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RE247365 MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to RE247365 MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome to Notebook Crazy.  My name is Brad, and last Christmas, I decided to make the Midwestern winter go by quickly by reviewing as many multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities as I could find.  It worked almost too well.  Winter has turned into spring, and there are so many MLM companies out there that I still have left to review.  I have hardly found an MLM business opportunity that will put you in a better financial situation than a minimum wage job will, but for some reason, I keep on looking for them.

I research my MLM reviews by reading the company’s website and reading other reviews of it, as well as blogs by current and former employees of the company and people who have worked as distributors of its products.

This is my RE247365 review.

RE247365: The Company and Its Products



Just from the name, you can tell that RE247365 is not a nutraceutical company named after a super-fruit that grows on a tree whose delicate branches sway in the tropical breeze.  The name itself is pure hype.  If a person who has never heard of multilevel marketing (MLM) sees the names RE247365, he or she might think that it is an alphanumeric code that someone’s eccentric uncle has assigned to one of the unremarkable John F. Kennedy half dollars in his lackluster coin collection, or perhaps a lyric in the song that old Cat in the Hat cartoon about “the way to find the missing something is to find out where it’s not, but to those of us in the know about MLM, it is clear that the number is a reference to making mad money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The fact that the digits are all run together, at least in most of the RE247365 reviews online, if not on the RE247365 website itself (on the heading of the RE247365 website, it appears as “RE 24|7|365” with those bun-length frank-sized vertical slashes, and in the body text it appears as “24/7/365” with normal slashes) calls to mind a baldheaded guy shouting into a microphone at motor mouth speed about how rich you will be once you apply his secret to making money in your sleep.

If the image of Peter “PJ” Jensen on the RE247365 review on Behind MLM is a true likeness, then he is in fact a baldheaded guy (shaved heads seem to be a very popular hairstyle in the MLM industry, but that is a story for another day), but his demeanor appears to be more friendly neighbor and less intimidating MLM motor mouth.  Jensen used to work for an MLM company called YTB, which has since changed leadership a number of times.  In 2010, he founded America Approved Energy Services as an MLM business opportunity based on the sale of deregulated energy services, but in 2011, the company changed its business model and ceased to operate as an MLM.  It was not profitable for the company to pay out so much of its income to MLM distributors, so it simply closed down its MLM program.  It does not surprise me that it is simpler for companies just to sell products to customers, but needless to say, the thousands of distributors were not happy to see their memberships cancelled.  The following year, Jensen pleaded guilty to tax evasion and was sentenced to 31 months in prison.  It appears that he was released early, and the author of the RE247365 review on Behind MLM suggests that his early release may have had something to do with him agreeing to testify in another court case.

Here on Notebook Crazy, we have been keeping track of which MLM companies are named directly or indirectly some aspect of their business opportunity and which ones seem to have pulled their names out of thin air. The former category includes Morinda, Moringa, Organo Gold, and Gano Excel, which are nutraceutical companies named after the genera to which their flagship ingredients belong, as well as Ludaxx and Mary Kay, whose named refer in more or less straightforward fashion to the names of their founders.  The latter category includes companies like Life Matters and It Works, in which the company names refer to nothing in particular.  RE247365 is somewhere in the middle.  RE stands for “Relationship Energy”, and the 247365 stands, as any of us could have predicted, for hours in a day and days in a week and a year.  (At least RE247365 was not named in such a way as to imply that its distributors would get rich on Leap Year.)  The “relationship” part refers to that old MLM cliché that you can use your personal relationships to get money by selling products to your friends and relatives and recruiting them as distributors.  (Of course, it plays on the Relationships Fallacy, which is the false assumption that your friends and relatives have money, but they just aren’t giving it to you because you haven’t enticed them with the right meal replacement shake or the right get rich quick scheme yet.)  The “energy” part refers to (you guessed it) the deregulated energy market.

Generally speaking, deregulated energy MLMs are bad news.  Distributors sell energy services identical to the ones available from big companies.  When you sign a new customer up, that means that the new customer has to change his or her existing electric bill arrangement, which is a big hassle.  The reason I do not devote more time than I do to complaining about deregulated energy MLMs is that they are only available in about 17 states, most of which are not in the Midwest, so they are not in my face as much as the nutraceutical ones are.

