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Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan

The concept of marketing level marketing is attracting people to make money not only from their own sales but also that from their down-lines members. The popularity of this industry has reached to such an extent that even qualified and experienced professionals from other service sectors are joining here in large numbers with the hope of making large sum amounts of money. Another factor which is attracting people to join this industry is the increasing demand of workforce which never ceases even in tight financial situations like recession. It also provides maximum accommodation to the people from diverse educational backgrounds with attractive financial opportunities. For future business leaders this industry is quite appropriate. It offers thorough training on team building and leadership development to the newly recruited distributors. There are multiple MLM companies at present and each of them deals with various services and products. For health conscious customers like you, Rodan and Fields is the quite ideal MLM firm. Before joining this company, read its review first to know about the products, compensation plans and other exciting opportunities. People have been earning more than 5K per week, to know more click here. 

About Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan Review



Rodan and Fields was established in the year of 2002 with the objective of providing top quality skin treatment products for every people at a reasonable price. The company is operating in more than eighty nations of the world and is exploring new markets to maximize the sale of its products. It has provided employments to as many as fifty thousand distributors and is still ready to recruit more young and dedicated individuals like you. The average annual revenue of the company is above forty million which bears testimony to the widespread popularity of its skincare products. The firm thoroughly acknowledges the performance of its distributors and rewards them with attractive commissions and bonus amounts. The distributors working in this firm mainly utilize the tactic of oral advertising to convince customers to buy the products of the company.

Products of Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan

The company never compromises with quality of products and always serves the best to the customers. It uses the advanced skincare technologies to manufacture all these products under the supervision of experienced scientists. All the products are manufactured in the advanced state of the art facilities under the sharp observation of the experienced skin and dermatology specialists. All its skincare products have received the approval of FDA and other third party agencies. You can clearly see the expiry and manufacturing dates that are properly mentioned in the product packs. The firm properly seals all these products to prevent the loss of essential nutritional elements. Some of its popular products mainly include:

Redefine: This clinically approved skincare product is quite effective in removing the clear aging signs from your skin. Apart from that, it is also useful in preventing the approaching aging of your skin and provides you with a flawless, noticeably firmer and smoother appearing skin. It contains no artificial ingredients and so there is no chance of skin damage. Apply it gently on your skin and you will notice the benefits within few weeks of usage.

Soothe: This product offers effective shield to your skin against environmental and biological aggressors that can cause inflammation. Other than that, it can reduce your skin irritation and redness within few seconds of application. It helps to retain the required moisture level of your skin and making it soft and attractive. The herbal extracts of this product percolates deep down to the skin and revitalizes your aged tissues to a considerable extent.

Reverse: This skincare product is quite effective in removing dark spots, discoloration and dullness caused due to constant exposure of your skin in bright sunlight. It comprises of natural ingredients that can offer long lasting protection to your skin against sun radiation along with reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Try it for few weeks and you can your-self comprehend the benefits.

Compensation Plan of Rodan and Fields MLM Network Marketing

The compensation plan of this company is quite flexible and has been designed to encourage the hard working distributors to take innovative and unique approaches in product marketing and selling. As per this plan, distributors have the scope of earning income in the following ways mentioned below:

Retail Profit: In order to obtain this profit, you just need to buy the products of your company at the wholesale price and sell it to your customers at a fixed retail price. The profit amount will be determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail price. The amount can be further maximized based on the increasing product orders of your customers. In brief, the more your product selling, the higher will be your profit shares.

Consultant Commissions: In order to enjoy this commission, you are required to generate minimum personal sales volumes of hundred every month as the active consultant of the company. You can further maximize your income by claiming a share of ten percent from the overall commissionable sale volume along with that of the retail profits from your preferred and retail customers.

Personal team commission: After achieving the position of active consultant, your next step will be to reach the position of executive consultant through generating the personally sponsored qualifying volume of about six hundred during any in a specific commission period. This volume is mainly generated by your personally enrolled preferred customers under the program of PC Perks. It also involves your enrolled consultants as well as their commissionable sales volume from the retail consumers.

