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Receipt Hog Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Receipt Hog Compensation Plan

Andouille sausage.  Bacon.  Chorizo.  Devon sausage.  Elenskibut.  Fleischwurst.  Genoa salami.  Hot dog.  Italian sausage.  Jamon serrano.  Kielbasa.  Loukaniko.  Mortadella.  Nuernberger bratwurst.  Oxford sausage.  Pepperoni.  Quesadillas are sometimes made with chorizo in Mexico, but here in the Midwest, we fill them with anything that strikes our fancy, including bacon.  Rod polse.  (Actually the o’s in “rod polse” are supposed to have slashes through them.)  Siskonmakkara.  Tenderloin sandwich.  Uncured bacon.  Vienna sausage.  Wiener schnitzel vomSchwein.  Xanthippe artichokes with prosciutto.  York ham.  Zuurkolstamppot.

What do all of those things have in common?  They all have hog-based ingredients.  I have seen fit to introduced my Receipt Hog review with an alphabetical list of pork products.  After my brain had thought of all the various kinds of sausage and ham that it could, there were still a lot of letters of the alphabet missing.  This has less to do with the lack of variety of sausage and such in the Midwest (in fact, the number of types of sausages available in the Midwest is vast) and more to do with the fact that so many of them start with the same letter.  While not all of the foods in the above list sound like they would be to my taste, I can assure you that all of them are real.  (Okay, Xanthippe artichokes are something I made up in a previous review here on Notebook Crazy because I needed a vegetable that started with X, but prosciutto is real.)

There are a few connections, besides the obvious one, between my alphabetical list of pork products and the Receipt Hog app.  First, Receipt Hog deals specifically with the purchase of food, in ways which I will explain later on in this Receipt Hog review.  Second, many of the foods in the above list became part of the human diet because of necessity and its corollary, resourcefulness.  Many of them are meat products that are salted and cured, which was one of the only ways to preserve meat for future consumption in the days before refrigeration.  Sausages in particular, to put it mildly, are not made from the cuts of meat that would be likely to be served at royal banquets.  Perhaps most importantly, my list includes food items from a wide range of cultures, which shows that every group of people, no matter where they were, is concerned in some way with finding cost-effective sources of food.  Of course, some parts of the world are noticeably absent from my list, as there are large parts of the world where people do not eat pork at all, but many of these places have their own types of sausages and preserved meats made from mutton or beef.

In short, everyone needs to eat, but time and money are limited resources, and we cannot dedicate all our resources to the pursuit of food.  In ancient times, this fact led to the development of techniques of preserving food, including the foods mentioned in the above list, as well as many others.  In recent years in the United States, the Midwest as well as other regions, extreme couponing for groceries has become a hobby for some and a career for others.  I have previously written on this blog about how coupon shopping, especially when done to a degree that could warrant the description “extreme”, often causes more problems than it solves.

Yes, Notebook Crazy is primarily a blog for reviewing multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities, and if you came here looking for advice about whether to devote your resources to couponing or MLM, I would definitely choose couponing.  With couponing, the worst thing that could happen is that you spend all your money and end up with lots of food.  You might end up with boxes and boxes of Hamburger Helper, but at least you will not resent the Hamburger Helper as much as if you had spent that money on MLM nutritional supplements, since you always expected the Hamburger Helper to feed you and never expected it to make you rich.  Besides, if you really need to get the Hamburger Helper into someone’s stomach within its shelf life, you can always give it to your neighbors or donate it to charity, both of which are prosocial things to do, in contrast to the deceptive business practices commonly associated with MLM.

Receipt Hog: The Company and Its Products


Receipt Hog is not a product-based MLM.  It is not a deregulated energy MLM, and it is not a business tools MLM.  In fact, MLM is only a very small part of its business model.  It hardly makes sense to speak of a Receipt Hog business opportunity at all, because most of what you do with the Receipt Hog app is earn points toward discounts for yourself, rather than try to get other people to pay for opportunities for discounts, which is what usually happens in discount club MLMs.

When you download the Receipt Hog app onto your phone, you then use it to take pictures of your receipts from grocery stores.  You can also take pictures of receipts from gas stations, as long as you buy at least one food item (I think non-alcoholic drinks count as food items, but the Receipt Hog website did not specify whether they do) on the receipt.  Of course, in order for a product (such as the Receipt Hog app) to be successful there has to be some benefit in it for all parties involved.  The reason that there is an app for taking pictures of receipts is so that marketing firms can study the data about consumers’ grocery buying behavior.  Until I read that part, I thought that the Receipt Hog app sounded like a counterpart to Instagram for people with attention spans so short that they could not wait until they cooked their food to upload pictures of it to social media and instead needed to let all their friends know what they bought at the supermarket as soon as they bought it. In fact, your friends are not the target audience of your receipts at all.  Some Receipt Hog reviewers recommend crossing out identifying information that might appear on your receipt, such as your Costco membership ID or the last four digits of your bank card number, before you upload your receipts on the Receipt Hog app.

