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PM International MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to PM International MLM Compensation Plan

I am writing this PM International review from Chicago, where my hopes are diminishing by the minute of getting a seat at any of the films at Ebertfest, but at this point, I don’t even care.  It is delightful enough just to breathe the air in the Windy City.  Chicago is the third largest metropolitan area in the United States, after New York and Los Angeles.  Admittedly, the most beautiful things about Chicago are not the things that meet the eye.  Proud Midwesterner that I am, I am willing to admit that the lights of the New York City skyline and the Southern California sunsets are more beautiful, but while the two coasts get a disproportionate share of the credit for shaping our country’s musical heritage, I will always contend that Chicago is their equal.  (Yes, I know that there are lots of places that have contributed to the multifaceted soundscape that is American music, but I will write about them when I visit them.  Today all I can think about is Chicago.)

The Chicago Blues, that musically complex and thunderously electrified form of the blues that is widely considered to be the direct ancestor of rock ‘n’ roll, still thrives here.  (I have previously written on the pages of this blog about how, when I was in high school, I wrote an e-zine, as blogs were then called, about the generation of British musicians who were inspired by Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and so many others who contributed to the sound that came from Chicago.  What I may not have mentioned is that, at some point while researching the articles I published on Classic Rock Ragnarok, I came to realize how lucky I was, because, while Chicago was so hard to get to from 1960s Britain that it might as well have been on another planet, it has always been just a short road trip away from my home.)  It so happens that the city that has an airport named after Louis Armstrong is New Orleans, not Chicago, but he played and recorded music here; he influenced Chicago jazz, and it influenced him.  I could go on and on, but there is a Wikipedia article called “Music of Chicago”, which will tell you, in a more organized way than I can, about the unique way in which Chicago has interpreted virtually every musical form from jazz to gospel to blues to rock to hip-hop to house music.

Besides, I have another project tonight, besides my weekend project of soaking up the atmosphere in Chicago (one of the things I love most about Chicago, I forgot to mention, is that it is not only on the campus of the University of Chicago and not only on the weekend of Ebertfest that it is easy to find people here who want to discuss matters great and small from a theoretical perspective) and besides my ongoing quest to review as many multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities as I can.  You might recall that I made a bet with the other Brad, the cofounder of Notebook Crazy, that I lost, and that, as per the conditions of the bet, I now have to buy him as much diet Vernors as he can drink for the rest of the spring, with the catch being that he has to drink the diet Vernors in my presence.  Either because the other Brad and I do everything together or because he was not going to let me use Ebertfest as an excuse to skip town for a few days in order to wiggle my way out of my end of the bet, he is here in Chicago with me, and he is insisting that we eat every meal at a place that has diet Vernors.  If you knew the other Brad, you would know how out of character this is for him.  It is sometimes difficult to find a suitable place to eat when traveling with the other Brad, but that it because he has not eaten a complex carb, with the exception of beer, since 1998.  Today, we walked around all afternoon looking for a place to eat lunch, and we finally ended up at a sandwich shop that had cans of soda.  The only thing the other Brad ate for lunch was pickles, plus some of the meat from my sandwich.  There are lots of great sit down restaurants in Chicago, but thanks to our bet, we could not go to any of them.  Chicago might be awesome, but I don’t know of anywhere that is so awesome that diet Vernors flows freely on tap.

But what has any of this to do with my PM International review?  Well, I can safely assume that if you are looking online for PM International reviews, it is because someone has recommended the PM International business opportunity to you, and you want to do some research on the business opportunity before you decide whether or not to join.  Longtime readers of Notebook Crazy will also recall that I have not worked for a boss in eight years, and the story I have just told you illustrates the fact that I can afford to take a road trip to Chicago just because I feel like it.

PM International: The Company and its Products

PM International
All of the PM International reviews I have read while researching this PM International review seem to agree that the company’s founder is named Rolf Sorg, but that is about as far as the similarities go.  The company’s year of establishment is variously said to be 1993 and 1997, and the location of its headquarters is variously given as Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, and Portland, Oregon.  Those first two locations are the ancestral home of so many aspects of the culture of Chicago that it would fill me with homesickness for a city that is only my home in the loosest sense of the word if I were to write this PM International review anywhere else.

