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Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan

Let us begin this Send Out Cards review by thinking about new technologies and whether or not they are better than old ones.  Think about how many technologies you have used today that did not exist when you were born.  Did you use a smartphone to make a phone call, get directions, or even make a purchase by hovering your phone close, but not too close, to a credit card reader?  Did you sweeten your coffee with Splenda, which was patented in 1998?  Did you lock or unlock your car remotely?

Now let’s think about the old technologies people still use, even though new ones are available.  The people who hold onto the old technologies do so because they have some sort of benefit that the new ones don’t.  Some people still prefer to listen to music on vinyl records because, in their opinion, none of the new music recording formats that have become available more recently sound as good as a good old vinyl disc.  Perhaps they even do it for the satisfaction of dropping the needle, watching the record spin, and hearing the quiet hiss of anticipation as the needle makes its way around the outer groove; it is so much more engaging, so much more human, than clicking.  Some people spend cash on almost everything they buy, because it is more effective at keeping them from spending their money carelessly than credit cards, checks, or online transactions.  Some people even go really old school and keep as much of their wealth as possible in gold, perhaps owing to their distrust of a financial system build on paper currency, and perhaps also because gold is so much prettier.

Most of the time, though, new technologies are more efficient.  Vinyl records are satisfying to hold in your hands, and they sometimes have cool cover art, but the files on iTunes don’t skip or get warped or scratched.  There is something elegant about a horse-drawn carriage, and it is easier to form a bond of friendship with a horse than with a Prius, but cars don’t panic and endanger everyone around them when they see a mouse or hear a loud noise.  The individual trousers legs tied on one at a time and ornamented with a codpiece look was something to see (and if you want to rock that look in 2016, who am I to stop you?), but you have to admit that when you trade them in for a pair of sweatpants, it takes a lot less time to get dressed.  Likewise, you would probably look pretty fly in a monocle, but new inventions like eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK enable you to see out of both eyes at once, and you can see with them without mastering the monocle-specific facial contortion in which you squint from your eyebrow to your cheekbone.  Thanks to a domino effect that started with hieroglyphics and cuneiform and eventually came to include the codex, the sticky note, and the Notes app on your smartphone, you no longer have to spend time thinking of elaborate mnemonics to memorize your grocery shopping list.

I am not quite sure where greeting cards fit in on the spectrum of obsolete to irreplaceable old technologies.  On the one hand, there are many far more efficient and less costly ways to exchange greetings with people who are too far away for you to visit them in person and who will subject you to an hour-long monologue about their restless leg syndrome if you call them on the phone.  If you want to greet those people, you can send them text messages, email forwards with a brief greeting at the beginning, or messages on a seemingly endless variety of social media.  On the other hand, greeting cards can be kind of fun.  When I was a kid and my mom took us to the pharmacy, my brothers and I would always entertain ourselves by reading the funny greeting cards in the greeting card aisle out loud to each other.  It was especially fun when my brother Brian and I would read the senior citizen birthday cards out loud to each other, and the innuendos went way over the head of my youngest brother Bryce.  Some people actually still buy greeting cards and send them to people.  I know my grandma does, and your grandma probably does too.  My parents, like many people of their generation, get a lot of greeting cards in the mail every year at Christmas, and some of them are quite enjoyable.  Some people send Christmas cards with a family photo on the front, and it is fun to see how that family wanted everyone else to see it in the family Christmas card.  There are the Christmas cards from my mom’s aunt, which are decidedly un-subtle in their message that, on our side of the family, we are heathens.  And then there are the Christmas cards from people you haven’t seen in years, but you are still on their Christmas list, and they still make a point of sending you a Christmas card every year.  Our generation may never experience this, because in our day, casual acquaintances friend us on Facebook, so we get to see their vacations, their breakfast, and their kids’ kindergarten graduation numerous times per year instead of forgetting about them all year and just getting a card at Christmas.  But in my parents’ generation, there is such a thing as the person who you forget about for 364 days out of the year, but one day a year you are reminded of his existence, because he remembers you with a Christmas card.

send out cards

In our family, that person is this dude named Hank.  My dad and Hank went to the same high school, and my dad is kind of nerdy (not that that word existed when he was in high school), so it would not surprise me to find out that he and Hank got along pretty well, but I can hardly say that my dad considers Hank among his closest friends.  I have never met Hank, although the return address on his Christmas cards leads me to believe that he only lives a few towns over from where we live.  There are no pictures of my dad and Hank together.  My dad never even talks about him, except in the context that it is a little weird and kind of entertaining that he sends us a Christmas card every year.

