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PM International MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to PM International Compensation Plan Review

Most global economies are still to emerge from the aftershocks of the economic slump of 2008 as business professionals continue to go bankrupt and workers keep losing their jobs. Amidst such a scenario, many professionals from all commercial spheres and self-established individuals are exploring novel and groundbreaking ways of making money over and above their main source of livelihood. MLM firms dealing in a diversified variety of products that have mushroomed in the last three decades are providing the workforce with innovative means of earning extra bucks with respect.

You’d be much better off working as a distributor for an established multilevel or niche marketing company than to be employed by a commercial organization firm conducting business conventionally. You can bet you’d be able to earn more by promoting the products of a MLM enterprise than by pushing the envelope for a 9-5 job day in and day out. No matter how hard you work as an employee, you’ll get a fixed salary every month which will go up marginally every year.

Additionally, you’re often required to work extra hours and turn up at your office on weekends as and when your employer demands for a pittance. Alternatively, you not only earn handsomely as a business associate for a network marketing concern but actually get to see your earnings rise exponentially via promotional activities by your downline distributors. Your overall income receives an unprecedented boost when you leverage the operations of your team. People have been earning more than 5K income through these compensation plans, to know more click here.

You can look forward to a substantial residual income if you can optimally leverage out the efforts and time of your team comprising of downline workers or distributors. Another noticeable advantage of working as a MLM distributor is that your upfront investments for getting started is minimal or very low. Nevertheless, you’ll have to be prepared to spend money on marketing overheads.

You’ve the liberty and leeway to carry out your networking business all over the world right from your home country and sometimes even without having to move out of your home. Labor laws and conventions might restrict you from retailing the products of your MLM organization directly in the market but you can always appoint downline network canvassers for the task. Quite significantly, you make considerable tax savings via your network marketing activities which you’re unable to do as a regular employee.

As a distributor, you’ve the privilege to spend your earnings prior to fulfilling your tax obligations but an employee is liable to pay taxes previous to expending his or her earnings. Unlike a routine job, you get to decide how many hours you’ll put in for your chain marketing job, your preferred working hours, and your ideal working style. A MLM business proffers you complete training with regards to selling or promoting the products/services and holds one-to-one sessions free of cost.

Network marketing offers you the opportunity of multiplying your income by letting you exploit your academic and professional skills. Your public speaking skills become honed and your interaction skills receive a boost when you become a suave and savvy multilevel marketing professional.

About PM International Compensation Plan Review

PM International

PM International is a premier MLM organization that started its trailblazing journey in 1993, opening its first subsidiary bureau in Poland has grown into a global conglomerate in 22 years. This networking company with a global base deals in an extensive range of nutritional supplements, beauty and wellness products that it promotes under two distinct categories-Fitline and BeautyLine. Product line of PM International AG is of unquestionably supreme quality designed to keep you fit and trim as well as make you appear youthful at all times.

All products categorized under the two aforementioned categories are formulated as per specifications stipulated by Good Manufacturing Standard guaranteeing the highest achievable purity as well as quality. PM International, the brainchild of Rolf Sorg who used to be an automobile mechanic by profession, was launched in 1993 under the name P.M. Cosmetics GmbH. PM International that started off as a humble organization with its founder CEO, Mr. Rolf Sorg maintaining a very low profile, presently has business interests in more than 30 countries.

Right from the outset, PM-International has been distributing and promoting its top-of-the-line products by taking optimum advantage of the multilevel marketing technique. It has steered clear of the distributor-wholesaler-retailer-customer chain system of marketing for retailing its product line. The company, right from the beginning, has been appointing distributors who’ve exploited their business and social networks with a view to delivering company’s products directly to their customers-the end users.

By harnessing network marketing mode, PM International has witnessed a substantial jump in its fortunes as well as allowed its distributors to augment their overall earnings and quality of life.

Products of PM International Compensation Plan

Products developed by PM-International serve to fulfill some of the most vital areas of a human being’s life-health, personal grooming, holistic physical and mental development, and career advancement. All products classified under the two broad product categories-‘FitLine’ and ‘BeautyLine’ have been prepared in a manner that enable you to effectively accomplish the abovementioned goals. The nutritious supplements clustered under FitLine series have been created by using a proprietary and signature technique-Nutritional Transport Concept or NTC-that transfer the nutrients to the cells.

Athletes and sportspersons all over the world highly value the leisure and extreme sports nutrition supplements as their intake has led to an improvement in their performances. Talking about the cosmetic products classed under the BeautyLine range, these skincare solutions capitalize on the virtue of the NTC to keep your epidermis soft, supple, and glossy. The beauty products comprise cleansing creams, anti-aging ointments, and skincare lotions that have been made using superlative quality of ingredients in order to suit all skin types.

Compensation Plan of PM International MLM Business Opportunity

If you register as a business associate with PM-International and decide to take the plunge, you can explore six distinct ways of making money by marketing and selling the firm’s products. If you go on to become a successful distributor, you’re rewarded with travel and automobile bonus schemes. PM-International has in place an earning module through which you can make money on six different fronts all at the same time!

The step-wise module has been mentioned below:-

  1. Retail Income (on Gross Value)
  2. Top-Retailer Bonus (points basis)
  3. Wholesale Earnings (on Gross Value)
  4. Performance Bonus
  5. Royalties (based on points)
  6. Management Bonus/Top Management Bonus (points-based)

Getting Started with PM International Compensation Plan Review

You enlist with PM-International by joining as a Teampartner where you subscribe to receive the PM starter kit along with a trial order. When you become a Teampartner by subscribing to the aforementioned kits, you get a 20% rebate straightaway on your invoice as well as 10% and 15% waivers (margins) for every Teampartner you recruit and direct sales respectively. You’ll be standing on the threshold of the first tier or level of the PM’s exclusive network marketing commission-earning plan once you take the resolve to become a Manager.

