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NuSkin Compensation Plan Review


Income opportunities are unlimited provided you have the correct approach and right intent. There are many scams spread by unlawful activities of companies. However, you should never lose hope and sleep over a few untrustworthy companies. This is Brad and I am here to share important information for those looking for income opportunities. Yes guys! You’ve heard it right as there is a chance to make some decent money to fill your light weighted purses. These are genuine MLM programs nowhere related to internet scams you may come cross. As you’ve already read this far, it might have intrigued you to a certain extent. Don’t worry as you’ll get to know the entire thing with my step by step explanation. If you are able to generate proper sales and get a nice network then you can surely make nice levels of income. To know how you can generate more than 5K per week click here. 

Nu Skin is an American company with genuine MLM programs for passionate and driven individuals. It is involved in full time marketing of various skin care and cosmetic products. It provides the chance of working part time or full time as independent distributor. You can retail their products from your home to maximize your profit. With little get-togethers and gatherings, you can introduce these products to your closed ones. In the next step, you may also ask them if they are interested in making money by selling these products. As a result there is a good chance of making money by expanding your team. The profit percentage may be dependent on your team of distributors and their performance.


Thus, your friends, colleagues and family members can also go on recruiting more distributors. Your profit percentage can go up depending upon their sales performances. By growing your team of Nu Skin representatives the path to success will be visible. This is only for people who are willing to take it seriously. There is no short cut to success and things may not always go as planned. With a professional approach, things are likely to favor you in long run.

A quick walkthrough of Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Nu Skin Enterprises is a US based multilevel marketing company. It specializes in manufacture and direct selling of personal care products and dietary supplements. The company was started off in 1984 at Provo, Utah. Its products are marketed in as much as 53 global markets by a growing network of independent distributors. In the year 1996, it was also listed in the New York Stock Exchange. It is enough to establish the credibility of a company which has been there for more than three decades. I am only sharing a part of my personal experience and understanding of the company. I am hopeful of putting forward my perspective to help people like you to make a living out of earning from decent sources.

Since you’ve travelled this far in reading, I would like to tell you more. Joining as an independent distributor comes with a fair share of challenges as in case with other professions.  There is no need to leave your current job to pursue Nu Skin. You can spare sometime from your daily routine to sell their products. For all the independent distributors out there, there is a highly leveraged pay plan. It will get more rewarding with your climbing up the hierarchy or leadership ladder. The portfolio of products are so impressive and at par with well recognized international brands. Many people have managed to earn a fortune by selling their products; you can be also one of them with the right approach, intent and solid business strategy.

Review of NuSkin business opportunity

Many reviewers have referred to Nu Skin as scam which is not true. These could be people with bitter experiences who have failed to achieve success. A company with over thirty years in business cannot be branded as scam. Reason of failure has to do more with their approach and attitude. Being a failure to perform well in sales or recruitment of more people into their group should be the actual reason. Nu skin MLM plan are no child play but serious programs which require constant efforts and a certain level of expertise. Many people see MLM opportunities as a short to cut to earning a lot of money which is nowhere near to the truth.

Membership Levels in the NuSkin Compensation Plan

With Nu Skin you can expect a full time earning depending on your performance as independent distributor. You may be also eligible for bonuses and various other incentive programs on a regular basis. Being an active distributor, you’ll get an opportunity to participate in meetings and various training programs. You can receive two levels bonuses in the next stage.

To get started, the interested person has to sign up on their website or contact an already existing distributor. Start up fee could be $35 while the yearly membership charges could be up to $20. As a distributor, you need to purchase the products from hair, spa and skin categories to resell them at a price which gives you profit.

Training, support and assistance are provided to the new distributors. The company provides them with audio and video tutorials for clearer understanding. Key concepts of network marketing are also taught via brochures and other training tutorial programs. You will be also trained to ways to sponsor more and more people into your team.  There is a decent career development path within the company. It includes leadership levels referred as executive, ruby, blue diamond, and team elite.

Due to spread on a global scale, distributors are also found in various countries. It includes places such as South Pacific, America, Europe and many more. Target audience could be young, middle and old aged women depending upon skin care and beauty needs.  A big percentage of such people are usually interested in anti aging products in order to lead a happier life. They aim to restore life and vitality in their hair and skin. Whenever a distributor joins online, they can fill a form and acknowledge of going through this company’s procedures and policies.

