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OneCoin MLM Compensation Plan Review


 Introduction to OneCoin MLM Compensation Plan

One cannot certainly disagree with the assertion that working individuals nowadays, especially those with families need to work overtime or do an extra job to make ends meet. And one superlative way of earning lucratively that is over and above his staple income source, is becoming a business associate or distributor of a network marketing or MLM organization. There are several practicable reasons as to why working as a representative of a pyramidal marketing concern will help in boosting your overall earnings from month to month.

For a start, you’ll be able to begin working almost immediately by investing a very small amount which surely you’ll be able to afford easily. Joining as a distributor is evidently more hassle-free in comparison to launching your own business where you’ll be required to put in a much higher sum. At the same time, you’ll find it quite convenient to promote the products or services of MLM companies as these are items and/or errands that almost all of use or need in our day to day life. People have been earning more than 5K every week, to know more about these opportunities click here.

In other words, since most of the products or services marketed by network marketing firms enjoy high demand, it’ll be just a matter of time before you turn into a consummate distributor. The only obstacle that you may have to put up with in the initial stages is canvassing the items, especially if you don’t have any previous experience in marketing or selling. However, you’ll be comfortably able to overcome this hurdle as your seniors and other experienced distributors of the firm will offer you complete support.

With MLM firms, you’ve a very good opportunity of earning extra in the form of what is known in the network marketing parlance as ‘residual income’. Since everybody foots his or fixed monthly overheads of gas, electricity, landline, mobile, and broadband utilities, there is an incentive or commission to be earned when you convince your prospects to pay their bills via a specific service provider. This benefit of earning an idle or residual income is without doubt the single most important reason you need to join a multilevel marketing company.

Then again, there isn’t any ceiling or cap on the amount of money that you can mobilize and earn as a business associate. Your earning potential is directly proportional to the size of your team along with the total number of clients you and your team members have. Another overriding benefit is that you don’t have to recruit any salaried employee for your distributorship business.

Every individual working under the banner of a chain marketing concern is a distributor in his/her own right who works independently. Furthermore, you don’t have to provide space for stocking your organization’s products as technological advancements and strides made in the field of telecommunications and internet have done away with the necessity of stockpiling items. Internet telephony, videoconferencing, webinars, drop shipping, and other techniques or tools make it possible to deliver products or offer services very quickly without inordinate delays.

As an effective and successful distributor, you’ll be in a position to lead and flaunt a luxurious lifestyle that once used to be a prerogative of the glitterati and jetsetters. OneCoin is an exclusive MLM conglomerate that offers authorized marketing associates an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mint money by publicizing its unique business product-the Bitcoin-which is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency as a currency standard makes use of cryptography to effect transactions and monitor production of new denominations.

About OneCoin MLM Compensation Plan

one coin

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency production company with its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and has operations all over the world. However, the company focuses on niche markets that are located in Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. OneCoin is growing and evolving perpetually that is evidenced by its setting up regional chapters in different locations around the world.

The continuously rising number of traders of OneCoin is spurring the organization’s rapid expansion and it has set an ambitious target of digitally minting 2.1 billion OneCoins by roping in over 1 million brokers. OneCoin is not simply a cryptocurrency but an entirely innovative concept in the digital currency domain. Since Bitcoin made its entry in 2009 as the first and foremost cryptocurrency in the world, OneCoin has gradually inched its way upwards to become a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency.

The organization offers tutorials on cryptocurrency via its online academic platform-OneAcademy and through this web-based forum OneCoin collaborates with the newest and cutting-edge fusion crypto-currency- Aurum coin. OneCoin harnesses foolproof SSL encryption technology and groundbreaking cryptographic techniques to canvass crypto-currencies through its unique OneLife scheme.

OneCoin proffers all its IMAs (independent marketing associates) unlimited opportunities to earn lucrative sums via its expansive, no-frills bonus plan that is inextricably linked to awe-inspiring lifestyle awards. Traders under the aegis of OneCoin have an extraordinary chance to rake in the moolah by amassing reserves of Aurum coins and OneCoins that are securitized by solid gold. 2015 has turned out to be an extremely prospective year in the history of OneCoin as the establishment was successful in achieving a market capitalization of US$ 1 billion of cryptocurrency.

This MLM outfit has explicitly expressed its gratitude to traders whom it terms as OneCoin Leaders and all other stakeholders who contributed towards accomplishing the goal. Owing to the concerted efforts of the IMAs and the in-house employees, OneCoin is one of the three top crypto-currencies in the digital world. In the first month of 2015, the firm had 51,000 registered traders and by December 14, 2015, that number had swelled to 7, 30,000! OneCoin is now operating in 203 nations and it is yet to tap Latin America.

About the Coin and the network

There has been a rapid appreciation in the exchange value of the OneCoin coin since January 2015 and in December, its valuation had increased manifold. In January, the coin was trading at €0.50 whereas in December its transactional value had galloped to €3.35. Such an unprecedented escalation in its worth was due to the fact that increasing number of miners (read traders) had quarried the coin and traded in it that had led to a huge expansion of the network.

Figuratively speaking, a total of 42, 900, 00 coins had been mined that swelled to a whopping 43, 50, 00, 000 coins in December. This immense stockpile of coins is a concrete proof that more and more people are joining OneCoin as independent marketing associates in order to scoop up large quantities of the digital currency. Taking into consideration the numerous opportunities extended by OneCoin coupled with its ambitious growth, you can chalk out a customized or personalized strategic business scheme that’ll be instrumental in realizing your long-term financial objectives.

Apart from excavating the coin and profiting from its rise in price, you can also publicize their online tutoring platform OneAcademy and popularize the concept of OneCoin to widen your network. The benefits offered by OneCoin promotional plan are so enticing that there was a stiff competition amongst its traders to be eligible for the coveted lifestyle awards.

