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Premier Designs MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Premier Designs MLM Compensation Plan

Oh, joy!  Another costume jewelry MLM.  Welcome to my Premier Designs review.

Premier Designs: The Company and Its Products

Premier Designs

The Premier Designs business opportunity has been around since 1985, and it is headquartered in Irving, Texas, which seems to be quite densely populated with multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities.  At least one of the insurance MLMs I have reviewed on this site is based there.  The founders of the Premier Designs business opportunity are a husband and wife, Andy and Joan Horner.  Some of the Premier Designs reviews I read while researching this Premier Designs review said that Andy Horner was a veteran of the Second World War, although I could not find any mention of this on the Premier Designs website.

The Premier Designs website is outspoken about the company’s Christian identity.  The company even has a charity called the Horner-Premier foundation, the purpose of which is to support “ministries and missionary families” in the United States and around the world.  (The Horner-Premier foundation is not the company’s only philanthropic project; it also has a college scholarship fund for the sons and daughters of Premier Designs distributors.)

Only a few of the Premier Designs products can be viewed on the Premier Designs website.  It seems that Premier Designs distributors either have the option to, or else are required to, have their own personal Premier Designs websites, and I got a more thorough picture of what Premier Designs products are like by looking at the product catalog on the website of a Premier Designs distributor.  Both this distributor and the main Premier Designs website are straightforward about the fact that Premier Designs products are costume jewelry.  They do not pretend to be high end, and they range in price from about $20 to about $60.  As I am a dude, I have mercifully been spared the task of determining whether Premier Designs products are cute or tacky or whatever the criteria are by which one evaluates costume jewelry.

Most of the complaints I read in Premier Designs reviews have to do with the quality of Premier Designs products.  Customers complained that Premier Designs products turned their fingers green and that the paint wore off of the chains and the faux jewels quickly.  One Premier Designs reviewer even kvetched that a leather necklace she bought from Premier Designs smelled (in her words) exactly like a leather picture frame she bought in Thailand.  She called the Premier Designs customer service number and explained the problem, and the only response she received was that the leather was treated.  I do not doubt that the necklace she bought actually stank, but it all stinks of First World problems to me.  For one thing, she is lucky that she got any response at all from customer service; you should see the rudeness and lack of response that people get from other MLM companies, especially the costume jewelry ones.  (For that matter, all the Premier Designs reviewers who mentioned their interactions with Premier Designs customer service described the customer service representatives as polite.  They were always willing to replace defective Premier Designs products for a $5 replacement fee, but to the dismay of the Premier Designs reviewers, the quality of the replacement products was not any better.)  Second, if Mrs. Stinky Necklace has enough money and enough free time to travel to Thailand and buy a leather picture frame, then certainly it is no skin off her nose to pay $50 for a necklace that she cannot wear, just to help out a Premier Designs distributor in her community.  Or maybe she can get the necklace professionally cleaned or something.

As I mentioned before, I have far too many Y chromosomes to be seriously offended by the low quality of Premier Designs products.  I don’t even mind the smell of cheap leather.  If anything, it reminds me of cheap, knock-off Midwestern Lederhosen, which remind me of Midwestern Oktoberfest, which is one of my absolute favorite things in the world.  The aspect of the Premier Designs business opportunity that really rubs me the wrong way is the fact that it uses a home sales party model.

I hate home sales parties, and I was going to say that I hate costume jewelry sales parties most of all, but I am not exactly sure that is true.  First, I have never attended a costume jewelry home sales party.  Second, even if I were to attend a costume jewelry home sales party, I would have a hard time imagining that it could possibly be worse than attending a nutraceutical home sales party.  I still hold that MLM home sales parties equal quadruple crown diamond barf, no matter what the product is that is being sold at the party, but the Premier Designs reviews I read while researching this Premier Designs review gave me some insights into the particular breed of quadruple crown diamond barf that is Premier Designs home sales parties.  The Premier Designs reviews I read made it sound like there are a few samples of Premier Designs products present at the party, but that most of the purchases are made based on the guests looking through project catalogs.  This is good for the Premier Designs distributors who host the parties, because it greatly reduces the risk of unsold Premier Designs merchandise piling up in their basements, but it is bad from the guests’ perspective.  In fact, a good number of the Premier Designs reviews I read were from customers who had bought Premier Designs products at parties.  They complained that they were buying the jewelry “sight unseen”, and that the pictures of the Premier Designs products in the catalogs were a lot better looking than the actual item.  Their other complaint was that, despite the fact that the customers were responsible for the shipping costs, the merchandise was actually shipped to the Premier Designs distributors instead of being sent directly to the customers themselves.