Everything I know about Hank comes from his Christmas cards, always with an enclosed Christmas letter full of updates about what he and his family have been up to all year.  Hank seems like kind of a character.  He seems never to have had a steady job for as long as we have been getting his Christmas letters, but yet, to my knowledge, he has never tried multilevel marketing (MLM).  He seems to survive by doing odd jobs, and sometimes he spends part of the year following the Grateful Dead around the Midwest.  His wife is an alternative medicine practitioner, and she home schools their kids.  He actually seems like an interesting guy, and I give him props for managing to stay out of the soul-sucking cubicle farm for my entire life.

You know who else wants to stay out of the soul-sucking cubicle farm?  You do, and that is why you are reading this Send Out Cards review, to find out whether the Send Out Cards business opportunity will get you any closer to that goal.

Send Out Cards: The Company and Its Products

As you can probably guess based on the name, Send Out Cards products are greeting cards.  The way the company operates is that customers fill out an order form on the Send Out Cards website, and Send Out Cards fills out a greeting card according to the customer’s specifications and sends the card to a recipient of the customer’s choosing.  Customers can choose to add a gift, such as a box of brownies, to the card.

The Send Out Cards Compensation Plan

I have no beef with the existence of a company that wants to be for greeting cards what edible arrangements is for chocolate covered strawberries.  The reason I have made the effort in this Send Out Cards review to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the persistence of greeting cards in 2016 is the Send Out Cards compensation plan, and it is MLM.  The Send Out Cards compensation plan gives you an incentive to try to talk people into pre-paying for greeting cards they may never even send, and for talking up the Send Out Cards business opportunity to their friends as though it is a path to financial freedom.  The Send Out Cards compensation plan is not worse than other MLM compensation plans; all MLM compensation plans are insidious.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Send Out Cards products are not nutraceuticals. No one is claiming that the brownies are going to cure cancer or ADHD.
  • Originality counts for a lot, and I do not know any other MLM business opportunities based on greeting cards.


  • The Send Out Cards business model just is not very well suited to greeting cards. It works well for things like Edible Arrangements and 1-800-FLOWERS, because fruits and flowers are perishable, and if you want to send them to someone in another city, the gift has to be assembled in a location near to the recipient’s address and then delivered in a non-refrigerated truck.  But, for a fraction of the price, if you really wanted to send someone a greeting card instead of a text message or a tweet, you could just send a greeting card without all the MLM fuss.
  • As so many other Send Out Cards reviewers have pointed out, most people do not send greeting cards anymore. The ones that do want to hand write them.  That is what makes greeting cards fun.  Paying a stranger to send greeting cards on your behalf is like paying a stranger to attend your friends’ birthday parties in your place.
  • I always say that MLM is not a recession proof job, and this is especially true of the Send Out Cards business opportunity. No one considers greeting cards and brownies a necessity, not in 2016, when there is Instagram and the Paleo diet.


Stay far away from the Send Out Cards business opportunity.  Greeting cards are supposed to bring you closer to your friends, not alienate them.  While you are at it, stay far away from the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry in general.  Thanks to the MLM industry, I have been down so low that I have even considered taking the return address from the Christmas letter of my dad’s friend Hank, whom I have never met, programming it into the navigation app on my smartphone (hey, baby boomers, remember when you used to have to write directions on the back of an old greeting card envelope?), driving to his house, and trying to recruit him onto my downline sales team.  If you are already in that kind of desperate shape thanks to another MLM company, say one that has filled your basement with overpriced fungus coffee or cheese fruit coolers, the Send Out Cards business opportunity is not going to make your financial situation better.  The best thing you can do is text your friends, message your friends on Facebook, or otherwise use one of the many dirt cheap means of communication to contact your friends, and apologize.  Apologize for guilt tripping them into your MLM business.  Apologize for all the times you told them a big payout was just around the corner when you knew it wasn’t.  Apologize for all the MLM vitamin supplements and costume jewelry in your basement.  A sincere apology goes a long way.  I am sure your friends will forgive you, and then you can laugh about the good old days, when people had to buy greeting cards when they wanted to apologize.



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