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Oriflame Compensation Plan review


Hello people its Brad here and I want to share with you guys information on income opportunities. No it’s not a joke and you may continue reading if you’re serious about earning some cash. Are you familiar with the multilevel marketing, popularly abbreviated as MLM? If your answer is ‘no’, I’ll enlighten you step by step as much as possible. Don’t be disheartened after coming across fraudulent practices on web. This is a genuine program which can be pursued to ensure a regular flow of income. Oriflame presents an opportunity which can load your wallet with cash. Don’t worry for I’ll guide you by explaining what it takes to get started. The chances of success may not depend on your luck but your efforts count. Oriflame is one of the fast growing companies within the direct sales industry. It has some MLM business opportunities for you. You can earn after developing a big consumer network by getting a percentage of overall sales.

A quick walkthrough of Oriflame

Oriflame is a well-established business which was started off in 1967 in Sweden. Two brothers, namely Jonas and Robert Jocknick were assisted by a friend to turn the vision into reality. Oriflame presents a wide selection of high quality products across categories like skin care, fragrances, hair care, wellness, color cosmetics, and accessories. All of its product are distributed and sold through a massive network of Oriflame consultants. These beauty and body care products are marketed via a sales staff of over 3.1 million independent consultants. They are able to create yearly sales figure reaching or even exceeding EUR 1.3 billion. This business is build and operated in more than 50 countries. The natural botanical body care products are being developed and manufactured by experts. Extensive research goes into making these products and plants extracts are utilized for this purpose.


Multi Level Marketing is quite a simple thing unlike complex theories. You can start by stopping to purchase beauty and skin care products from market, supermarket and high street. It is the first step and the next step is all about pursuing others to do the same. Convincing others to purchase the products offered by Oriflame may not be as easy as it sounds. There will be fair share of challenges towards earning some cash for fulfilling other goals. Through the course of time, you’ll be required to build up a big consumer network of people using the Oriflame products. You will receive a percentage as commission out of the total sales generated. Thus, the network you build gradually by convincing others to buy these products plays an active role in deciding your income levels.

There are no double standards in this case as all products manufactured by Oriflame remain under stringent EU norms. It is also a company which is recognized by Nordic Stock Exchange. It is enough evidence or proof of the company’s credibility. Thus, the income opportunity may be the gateway to get closer to your dreams and embrace financial independence.

 Review of Oriflame business opportunity

I applaud your efforts of going deeper into this matter. Oriflame is a globally recognized brand with presence in more than 62 countries. When deciding upon becoming involved actively with a company, considering the product line is important. There is no denying that high quality cosmetic products have a rising global demand. It appeals to people of different age groups across professional and economic status.

You could build a vastly successful network marketing business through Oriflame. There are a lot of things which get you going as well as growing. The Swedish cosmetic products are a balanced mixture of nature’s wisdom and technological approach. It is providing an income opportunity for the enterprising men and women. This company has a full proof and sound ethic which combines high quality products with complete sales support team. This system provides a member or associate consultant a steady foundation for building his or her own business.

The Oriflame mission is well established and it seems that you are intrigued by what it has to offer. This opportunity is also embraced in places like Africa, South America, North America, Asia and Europe. Oriflame itself owns five of its total manufacturing units which are enough to talk about its size. Offices of the company can be found in places like Russia, Thailand, Poland, Switzerland, Chile, and Czech Republic. This is again a direct selling company which cuts out middleme, passing on opportunities to only independent distributors. It helps in saving a lot of money through this step by shortening the distribution chain. It does sound inviting isn’t it? I would like to congratulate you for taking the initial step.

Oriflame also provides a complete and extensive training program for the consultants. It equips them with all the knowledge and expertise essential for achieving success in future. This training program has been a defining milestone of the Oriflame business group. The sales consultants grow in confidence after completing the program. With Oriflame’s support system, they are able to explore business opportunities. These consultants have convenient access to a web based online support system. As a result, they are able to settle their queries regarding products, commission levels, new developments and the marketing strategy or approach. The cost of becoming a consultant can be as low as five Euros. Commission paid out to consultants is fairly generous including bonuses and sales incentives. Thus, a sales consultant has full potential of becoming financially successful through the commission program.

Oriflame isn’t a scam or has got nothing to do with other scams explained on the internet. It is a legitimate business where success is dependent on hard work and efforts. There is also a decent training system in place which equips the new recruit with a road map for success on the long term.

