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Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

Airline peanuts are salty.  Bacon is salty.  Corned beef is salty.  (In fact, the reason is it called “corned” beef is because of the “grains” of sand used to cure it.  In 18th century England, grains of anything were called corn.)  Dill pickles are salty.  Eggplant parmigiana is salty.  Feta cheese is salty.  Garlic knots are salty.  Ham is salty.  Italian subs are salty.  Jerky is salty.  Kippered herrings are salty.  Lox is salty.  Manzanilla olives are salty.  Nacho cheese Doritos are salty.  Olive loaf is salty.  Potato chips are salty.  Quesofundido is salty.  Ritz crackers are salty.  Salami is salty.  Tortilla chips are salty.  Udon noodle soup is salty.  Vernors is not exactly salty, but it deserves an honorable mention because its strong ginger flavor does just as good a job as genuinely salty foods at making you thirstier.  Was that a cop out?  Okay, I will try again.  Verbal irony can be salty.  Is that better?  Wieners are salty.  (I know I could have called them “hot dogs” or “frankfurters”, but unlike W, I could think of other salty foods starting with F and H, and besides, a frank by any other name would still taste as salty.)  Xtreme snacks look a lot like Doritos, and although I have never tasted them, it stands to reason that they would be just as salty.  Yucca fries are salty.  Zingers are what boneless buffalo wings used to be called back in the 90s, and they are definitely salty.

Why have I chosen to begin my Seacret review with a litany of things that are salty?  It is because the flagship ingredients in Seacret products are salt and mud from the Dead Sea, and the Dead Sea is one of the saltiest things in the world.

I am a dude, hardly the first person who would pay attention to skincare products, and even I have heard it all before about how Dead Sea minerals are good for your skin.  I have seen skincare products made from Dead Sea minerals for sale in department stores.  Let the other multilevel marketing (MLM) sites go on and on about how much the Dead Sea minerals in Seacret products will improve your complexion; that is not our style here at Notebook Crazy.  Likewise, I will spare you the part about how, if you go swimming in the Dead Sea, you float much more than you do in your swimming pool because the water is so salty, since you have all heard that before, too.  Instead, I will tell you some interesting things I read about the Dead Sea while doing research for this Seacret review.

The Dead Sea is not actually a sea.  It is actually a salt lake, not so different from that one out there in Utah that somehow manages to attract so many copycat MLM companies.  It is the world’s lowest elevation point on land, more than 1,400 feet below sea level.  It is the deepest salt lake in the world, and it is very salty.  In middle school, I learned that the water in the Dead Sea is 27% salt, but according to Wikipedia, its salinity was 34.2% in 2011.  The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth, but it is not the saltiest.  Lake Garabogazkol in Turkmenistan and Lake Assal in Djibouti are saltier.  But the saltiest lakes of all are in Antarctica, the saltiest one being Don Juan Pond, the salinity of which is 44%.  I have heard before that Antarctica is the world’s largest desert, but I did not know until today that it is also the world’s largest salt lick.

People have considered the Dead Sea a place of health and healing since ancient times.  Even King Herod is said to have visited it as a health spa.  But I can only assume that the reason you have come to this Seacret review is because someone you know or someone on social media is trying to convince you to join the Seacret business opportunity, and thus it is my duty to remind you that nutraceuticals are not, and never will be, the backbone of the economy.  Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been economically important for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with nutraceuticals or cosmetics.  The ancient Egyptians imported asphalt from the Dead Sea to use in mummification.  In ancient and modern times, the Dead Sea has been one of the world’s most important sources of potash, which is used as a fertilizer.

Seacret: The Company and His Projects

seacret direct

According to the Seacret website, the idea for Seacret originated when Moty Ben Shabat moved from Israel to the United States to study.  He got interested in entrepreneurship, and who can blame him?  (After all, isn’t an interest in entrepreneurship what brought you to Notebook Crazy to read this Seacret review?  It probably is, unless you came here through the magic of SEO because you Googled “Antarctica party snacks” or “what salty food starts with U”.)  Eventually, Moty’s brother Izhak also moved to the U.S., and they eventually started a business selling skincare products, such as mud masks, made from the salt and mud of the Dead Sea and rich in Dead Sea minerals.  If you have been surrounded by MLM sales pitches for as long as I have, then the next part of the story is going to shock you, but Moty and Izhak Ben Shabat originally sold Seacret products in stores and mall kiosks.  It is the most sensible idea I have heard in a very long time, a product with a catchy name, offered for sale in malls, where people who want to buy it know where to find it and people who do not want to buy it can just walk past the kiosk and go on with their lives.  It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Enter Betty Perez.  She convinced the Ben Shabat brothers to adopt a direct sales business model for Seacret products, complete with home sales parties.