Of course, wherever there are critical reviews of any MLM, there are always defenders who rear up like prairie dogs and yelp like prairie dogs about how great the company is.  I definitely also found Premier Designs reviews in this vein, too.  One defender even audibly rolled her eyes about a journalism award that the author of an article critical of the MLM industry in general and the Premier Designs business opportunity in particular had won.

The Premier Designs Compensation Plan

The closest thing I could find online to a Premier Designs compensation plan document was a nine-page document of slides, presumably shown by a Premier Designs distributor to potential recruits at a home sales party.  It contained precious little in the way of details.  It said that Premier Designs distributors can earn commissions of up to 50% on the sale of Premier Designs products, but some of the Premier Designs reviews I read said that, in practice, it is rare for Premier Designs distributors to make that much commission.

At least I the version of the Premier Designs compensation plan document that I found, I did not find any mention of fast start bonuses, commissions on sales made by members of your downline team, or bonus pools.  I don’t know whether to be relieved, or whether there is actually a bait and switch involved.

It costs $395 to join the Premier Designs business opportunity.  For the price of a week’s rent in an efficiency apartment in the Midwest or a monthly payment on a brand new Toyota, you get some brochures and some audio and video training materials, and you also get your own personal Premier Designs website.  Of course, you can also upgrade the business starter kits.  If you buy into the Premier Designs business opportunity by purchasing the Silver kit for $475, you get all of the above plus40 pieces of Premier Designs products and a jewelry case, all for the price of enough food and alcohol for a legendary Fourth of July cookout.  If you buy the Gold kit, you get 70 pieces of Premier Designs products, all for $750, the price of a monthly mortgage payment on your very own home here in the Midwest.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The horror stories I read in Premier Designs reviews about trying to get answers and replacement merchandise from customer service were a lot less horrible than the horror stories I have heard in reviews of some other costume jewelry MLMs, most notably Origami Owl. Premier Designs sounds no worse than any of the numerous stores in the world that allow exchanges but not returns.  There was no mention of snotty, snarky customer service representatives or customer service representatives who accused customers of lying.
  • The fact that Premier Designs is so open about its Christian affiliation has actually led some Christian bloggers to speak up against MLMs in general and to warn readers not to fall for MLMs that use Christian rhetoric. One of them even implied that it is your moral duty to say why you are against MLM, the next time that someone in your church tries to convince you to get involved with Premier Designs or some other MLM business opportunity.  This particular writer considered the fast start bonus aspect of MLM to be particularly exploitative, and he was eloquent about the fact that there are much more useful things you can do with your time and money than sink it into an MLM business.
  • Premier Designs products are not nutraceuticals, and thus, no one claims that they cure cancer or autism. Likewise, if you attend a Premier Designs party and the host starts asking you prying questions about your digestion, then that party is worse than the average Premier Designs party.  Meanwhile, at nutraceutical MLM parties, questions about digestion are just business as usual.  All of this is making me think that costume jewelry MLM parties are mere triple crown diamond barf compared to the quadruple crown diamond barf that is the nutraceutical MLM party, but I cannot be sure.  I have never attended a costume jewelry MLM party, and perhaps the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


  • I hate MLM home sales parties, and the Premier Designs business opportunity has them. It pains me to think about all those home school moms mustering the last of their patience to attend a Premier Designs party and spend $60 on a plastic necklace the paint of which chips off after a few times wearing it.  (One Premier Designs reviewer who, based on the following comment and on the titles of the other posts of her blog, seemed to be an extreme coupon shopper, said that she could buy two weeks of groceries for her family for the $60 she spent on Premier Designs products.)
  • The Premier Designs compensation plan document, or at least the version of it that I found, is a lightweight among MLM compensation plan documents.
  • The authors of the Premier Designs reviews I read are smart enough to know that, if you want costume jewelry in the $20-$60 price range, you can take your pick of the costume jewelry at Target and Kohl’s. Your family and friends are smart enough to know this, too.


You have nothing to gain by joining the Premier Designs business opportunity.  Costume jewelry MLMs will not make you a successful businesswoman.  They will only make you a nuisance to your family and friends.  That is true of Christian home school mom MLMs like Premier Designs and equally true of Sex and the City wannabe MLMs like Stella and Dot.  Ladies, you are smarter than that.  I am sure you can think of a hundred other ways that you can use your time, money, and talents to make the world a better place.

I am the first to admit that I do not know the first thing about costume jewelry and why it is such a big deal.  If you would like to fill me in on the details, schedule a call with me.


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