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Qivana MLM Compensation Plan Review


With the arrival of various MLM companies many unemployed young educated American youths have got the opportunity of leading a decent life with greater financial autonomy. These MLM companies are always prepared to give sufficient chances to youths like you irrespective of the educational qualification to prove their capability of sustaining in this tough competitive business. Hence these MLM firms have played a vital role in improving the employment opportunities in USA which is already in the middle of a global economic turmoil. If you are quite sincere to work in any of such MLM companies then you have the option of trying your luck with Qivana. This MLM firm mainly deals with nutritional products and before you join this company have a careful reading of its products, compensation plans and other benefits in the review below. To know about network marketing or MLM business opportunity just click here. 

About Qivana MLM Compensation Plan


This firm was established in the year of 2009 with the sole objective of providing quality nutritional products to the health conscious customers of the nation. At present this firm operates over more than 80 countries of the world and has been quite successful in tapping new markets and target new consumers fort their nutritional products. It has provided surplus scopes of employment to over 40,000 distributors who played a vital role in the latest economic prosperity of the company. The firm owes its annual revenue generation of over $11 million to its hard working distributors and so always encourages them with attractive incentives and bonus amounts. These distributors sell the products of the company using the technique of oral advertising in convincing the customers to buy its products. To obtain additional information contact your nearest distributors now.

Products Qivana MLM Company

The firm mainly uses superior quality of natural and herbal ingredients to manufacture its products. Its superior state of the art facilities have the approval of FDA where all its products are manufactured and scientifically processed under the supervision of experienced scientists. These products contain no artificial ingredients and other harmful chemicals which has been supported through various third party tests conducted in different times. Further these products have also been tested separately in the FDA  accredited laboratories where the results are similar like that of the previous tests. The approval seal of FDA is well marked in every product pack and you can also view the expiry and manufacturing dates quite clearly in the labels of these products. Some of its well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Skinshift: This skincare solution will make your skin appear shiny and young besides removing small tiny spots. It is perfect for the skins of all ages and provides soothing experience to your skin. Apply it gently to your skin and you will notice the different within few weeks of usage. Unlike other skincare solutions, this product also rejuvenates your old skin tissues so as to impart the younger appearance to your skin structure. This solution nourishes the interior portions of your skin and screens out all the toxic chemicals to make your skin healthy.
  • QORE: This nutritional product is made of unique herbal ingredients for improving the activities of your vital body systems. It ensures that you possess the required immunity, strength, vitality and health for optimal aging. It shall now only make you feel active and energetic but also clear your digestion system. You can consume it with your breakfast and lunch menus following the prescribed guidelines mentioned in the product pack.
  • Metaboliq: This nutritional shake can reduce your body weight considerably with overall improvements in the metabolic activities of your body. You can notice the change within few days of consuming the product. It comprises of ingredients which shall activate the fat burning mechanisms of your body to make look younger and smart. Besides, managing your weight it also improves the essential functions of your targeted body parts without causing any side-effects. You can consume this shake during 0065tensive workouts and other physical activities as well.
  • Prime: This product mainly activates the continuous supply of nitric oxide in your body for allowing essential metabolic activities for proper improvement of the overall health. It helps in increased flow of blood in your body as well as helps to slow your ageing process to make you look ten years younger. No matter what your age is you can successfully take part in all types of biological activities with absence of harmful chemical reactions in your body.

Compensation Plan of Qivana MLM Business Opportunity

As per the compensation plan of Qivana distributors have the scope of earning money in the following manners:

  • Retail Sales: You have the scope of earning immediate commission once you sell these nutritional products at retail price to your respective customers. These are mainly paid on the basis of the difference between the retail and wholesale costs and hence you have the bright chance of increasing your profits with the increased number of customers. So inform your customers to log on to your replicated site for purchasing the product directly from you. The order volume of your loyal customers shall be forwarded to the personal volume of yours. Any private order volume below two hundred shall be forwarded to the weaker down-line.
  • Quick Start Bonus: This bonus can fetch you instant money on the basis of the first order of your personally enrolled customers every month. It is a single time bonus which is paid depending on the order volume of your enrolled customers. If your autoship generates about hundred personal volume then you have the scope of earning ten percent commission. If the personal volume generated from the autoship is two hundred then you are eligible to earn twenty percent commission.
  • Team Commissions: Your MLM business shall comprise of two legs namely right and left legs. You will receive your commissions on the basis of the order generations of your successive down-lines in both legs. When your enrolled distributors themselves enrolled another fresh batch of distributors under their charge then you shall receive a commission on the basis of the weekly purchase of those down-line members within your organization.
  • Leadership Bonus Pool: It provides another great source of earning immediate income on your enrolled distributors as well as on their down-lines. It enables to earn handsome bonus on the basis of overall team commissions within your organization. It is paid till the seventh level of your increased ranks and the amount gradually increases with the increase of your ranks with each successive level. To be eligible for the bonus you need to achieve the Platinum rank with maximum volume generation over two hundred in four weeks. You must also have six efficient sponsored distributors under your disposal who will be responsible for increased sales volume generation.
  • Rapid Rank Bonus: You will be considered eligible for this bonus once you display the required sales volume to achieve any rank within the stipulated time period. It expires after 180 days of enrollment and is a single time bonus. To know more you can log on to the website of the company.
  • Car Bonus: On achieving the rank of Diamond and above you shal be qualified for attractive car bonus for purchasing luxurious carts like the Mercedes. You shall receive this bonus till six months and then this bonus shall be paid on the basis of your subsequent performances. Even if you are disqualified from receiving this bonus in future but you need to bear the lease and maintenance cost of such cars.
  • Mega Bonus: This bonus has been mainly designed for rewarding any distributor on the achievement of any specific high level rank like that of the Diamond and more as well as for retaining such high level rank for a consecutive periods of the months. But to be eligible for this bonus they need to achieve such rank within a specific time frame otherwise they will not be considered even after achieving such rank.
  • Vacational Rewards: Every year the firm arranges tour programs for the distributors on achieving the rank of Diamond and above in exotic locations of the world. The entire cost is met by the company and is a perfect pleasure time for the hard working executives of the company. Under this tour program they have the chance of visiting wonderful spots of the world as well as residing in some of the finest villas of the world.

Getting Started with Qivana MLM Compensation Plan

The most appropriate way of starting your career in this MLM company is to enroll yourself as an independent distributor. For this purpose you can either visit your nearest distributor of the company to acquire the essential guidelines or straightaway you can log on to the official website of the company. While enrolling online you need to fill certain essential columns before proceeding to the subsequent stages for completion of the process. After completing the first stage of enrollment you have to select the optional business kits packs available in various prices in the second stage. It is essential to buy any of the following optional kits for they contain valuable online study materials to sharpen your skills in the MLM industry. Then comes the final stage where you need to select the suitable product kits of various amounts. Here you are advised to go for the most costly product kits so that your business can look serious before other people like your friends, relatives, neighbors and so on. Once your enrollment process is completed you will have your own replicated website where you shall forward the orders of your enrolled customers to the company directly. You have the bright chance of earning maximum commissions on the basis of the order volumes of your preferred customers. If the number of such customers get bigger every month then you shall receive much higher commissions. The other money earning option includes developing an active down-line in the manner of right and left legs. The more the numbers of your enrolled members in both these legs you shall receive higher commissions from the company. This is the only beginning of your prospective career. If your down-line forwards the orders of their preferred customers besides their personal orders, you shall also enjoy handsome commissions in that case also.

But when you join this company you must devote considerable attention to your training otherwise you will fail miserably in this business. You must always refer to the business kits for gaining valuable insight in this competitive industry. You must regularly attend the conference meetings and other events of the company where you have the bright scope of meeting some successful distributors of the company to share their experience with them. While working you must establish rapport with some experienced distributors of the firm to know the tricks of generating leads for your products. Acting on their guidelines you must try to sell your products to your customers as well as organize house events where you can offer them certain well known products for free trial.

Conclusion of Qivana MLM Compensation Plan

Before closing the review you must always remember the fact that it requires sincerity and hard determination to be successful in any MLM business. Besides, the high competitiveness of the industry has often resulted in the conflicts of the firms among themselves. It is not an exception in the case of Qivana also. Many rival firms in the process of securing maximum response of the customers are trying malign the image of this company in the market. For this purpose they prefer to target inexperienced youths like you. They know very that once you folks are discouraged to join this company then the progress of the firm will be stalled permanently. But you people must verify such baseless facts before taking any action. Otherwise you shall be the sole loser but not those rival firms. After reading the review you folks now know pretty well that this company is quite transparent in every aspect comprising its products, compensation plans, business opportunities and so on. So don’t waste your time and join this company now.




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