As for PM International products, they fall into the categories of nutraceuticals and cosmetics.  Neither of those categories fills me with enthusiasm.  My Y chromosome offers me great protection against being recruited into a multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunity based on cosmetics, but seasoned Notebook Crazy readers already know about the financial setbacks I have suffered at the hands of the nutraceutical MLM industry and the alleged elixir of fungus that has piled up in my basement as a result of this nutraceutical misadventure.  To make matters worse, while the PM International website goes on at length about the athletes in the Germanic countries who have excelled at sports ranging from running to boxing to skiing to handball thanks to FitLine, the PM International products geared toward sports nutrition, it does not go into very much detail about the ingredients in these PM International products.  That means that one of my goals for this PM International review has been frustrated, namely to identify the flagship ingredient in PM International products and to dish the dirt on it.  While we are on the subject, another of my goals for this PM International review has been frustrated, as well, namely to find out this origin story behind the company’s name.  Does it stand for Prussian Makeup?  Pretty Mountain-Climbers?

The PM International website does, however lead me to believe that the PM International business opportunity means what it says about being international.  The website lets you choose from 27 different regions.  Most of these regions are in North America, Europe, East Asia, and the Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates is also listed as a region.

The PM International Compensation Plan

One of the PM International reviews I found reproduced an English language version of the PM International compensation plan document seemingly in its entirety.  It made me feel better about not being able to find much of an origin story for the PM International business opportunity, because it does clearly list the leadership ranks.  The leadership ranks in the PM International compensation plan are Manager, Senior Manager, Marketing Manager, International Marketing Manager, Vice President, Executive Vice President, President’s Team, Silver President’s Team, Gold President’s Team, Platinum President’s Team, and Champion’s League.

One nice thing about the PM International compensation plan is that the car bonuses start at relatively low levels of leadership.  If you are the type of person who finds freebies and discounts as rewarding as actual currency, then you will feel encouraged to keep autoshipping nutritional supplements to yourself and pressuring your friends to join the PM International business opportunity, because your car bonus is only a few rank promotions away.  Once you reach the International Marketing Manager level, PM International pays $100 toward your car payment.  When you reach the Executive Vice President Level, the car bonus increases to $350 per month.  When you reach the Silver President’s Team, it becomes $550 per month.  At the Gold President’s Team level, it increases to $1,100 per month, and then when you get to the Champion’s League level, the company pays $2,200 per month toward your car payment.

Then there are the usual bonus pools and vacations.  (The vacations listed in the PM International compensation plan are to St. Tropez.)  This is nothing I have not heard before.  The part of the PM International compensation plan that I like is that it offers a pension plan.  You have to jump through an awful lot of hoops to qualify for it, but it is at least taking a step toward providing financial security instead of just making people waste huge sums of money in pursuit of untold riches.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • So far, I have found no mention of MLM home sales parties convened for the purpose of selling PM International products.
  • The fact that the PM International compensation plan includes a pension plan does appeal to people who are looking for long-term financial stability instead of just empty promises about impossibly large amounts of money.
  • The PM International website does not contain any hype about an ingredient with wondrous healing properties.


  • The PM International website is quite vague and not particularly easy to navigate. I guess this is an improvement over the nutraceutical MLM websites that go on and on with implausible claims about the health benefits of its products and scaremongering cautionary tales about what will happen to you if you fail to ingest them.  Still, it did make it more of a challenge for me to find reliable information to include in my PM International review.
  • There is nothing particularly compelling about PM International products. It would be unfair to single out the PM International business opportunity for this, because it is true of almost every nutraceutical MLM company, but it bears repeating that it is hard to sell a product to your acquaintances when everyone you know has a room in their house that is full to the point of overflowing with something very similar to the kind of product you are trying to sell.


Neither the PM International business opportunity nor anything resembling it has contributed to my ability to afford to go to Chicago just to soak up the atmosphere of Ebertfest, even if I don’t end up going to any of the movies, and to walk around all day in search of diet Vernors.  If you want to make money without being stuck in a cubicle all day, I encourage you to think of about the unifying characteristic of the World’s Fairs that have taken place in Chicago: Innovation.  You need innovation in order to make a successful business.  You are not going to get that from a nutraceutical MLM company.

Hey, Midwesterners!  If you know of any restaurant, in Chicago or any other city in the Midwest, that has diet Vernors on tap, please let me know.  Schedule a call, and the sooner the appointment you make, the better, because I am getting tired of buying cans of diet Vernors for the other Brad.


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