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Sabika MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Sabika MLM Compensation Plan

The first thing I found out when I started doing research for this Sabika review of mine is that Sabika products are costume jewelry.  One of the next things I found out is that the Sabika company was founded in Pittsburgh. My original plan was to begin my Sabika review with a brief discussion of movies in which the city of Pittsburgh is a major character, similarly to how I started my recent Primerica review with shout outs to a few movies in which the insurance industry is a major character.  My plan backfired, however, as I started reading more about movies that feature Pittsburgh.  It turns out that every movie set in Pittsburgh, from Flashdance to Zack and Miri Make a Porno, presents Pittsburgh as such a depressing place that it would not even be fun to read about them.

I quickly scrapped my plan to start my Sabika review with a discussion of movies set in Pittsburgh because it is my aim, here at Notebook Crazy, to write multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunity reviews that do not put you in a worse mood than you are already in after seeing what the autoship requirements of the MLM company you have already joined are doing to your credit card balance.  If Sabika products were cosmetics, as the products of so many other MLM companies are, I would entertain you with tales of male rock stars who wear makeup with aplomb, but I could not think of any musicians who made a name for themselves by wearing costume jewelry.  I started thinking about famous stories in which a piece of jewelry was a major plot point, and I remembered the story of the golden girdle of Hippolyta.

The twelve labors of Hercules were just a hair more difficult than making money through MLM.  I don’t remember all the details, but somehow Hercules ended up promising to do twelve virtually impossible tasks in order to redeem himself and, in some versions of the story, to be given a permanent home on Mount Olympus.  To make a long story short, Hercules made the first two tasks seem easy.  First, he killed a ferocious lion, and then he slew the Lernaean hydra.  (I can’t possibly be the only person in the MLM world who thinks of the Lernaean hydra when I see diagrams of downline teams in MLM compensation plan documents.) After that, King Erystheos, who was in charge of assigning the tasks to Hercules, decided that it was just too easy for Hercules to kill virtually indestructible monsters, and the rest of the tasks involved capturing elusive animals alive or stealing items whose owners guarded them very closely.  The two exceptions to this were the fifth and sixth labors, in which Hercules had to clear a colossal amount of dung out of some stables and in which he had to shoo away some nuisance birds, which also produced lots of dung.  Whenever I see a basement full of unsold MLM merchandise that keeps getting autoshipped to its owner, despite the owner’s protests, I cannot help but think of the fifth and sixth labors of Hercules.  I wonder if Hercules could rid my basement of fungus coffee.

To make a long story short, after Hercules had successfully completed eight tasks that were seemingly impossible, King Erystheos was at a loss for what to assign Hercules to do next.  Luckily, his daughter Admete had a suggestion for him.  She wanted Hercules to bring back the belt of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and thus Erystheos tasked Hercules with procuring the belt in whatever way possible.

You have probably heard of the Amazons; they are among the characters from Greek mythology who have made their way into the popular imagination.  In case you have not, the Amazons were an all-female society.  In case you are wondering how an all-female society can survive for multiple generations, the Amazons would make an annual visit to the Gargareans, who were an all-male tribe.  Any female children born to Amazon mothers and Gargarean fathers would stay with the Amazons, while any male children would be sent to the Gargareans.  Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, was a daughter of Ares.  (I think that makes her close kin to Hercules, but this Sabika review is hardly the place to go into all the details of the genealogy of the heroes of Greek mythology.)

There are several versions of the story of the adventures Hercules and his men had on the way to Thermiscyra (in modern day Turkey), where the Amazons lived, but this Sabika review is likewise not the place to rehash them.  Suffice it to say that when Hercules and his men arrived in Thermiscyra, Hippolyta welcomed them.  Hercules explained why he had come to Thermiscyra politely asked Hippolyta to give him her belt so that he could bring it back to King Erystheos.  Hippolyta agreed, and everything was fine.

I guess this is a good time to mention that the ultimate cause of Hercules’ problems, how he had ended up in this mess where he had to do all these virtually impossible tasks, was down to Hera, the wife of Zeus, who held a grudge against all the children Zeus had by other goddesses, nymphs, and mortal women.  Since Hercules was the son of Zeus but not the son of Hera, she had it in for him from the beginning.  When Hera found out that Hippolyta had agreed to give her belt to Hercules, she planned to thwart Hercules from successfully completing his task.

I guess this is also a good time to talk about what kind of belt it was that Hercules was trying to bring back to Admete.  The phrase “golden girdle of Hippolyta” gets thrown around in English, so I had been imagining it as some kind of fancy gold belt that the queen would wear as part of her ceremonial dress, but upon rereading the story of Hercules and Hippolyta in preparation for telling it in this Sabika review, I found out that, at least in some versions of the story, it was a leather belt that she wore over her shoulder and across her chest in order to carry her sword into battle.