 Membership levels in Oriflame compensation plan

Anyone that becomes a member of Oriflame is referred as independent sales consultant. It is very much like doing any other network marketing business where you’d be referred as an independent business owner. When you turn into an Oriflame consultant, your will have access to numerous supporting material. It will help you a great deal to lay the foundation of your own business.

To join Oriflame, you are required to apply through a sales consultant you know. Filling the consultant application form or contacting the office nearby will also do. Newly recruited members are often provided with a starter kit and basic skin care guide by making a small payment. Direct selling is quite a different thing as it provides personalized experience and service.  Both the consumer and seller are more often satisfied through quality and money. Direct selling also provides the seller opportunities for building an independent business.

Oriflame provides a decent income opportunity for self motivated individuals. There is a commission on the products sold through individual orders. Similarly, up to 21% commission can be earned through the sales made by team members.  Bigger the team, the more chances are there to earn money.

As a sales consultant, you go about moving the cosmetic products in a number of ways. You can share the mission with interested people through demonstrations at workplace, home, social settings and more. Being a member, you may go the extra mile by hosting a product party. These parties can be used as a means to expedite the entire process of generating an income. By gathering many people within a setting, demonstrating the usefulness of product on large scale will help. It could a better step compared to meeting with interested people one by one.

There are two main ways for independent consultants to earn a sizeable income. Distributors have the chance of pocketing a decent commission as per products sold. You can also buy into this program at different levels which means that commission is largely dependent on startup package and purchased product. To keep the business alive and earning stable, distribution of products to users is a baby step. For reaching greater heights, the recruitment of more independent sales consultants should be fine. Whenever a sales consultant does so, he or she is financially reciprocated for the efforts made. Additionally, there is a bonus of income out of the sales volume generated by recruited team members.

As a newly recruited Oriflame consultant, you’d be teamed up with an experienced sales consultant. He or she would serve as a coach, mentor and guide for a certain period of time.

 Oriflame Affiliate program

The Oriflame direct selling opportunity requires you to invest time and effort. Spending more time is likely to help towards achieving an income but one should proceed with a business plan. You can start off by spending up to an hour or two from a daily routine. Talking to three persons at least regarding Oriflame and showing them catalogue is likely to help. A certain amount of money can be also invested in catalogue to offer it to interested people. You can also provide some people with a sample to try for generating sales. In the training sessions held monthly, the new catalogue is being distributed. Some e-learning programs would be also available to add onto training. The rank advancement of a sales consultant is not solely based upon sales volume. It also depends on having the team members of other ranks within the organization.

In many cases, the product sales exceeding 100 Euros bring up to 30% commission for the consultant.  Retailing the Oriflame products successfully would help your climb the ladder as a distributor. It will help you in getting a certain percentage of discounts and there is a need to access product catalogue. Building a team and sales force is also important.  For earning commissions on your team, there is a need to place personal orders on a monthly basis.

Review of compensation side

Oriflame is an established network marketing company with compensation plans more than 3.5 million affiliates. Commission is provided for personal direct sales and it overrides on private direct sales. It also overrides upon bonuses, sales via downline, and a set of incentive programs.

Every new affiliate is provided with a beginner’s kit containing catalogues, guides and product samples. Support materials are also provided in educating a new recruit. Limited availability also ensures the Oriflame products maintain the highest of quality standards. Representatives get chances and opportunities to earn within 23% to 30% in commission. Apart from direct sales, recruiting new people also multiplies the earning levels significantly.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • People becoming a member of Oriflame are known as independent sales consultant. If you go inside other network marketing businesses, you’d be considered as an independent business owner. Oriflame involves remarkably low start-up costs which can be an attraction to those willing to start a business. It allows the entrepreneurs a relief of starting a business without applying for loans or even mortgage on their homes.
  • Oriflame is an ambitious but legitimate company which strives for number one spot as directly selling beauty products company. It is an already well established company set on the path of fast growth. It also tries on expanding the products portfolio which gives an edge in competitive marketplace.
  • The company does everything essential to ensure the operations are environmental friendly. Only naturally obtained ingredients are used for manufacturing which includes plant and flowers extract. It has led to the company having a clean facility which would not harm the environment. The company also strives to achieve high standards in workforce.
  • This is a business where you’d be trained and encouraged to find and register prospects among friends, neighbors, relatives, family members, etc. It will turn out to be the basis of your business building training.


  • Being a sales consultant for Oriflame doesn’t guarantee sales and success every time. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work double hard for paying the price.
  • The payment levels can dubious as there is minimal information regarding the levels which can be achieved one after another. However, you need to consistently try to create a bigger team. It may not be possible for everyone as growing connections and building network takes some serious effort, time and tests patience levels.





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