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Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan Review



Becoming a Distributor for Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan

There’s no gainsaying the fact that working professionals need to work overtime or find a part-time engagement in order to maintain their existing cost and standard of living. In this regard, becoming a distributor of an established MLM company would be a step in the right direction as this sort of engagement lets you earn a respectable sum of money. Furthermore, you’re required to make minimal investments (and sometimes nil) as a business associate but get the privilege of earning regular paybacks.MLM company would be a step in the right direction as this sort of engagement lets you earn a respectable sum of money. Furthermore, you’re required to make minimal investments (and sometimes nil) as a business associate but get the privilege of earning regular paybacks.

Of course, there are numerous other advantages and benefits of taking up the distributorship of a multilevel marketing company. For instance, you’ve devote just a few hours for promotional activities, and you can work at your own pace. You can plan your own work schedule in a manner that lets you maximize returns on the efforts towards promoting the organization’s products or services.

A significant benefit that you reap by working as a business associate is that you earn quite a good amount of idle commissions. In other words, you stand to make money when team members recruited by you hire the services of the enterprise or buy its products or when they enlist members for building their own teams. However, you need to be cautious when you’re in process of short-listing network marketing companies in order to come to a decision as to which organization you’ll ultimately join.

send out cards

You should make it a point never to register yourself as a distributor for a pyramidal scheme marketing company. Companies that recruit people by advertising themselves as pyramidal plan marketing concerns usually masquerade as Ponzi-scheme organizations. If you’re under the impression that MLM and pyramid-system firms are one and the same, then you’re the victim of a misconception.

A Ponzi scheme enterprise essentially signs up individuals or rather bullies them into joining the system. And you get a dividend or a share when you’re exhorted or browbeaten to register new members for the company. Since these companies do not offer any services or retail any product, the nature of their business activity is unethical from the commercial perspective.

Alternatively, a MLM company canvasses its wares (or services for that matter) exclusively through its distributors who’ve been recruited after a scrupulous screening process. The organization does not advertise its products nor does it develop a chain of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to sell the same. The products or services are exclusively promoted by the company-enlisted distributors who receive a payout, incentive or commission when they either purchase a product or hire someone who also ends up buying.

‘Send out Cards’ is a unique MLM company that promotes a near endless variety of greeting cards not via brick-and-mortar shops but purely through the online mode. SendOutCards is an extraordinary network marketing organization in that it allows you to choose from an almost infinite range of greetings or get-well cards or make a personalized card and then send it to the addressee at rock-bottom prices.

Is it Worthwhile to join as a Distributor of Send out Cards?

SendOutCards is the brainchild of Kody Bateman who laid the foundations for the organization in 2004 but was actually incorporated in 2005. The company has its headquarters in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA. Kody Bateman as its CEO and proprietor, Sam Robinson is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Joe Kenemore is the sales & marketing VP, and Jeannette Roach is the human resources chief.

SendOutCards is into the business of greeting cards-all or any type of salutation card you can envisage of-specifically get-well-soon cards, congratulatory, and complimentary cards. As far as the commercial sector of greeting cards is concerned, it is a multimillion dollar industry and SendOutCards enjoys a sort of monopoly in the online realm of this segment. And with regards to competition in the MLM arena, this company has been profiting incredibly as there are no competitors to compete with.

The business concept of SendOutCards is incredibly convenient and very effective at the same time. You get to select from a mindboggling array of greeting cards, and choose one that catches your fancy. The online platform thereafter prints the card, embosses a stamp, puts it in an envelope, and sends it or rather mails it to your prescribed address at a price which is much less than what you pay for the same at any store.

And they archive all kinds of greetings cards you can think of-birthday cards, marriage anniversary cards, wedding cards, get-well cards, special events cards-you name it, and they have it. Despite having an immense repertoire of greeting cards, you’re not able to spot the sort of card you’re looking for you can always design your card and place a print order for the same. You can post the card directly from your smartphone by using the mobile apps of SendOutCards in a fraction of a minute.

SendOutCards, since its inception has taken optimum advantage of the internet to create a realistic and versatile online delivery system. This system makes it easy for you to dispatch a greeting card of your choosing complete with a personalized message to anyone you wish to regardless of his or her location at lightning speed. Once you make the cut to register as a distributor of SOC, your focus will be on scouting for individuals and convincing them to subscribe to the company’s newsletter.

You’ll egg them on to buy cards from SOC for their near and dear ones as well as urge them to look for people who might be interested to work as distributors. Starting out as a distributor for SendOutCards and getting at least one new prospect to sign up each day to buy a SOC card will of course not be smooth sailing. However, given the novelty of the product coupled with the innovativeness of the online system of SOC, inducing people to register will not be a very tall order either.


Distributor Recruitment Process of Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan

You’ll have to commit to selling $9.98-$31 worth of cards per month to enlist and keep on working as a distributor. Once, you effectively sail past this post, you become entitled to receive a prescribed amount of ‘points’. You’ll have to buy cards-bear in mind these will be physical cards and not e-cards as you might assume-using the points and mail the same to your chosen addressees.

