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Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan

The concept of multi-level marketing is receiving tremendous response from the business communities all over the world. Firms operating their business on this model are enjoying surplus profits and never face the shortage of employees unlike in other service sectors. The impact of this popularity has reached to such an extent that many students even before the completion of their studies are working in these firms on a part time basis. In this way they are shaping up their leadership and team development skills so as to witness success in this industry. Even professionals working in other sectors are participating in this industry to earn part time incomes. Governments of various nations are also patronizing this strategic commercial model due to its solid potentiality to generate employments for millions of people. With growing numbers of MLM firms, your choice has got much bigger and wider. But at the same time it has also added confusion on your part. This can be easily solved on the basis of your area of preference. For example, if you are a health conscious person, then you can try your luck with Reliv International. Before joining this firm, read its review to know about its products, compensation plans and other exciting opportunities.

About Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan


Reliv International was established in the year of 1988 and its sole objective is to provide the best nutritional products in the market for promoting optimal health. So far all its products have received positive response from the customers. But instead of being complacent, the company is still working hard to provide the most innovative health products to the people at an affordable price. Presently, it is operating in more than sixty nations of the world and is exploring the markets of other nations to introduce its health products. It operates business on the MLM model and so always in touch with the customers through the distributors to know their latest choice and preference. It is through these distributors, that the firm is able to convince the customers to buy and use its products. At present it has employed distributors around over five thousand and will be glad to accommodate more people as a distributor. The company acknowledges the contribution of every distributor and rewards them with heavy bonus and commission amounts.

Products Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan

The company uses top quality manufacturing ingredients for its products and always imports such items from well known wholesalers. Scientists working in this firm use the advanced processing technologies to obtain the finest healthy products in the market. All its products have secured clearance from FDA and other quality testing firms of the world. The results of such tests are displayed in the website for removing doubts from the mind of the customers. The company seals all its products tightly to preserve their nutritional elements and to eliminate the chance of germs penetration. You can see for yourself that all its products contain labels where manufacturing dates are clearly printed with the approval marks of FDA. Some of its well known products are:

Luna Rich: This product is quite useful as it helps in the formation of solid defense mechanisms inside your body. Its other usefulness includes reduction of the level of cholesterol and inflammations. It optimizes the performance of your digestive system and makes it easier to digest any kind of food. Its natural ingredients effectively dissolve inside the blood and help to burn extra calories to make you appear slim and stout.

Reverse Age: It helps to retain your youth at every stage of life. Its nutritional ingredients help in the rejuvenation of new cells and tissues inside your body with perfect hormonal balance. It also helps to optimize your memory and focus along with reducing joint paints. It assists to carry oxygen in different parts of your body including brain and so on. Try this product for some days to witness its impacts on your health.

24K: This nutritional supplement can boost your physical energy to a considerable extent. Its natural ingredients help in the production of useful energy inside your body so as to enhance your enduring capacity while working in the outdoors. It also helps in the reduction of anxiety and improves the functioning of nerves inside your brain. It supports flow of blood inside your body properly and helps to stress cope effectively.

Compensation Plan of Reliv international MLM Network Marketing

The company has rolled out the most flexible compensation plan in the market. This plan has been designed to help distributors to earn maximum amounts through generating decent order volumes in a consistent way every month. At the same time it ensures that you never face any financial loss while setting up your own autonomous business. According to this plan, distributors have the chance of earning incomes in the following ways:

Retail profits: The moment you begin your career in this company as a distributor, you have the chance of pocketing retail profit of about twenty to forty percent. This is not bad after all because many companies do not offer such exclusive money earning opportunities to their newly enrolled distributors in terms of retail profits. For receiving this profit, you just need to buy the products of the company at a wholesale price and sale it to your customers at a specific retail price.

Overrides: Here you have the chance of receiving residual commissions of about eight percent from the overall sales volumes generated by any of your down-line member as a leader of the new team. It can be considered as the recognition of your contribution by that down-line member. The members whom you have trained and nurtured will one day split from your leg to build their own down-line members. The company wants to motivate every distributor through this reward in the successful team development initiative. If your down-line members are successful in achieving success then you have the rightful claim of your shares from their teams.