You need to effectively satisfy any one of the below mentioned modes so as to be become eligible as Manager:-

  1. Having your own FitLine Plus along with a couple of Quickstarters at the primary level
  2. Via a self FitLine Plus tantamount to 100 points plus an extra 500 points earned through personal sales, or in other words, you need to earn a total of 600 points
  3. Your own FitLine Plus coupled with 5 Teampartners (TP) FitLine Plus at the first or basic level

In order to be nominated as manager from month to month, you’ll have to accomplish the performance parameters outlined above.  When you fulfill the condition(s) for being appointed as a manager, you’ll be entitled to get a forthwith rebate of 20% on each order amounting to and above 500 points. At the same time, you’ll also be eligible to receive an extra 10% on your commission earnings.

Apart from receiving your commission check every month, you’re due to get 10% margin money on account of your first downline Teampartners’ sales promotions. So, in essence, you stand to make 25% on all direct sales-yours own as well as your Firstline TPs. Then again, once you’re anointed as a manager, you’re in line to be awarded with royalties which are actually bonuses earned on account of direct/indirect sales of associate managerial groups.

To be specific, you get to take home a royalty of 5% on all other Firstline managerial team and a flat 3% for second, third and fourth lines in the hierarchical system of managers. However, you can look forward to receiving more and more megabucks once you attain the 2,500 points stratum when you’re designated as a sales manager. As a sales manager, you receive a management incentive of extra 2% over cumulative and total sales of your group up to this extent.

When you become a marketing manager by achieving a sales turnover equivalent to 5,000 P as per the Marketing Program, you’re rewarded with a 5% commission. At this stage, you’ve two managers directly under your Firstline. Management bonus payable to you burgeons correspondingly with increasing sales volume with a ceiling limit or cap of 20% when you find yourself in Champions’ League.

As you can clearly see, if you’re willing to take up the challenge of working as a distributor for PM-International, you’ll open the floodgates of earnings at six distinctive levels.

The Incentive Plans of PM International Compensation Plan

For effectively completing every successive level of the multilevel marketing hierarchical module, you make the grade for being granted with a voluntary incentive scheme at each level. Following are the six bonus plans or schemes that you’re eligible to receive at subsequent levels:-

  1. Car Incentive
  2. Elite Circle
  3. Pension Plan
  4. Travel Incentives
  5. Leadership Apprenticeship Weekend with President’s Team Congress
  6. Award Ceremony in St. Tropez (Awards presented to the President’s Team)

Automobile Incentive Scheme

You’ve always dreamt of driving a Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Audi, Rolls-Royce or a Cadillac. Once you join PM-International, you take the first step towards realizing your cherished dream of cruising along the highway in your favorite vehicle. Once you attain the position of International Marketing Manager, the onus is on PM-International to foot your car leasing bill which is a maximum of $100 at the IMM level.

Starting from the level of Executive Vice-President up to the League of Champions level, the total amount of lease payable by PM goes up gradually. On being designated an IMM, you’re reimbursed a certain proportion of the lease amount by PM-International.

Elite Circle

An invitation for an Elite Circle banquet with the Sorg couple is a proof that you’re a deserving candidate for the eponymous hallowed circle of diners. PM will pay for all your expenses for attending the gathering or up to a maximum of $250 whichever is greater. You’ll be directly able to liaise and interact with the CEO, Mr. Rolf Sorg via emails. You’ll have the opportunity of earning up to a maximum of $1,000 every month by addressing the gathering on behalf of PM-International, and you’ll also be felicitated with a elite honorary pinup.

On becoming a full Elite Circle member, you’ll be enjoying certain exclusive privileges, for instance you’ll be able to walk into the gathering through a VIP entrance. Then again, you’ll take your seat in a row at the front in all events and functions organized by the party and will be lounging in the VIP foyer. Most importantly, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty in a stately dinner where the ‘power couple’ Mr. Rolf Sorg and Vicki Sorg will be offering you company.

You’ll be holding meetings with the top management where you’ll be offered unlimited access to promote the organization’s products in offshore markets. PM-International will go out of the way to subsidize all your expenses while you travel abroad to give shape to the company’s expansion plans.

Pension Plan

The Pension Plan of PM-International is another of the organization’s unique incentive schemes and it is as extraordinary as it can get. The company has collaborated with Allianz, one of the largest insurance organizations in the world and also one of the most celebrated to devise a unique pension plan. As per this pension, PM pays 50% of your pension savings once you attain the position of IMM and the contributions keep on mounting till you reach the pinnacle. So, you’ve a chance of being reimbursed more than 100% of your principal investments.

Travel Incentives

The Travel Incentive Plan of PM-International without an iota of doubt has to be one of the most standalone travel schemes offered by a MLM organization. The holidaying program entails a full week of sunbathing, swimming in clear blue waters, snorkeling in the seas and oceans, taking pleasurable walks on sun-kissed beaches and so on. You’ll have a whale of a time with your family and friends as you wine and dine in trendy restaurants, go yachting, and let your hair down at a late-night party. You become entitled to go on a beach holiday once you step into the portal reserved for IMM.














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