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Nikken MLM Compensation Plan review


Introduction to Nikken MLM Compensation Plan

Before starting the topic it’s more important to know what Nikken is. Nikken is a Multi level Marketing (MLM) Company where anybody can take part as a consultant and can start up his career in an online business. A person should be very serious and focused about his business to become a millionaire or else, if you just take it as a a part time source to earn pocket money then it’s not the right platform for you, because for doing any kind of job the prime factor is to be dedicative with your work and do it whole heartedly. Nikken provides every single facility to their members which any franchise gives but without any expenses, and its best part is you can consult any time with the team members at any point you need. It’s an innovative MLM company which is generally known for its commitment to research and experiments exciting health products.  So if you are thinking to gear up your new online business, Nikken is the right choice for you where you just have to spend between $75 and $4.


Nikken MLM Product they deal with

Nikken is one of the first wellness companies that basically deals with the product like Magnetic Matters Pad, Magnetic Comforters, Whole Food and Organic Nutrition, Organic Skin care, Fitness Air and Water Purification, Magnetic jewelry  and so on. They are certified in creating wellness home and can make the same environment in work place to create a healthy work culture.

In this busy life people don’t have sufficient time to take care of themselves or their dear one and lack of nutrition invites number of problems. Varity of wellness products are available in Nikken to lead a healthy life which is easier for the distributor to make more money. The main motto of Nikken is to make people live in a healthy environment.

A Quick Look of Its Establishment

This company was established in the year 1975 and it’s completed its thirty years, and in this journey they have grown around the world with the support of ten thousand consultants all over. The company was first started in Japan and now it covers the whole world with world headquarter based in Irvine, California by Isamu Masuda the founder of Nikken who wants to build an organization who deals with, on the topics of healthy body, healthy mind, healthy family, healthy society and healthy finances. At first it was started with a small dream to make everyone fit and energetic so that they can relax rest of their life. They have a mission to cure sore fit, tiredness, exhaustion which affects the whole body. They even started working with the renowned MLM experts such as Tom Watanabe, Kurt Fulle, Douglas Braun and Larry Proffit. There are many top wellnesses MLM and among them all Nikken is quite high.

At first it started as a direct selling company where they use to pay direct commission to their networkers according to the number of sales they did. And now it is become a top most MLM compensation plan that is helping thousands of people getting opportunity to do work and earn money while seating home.  Nikken is such a company whose products are used for personal use, and they also have some products for home use which are all available online.

Nikken MLM Compensation Plan

Like any other MLM, the compensation plan is as important as the product. MLM provides benefits to the consultant so that they can get the opportunity to earn more money through hard work and dedication and can achieve success in their life.

Actually it’s a belief that on online trading you don’t have to work much, just be the first one to sign up and success will be at your door step, which is a totally wrong perception. The thought behind to make MLM or Network marketing is that everybody will get equal chance and same opportunity, and Nikken compensation Plan is doing the same thing. This business opportunity provided by Nikken Contains to understand the plan and by far it is the most useful compensation plan to understand in the MLM industry.

The company offers 25% commission on any product to their consultant which means a brand new consultant can earn $200 for every $1000 on sales. It does not stop here if your selling increases then you have the opportunity to earn extra 20% of the commissionable volume. That means you are earning $360 for every $1000 sold with the help of Nikken MLM compensation plan.

If a person thinks like a businessman he/she can earn more than that they were earning before. Like, what smart distributors do? They order products every month and they sell repeatedly to generate the account on the same day of every month. While doing this through Nikken plan a distributor can earn extra 10% which means every $1000 in sale one can earn $440 on any product which is the best payout in the company. Besides from all that this plan offers their distributors, wholesaler or members to earn extra upto20% override on their group volume.

This compensation plan offers a very profitable program where the company will pay for both auto and home purchase which shows that it is the only company that offers both auto and home program.

Things you should remember while investing in the plan

Nikken offers multiple groups of products to the buyers which help a lot to earn more money easier. As it provides verities of product the company’s distributors doesn’t have to face much problem to earn more money as compared to other MLM’s.

If you are looking for a profitable or high end commission in your business Nikken is the best stage to full fill your dreams, because it gives a vast opportunity to earn some serious amount form your business and you can be the millionaire which only comes from both hard and smart work.

