggeration compared to his big cash cow (cash serpent?) the Hydrarchos.  Throughout the 1840s, Koch traveled through Alabama and other parts of the American South, collecting fossils of a species called Basilosauruscetoides, which was then thought to be a dinosaur but is now known to be an extinct species of whales.  Koch pieced together bones from about six of these prehistoric whales and made the 114-foot long Hydrarchos, which he claimed was an ancient sea serpent.  He even built the Hydrarchos in such a way that it could be disassembled easily in order to be taken on tour.  King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia was so taken with the Hydrarchos that he bought it and displayed it in the Royal Anatomical Museum in Berlin, despite protests from Prussian paleontologists that it was a fake.  There were still Basilosaurus bones in Alabama, and there was still money to be made, so Koch returned to the U.S. and made a slightly smaller Hydrarchos (this one was a measly 96 feet long), which remained on display in Chicago, which is not too far from here, until the Great Fire of 1871.

And that is how people remember Albert Koch today, for passing off big, scary mastodons as really big, really scary mastodons and big whales as the missing link between Jormungandr and the Loch Ness Monster.  People don’t remember him for his more sincere contributions to paleontology, such as the article he published in which he described the ways in which the prehistoric people of North America hunted the mastodons to extinction, a theory that is still widely accepted today.  When your lies are that big, sometimes people don’t believe you even when you tell the truth.

Why then, does the nutraceutical multilevel marketing (MLM) industry have yet to go extinct?  How many more claims about supplements that cure cancer and ADHD need to be debunked before people stop believing that they can get rich convincing their friends and relatives to sell these overpriced supplements?  There very well may be some truth to some alternative medicine treatments, but all of these bonus claims about wonder pills sold through the MLM business model are certainly not helping the cause of real alternative medicine, and they certainly are not making anyone healthier and wealthier.

Naturally Plus: The Company and Its Products

I guess I am writing this Naturally Plus review specifically with U.S. readers in mind, but the Naturally Plus business opportunity is actually available in many different countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.  You probably could have guessed this from my foul mood, but Naturally Plus products are nutraceuticals.  Its flagship product is a nutritional supplement called S-Lutein.  S-Lutein is named after lutein, a yellow pigment that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables.  There is another MLM company out there (its name escapes me at the moment, but it is based in Europe) that uses the color red as a selling point, so if you do a little bit of research, you can draw the conclusion that the color yellow is a reason to buy Naturally Plus products.  S-Lutein also has some ordinary supermarket super-fruits as ingredients, including blueberries and black currants.  It has other nutrients, such as Vitamin E and some B vitamins, that you can find easily in supermarkets, as well as others, like lycopene, that you can easily find in the produce section of your supermarket.  The Naturally Plus website describes the way that each of these nutrients can be of benefit to the various systems of the body.

At the moment, the Naturally Plus website really emphasizes S-Lutein, but there are actually at least two Naturally Plus products.  The other is called Izumio, which is some kind of health food water.  Don’t get me started on nutraceutical water.  I will leave it to the debunkers to explain the details, but water is just water once it hits your digestive system.

The Naturally Plus Compensation Plan

The good news is that the Naturally Plus compensation plan is readily available online for anyone to read.  The bad news is that it is 32 pages long.  I did examine the 32 pages of the Naturally Plus compensation plan, however, in order to write this Naturally Plus review.  The first thing I noticed is that the Naturally Plus compensation plan requires you to organize your downline team (the Naturally Plus members you recruit and the members they recruit and so on) into two “legs”.  Binary structure in an MLM downline sales team is almost always a bad sign, because it almost always makes it more difficult to earn commissions and bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses, the Naturally Plus compensation plan includes seven of them:

  • Day Cycle Bonus – This is a $50 bonus that you can get when both legs of your downline sales team achieve certain sales goals, which is easier said than done.
  • Leadership Bonus- This bonus is equal to 25% of your sales volume. For example, when you make $400 worth of sales during a pay cycle, you get a $100 bonus.
  • Frontier Bonus, Spirit Bonus, Upper Spirit Bonus, Grand Spirit Bonus, and Star Bonus – These bonuses are shares of bonus pools. The less said about bonus pools the better.

You can join the Naturally Plus business opportunity at various levels of investment, and they send you different amounts of Naturally Plus products.  As with any MLM compensation plan, the more expensive Naturally Plus memberships make it easier for you to increase your rank in the Naturally Plus business opportunity more quickly.  All of the Naturally Plus members come with a personal Naturally Plus websites, through which you can sell Naturally Plus products.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • At least the Naturally Plus website makes no mention of home sales parties. The fact that Naturally Plus members can distribute Naturally Plus products online is also a good sign.
  • The Naturally Plus compensation plan has been published online, which is a lot better than when MLM companies make you actually sign up for their business opportunity before you find out any real details about compensation.


  • I stand by my advice that you should stay away from any MLM business opportunity that involves a binary structure of your downline sales team, as the Naturally Plus compensation plan does.
  • This is the case with almost every nutraceutical MLM company out there, but there are almost no ingredients in Naturally Plus products that you need that you cannot get elsewhere for a lot less money. All of the nutrients in S-Lutein can be found in the supermarket, and you can get the benefits of Izumio just by drinking tap water.  That means that Naturally Plus products can pile up in your basement very quickly.  Take it from someone who has a basement full of unsold MLM merchandise.
  • Most importantly, you are highly unlikely to make any significant amount of money through the Naturally Plus business opportunity or any other MLM business opportunity, especially once nutraceuticals enter the picture. When the other Brad, who runs this site with me, and I started our project to review all the MLM companies out there, we started with the ten where we thought people were most likely to make money.  Only one of them is strictly a nutraceutical MLM, and a big part of the reason we included it is because it is so much fun to say “cheese fruit.”  In reality, nutraceutical MLMs will do little more than make your friends and family regard you the way the scientific establishment regarded Albert Koch for most of his life.  Recession proof jobs they are not, unless your plan for surviving the recession is to hole up in your basement and survive on ramen noodles, which have little to offer in the way of vitamins, in which case I guess it could be useful to have a basement full of vitamin supplements.  You could even barter them for ramen noodles if it came to it.


You have a better chance of meeting a mastodon at the bus stop than you do of getting rich from the Naturally Plus compensation plan.  Skip the nutraceuticals and the hype.  Keep your credibility.

What is your favorite discredited dinosaur?  Schedule a call with me to tell me why it deserves more appreciation than it gets?


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