Statistically speaking, a total of 112 OneCoin leaders had scaled to the top rung of the compensation plan whereas in December the figure had multiplied to over 50 times to touch the 5749 mark. Moreover, the extraordinary and unparalleled development of OneCoin family had immensely contributed towards that scintillating result as many industry stalwarts had enrolled as IMAs. In terms of numbers, over 280 individuals were joining the network each week.

Presently, the business organization takes pride in announcing that it has 17,910 Sapphire leaders, 3404 Ruby traders, 579 Emerald, 147 Diamond, 27 Blue Diamond, 8 Black Diamond, and 4 Crown Diamond leaders in its network.       

Products of OneCoin MLM Compensation Plan

OneCoin’s product line comprises a series of packages where one is given complete training and tips on trading as an IMA. Mentioned below are the distinct packages along with the price in Euros of each package.

  1. Festival Package-€18,800
  2. Premium Trader-€12,500 (This pack is the ideal one for those serious about cryptocurrency and mining that comprises of six OneAcademy online scheme stages.
  3. Tycoon Trader-€5,000 (this package has 5 stratums of OneAcademy web-oriented tutoring program.)
  4. Executive Trader-€3,000 (There are a total of 4 levels in this package where the subscriber is furnished with total information on tools and techniques that’ll help the trader to better his or her chances of profitability while trading)
  5. Pro Trader-€1000 (Under this pack there are 3 stages of the online orientation scheme the completion of which will let you gain moderate trading skills that’ll be adequate to let you profit from your OneCoin transactions and mining)
  6. Trader-€500 (This pack is made up of just two levels where the trader who’s just a newbie is interested in picking up the basic skills required for dealing with asset groupings including cryptocurrency, gold, and silver to name a few)
  7. Starter-€100(Constituting only a single level, the Starter package introduces you to the various financial products of OneCoin as well as extends trading guidelines. The learner is also provided with online study mat, quiz papers, and video presentations to begin foraying into OneExchange)
  8. The Rookie-Free of Cost (By becoming a rookie, you can collect information about OneCoin by reading an e-book titled ‘Think and Grow Rich” for which you don’t have to pay anything. You’ll also receive a newsletter detailing the growth and progress of OneCoin.

Compensation Plan of OneCoin MLM Business Opportunity

OneCoin humbly acknowledges that IMAs are the part and parcel of their enterprise and therefore has devised their commission plans, teambuilding incentive schemes, and rewards keeping the trader in mind. The MLM firm has formulated very easy-to-understand and eminently achievable schemes with respect to earning payouts, becoming entitled for teambuilding incentives, and winning rewards. Needless to say, a vast majority of those paying for the ‘OneAcademy Advanced Learning System’ will eventually drop the idea of subscribing as an IMA.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the abovementioned scheme has been formulated for only those members who’re earnest about forging ahead and claim the coveted awards. In order to take the plunge of as a successful-IMA-in the-making, you’ll primarily have to choose that OneAcademy Advanced Learning Program that you’ll be comfortably able to imbibe. To be eligible for the “Fast Start Retail Commissions”, you’ll not be required to purchase anything.

Nevertheless, you’ll find it more convenient to refer or pitch an OneAcademy item to an acquaintance because of your familiarity with the product line. You can browse through the products of OneCoin at www.onecoin.eu/als and make self fully acquainted with global trading and financial markets, as well as pick up the nitty gritty of the up-and-coming realm of cryptocurrency.

As an IMA of OneCoin, you can collect commissions by convincing referrals (you receive from your acquaintances) to enroll for Advanced OneAcademy Learning Systems (ALSs). All those who buy Advanced OneAcademy Learning Systems programs are your team members. And every time a member of your team is successful in selling the ALS plan to his or her associate, you earn a passive commission. When you reach an advanced stage as an IMA, you become qualified to claim a string of prizes.

In order to start making ‘fast start commissions’, you don’t need to fulfill any aggregated team sales targets or buy product packages of prefixed volumes. If you decide to enlist as a rookie of OneCoin, you’ll have to get started on your own as you won’t get any support or training with regards to ALS. You’ll start earning a fee or incentive as an enrollee or ‘Rookie’ once you persuade a friend or an associate to subscribe to any of the 7 ALS programs. You’ll be eligible to receive a 10% payout every time you sell an ALS package out of which 60% of the receivables will be credited to your IMA account and the balance 40% goes towards authorization of your OneCoin Trading Account. You start transacting using your personal trading account as soon as your total earned commissions reach the €100 mark.

You can withdraw money from your IMA account using OnePay card where money is credited on a weekly basis. You receive payouts from being a part of the network as per the ‘Global Compensation Plan’ which chiefly comprises of a binary system having two arms-the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ ends of your team. As you encourage more and more people to go for any of the several OneAcademy Advanced ALS programs, you keep on adding bricks to building a full team and eventually you’re decorated with a rank after you’re successful in reaching a prescribed value of sales.

For instance, to become a ‘Trader IMA’-the first designation or status in the hierarchical ranking system-you’ll need to attain a sales volume of €5000 in terms of ALS packages. You graduate to the 2nd level when you’re designated as a ‘Pro Trader IMA’ for which you’re required to sell packages worth €10,000. Once you notch up sales of €20,000, you’re anointed as ‘Executive Trader IMA’. The fourth and the final rank of ‘Global Executive Trader’ is attained when you pull off a sales volume of €50,000.

Conclusion of OneCoin MLM Compensation Plan

In conclusion it can be interjected that there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming an OneCoin rookie and lay the foundations for a jet-set life.








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