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Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan Review


Many students after completing their studies are showing great deal of enthusiasm to join multi-level marketing firms. This trend is becoming increasingly evident in many countries of the world and is not restricted to USA alone. Actually, this MLM industry is capable of transforming these students into successful business leaders of tomorrow for leading sales teams for maximizing the sale of products and services. Apart from that, students also have the option to learn how to work as a team and to develop a solid down-line under their leadership. Not only students but also people from other backgrounds are flocking into this industry to earn money through setting their own job durations. It also offers part time income earning opportunities to individuals engaged in other professions. At present, there are numerous MLM firms that are dealing with varieties of products and services. For those people who have interest in healthy and fitness products, Seacret Direct is the appropriate MLM firm for them. To know more about earning from MLM marketing, click here. 

About Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan Review

seacret direct

Seacret Direct was established in the year of 2005 and at present is operating over more than fifty nations of the world. The firm was established with the core objective of offering the most innovative nutritional products to the customers at affordable costs. The company has provided employment opportunities to more than forty thousand distributors of the world and is still capable of accommodating hard working youths like you. All its healthy products have received great response from the customers and the firm is still in the process of making the most advanced products in the market. The distributors working in this firm use the tactic of oral advertising in convincing customers to use the products of the company. The company, in order to encourage its distributors, rewards handsome bonus amounts in weekly and monthly basis.

Products of Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

When it comes to ensuring product quality the company spares no expenses. It sources top quality manufacturing ingredients for its products from well known wholesalers and tests their qualities in its advanced state of the art facilities. The firm hires experienced scientists to obtain the ultimate products from these ingredients. All such products are fully FDA approved does not contain any harmful chemicals and other toxic elements. You can clearly see the expiry and manufacturing dates of these products that are enshrined in the packs. Some of the popular products of this company mainly include the following mentioned below:

Mud Soap: This clinically approved product is mainly prepared from the mud extract of Dead Sea which is quite effective in deep cleaning of your skin. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and so there is no question of any skin side-effect. It can get rid of your skin from every type of dirt, oils and debris. You can notice the difference within few weeks of using this product.

Refresh: This body moisturizer is quite ideal to regain your younger looking skin. It is rich with essential vitamin ingredients and can percolate deep down to your skin to nourish the skin tissue. It also comprises of essential mineral extracts of Dead Sea which are helpful to make your smooth and shine. Apply it gently to your body parts and you can notice the difference within few weeks of usage.

Revive: This serum does not comprise of any harmful ingredient and is quite useful in regaining the younger looking appearance of the nearer eye regions within few weeks of usage. With the passage of time, the surrounding areas of your eye may witness wrinkle skin which can be easily avoided using this product. Apply it gently to your nearer eye regions to witness the benefits within few days.

Compensation Plan of Seacret Direct MLM Business Opportunity

In order to motivate hard and enterprising distributors like you, the company has developed the most flexible and dynamic compensation plan in the industry. The sole objective of this compensation plan is to maximize your chance of receiving increased bonus and incentives amounts on weekly and monthly basis. As per this plan, distributors have the scope of making incomes in the following ways mentioned below:

Product Sales: Here you have to first buy the products of the company at the wholesale price and then sale it to your customers at the retail price. The profit that you will be getting shall be determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs. Normally, you have the chance obtaining the profit percent of 150 which can be further maximized on the basis of the increased product orders of your new and existing customers.

Team Commissions: In order to qualify for this commission, you have to personally enroll 2 distributors and support them to personally enroll other two distributors by replicating your process. Then allow this process to continue by supporting the successive distributors to enroll two persons under their disposal. In this way you will lead a large team with no fixed size. Your commission amount shall be determined on the basis of your team size but on an average distributor like you normally gets the commission amounts of $25,000 every week.

Customer Program: Each person that you are personally enrolling in this program is creating an alternative source of residual income. The ordered products of the customers will be forwarded through autoship as it makes them eligible for getting discount in every product purchase. But on the other side you will also receive a bonus percentage ranging from twenty to twenty five percent on the basis of the product order generation from such customers. Your bonus amount will be further maximized on the basis of the increased number of enrolled customers.