If you strongly feel that you’ll be able to hard-sell at least 10-15 cards every month in the initial phase then you should be part of the system. The online platform and the delivery system have been designed in such a way that it has delivered the goods for countless number of individuals until now. So, there’s no conceivable reason why the same structure and organization will not work for you.

You’ll just need to think optimistically and make a shortlist of your 100 most intimate acquaintances, and convince just 1o% of individuals from that list to go for SOC cards. If you’re successful, you’ll be on your way to earn a princely sum-your first via SOC-that’ll also pave the way and lay the foundations for getting a regular disposable income at the end of every month. The trick is to enlist sufficient number of individuals who’re confident that they’ll be able to register enough people who’ll be willing to mail greeting cards just sufficient to make you earn a good commission.

When you land at the SOC’s homepage for the first time, you’ll certainly not get carried away or have an enlightening experience as there’s nothing remarkable about the site claiming ‘we’re creating a revolution of kindness’. This is more of a tagline that is meant to lure and entice people looking to earn a good amount by working independently on their own terms. As far as the nature and modus operandi of doing business is concerned, SOC is in the same league as Amway, Oriflame, Avon, Forever, and Free Life International.

It is only when you go through the fine print of how to become associated as a distributor that you start to figure out the opportunities offered by SendOutCards. When you express your interest to sign up, you’re urged to register for the complete promotional package that costs $395-quite expensive if you look from the viewpoint of joining as a distributor. By coughing up $395, you gain access to an online office, 100 points for mailing visiting cards, and rights to surf some branded websites.

Additionally, you’re donated 10 ‘preferred customer’ accounts that you can award to some of your most intimate acquaintances who might be interested to become distributors. Anybody who’s interested to send out greeting cards or get-well cards to their near and dear ones by exploiting an online system without burning a hole in his or her pocket can be designated as ‘preferred customer’. Once you recruit someone who expresses interest in mailing SendOutCards, you can let him or her have access to a personalized and exclusive ‘preferred customer’ account. Such a ‘preferred customer’ can build his or her distributorship business by sending out SendOutCards.

Compensation Plan of Send Out Cards MLM Business Opportunity

Once you enroll as a distributor of SendOutCards by coughing up $395, you get up to 10 PC (preferred accounts) accounts for giving away to those whom you recruit as down-line distributors. You’re entitled to a payout of $50, if you’re successful in signing up two new individuals in the first week that is equivalent or tantamount to making two PC accounts active. Additionally, you’re eligible to receive commissions when and whenever any of your recruits mail SOC cards throughout their lifetimes.

In case anyone or more of your PCs are effective in convincing two individuals to register as SOC distributors within a week of their recruitment, then you stand to make a cool $140. There are a total of seven hierarchical levels in the organizational structure of SOC’s MLM business. These levels are as follows:-

  1. Distributor
  2. Senior Distributor
  3. Manager
  4. Senior Manager
  5. Executive
  6. Senior Executive
  7. Eagle

You’d have to slog it out for the first two levels of ‘distributor’ and ‘senior distributor’. You start raking in the moolah on a more or less regular basis once you become a ‘manager’. Starting from the managerial level right up to the topmost echelon of ‘Eagle’, you work as a supervisor, manager or leader and earn leadership bonuses.

As a manager, you’ll need to generate a minimum sales volume of $240 to make a commission of $100. When you become a ‘senior manager’, you’d have to sell $290 worth of SOC cards to earn $150. At the next stage, when you become an ‘executive’, you earn a payout of $180 for closing deals amounting to at least $320. When you graduate to the highest level, you become an ‘Eagle Distributor’ where you’re required to clock in sales of a minimum amount of $335 to get $195.

Assessment of Business Opportunity in Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan

The average yearly gross earnings as well as the gross median annual incomes at the different hierarchical levels have been uploaded on the SOC website in the form of a table. A quick glance at the table reveals that over 90% of those who join as distributors seem to reach their ‘peaks’ or ‘saturation levels’ when they become ‘senior distributor’. From this stage onwards (senior distributor), the climb becomes steep and keeps on getting steeper with ascension to every subsequent level.

The steepness or difficulty level associated with moving from the ‘senior distributor’ stage to succeeding stages can be gauged from the fact that there were only 0.16% of total distributors and 0.18% of active distributors were there at the ‘executive’ level. However, if you could make it to this level, your average earnings compounded on an annual basis would be approximately $22,100. However, bear in mind that a substantial chunk of these earnings would fall in your kitty as a result of the efforts of your team, a passive income for you.

Further evidence of the difficulty or complicatedness of the MLM business of SOC can be evaluated on the basis of the number of individuals who were successful in becoming ‘Eagle’ distributors. Out of every 100 individuals who joined as distributors, not even 1% (which means not a single distributor) could reach the ultimate level.

Summing Up the Send Out Cards MLM Compensation Plan

If you’re willing to spare sufficient time and work with your nose to the grindstone, then you can proceed to sign up as a SOC distributor. Or else, you’ll be much better off taking advantage of the system as a client rather than attempting to ‘get rich quick’ by mailing ‘smiles and smileys’.

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