Generation Commissions: On successfully retaining the position of executive consultant and also for supporting one consultant from your team to achieve this position, you become eligible for this commission. Here the overall team volumes of that consultant shall be added with the new personal team volume in the first generation of your newly acquired designation of Level one Executive Consultant. On achieving this new position, you can claim five percent share from the overall volume generations of your new team along with that of the commissionable volume of your personally enrolled customers and consultants within your organization. On supporting the second consultant, you will again achieve a new position of Level two executive and this will continue up to eight levels of volume generation.

Performance Bonus: As you progress to the ladder of highest leadership levels, you will receive special bonus along with incentives. The entire amounts shall be determined on the basis of your active down-lines with maximum volume generation. In order to obtain additional information you can easily refer to the compensation chart of the company.

Getting Started with Rodan and fields MLM Business Opportunity

If you are determined to work in this MLM firm, then the ideal way to begin your career is to join as a distributor for knowing the basic concepts of multi-level marketing quite easily. For signing up as the distributor of the company, you can either contact with the local distributor or directly kick start the enrollment process on visiting the official website of the company. For online enrollment, you need to follow three specific steps otherwise your enrollment will not be successful. In the first step, you have to select the marketing area along with filling other essential columns. As it is your first job, it is better that you select the nearest marketing location so that you can have more time to acquire the business skills of this industry. In the second step, you have to select and buy the suitable business builder packs. It is recommended that you purchase the costly pack so that you get more materials to develop your concepts and acquire other tricks to become successful in this profession. In the final step, you have to select and buy the product kit. Here also you must invest for the costly pack, so that you can have more products, to sell, personal consumption and to give your neighbors for free trials. After the completion of these steps, you will receive a confirmation message on your successful enrollment from the company. Then a link of replicated website shall be generated on your e-mail from where you will directly forward the product orders of the customers directly to the firm.

Training for Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan

Newly recruited distributors during the start of the training period are given much input about the basic concepts and working styles of the industry of multi-level marketing. Then after the completion of this concept building, these distributors are trained on how to develop their home business without suffering much financial loss. But as you know, this firm always encourages distributors who have the guts to adopt unique and innovative approaches to market and sell products. So these risks taking distributors always receive the support of the company whatever the outcome may be. Apart from that, the company provides adequate training to the distributors on how to locate target customers and to generate leads while working in the practical field. In order to retain the motivation of the distributors, it organizes annual events like seminars, workshops, office parties where you can meet some of the successful distributors of this company. But you must always remember that no training is useful unless you have the motivation and hunger to succeed. So it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not lose focus on falling into the lure of getting immediately rich.

Business Opportunity in Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan

In terms of business opportunity, this company is much ahead than other MLM companies. It is quite evident when you look at its compensation plan. There it has clearly mentioned how your home business can become much profitable. For instance, if you want to earn immediate income then you can utilize the option of retail sales. Then on achieving the position of active and executive consultant, your chance of earning incomes does get higher. Not only for generating personal sales volumes, but for enrolling more customers and consultants you can easily achieve the high ranking position of the company. Besides, as a team leader, you will also get absolute freedom to devise your own marketing strategies without answerable to anybody. You can also claim decent share from the overall commissionable volumes from your down-lines in every leadership level.

Conclusion of Rodan and Fields MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping up this review, it is essential for you people to remember that it is quite tough to get success in MLM industry. It normally takes 3-4 years for average distributors like you to proceed to the next level of the leadership ladder. Apart from that, it is your responsibility to avoid giving undue importance to blogs that are being posted by the unsuccessful distributors of this industry just to discourage you from joining these companies. They are just taking revenge on these companies and unfortunately this firm is also on their target list. You also need to be aware from falling into the traps of other rival firms of the company. These rival companies are also spreading misleading facts just to stop your participation in this company. They know very well through these tactics they can stall the progress and damage the reputation of the company in the market. But now that you have read this review, you know very well that in terms of transparency this company is much ahead than others.

For instance, in case of the products it has clearly mentioned the constituent ingredients as well as has displayed the test results of various agencies on its website. In compensation plan also, it has sharply specified the ways of earning immediate, weekly and monthly bonus amounts for the distributors. Not only that, it has in detail mentioned about the active down-line members that needs to be retained in every leadership level. You will be happy to know that the company never discriminates between distributors and rewards them on the basis of the hard work. There is no issue of factionalism and employee unrest in this industry because every employee works as a team to support each other. There is no issue of delay payment and everyone gets their salaries in time. So instead of wasting any time you should join this firm at once.







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