Performance Bonuses: On achieving the position of Star you will become qualified for this single time bonus. The bonus amounts will be further maximized when you continue to achieve other high ranking positions of the company. It normally begins with the amount of $15 and you have the chance of ending up with the solid amount of one million dollars on achieving the position of Crown Royale.

Leadership Check Match: In order to become eligible for this matching bonus, you have to achieve the position of Bronze and higher. There is no limit to this income and is mainly paid on the basis of your sincere efforts to help other distributors to taste success in the company. You have the chance of earning till twenty percent of the team commissions of your down-line members while belonging to any high ranking position of the company. The amount will be further maximized if you help more number of distributors in earning success.

Getting Started with Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

If you have decided to work in this company, then the ideal way to begin your career is to sign up for the position of distributor. On signing as a distributor you have the chance of knowing many facts and concepts of multi-level marketing. In addition to that, it will also help you in getting the products of the company at a reduced price and also give you much useful information on the benefits of these products. There are two ways you can enroll for the position of distributor. Either you can contact any nearest distributor of the company or directly visit the official website of the company. While enrolling online, you have to follow certain prescribed norms for successful enrollment. In the first stage, you have to select your nearest marketing zone along with filling certain important information column. In the second step, you have to carefully select and buy the business builder pack that contains useful training materials. Try to go for the costly pack so that you receive more materials for training and shaping up your concepts.  In the final stage, you have to buy the optional product pack containing items belonging to various product lines of the firm. Here also you should buy the costly pack so that people can consider your business investment quite seriously. On purchasing the costly pack, you will also get more products for personal use and giving to your neighbors for free trial apart from selling. Once these processes are successfully completed you will receive a confirmation message from the company and a replicated site shall be generated. Using it you can easily forward the product orders of your customers directly to the company.

Business Opportunity of Seacret Direct MLM Compensation plan

When it comes to offering money making opportunities, this company is much ahead than of its competitors. Once you sign up as the distributor you have the chance of earning money through retail sales and also through customer program. For instance, in retail sales you just have to sell the products to your customers for earning handsome profit amounts. In customer program you just have to support successive distributors to enroll tow down-line members at their disposal. Both these two opportunities are enough to raise your account balance when you join this company as a newly recruited distributor. It is only the beginning and the more you achieve the high ranking positions of the company, the higher will be chance of receiving attractive bonus and incentives. Not only that, as a distributor you have the sole authority to fix your own working hours and to determine the marketing strategy of your down-line members without any third party interference. There is no need of past work experience or educational qualification, as here you have to use your own mettle to maximize the product sell of the company.

Training with Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

When it comes to provide quality training the company leaves no stone unturned. Newly recruited distributors like you are first given well introduction of the MLM industry and are given adequate inputs about other technical terms associated with this industry. Then they are imparted the lessons of establishing home business without suffering much financial loss. Though company never neglects when it comes to providing formal training but it greatly offers back office supports to those distributors who adopt innovative marketing routes. For motivating the hardworking initiatives of the distributors the company organizes for various official events like conferences, workshops, seminars and so on. On visiting these events you have the chance of meeting the successful distributors of the company. From them you can easily obtain the tips to become successful in this industry. Not only that, it will be quite better for you if you establish rapport with any experienced distributor of the company. From him you can gain many inputs on lead generation and convincing the target customers for the products.

Conclusion of Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending this review, it is important to remember that for achieving success in this industry if have to remain focus on your hard works and training skills. Once you lose your focus then you have to encounter miserable failure. Apart from that, you guys must always beware from the blog posts that often criticize this MLM industry providing infinite money making opportunities. These posts are mainly the handiworks of those distributors who have failed to earn money in this industry. Through these posts they try to discourage youths like you from joining these MLM firms. Their sole aim is just to stall the progress of those firms running on MLM structure. You will be surprised to hear that in this industry many firms also compete among themselves just to grab the dominant foothold in the market. They also often engaged in spreading baseless rumors against each other to tarnish the image in the market.

Unfortunately, this firm is also on their target list. But as you have already the review, you know that in terms of transparency this company is much ahead than the others. For instance, it has explained in details the manufacturing ingredients of its products along with the test results of several agencies. Not only that, it has clearly specified in its compensation plan the opportunities of pocketing maximum incomes by the distributors. This is the only company in the industry where there is no single incident of employee unrest and factionalism. All the employees work as a team. So instead of wasting your time you must join this firm at once.






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