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Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan Review


There is no dearth of opportunities for people who have the courage to pursue them. With a certain level of effort, it is possible to ensure a regular flow of income. One of them is MLM programs, well known all over the world as multilevel marketing. It is pursued by people across age, nationality and economic backgrounds. A lot of opportunities are waiting for people who are really passionate about them. Hi! Myself Brad and I am here to discuss something you may or may not be aware of. Gradually, I’ll reveal a lot of things about MLM so if you are not aware of this term or interested in earning more than yesterday, please keep reading. People have been earning more than 5K every week to know more about this click here.

As I was discussing, multilevel marketing has changed the lives of many people by making them financially strong and independent. It refers to a marketing strategy where you earn based on the sales generated individually and those of salesperson recruited by you. This is known as your down-line, sales force or team members providing multiple levels of compensation.  One of the few companies in the present times who’ve managed to move miles ahead through MLM is Scentsy. It has turned people from distributors to successful independent entrepreneurs. It is about network marketing which can open the doors to unlimited income.

There are some people mistaking MLM opportunities with a fast gateway to big money. It is not the truth and MLM requires a certain level of dedication and commitment.  It is something which you can pursue with a full time profession. There is no need to invest as much of time as a 9 to 5 job. Although it’s not demanding, you have to pursue it seriously with patience to ensure a regular flow of income after a certain period of time. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about Scentsy and their MLM programs.

A quick walkthrough of Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan


Scentsy is a well known company which specializes in selling wickless scented candles and similar accessories. It was started off by husband-wide duo Orville Thompson and Heidi in 2004. The product line was gradually expanded to include more and more products. After a certain point of time, they began offering MLM opportunities which allowed to company to scale new heights. At present, the company has a massive network of growing sales representatives in countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and United States. It is gradually spreading all over the European marketplace which shows the success it has managed to record.

With a small warehouse and store facility, Thompson and his wife began manufacturing and packaging the wax with help from friends and family members. As it happens with almost every startup, it wasn’t a comfortable sailing at first. However, with determination and hard work the company began to grow at a decent pace which ultimately brought awards and accolades from various sections of the world. At present, the company has more than 1000 employees and above 200,000 independent consultants all over the world.

Warmers and wax constitute their primary product lines. As a user of these products, you can plug in the warmer with wax cubes inside. When the warmer begins melting the wax, it gradually fills the room with an aroma. More than 80 varieties of wax cube are available and such cubes are designed to function with low watt light bulb or heating element. Room sprays are also available which has become a regular necessity these days. Soap, fresheners, sanitizers and many other products are available to choose from. Apart from an impressive product range, the business opportunities are pursued by many people across age and economic backgrounds. It all started off as wickless candles business gradually multiplied by innovative approach, hard work and dedication.

Review of Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan

Scentsy keeps on growing at an impressive pace which is almost unparalleled. A sales associate, representative or consultant makes money in different ways. After joining the company as a starter, you have to market and promote the business. However, the best thing about the MLM program is that it doesn’t take a toll on your health or body. A regular 9 to 5 job often requires you to complete tasks and different projects within a fixed timeline. A parallel source of income is good as long as it is not coming at the cost of affecting your primary source. Luckily, the MLM programs of Scentsy allow you to work flexibly at your own pace.

The people or new joiners also receive training through the company’s back office. Team meetings are held which allows them to interact with members holding different ranks. It guides them to a great extent on realizing their potential and working on their weaknesses. Rubbing shoulders with experts can be a blessing for a new sales consultant or representative. Consequently, there is absolutely nothing to feel pressurized about and you can pursue the business opportunities.

As you’ve come across this page, there are also a number of posts which are spreading positive feedbacks about this firm. Majority of the writers usually comprise of people who’ve tested success in this business. You may not be lucky enough to achieve anything by half hearted attempts. Thus, in order to achieve success you must put in the efforts in the right direction. If you are able to spread the name by selling their products and recruiting more in your downline to do the same, you’d be a winner. Some people give up too soon without realizing their true potential. Don’t be one of them and with MLM programs of Scentsy, it is possible conquer new heights.