Hera disguised herself as an Amazon, and she spread a rumor among all the Amazons that Heracles was planning to kidnap Hippolyta.  The Amazons, who were famous for their military prowess, quickly prepared themselves for battle and attacked Hercules and his men.  This led Hercules to believe that Hippolyta’s initial kindness toward him had all been deception and that she had been planning to start a war with him all along.  Hercules killed Hippolyta and brought her belt back to Erystheos and Admete.

Now that I think about it, I guess that story doesn’t end on a very optimistic note.  Maybe it does not really do a better job of lightening the MLM mood than those movies about the dreariness of Pittsburgh do.  Oh, well.  I guess there is nothing we can do except face the music.  Onward to my Sabika review.

Sabika: The Company and Its Products


The Sabika business opportunity began in Pittsburgh.  The Sabika origin story (you know you can count on me to report MLM origin stories if any information is available at all about the MLM company in question) goes that Karin Mayr, an Austrian immigrant living in Pittsburgh, was trying to find a way to help her family financially after her husband was laid off from his job.  The Sabika website is vague about dates, but there is language on the site that indicates that the company has been around for about 15 years.

The Sabika website describes the company as a business opportunity “for women by women”, which immediately makes me suspicious.  Please don’t assume that I am against women’s participation in business; it’s quite the opposite.  It is just that I have reviewed enough MLM companies to notice that MLM business opportunities that market themselves to an all-female customer base, such as the ones that deal in cosmetics and costume jewelry, tend to act as though the women they target have no financial literacy and nothing better to do than to host MLM home sales parties or attend other people’s sales parties.  I am honestly surprised that these companies are still around.  Every woman who has the requisite computer skills and literacy to find and read this Sabika review can likewise use those same skills to type a few search terms into Google and find hundreds of ways to make money that don’t involve MLM, and if they do involve MLM< they at least do not involve MLM home sales products.

It appears that Sabika products are costume jewelry.  I am no expert on jewelry, but I don’t see the names of real gemstones in the product descriptions, and the prices, while a bit steep for the average American to be able to spend placating a friend who has been bitten by the MLM bug, don’t seem quite high enough for actual jewels.

The Sabika Compensation Plan

The leadership levels in the Sabika compensation plan are Consultant, Director, Crystal Director, Silver Director, Gold Director, and Platinum Director.  The good news is that, at all levels of leadership, you get a 20% commission on Sabika products that you personally sell.  The bad news is, as is typical in the MLM industry, you must sell a certain amount of merchandise in order to maintain your active status in the Sabika compensation plan, even if that means buying a lot of Sabika products from yourself.  The sales requirement starts at $500 per three-month period at the Consultant level, and it increases and your leadership rank increases.

The Sabika compensation plan which is available on the Sabika website is only one page, which is a welcome change, since some MLM compensation plan documents have glossaries that are several pages long.  One page will not even cover the table of contents on some MLM compensation plan documents.  I think the longest MLM compensation plan document I have ever heard of is the Primerica compensation plan, which is said to be over 300 pages long.  That said, the Sabika compensation plan document on the Sabika website leaves a number of questions unanswered.  It mentions commissions on team sales volume, but it does not go into specifics about how many levels of downline you can get commissions on or on how your downline team is structured.  It uses the term “override”, which I have not seen used that way in an MLM compensation plan document before; it may refer to commissions on different levels of downline.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Karin Mayr has quite a pleasant speaking voice, and you can hear her doing voiceover narration on the homepage of the Sabika website.
  • Sabika products are not nutritional supplements. I have mentioned this before on my reviews of other costume jewelry MLMs, but it is probably less humiliating to have a basement full of costume jewelry than it is to have a basement full of nutritional supplements containing a has-been super-fruit.
  • The Sabika compensation plan is concise and can easily be viewed on the Sabika website.


  • No matter what else I might like about the Sabika business opportunity, the fact that it encourages its distributors to market the products through home sales parties immediately destroys any good will I might feel toward the company. Whether it is costume jewelry, nutritional supplements, or drug paraphernalia, I feel the same way about MLM home sales parties.  Quadruple crown diamond barf.


Sabika products are rather nice looking, but they’re really nothing special, certainly not worth all the effort and expense of MLM.  They’re okay, but they’re not the golden girdle of Hippolyta, and there is no need for you to perform the twelve labors of Hercules to get them.



Is Pittsburgh a cheerier place than the movies give it credit for being?  Schedule a call with me and let me know what I am missing by not visiting Pittsburgh.


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