So what are RE247365 products, anyway?  Besides the deregulated energy services, RE247365 members can offer their customers discounts on travel.  In order to attract members that want to sell a physical product, RE247365 also sells a powdered drink mix called Fabu.  I read the list of ingredients of Fabu, and the one that made the biggest impression on me was creatine, which is an ingredient in powdered drink mixes marketed to athletes who are trying to build muscle.  The other Brad, who runs this site with me, has been known to consume lots of creatine.  I drank some of it by accident one time, and it made me very thirsty.

It costs $39.95 per month to be a RE247365 member, but at least you get a title you can wear proudly.  When you join the RE247365 business opportunity, you become known as a Best Friend.

The RE247365 Compensation Plan

As everyone who has ever had a real friend knows, you can’t get a much better status than Best Friend, and it appears that whoever named the leadership levels in the RE247365 business opportunity knows this.  The leadership levels in the RE247365 business opportunity are just named Best Friend Level 1 through Best Friend Level 7.  MLM is all about playing on people’s desires for instant gratification, so it wouldn’t make sense to name them Acquaintance, Colleague, Pal, Buddy, Bro, Friend, and Best Friend.  People who join MLM business opportunities want to get Best Friend status after one easy payment, the RE247365 compensation plan gives it to them.

The RE247365 compensation plan also pays commissions, but it is not entirely clear how these commissions work.  The RE247365 reviews I read made it sound like some of the commissions in the RE247365 compensation plan are paid out in installments.

One thing the RE247365 compensation plan s clear about, however, is bonuses.  When you recruit new RE247365 members into the RE247365 business opportunity, you get bonuses.  When you add new RE247365 members to your downline team, each one becomes a new “leg” of downline.  (In MLM industry jargon, this is called a “unilevel” downline sales team.)  Of course, the goal is for your recruits to recruit new RE247365 members of their own, for their recruits to recruit even more members, and so on.  The Players Club bonus is based on the total number of members of your downline team.  When the 50th person joins your downline team, you get a $2,500 bonus.  Once your downline reaches a membership of 100, you get a $5,000 bonus.  If you have 150 people in your downline team, the bonus is $7,500, and if you have 500 people, you get $25,000.  If, somehow, you manage to gather up a downline team of 2,000 RE247365 members, you get a $100,000 bonus.  Of course, even people who are just starting out in MLM have some sense of how hard it is to build a downline team of 50 people.  And then there is the fine print about how many people on each leg can be counted toward the bonus.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Longtime readers of Notebook Crazy may remember that I am a hunt and peck typist. Thus, because the name of the MLM company that is the subject of this post can be typed in large part using the number keypad on my computer keyboard, writing this RE247365 review has made my hand hurt less than most of the MLM reviews on this site have.
  • While researching this RE247365 review, I did run across the personal RE247365 website of some RE247365 members (excuse me, “BFs”) on the first few pages of search results. This indicates to me that it is possible to get your personal RE247365 websites to rank highly on Google searches.  I imagine that this requires some knowledge Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it also indicates that RE247365 members can add their own content to their RE247365 websites.
  • With the exception of Fabu, RE247365 products will not pile up in your basement.


  • RE247365 seems to throw out every MLM trick in the book in the hopes that one will stick. It has the deregulated energy aspect, the digital coupon book aspect, and for those people out there who are convinced that they will eventually get rich through MLM one day but for whom it isn’t a proper MLM unless it has an energy drink, the energy drink aspect.  Despite this, none of its opportunities really offer anything compelling.  I always say that MLM companies need a product that stands out from the crowd, whether it is a dark horse superfood or gold bullion for the common man.  RE247365 does not have any such standout product.  The fact that its name is rather easier to type than the names of other MLM companies is unlikely to lure in new RE247365 members, especially since the messages that MLM distributors post on social media are so close to spam that they are either directly copied and pasted or else spun by content spinning programs, so that ease of typing the name of the company you are promoting is unlikely to be a deciding factor.
  • In 2016, I don’t anyone is fooled by an MLM business opportunity based on the deregulated energy market.
  • Beware of any MLM business opportunity that wants you to rely mostly on your “warm market” of family members and people you know personally. If your friends and relatives had any money to give you, they would have given it to you already.


The RE247365 business opportunity reads like a laundry list of MLM industry clichés, from the deregulated energy market to the health drink to the doublespeak about whether or not it matters which “leg” of your downline team the downline distributors belong to.  I am not surprised to see an MLM company like RE247365; what surprises me is that there would be people out there who would still fall for it.

Hey, want to find out how to make your online business profitable?  Schedule a call with me, and I will tell you.  If you heed my advice, you could make enough money that you have so much free time on your hands that you can look up what those bun-length frank-sized vertical slashes are actually called.


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