One cannot justify his lack of success by labeling a business plan as a scam. Nikken is paying their distributor from the last thirty years without any issues which shows that it’s no way a scam and has paid millions of dollars every year.

Some of Product Description

Kenko sleep system – it’s a product of Nikken; Kenko sleep system is a comfortable pillow, thermal comforter and pad. After a long research by the technical team it is found that it’s the latest advanced technology for a perfect sleep.

Nikken water – Water is the most essential part of living but imagine if this can be the reason for your health issue. It is too tuff to recognize purity water. Nikken water filtration product provides purify water and this product is able to identify the contaminants in water, with some multiple steps it purifies the water for hygienic drinking. Water is essential for every group of people so this device kills the bacteria which can only seen by microscope for a nutritious life.

Nikken Magnet – It is more than a tool for good health. The advanced magnet technology product can be found with various ranges.

The EQL magnetic Technology is used to circulate blood flow in body so that a person can feel energetic throughout the day without any mental stress and can balance perfectly.

Biaxial PowerMag is one of the best innovations of Nikken which shifts magnetic polarity up to 26times per second. This device is 100%safe for the human body as it is not run by electricity. This product is totally safe and can be used multiple times without any negative effect.

The Kenkoseat is also one of the finest discover of Nikken, this product is for everybody as we all are spending most of our time in work while seating.

Lyndex Nikken – it’s a part of two big companies, “Lyndex” which is founded in the year 1979 and “Nikken”. This combine company was itself founded in the year 2002. It is a unique company which basically deals with machine builders and metal working companies. This merged company provides excellent facilities two their distributors who want to be a partner.


Nikken is three decades old company which deals with health products with the support of ten thousand distributors worldwide. This company based on the 5pillers of health: Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. This works with full of manpower and they believe that focusing in this areas will help to produce perfect lifestyles. It manufactures every single products related with human health.

The best part of this marketing is that, a consultant doesn’t have to move anywhere he/she can do work from any part of the country. As I said earlier Nikken products deals with wellness and health nutrition products, so for a consultant or distributor it’s not so tuff to deal with their buyers because in today’s world every single person has some health issues and they are looking for nutrition or products which can cure them to lead an energetic life and so far Nikken is the best and reliable for the customers to help them out with these issues. They use to make products for every kind of problems so that a buyer couldn’t think to switch to another brands, this strategy is really fruitful for the consultant too, because they can sale every item to their buyers which is required and can earn decent amount of money to establish their own business. It has a very clear and straight formula, give your best “the more you sale the more you earn” which gives opportunity to stand on your own leg and make yourself strong economically.

Nikken is the best platform to add your extra income with your present income. To be a member of this organization or for more information of this MLM program you just have to fill the form from their website, after filling it their distributor will contact you shortly. They will provide you all the information of their brand and guide you each and every steps to start your own business.

After being a consultant of this brand their help centers 24/7 are always there for you. They guide you to increase your business and teach you some business tips so that a consultant can earn more money through online trade which they cannot earn while doing work 9to5.


 Nikken provides online trading facilities by which a person doesn’t has to go anywhere. They can earn while seating in their house spending more times with their families, can able to do rest of their works without any mental pressure and can utilize their time on multiple kinds of works.

While doing job with Nikken MLM a person is independent, no boundaries, no work load pressure and the best part is that you will be your own boss, no one can rule upon you or create pressure to do the job on given period of time. You will be free to do your work according to your own style and preferable time.

The earning process will be depending upon your work, because as I said the more you will give labor the more you will earn and if a person is working hard he/she will definitely earn good amount of money. Your income will be uncountable if you do hard work and serious job.


Nikken is an online trading by which many people take this company as a fake. Before being a member of this company they use to take membership charges by which a person feel insecure to give the amount as he/ she think that they are just wasting their money.

Nikken MLM compensation plan is little complicated and confusing by which a consultant can get confused to understand the payroll facilities.

As it is an online business it’s almost depends upon the buyer’s weather they are going to buy their product or not, because in this present scenario there are lots of MLM companies who are providing these kinds of wellness and health neutrinos product on endless number of sites so it may gets little tuff to do online business in this competitive world as every person may have taken some distributorship to earn extra money.

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