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Nucerity MLM Compensation Plan review


Introduction to Nucerity MLM Compensation Plan

I am 33, so I am old enough to be able to say that my quarter life crisis is behind me, but I am still too young to really feel old.  (My quarter life crisis culminated in me being sure that being in business for myself is what I really want to do, but that is a story for another day.)  I do realize that fear of aging looms large on the minds of a lot of people who are just a little bit older than I am.  Early in the stage of doing research for this Nucerity review of mine, I mentioned to my mother that I would be writing a Nucerity review and that Nucerity products are anti-aging skincare products, and the first thing she mentioned was the book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.  I had heard before that there was a book by that name, but I have never read it, and I did not know anything about it, so I read the Wikipedia article about it.  The story is actually disturbing on a lot of levels.  I am the kind of person who can spend the entire midnight hour listening to the creepier tracks on Tales of Mystery and Imagination by the Alan Parson Project and then go straight to sleep, but for some reason, just the Wikipedia article about The Picture of Dorian Gray was sufficiently unnerving that I did not want to devote the introduction of my Nucerity review to a detailed discussion of it.  I set about looking for other stories about people who would do anything to stay young.

As you can probably guess, the Internet did not disappoint me.  It is very easy to find rumors about celebrities online, and I do not claim to know which of these rumors I read about the anti-aging practices of celebrities, if any, are true.  I am indebted to the blog Heckler Spray for most of my gossip about the things that celebrities do to stay young.  I read that Nicolas Cage avoids eating pork in order to stay young.  That would never fly in the Midwest.  In the Midwest, the only valid reason not to eat pork is if you practice a religion that forbids eating pork.  I read that Demi Moore puts leeches on her face to keep herself looking young.  I read that Victoria Beckham, formerly of the Spice Girls, uses a face cream that counts among its ingredients the droppings of nightingales.  (Supposedly this gross sounding face cream costs $135 per bottle, which is a price that only celebrities and MLM members would pay.)  Reese Witherspoon allegedly eats baby food to stay young, perhaps on the principle that you are what you eat.  Christie Brinkley is said to use some sort of cat litter poultice as thigh cream.  Rumor has it that Katie Holmes applies something called Rodial’sGlamoxy Snake Serum to her face in order to stay looking young.  This face cream has snake venom as one of its ingredients, and it paralyzes the facial muscles, kind of like a poor man’s Botox, except expensive.  Teri Hatcher allegedly bathes in wine.

It is anyone’s guess whether any of these things actually keep you young.  As for me, I have my own project to keep my mind off of the inevitability of aging.  I am reviewing as many multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities as I can.  Of course, you probably knew that, unless you just found this page by accident when you Googled “Dorian Gray snake venom”.  Maybe you were just Googling around looking for ice breakers to play at a corporate event, and you vaguely remembered one where one of the questions is, “If you were a snake, what snake would you be?” and another question has to do with celebrity gossip, but however you got here, welcome to my Nucerity review.

Nucerity: The Company and Its Products


Nucerity products are skincare products marketed to people who wish to avoid looking their actual age.  This is bad news because skincare products are still a bit too close to the “nutraceutical” category for my taste, but it is good news because skincare products tend to have a somewhat longer shelf life than vitamin supplements.  This means that if your basement fills up with Nucerity products, and you have absolutely no other way to get rid of them than to use them yourself, you are not going to overdose.

Of course, this is the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry, and Nucerity products aren’t cheap.  The Nucerity compensation plan published on the Nucerity website makes it sound as though Skincerity, a roll-on “nightly breathable masque” (don’t ask me what a masque is) sells for a retail price of $89.95.  A bottle of Rejuvenating Barrier (again don’t ask me, as I am a dude, although the Nucerity website makes it sound as though Rejuvenating Barrier is for us dudes, too) goes for the same price, as does Peptide Plus moisturizer.  Body Silk, described as a “hydrating serum” for the face, body, and hair costs $61.95 per bottle, as does Eye Effects-3.  And those are just the discounted autoship prices.  The Nucerity compensation plan makes it sound like, when someone pays full retail price for one bottle of Skincerity, they pay $129.95, which is about the price of a monthly car insurance payment for a family with three cars.  Another Nucerity review I read mentioned that the Nucerity website does not give very many details about the ingredients in Nucerity products, but I have been in the MLM industry long enough that the first thought that comes to my mind is that these pricey products are, for all practical purposes, moisturizing lotions, and I think of the huge bag of moisturizing body lotions my mother brings back from Bath and Body Works every Black Friday, having walked to the store with only a twenty dollar bill.