Ambassador: It is first step of your leadership ranking and if you successfully achieve this position then you have the chance of receiving attractive bonus amounts with the opportunity of travelling to foreign countries to have a luxurious life with your partner. It will also make you eligible to claim your rightful shares from the teams of your down-line members who have now become leader because of your help. But once you fail to retain this position then all your privileges will be ceased and you need to start afresh.

Trips and cash bonuses: Once you display consistency in generating more sales volumes and enrolling new distributors, you have the chance of receiving exciting cash amounts and other exclusive opportunities from the company. These are mainly provided to encourage your motivation to proceed to the next level with uniform performance. But in case you fail in your task for a particular month, you get the time to compensate it through your hard work and dedication.

Wholesale Income: Here you have the chance of receiving profits based on the difference of the retail profits earned by you and your down-line members. It is continued up to infinite levels within your organization till those down-line members form their own teams separately after splitting from your team. For instance, if you register a retail profit of forty percent in the level of Master Affiliate and your distributor manages to secure twenty percent of retail profit, then you have the chance of earning the wholesale profit of fifteen percent. It can be further maximized if you are able to enroll more down-line distributors.

Get Started with Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan

Once you are determined to start your career in this company, then the ideal way to begin it is to sign up for the position of distributor. If you join as a distributor then you shall have the opportunity to thoroughly understand the concept of multi-level marketing. You will also have the opportunity to know about the benefits of the various products of the company which you can use at the time of convincing your customers. For signing up as a distributor, you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly visit the website of the company to start up the process by yourself. While enrolling online, you have to follow certain steps otherwise your efforts will become futile. In the first step, you have to choose your marketing area besides, filling other essential information columns. In the second step, you need to carefully select and then invest your money on buying the optional business builder kit of the company. This kit mainly comprises of useful training materials and so it is better to purchase the costly pack so that you can have more materials to shape your MLM concepts properly. In the third step, you have to properly choose and then buy the optional product pack. Here also you must opt for the costly pack, so that you can get more products for self consumption, sale and to offer to your relatives for free trials. Another plus point of buying the costly pack is that you can draw the attention of your customers when it comes to explaining the uses of these products. Once you complete these steps successfully, you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company congratulating on your successful enrollment. Then a replicated website shall be formed from where you will generate the order volume of your distributors and customers directly to the company.

Training in Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan

The company offers the most sophisticated and advanced training in the market. The sole objective of this training is to enable newly enrolled distributors to promote and maximize the sale of products under all circumstances. There is no such fixed criteria level to participate in its training program and anyone having no technical knowledge or skill can join it. In the first phase of training, distributors are normally given descriptive introduction of the multi-level marketing along with imparting knowledge about various technical concepts associated with this business model. Then in the next stage, they are given thorough demonstration on how to operate or run home business without suffering heavy financial losses. Though the firm normally stresses on formal marketing training but it thoroughly backs those distributors who are eager to adopt unique marketing routes to leave an impression in this highly competitive industry. For such distributors, it provides all sorts of logistical supports irrespective of the outcomes of those routes. Then thorough training on lead generations and on spotting the target customers is given to the distributors. It will be good for you if establish rapport with any experienced distributor of the company then you will be able to secure essential ground support while actually marketing products to the designated customers. The firm organizes annual events like workshops, seminars, corporate parties and so on for motivating distributors to work hard. If you attend these events then you shall have the chance to meet with successful distributors of the company from whom you can receive many useful tips.

Conclusion of Reliv international MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping up this review, you guys must always remember that no amount of training is sufficient unless you have the determination and dedication to success in this business. Unless you are giving sufficient time on your home business, there is no chance of registering surplus profits in this industry. In addition to that, you guys must also stay aware from various blog posts which spread negative comments about this company. These posts are basically the cheap tricks of those distributors who have failed in this industry. Their sole objective is to discourage youths like you from joining this company. They know pretty well that once youths like you are discouraged, then the progress of this company will automatically stall. But since you have read this review, you know pretty well that everything is perfect in this company. This quite evident when you look at its product lists where it has clearly specified the constituent ingredients clearly.


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