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Nerium International MLM Compensation Plan Review


Over the past few years MLM companies are providing large scale employment to millions of unemployed American youths who are desperately in search of jobs after finishing their studies. These companies allow these unemployed youths to gain financial freedom in their life to realize their own personal goals. However, the task gets stiffer when it comes for selecting the perfect company of one’s own choice. It is naturally difficult for any inexperienced individual to select the appropriate company from such huge clusters of MLM firms. If you are serious about working in a MLM company you can give a try to Nerium International. This firm mainly deals in selling anti aging products and once you join this company you have the bright chance of coming in close contact with its products. Before joining the company let us have a careful glance at the reviews focusing on the company, products, compensation plan and much more. There have been people earning more than 5K per week through the MLM business opportunity to know more about the earning techniques click here.

About Nerium International Compensation Plan

Nerium International

Nerium International was established in the year of 2011 with the sole of objective of supplying quality health care products to the consumers. At present this company is operating in several countries of the world and also trying to expand its business in certain countries of the world for maximizing the sale of its products. Its present annual revenue is over $2.5 million and has employed above forty thousand distributors. These distributors employing the word of mouth technique are directly selling the products of the company to the customers. The firm acknowledges the performance of every distributor and rewards them with attractive commissions and bonus amounts.

Products of Nerium International Compensation Plan

The firm is a specialized manufacturer of anti-aging skin care products with the use of superior quality natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Aloe, green tea, Peptide Matrix and much more. Using the advanced state of the art facilities the firm manufactures all these products under the supervision of experienced skin care specialists. These products are quite useful in removing the skin sign of aging from all portions of the human body. You can easily notice the difference once you use these products on your body. These products are safe to use and do not cause any damage to the skin tissues and are approved by the FDA. You can clearly see the approval seals in every product label with the expiry and manufacturing dates. Some of its popular products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Age-Defying Night Cream: It is a clinically approved age resistant product which is packed with powerful natural ingredients like NAE-8 for removing all signs of aging from your skin. You can apply this cream on your face while preparing for the sleep during night time. It also keeps the skin in good condition and nourishes the tissue with its natural ingredients. While applying to your skin just follow the prescribed norms mentioned in the product label. It is perfect for all types of skin and addresses the causes and signs of aging simultaneously.
  • Body Contour Cream: This product is manufactured using natural ingredient extracts of NAE-8, green tea, glycerin and much more for providing sharper and slimmer looking skin of your body. There are no artificial ingredients and your skin glow like that of any celebrity model. Apply it to any portion of your body and you will get the results within few weeks of usage. It also moisturizes your body parts and keeps them always hydrated and soft.
  • Mind Enhancement Formula: The product helps in defending your brain from the several aging signs and hence maintaining normal functioning of the brain with strong neural connections. As a result your mind becomes remains fresh and focused with increased cognitive activities in the brain. Every box of this product contains thirty tablets and you can consume them while seating for heavy supper.

Nerium International Compensation Plan Bonus

As per the compensation Plan of Nerium International a distributor can earn money from the following ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: On purchasing products at the wholesale price you have the option of selling them at the retail price for grabbing the suitable cash profits which usually varies from $30-$50 per bottle depending on the sale of these supplements with its market values.
  • Free Merchandise: Everytime you enroll any preferred customer who establishes the monthly autoships, there arises the opportunity of getting free Night Cream bottle of Nerium on your part. You can either retain this product for selling it your retail consumers for hundred percent cash profit or can use it for your personal purpose.
  • Personal Customer Commissions: Everytime when any personal customer buys product from their respective Nerium account you have scope of earning decent commission. It usually varies from ten to twenty five percent on the basis of no of customers with the overall sales volumes generated by such customers every month.
  • Success Pack Bonus: Everytime when any of the sponsored down-lines of yours places order for any success pack there is your scope of earning this bonus. Actual value of this bonus is entirely based on size of the ordered pack ordered by such enrolled distributor and it usually varies from $50-$325.
  • Builder Bonus: Everytime when any of your downline members become qualified for the fast start then you become eligible for this bonus. These are one time payments which normally amounts to $250 for every qualified member at your disposal.
  • Coaching Commissions: These five percent commissions are usually paid including the team commissions for coaching those that you have personally sponsored. If any member is recruited neither by your up-line or down-line then he is not eligible for this bonus.
  • Luxury Bonuses: The firm provides luxurious bonuses in the form of vacational trips, i-Pad and much other exciting opportunity.