The Nucerity business opportunity is available not only in the United States but also in Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.  Flags of all these countries are visible on the Nucerity website so you can click on them to see their country specific versions of the Nucerity compensation plan.  This is good news if you are trying to memorize what the flags of all the countries in the world look like.  The flags on the Nucerity website are in black and white, making it easier for you to quiz yourself about their colors.

You can join the Nucerity business opportunity by buying business starter kits of various prices.  The prices of the business starter kits are not explicitly listed on the Nucerity compensation plan document, but the document does clearly state that they are called the Nucerity Product Kit, the Skincerity Product Kit, the Nucerity Success Pack, and the Nucerity Builder Pack.

The Nucerity Compensation Plan

The first thing I noticed about the Nucerity compensation plan is that is gives the names of the leadership ranks in the Nucerity business opportunity, which are Super Star, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Pink Diamond, and Black Crown Diamond.  There are ten ways to earn money in the Nucerity compensation plan:

  • Retail profits – I couldn’t find the retail prices listed on the Nucerity website, but the Nucerity compensation plan makes it sound like you can charge a hefty sum for Nucerity products.
  • Preferred customer profits – You can earn a profit of between $12 and $20 per product sold on autoship. Body Silk and Eye Effects 3 yield a profit of $12 per unit of autoshipt, while the others yield a profit of $20 per unit.
  • First Order Bonus- When a new Nucerity member you have enrolled buys a Nucerity Product Kit, you get a $20 bonus. When your new recruit buys a Skincerity Product Kit or a Nucerity Success Pack, you get a $50 commission, and if he or she buys a Nucerity Builder Pack, you get a $100 bonus.
  • Fast Start 2 by 2 Duplication Bonus – This is where things start getting ugly. You can get the Fast Start 2 by 2 Duplication Bonus if, in your first 28 days of being a Nucerity member, you recruit two new members and they buy business kits.  It looks like you get an even bigger bonus if your two new recruits both qualify for the Fast Start 2 by 2 Duplication Bonus within their first 28 days of Nucerity membership.
  • Team Volume Team – You get a 12% commission on sales made by your downline team.
  • Team Matching Bonus – You get commissions on sales made by up to 8 levels of your downline team. At the highest level of leadership, the Black Crown Diamond level, you get a 25% commission on the sales made by your first level of downline, 15% on the sales made by the second level, 10% on the sales made by the third level, and 5% on the sales made by levels 4 through 8.
  • Rank Advancement Bonus – When you reach the Super Star rank, you get a bonus of $35. When you reach the Bronze rank, you get a bonus of $70.  When you reach the Silver rank, you get a bonus of $175.  When you reach the Gold rank, you get a bonus of $500.  When you reach the Platinum rank, you get a bonus of $750.
  • Beautiful Life Bonus – Once you reach the Emerald level, you get a Beautiful Life Bonus paid to you weekly. The weekly bonus amount is $150 at the Emerald level, $200 at the Diamond level, and $300 at the Blue Diamond level and higher.
  • Diamond Pool – This is a bonus pool for which Nucerity members who have reached the rank of Diamond or higher are eligible. The higher your rank, the more shares of the bonus pool you get.
  • Diamond Loyalty Bonus – When you reach the Diamond level, you get $50,000 per year, paid in installments. During the second 5-year period that you stay at the Diamond level or higher, you get $100,000 per year, and for the third 5-year period, you get $200,000 per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The Nucerity compensation plan document is available online for anyone to read, and it lists the names of the leadership levels.
  • Nucerity products are not vitamin supplements.
  • None of the Nucerity review I read mention home parties as a vehicle for selling Nucerity products.


  • The Nucerity compensation plan involves a binary structure for your downline team. Binary structures almost never increase bonuses and commissions for you the distributor; they are just another piece of red tape.
  • Nucerity products are expensive, even for MLM products. For the amount of money you spend on a few dozen bottles of ant-aging skin creams, lotions, and masques (whatever those are), you could probably get a face lift.


The chances that you will achieve financial freedom through the Nucerity business opportunity are slim indeed.  The Nucerity compensation plan does in fact promise handsome rewards for Nucerity distributors who manage to reach the Diamond level or higher, but if you have any experience with the MLM, you know that you would have to pour tons and tons of money into your MLM business before reaching that level of leadership.  It will almost certainly mean that you will have to buy lots and lots of Nucerity products from yourself.  For that amount of money, you might as well buy diamonds.  They last a lot longer than the effects of anti-aging skin creams, anyway.

If you want to give me an earful about what a wimp I am for being creeped out by the Wikipedia article about The Picture of Dorian Gray, the phone lines are open.  Schedule a call with me, and while you are finished boasting about how your nerves of steel are undisturbed by any of the frightening stories on Wikipedia, we ca get to the real matter at hand, which is how to make your online business profitable.


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