Membership levels of Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan

If you are seriously considering the option of becoming one of the leading team members of this MLM company then here is your chance to achieve the following membership berths which include the following:

  • Essential Consultant: You will begin your career with this membership berth in the company along with the decent commission percentage of twenty. If you are successful in generating hundred personal retail volumes then you shall be promoted to the next level.
  • Certified Consultant: In this level your bonus amount will be increased up to twenty five percent. In order to earn higher commission percent you have to sell at least 2000 personal retail volumes within the period of one month. Then you will earn thirty percent bonus or else if you recruit your own solid down-line then you can easily earn more money.
  • Lead Consultant: In order to achieve this position you have to generate five hundred personal retail volumes from your own personal sale along with the wholesale group amount of about one thousand. There is no problem in generating personal and wholesale group volumes if you have solid down-line at your disposal.
  • Star Consultant: In order to achieve this position you have to generate five hundred personal retail volumes from your personal sale, 150 personal retail volume from the sales of your two active members with the wholesale group volume of about twenty five hundred. For retaining this position you have to continue recruiting new people in your organization. On reaching this level you shall receive twenty five percent along with the four percent bonus from the personal wholesale volume. You shall also obtain two percent bonus when the members of your team achieve any sales targets.
  • Superstar Consultant: In this position you shall receive the enhanced payment of seven percent bonus along with the extra 3 and 5 percent bonuses on the basis of the contribution of the team members under your disposal. To reach in this level you have to generate six thousand wholesale group volume and five hundred personal retail volumes along with three effective team members.
  • Director: For achieving this rank you have to generate surplus personal wholesaler volume of about 10,000 along with the team wholesale volume of about 2000 apart from personal retail volume of five hundred. Here you shall receive many benefits along with increased bonus amount.
  • Star Director: For reaching the position of Star Director you need to possess two employees belong to the level of First Generation Directors and they must be enrolled under your disposal personally. Here you can obtain more than twenty five percent of the bonus amounts.
  • Superstar Director: To reach the position of Superstar Director you need to have Frontline Directors of about four along with the generation of group wholesale volume of about 80,000. It is the highest rank in the company and you shall earn seven figure bonus amounts as long as you retain the position.

Compensation Plan in Scentsy MLM Opportunity

The compensation structure of Scentsy comprises of eight distinct ranks. It begins with the entry level position of the Essential Consultant and ends with the highest level position of the Superstar Director. At the level of Essential consultant you do not have to bother about achieving any special rank and you have the scope of getting flat twenty percent commissions on the sale of every product. On achieving the target of selling thousand units you will be eligible for achieving the position of certified consultant with the flat twenty five percent commissions.  But as you continue to proceed to the higher levels, your targets gets stiffer and for that purpose you need to recruit solid down-line members for maintain the momentum.

The company mainly utilizes the unilevel compensation structure with the sole objective of providing the potential of un-capped growth to develop your business with solid down-line members. In this form of structure every new recruit is placed on the top-line. The main benefit of this compensation structure is its simplicity and can be easily explained to the new recruits. The main disadvantage of this system is that it makes the team leaders totally dependent on their down-line members. As result it stalls the generation of the sales volumes.

Training in Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan

The firm provides solid training to the new recruits through its back office. Its training mainly focuses on developing the basic concepts of multilevel marketing among its distributors. For this purpose the firm provides live demo of the impact of its products on the customers and also organize conference meetings, seminars and other official events to provide additional information on its products to the distributors. It will be ideal on your part to establish rapport with the experienced distributors of the company so that you can acquire the tricks of reaching to your target customers and also to generate leads for your products. If you lose focus then you shall fail miserably in this business.

Conclusion of Scentsy MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping my review it is my responsibility to tell you that the road of MLM is often filled with unknown challenges and stiff competitions. Here every firm is in the attempt of grabbing more customers for their products. In order to become successful they resort to the tactics of spreading misleading information against one another. Unfortunately the same is the true in regard to this company also. Many rival firms in order to stall the progress of this company are spreading baseless information just to misguide youths like you. Hence it is your responsibility on your part to verify such information. If you blindly believe such information then you shall be the sole sufferer. From my personal experience I can say to you that many people have lost their jobs due to luring into the traps of these rival companies. Now you have read the review you know pretty well that in terms of transparency this company is much ahead than that of its rivals. Starting from the products it has clearly specified the ingredients of its products and has also displayed the results of the various tests. In terms of the compensation plan it has clearly mentioned the ways through which distributors can earn income along with the eligibility criteria for attaining its various membership levels. You shall be glad to hear this company rewards both its female and male distributors without any sort of discrimination. Hence you must join this firm at once without wasting any time.







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