The Seacret business opportunity is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea, and the Seacret website is available in English and Spanish.  The Seacret website does not make it very easy to look at individual Seacret products, as it makes you enter the information of a Seacret distributor who referred you to the site.  Thus, I wish I could give you more details about Seacret products, but it appears that such information is only available to people who can sit through a Seacret home sales party.  The only secrets the Seacret website will offer up are that the categories of products are facial care, body care, for men, and age-defying solutions.

The Seacret Compensation Plan

There are five ways to make money with the Seacret compensation plan.  According to one Seacret review I read, the profits you can make on retail sale of Seacret products range from 30% to 150%.  This Seacret reviewer acknowledges that this is probably where you should focus your strategy if you have a store, but her tone sounds a bit like running a store where you make profits of over 100% is for chumps and that real entrepreneurs worth their salt subject their customers to home sales parties, instead of just letting them choose the products they want and then go to their own homes to spend their time as they choose.

The MLM aspect of the Seacret business opportunity is called the Preferred Customer Program, in which Seacret distributors get discounted prices that make it possible for them to earn a 25% commission on the Seacret products they sell.  At least, that is what I think the description of the program on this summary of the Seacret compensation plan on a Seacret review means.  It also says something about “disappearing autoship.”  Upon further review, “disappearing autoship”, means that, if you are a Seacret distributor and you recruit four other Seacret distributors, you get your monthly shipment of Seacret products free.

In the Seacret business opportunity, your dowline team is organized in two “legs”, a system known as binary team structure, of which I am not a fan.

The leadership levels in the Seacret compensation plan are Star, Star Builder, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, and Crown.  There is a car bonus in which Seacret gives you a monthly allowance to put toward a luxury car.  It amounts to $600 at the Silver and Gold levels, $800 at the Ruby level, $1,000 at the Emerald level, $1,500 at the Diamond level, $2,000 at the Double Diamond level, and $3,000 at the Crown level.  Then there is a lifestyle bonus, which is a cash bonus you can spend on anything you choose.  (I guess you could also save it, but there is little talk of putting bonus money in savings in the MLM world.)  This bonus amounts to $600 at the Gold level, $800 at the Ruby level, $1,000 at the Emerald level, $1,500 at the Diamond level, $2,000 at the Double Diamond level, and $3,000 at the Crown level, so at most levels, the amounts are similar to the amounts of the car bonus.  And then there are rank advancement bonuses, which are one-time bonuses you get when you achieve a new rank.  The fact that the rank advancement bonus for the Crown level is $1,000,000 is a red flag for me, as well as for a lot of other MLM veterans.  You should read it as a warning that it is nearly impossible to achieve the highest ranks in the  Seacret business opportunity, or, indeed, in any MLM.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The fact that the name of the Seacret company contains a pun indicates that more thought went into naming it than goes into the naming of most MLM companies.
  • The fact that Seacret distributors are called Seacret Agents is also kind of fun. There is nothing worse than an MLM company that takes itself too seriously.
  • It is still possible to sell Seacret products in stores, so if you have a store and you think your customers would be interested in Seacret products, you have nothing to lose by becoming a Seacret distributor. Of course, if you have a store, it is not in your interest to recruit other people to become Seacret distributors, because they will be your competition.  But then, if you have enough business sense to keep a store open for more than a few months, then you probably are not foolish enough to get sucked into the recruitment side of MLM, anyway.
  • Seacret products, like the products in any product-based MLM, have a way of accumulating in the basements of Seacret distributors, but somehow, haaving a basement full of tubes of Dead Sea mud does not sound as demoralizing as having a basement full of nutritional supplements.


  • Seacret distributors are encourage to market Seacret products at home sales parties. There is not enough salt in Don Juan Pond to mask the foul taste left in my mouth by MLM home sales parties.  Quadruple crown diamond barf.
  • Since Seacret products are available in stores, why would anyone buy them from you if you become a Seacret distributor?
  • The Seacret compensation plan involves binary team structure.


I have nothing against Dead Sea minerals.  In fact, if I saw Seacret products for sale at a kiosk in a mall, I might even stop by and rub some Dead Sea mud on my hand from the tester tube.  If someone invites you to a party that involves swimming in very salty water, but no one asks you to buy or sell anything, that is a fun party, but if someone invites you to a party and starts trying to get you to buy and sell skincare products, you only stand to lose money and friendships.


What is your favorite salty snack food?  Schedule a call with me, and we can compare notes.



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