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Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to QSciences MLM Compensation Plan Review

Almost everyone who has worked in corporate America, including those who have fled the cubicle farms for the MLM scene, is familiar with those interminable motivational seminars, with their silly icebreakers.  If you were an animal, they ask, what kind of animal would you be?  That’s easy.  You would be a sloth.  Sloths hang out in the trees all day while all the other species run around looking for food.  Multilevel Marketing (MLM) thrives on the desires of all of us would-be sloths who are looking for sources of passive income.  Of course, there is no MLM out there that offers you an easy path to riches.  They all require an investment of time, and usually also an investment of money, but some are better than others.  It is important to choose an MLM plan carefully, and on this blog, we are weighing the pros and cons of different MLM programs.  Q Sciences is one of our top ten, but it is not without its drawbacks, click here to know more about earning well through these compensation plans.

About Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan

Q Sciences

Like Organo Gold, which we reviewed earlier, Q Sciences is based on selling nutritional products.  Q Sciences is rather new; it was founded in 2013, but it already has over 40,000 distributors in 80 countries and over 11 million dollars in annual revenue.  Its founder, Daren Hogge, grew up in Utah and started his career as an accountant.  He has run several successful companies, many of them in the nutritional supplements industry.  Q Sciences is a network marketing company, which means that your income comes not only from selling products but also from recruiting other distributors.

Products of Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan

The Q Sciences products are nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.   They are available in pill form and also as sprays.  Some of its products are the usual suspects of nutrition supplements, the kind that many of us take (and buy at the drugstore at much lower prices), like multivitamins, vitamin D (actually a hormone, even though its name says “vitamin”) and probiotics.  The following is a partial list of its products:

Q Miracle Gel: Q Miracle Gel is a moisturizing and clarifying skin lotion designed to remove dead skin cells and keep skin looking young.  It is to be applied to the skin of the face for 30 to 60 seconds each day.

Q Vitalize: Q Vitalize is a dietary supplement made of herbs and amino acids.  It is available in two special formulations, one for men and one for women.  Q Vitalize is available both with and without caffeine and can be taken with breakfast or lunch.  The women’s Q Vitalize formulation is designed to mitigate hormonal imbalances and ease symptoms of menstruation and menopause.

Q Boost: Q Boost is available as a spray to be sprayed directly into the mouth and as a powder to be added to a milkshake or smoothie.  When using it as a spray, spray the product into the mouth 6 times about 15 minutes before a meal.  Drinking a nutritional milkshake or smoothie in place of one meal per day can be part of a weight loss program.  The main ingredients in Q Boost are coenzyme Q10 and tamarind (Garcinia cambogica).

QD3: Vitamin D3 is actually a steroid hormone, not a vitamin.  The body produces vitamin D when we are exposed to direct sunlight, but dietary sources of vitamin D include cod liver oil, cooked egg yolk, and beef liver.  Vitamin D is essential to bone health, immune function, and female fertility, but many Americans are deficient in vitamin D, and doctors recommend that they take supplements.

Compensation Plan of Q Sciences MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of Q Sciences offer distributors several ways of earning money:

  • Retail Sales Profit:You buy the products at wholesale prices from Q Sciences and sell them at retail prices.  The difference (profit) is yours to keep.  You receive weekly payments.
  • Quick Start Bonus:This bonus is a percentage of the profits made by the sellers you recruit and, if applicable, the sellers they have recruited..
  • Unilevel Commissions:If the people you have recruited remain active, then you earn a monthly bonus based on your sales and the sales of the sellers “down the ladder” from you
  • Global Leadership Bonus Pool:This bonus is reserved for distributors who have reached the Platinum level and the levels about Platinum.  The bonus consists of a pool that is divided among all the highest level members.  You receive one share of the pool for you, as well as half a share for each of your recruitees who have reached the Platinum level or higher.
  • Team of Three Bonus:The Team of Three Bonus is a $50 bonus that you can receive each month.  To qualify for the bonus, three distributed you have recruited must sell a total of 500 units among the three of them.
  • Car Program:The Car Program is available to members who have reached the Gold level or higher.  If you meet the sales volume and recruitment requirements, Q Sciences pays a bonus of $500 toward your car payment or credit card debt.  As your rank increases, so does the amount of money you can win toward your car payment.  When you reach the highest level, the Crown level, the Car Program gives you $1500 each month toward your car payment.
  • Generation Matching Bonus:This bonus is available to members who have reached the Silver level or higher.  It is a percentage of the earnings of up to six “generations” of distributors you have recruited.  (If Adam recruits Bob, Bob recruits Cathy, Cathy recruits Dan, Dan recruits Edward, Edward recruits Frank, and Frank recruits Grace, Adam can receive a bonus based on all of their sales, commissions, and bonuses.  If Adam also recruits Henry, Henry recruits Isaiah, Isaiah recruits Jim, Jim recruits Karen, Karen recruits Leo, and Leo recruits Mark, even better.)