Being an executive means the benefits and challenges of this post. It enables you to maximize their compensation plans along with addition of breakway and executive bonuses. There is also an executive track which gives an opportunity to make the most of network marketing. After buying a new beauty package, the distributors should have a PV of 100 and GV of 1,000 for a month.

They can also go on to agree maintaining up to 100 PV per month. There is also a chance to accumulate a maximum 600 GSV after six months.

Affiliate Program in NuSkin Compensation Plan

Investing almost $35 could be affordable to many people and other companies may charge more.  It may be time consuming journey to reach a level which gives a decent yearning per month or year. Selling their products is the first stage to gradually master and correspondingly reach the next stage. You gave to also compete versus the other distributors which can be really tricky at times. Design of the entire mechanism makes it a challenging initiative for people with minimal or no sales experience. However, every profession has its share of challenges and this is no exception.

As an affiliate, you have the options of growing your network step by step. This way you’re also driving your own personal business and financial growth. Nu skin’s model of business is not meant for everyone. There is also a lot of negativity spread around by people who’ve failed to be successful. The affiliate marketing programs of other companies are different compared to Nu Skin.

You should focus on both the aspects of selling products and recruiting more people. Achieving excellence in one of the aspects doesn’t guarantee success. The MLM model has created many winners but larger number of losers to this date. It may not be for everyone but a bold approach is likely to reward you later. It goes with the saying, ‘no risk, no gain. ‘

Review of compensation side

The compensation plan is designed to help you earn commissions on product sales and volume sales. It will also reward you decently by expanding your team with recruitment of more distributors under you. Nu Skin has one of the most generous compensation plans compared to other MLM companies. You can expect earnings at a good pace although not immediately to say the least. There is no cap on the earning potential and limit which makes it a great chance of doubling income.

There are two different classes of distributors within Nu Skin compensation plan. One of them could be regular distributors while the other category is executive distributors. As soon as you sponsor someone, there is a commission based on their performance. However, it is not possible for you to tap their downline unless you’re earning the right by turning into an executive distributor.

After promoted to executive distributor post, you’re likely to tap the whole team of distributors. With Nu Skin, there is hardly a limit to earnings. However, you have limited chances of able to make the most of executive distributors depending upon executives in your front line.

Provided you’re sponsoring someone who manages to take off really well. The same distributors may become an executive with distributors working under them. You won’t be paid as per the growing downline of these distributors. You have to be proactive in your approach and move strategically to stay ahead in competition. By expanding your team consistently, you can make the most of your team’s depth. At the same time, you should support and motivate those under you to make sure the money keeps rolling in.  You should not pause on more and more recruitment in order to manage the team. You can also shift your prospects for locating your distributors.

Being a part of unilevel program lets your sponsored distributors move into your frontline. Recruitment of more people would mean widening the upper part of your business structure. After shifting your distributors, you need to find people capable of achieving something worthy. Only a limited amount of distributors may display seriousness of making the most of their abilities.

 Advantages and Disadvantages                


  • One of the best things about Nu Skin products are their appeal. Their product sales are unlikely to be deeply impacted by recession. Irrespective of the economy rising up or dropping down, people may invest in maintaining health and good looking skin.
  • Their products are not unconventional and against their norms. What you’re selling is completely relevant and indentify with lifestyles of people. You may end up with a growing list of female customers who are health and figure conscious. These products have a huge market available to pitch sales.
  • Nu Skin is a company which has been growing since inception. It is still there and the awareness has only increased. As a distributor, you don’t have to carry the burden of establishing the company. You should be confident of joining an established company which has a decent reputation.
  • Like all the successful network marketing companies out there, you need some great products to drive sales ahead. Face care, weight management and body care products are in huge demand among people. More and more people have grown conscious of their looks and appearance to create the right impression.
  • Those willing to join must be realistic about it and give their 100%. There would be learning tools, seminars, web videos to guide you in the right direction.


  • As in case with network marketing companies, you should have the right skills and knowledge to be successful. No one achieves success overnight after joining Nu Skin. Success and failure are dependent on hard work and dedication just like other professions. You should seek new prospects constantly and have more people working under you as distributor.
  • Many people start doing this network marketing business of making fast money. It is impossible with Nu Skin to expect the same. If you don’t get the right skills and expertise, it is not going to work for you.
  • Calling friends, closed and family members to join the business may not guarantee results. After a certain period of time, you have to deal with strangers to make sure the business is driven ahead.







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