When you upload your receipts, you can earn points, which can translate into cash rewards deposited into your Paypal account.  They can also translate into opportunities to virtual tokens for the Receipt Hog slot machine game, where you can win even more cash rewards.  (At least one Receipt Hog reviewer mentioned that her young children get a kick out of playing the Receipt Hog slot machine game, which seems perfectly understandable.  When I was a kid, I definitely enjoyed playing poker for m&ms with my dad and my brother Brian.  I imagine that a food slot machine would have also been fun.)

The reason I decided to write a Receipt Hog review for Notebook Crazy, my MLM review site, is that Receipt Hog includes an affiliate program.  Every time a new Receipt Hog member uses your affiliate link to sign up for an account, the Receipt Hog app gives you some points toward cash back and slot machine game opportunities.

The Receipt Hog Compensation Plan

The Receipt Hog compensation plan is very straightforward, refreshingly so.  Buy food from a supermarket, a discount club like Costco or BJ’s, a gas station, or a Super Target or Super Wal-Mart, and take a picture of the receipt.  You will be awarded points as well as “spins” (virtual tokens) for the slot machine game.  All of this can be redeemed for cash rewards, which get deposited into your Paypal account.  There is also an affiliate program, where you get rewards if a new Receipt Hog member signs up through your referral link.


  • The Receipt Hog app is just a phone app where you take pictures of coupons and play the occasional smart phone slot machine game. There are no nutraceuticals, no costume jewelry, no home sales parties (quadruple diamond barf), no right leg and left leg of your downline team, no exorbitant car loans, and no autoship.
  • The Receipt Hog app does not encourage irresponsible shopping. It is only for grocery stores and for places where people buy food when they do not have time to buy it from a grocery store.
  • The Receipt Hog website is refreshingly low key. It reminds me a bit of when Charlotte A. Cavatica spun understated but accurate statements about Wilbur, such as “Some Pig” and “Humble”, into her web in Charlotte’s Web.
  • And speaking of refreshing, it is really refreshing when an MLM (if we can consider Receipt Hog an MLM) is as closely connected to food as Receipt Hog is but does not make a peep (or an oink) about nutrition or weight loss.
  • Writing that previous statement reminded me of that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie and Randy’s mom convinces Randy to eat his dinner by telling him to “Show Mommy how the piggies eat.” I have seen that movie a million times, and that part still makes me smile, perhaps because my dad is a lot more fun and less curmudgeonly than the dad in the movie.


  • The amounts of money that you save through the Receipt Hog app are not all that big. Unless you somehow convince all your friends to let you take pictures of their grocery receipts, the amount of money you get from the Receipt Hog app will not add up even to a small part time job.  Of course, if you are the kind of person who is willing to nag your friends into letting you take pictures of their grocery receipts on a phone app just so you can save a few bucks, maybe you are cut out for MLM after all.
  • As far as I know, the Receipt Hog app only works with paper receipts. This could be a minor inconvenience for people who usually opt not to get printed receipts.


When I first read about Receipt Hog, I wasn’t even quite sure whether to consider it an MLM opportunity and therefore whether to review it.  (In the end, I decided to review it because of its affiliate program.)  The Receipt Hog app is one of the less far-fetched money making opportunities out there, much less extreme than extreme couponing, for example, and for this I give it a lot of credit, but I do not think that the money you will save by using the Receipt Hog app will add up to very much.

Bringing the Receipt Hog app into your life probably is not going to cause financial ruin.  If anything, it is just a bit impractical.  Thus, its effect will be more like a pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pig that grows bigger than you expected and is higher maintenance than you budgeted for and less like the man-eating hogs in the most gruesome of the Hannibal Lecter movies.  I don’t remember the name of that movie, and I am not going to look it up, because, in addition to researching this Receipt Hog review, I also spent last night researching online until I found a pork product for every letter of the alphabet, and that is a lot of research, even for a research fiend like me.  If you do just a fraction of the research I did in preparation for writing this Receipt Hog review before you make purchases, you can probably save as much money as you would with the Receipt Hog app.

I think this Receipt Hog review included shout outs to almost every swine ever to grace the silver screen, but I can think of a few I forgot to include, such as Babe and Porky Pig.  If you can think of any other pop culture pigs I omitted, schedule a call with me, so we can discuss cinematic swine and also how to build a successful online business.  Oh, yeah.  Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.  I’m sure there are more.




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