Getting Started with Q Sciences MLM Business Opportunity

There are two ways to get started as a Q Sciences distributor.  You can start by creating an account on the Q Sciences website and waiting for a confirmation email, or, if you are already well connected in the MLM world, you can have a buddy who is already a Q Sciences distributor sign you up.  If you are really established and well connected in the MLM world (Many of us would-be sloths are), then you can let tour buddy recruit you for Q Sciences in exchange for you recruiting him for a different MLM plan to which you already belong.  If you are on a roll with sales at another MLM, you could even ask your MLM buddy to buy a certain amount of product from you so you can get a sales bonus from your other MLM.  Don’t expect to see big bucks right at the beginning; Q Sciences, like so many other MLMs, requires you and the distributors you recruit to stay active in the long term before you get the big bonuses.

Business Opportunity of Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan

Promising lots of opportunities is the modus operandi of MLM plans, and Q Sciences is no exception.  It offers many ranks of advancement, and its big bonuses depend on you recruiting other distributors and keeping them recruited.  Like any other program in the MLM industry, promises and opportunities are its bread and butter.  Keeping six yourself and six generations of distributors active is no simple task.  If Adam recruits Bob, Bob recruits Cathy, Cathy recruits Dan, Dan recruits Edward, Edward recruits Frank, and Frank recruits Grace, but then Dan gets fed up with selling vitamin D at saffron prices and decides to go back to the cubicle farm, Adam loses his Generation Matching Bonus.  Opportunity is thrilling.  Everyone on Wall Street knows that.  So does everyone at every casino in Las Vegas.  So does every admissions officer at a for-profit college.  So does everyone in the MLM industry.  You might get rich selling nutritional supplements for Q Sciences because of your hard work, and you might also get rich from enough people clicking on your YouTube videos of yourself singing covers of Adele songs while accompanying yourself on the guitar.  It isn’t easy to get to the stage of living off of passive income, and if you accept the fact that you will need to keep investing lots of time for the foreseeable future, you will be fine.  The good news about Q Sciences is that it does not require you to pay to advance to the higher levels.

Training for Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan

Another nice thing about Q Sciences is that it does not require a lot of training.  Selling products is simple, and if you have a store, a website, or a thick enough skin to host sales parties at your home and endure the eye-rolling of your relatives and friends, then you are ready to start selling Q Sciences products.  Some MLM plans require you to attend a lot of in-person training events, and some of them even require you to travel at your own expense.  One of the best things about Q Sciences is that it does not require you to pay lots of money for the opportunity to make money.  Anything that requires you to dish out large sums of money in exchange for a small amount of hope is an out and out scam, and I can safely say that Q Sciences is not a scam.  You can learn everything you need to know about getting started as a Q Sciences distributor just by reading the Q Sciences website.  If you have dealt with other MLM programs before getting started with Q Sciences, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what to do and what not to do when selling nutritional supplements.  If you have a network of people who will reliably buy nutritional supplements at MLM prices, then you are already off to a good start.  That said, if you get recruited by someone who has already found success distributing Q Sciences products, it is probably a good idea to ask for that person’s advice about what works best when selling Q Sciences products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Q Sciences MLM Compensation Plan


  • You are selling nutritional supplements, and there is a market out there for such products.
  • You can make some of your own decisions about selling.  For example, you can sell the products online to people who really want them instead of constantly badgering your friends and family members into buying nutritional supplements.



  • You cannot increase your ranking on sales alone; at least some amount of recruiting is required.  As I have frequently reiterated on this blog, you only have so many people in your social circle you can recruit for MLM.
  • For the amount of time and money you have to invest in Q Sciences to qualify for a car, you could easily earn the money for that car by some more straightforward means, such as doing product demonstrations in a supermarket or waiting tables for a few shifts a week.
  • Lots of potential customers will be skeptical of the outsized claims on the Q Sciences website and in their promotional materials about the health benefits of their products.



Q Sciences makes the top ten list because it is one of the more straightforward MLMs when it comes to getting started.  You do not need to pay huge amounts of money just to get started distributing the product.  If you are going to sell Q Sciences products, the best way to do it is online, because there are some people out there who love nutritional supplements and look to them to solve their problems.  Those people will buy Q Sciences products.  Your friends and family will not, and the more you tout Q Sciences’ blend of amino acids and whatever else as the key to health and happiness, the more you will feel like a fraud, even if you consider yourself the kind of salesperson who could sell ink to a squid.  Your best bet for selling Q Sciences products is to sell them through your website, write some SEO content with well chosen keywords, and let the people who really want these products come to you.  When it comes to the recruiting part, that is where things get icky, with Q Sciences or any other MLM that involves recruiting.  Your best bet is to recruit some of your MLM fellow travelers, perhaps in exchange for them recruiting you for another MLM plan.


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