The firm mainly uses uni-level compensation structure which implies that the team leader includes all the new recruits in the first level only and has to rely on their ability to develop every successive level of distributors. As a result promotions then become entirely dependent on the population of team members that have been amassed by the leader under his disposal besides the overall sales volume. The primary advantage of this plan is that of its ability to allow every distributor who is developing teams for amassing a huge topline at their disposal. It increases the chance of getting more top leaders and making it easier for promoting.

The disadvantage of this system is that members belong to top-line have the scope of earning only one percent residual commissions. It implies that the team leaders are primarily dependent on the recruitment skills of the down-line members in building the volume of residual income. Largest amount of residual payments are usually paid to the sixth and seventh level of the team of any distributor. Thos who have been promoted to the level of Diamond Pearl and Pearl are qualified for the payments.

Getting Started with Nerium International MLM Business Opportunity

If you are seriously considering for starting your MLM business then you can enroll yourself as an independent distributor of the company. For enrolling as the distributor you can either contact your local distributor for more information or can log on to the website of the company to begin the enrolling process. You have to certain essential details while enrolling and have to select the business kit and product pack of your choice. The choosing of business kit is quite essential as you will be getting advanced training modules with other audio and video materials for sharpening your skills in the MLM business. It will be quite ideal for you if you purchase the costly optional product pack because then you can create a favorable impression in the mind of the customers and other closed relatives. On purchasing low cost product pack you cannot have enough products at your disposal either to sell or to give to your closed relatives for a free trial. You should also build rapport with any experienced distributors so that you can know the tricks of generating leads and also attracting the prospective customers for your products.

You must regularly attend the seminars, events and other meetings for gaining additional insight for your business expansion and also for gaining motivation. Motivation is quite important in order to be successful in the MLM business. If you lose your motivation then your prospects of becoming a successful distributor of the company goes in vain. You also need to spend considerable amount of time for your business otherwise you need to be satisfied with marginal revenue generation. You must always remember that it naturally takes very long period of time to succeed and to promote in the other levels of executive ranking in a MLM company like Nerium international. Hence you must dismiss the emergence of disillusioned thoughts like getting quick rick simply steeping on the office of the company. If you encourage such negative thinking then no one can prevent your downfall. Therefore to avoid such embarrassing circumstance you need to enhance on your focus on the training modules as well as need to collaborate with your up-line and down-line simultaneously. For generating immediate income you can either enrolled new customers for acquiring amounts between $16-60 or you can resell your products to the retail customer at retail prices. If your customers again generate orders for the products then you have the scope of earning in between ten to twenty five percent. Besides you will also regularly receive the support of your firm to acquire other essential skills to be able to survive in this competitive industry. You have to perform your tasks uniquely generating decent sales volumes with building solid down-lines. Due to the uni-level structure you have to keep faith on your down-line leaders and there is no scope for distrusting them. Trust is quite essential in this business otherwise you will not be able to flourish in your home business. These down-line leaders in turn will mentor the newly formed down-line and you have the scope of focusing on your business strategies and other important managerial tasks in your company.

Conclusion of Nerium International MLM Compensation Plan 

As you are now aware of the fact that how tough and competitive can be this MLM industry and so while engaging with this company do not leave space for any doubt in your mind. If you do show some sign of doubt then you lose the brilliant scope of working such amazing MLM firm like Netrium International. You must not give undue importance to misleading information about this company which is mainly propagated by rival MLM firms for tarnishing the image of this company in the market. Always verify such misleading information from your reliable sources before believing it. Otherwise you shall be the sufferer but not those companies. They usually target inexperienced punks like you for you folks are the sole pillar of the current success of the company and if you do not join this company then the company will automatically wrap up from the market.

As you have read its review you now know that there is no such transparent MLM company like this one. The firm does not conceal the ingredients of its skin care and anti-aging products rather discussed them in detail. The firm also mentioned its compensation plan in detail without any unnecessary concealment. The most importantly you are knowing in advance the options of earning money with this company unlike other MLM firms. The work environment of the firm is also equally decent and amazing. Everything is done here in a systematic and organized manner and there is no scope of any error. The firm rewards both female and male employees without any discrimination and acknowledges the hard work of every level of employees. There is no incident of employee unrest and factionalism. The employees work as a team and perfectly share their job responsibility with each other. Such a unity among the employees is quite rare in other companies. Besides the attractive bonuses and vacational leaves that you will get from this company is enough to lead your entire life happily with your loved ones.




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