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SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome back to Notebook Crazy.  As regular readers of this site know, if there is anything I can’t stand, it is fad diets, especially when they are attached to nutritional supplements sold through a multilevel marketing (MLM) business model.  The alkaline diet is one of my least favorites, and it happens to be at the center of the SevenPoint2 business opportunity, which is the MLM business opportunity I am reviewing today.  As part of my research for this SevenPoint2 review, I decided to find out as much as I could about the alkaline diet and why it is bogus.

The alkaline diet requires you to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and not a lot of animal products.  While there are plenty of reasons why one might stay healthy by eating a mostly or entirely plant-based diet, but the reasoning behind the alkaline diet has some major flaws.  Thus, if you want to follow the food recommendations of the alkaline diet, it is unlikely to make you less healthy.  Just do not clutter my social media accounts with its bogus claims about its foods making your body more alkaline.  (You will see in a minute why the idea of a person’s body being alkaline is problematic.)

pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is.  It is measured as a number from 0 to 14, with low numbers being acidic and high numbers being alkaline.  Water has a pH of 7, which is neutral, neither acidic or alkaline.  Meanwhile, lemon juice has a pH of 2.4, vinegar has a pH of 2.9, coffee has a pH of 5, and milk has a pH of 6.5.  Alkaline substances we encounter in daily life include soap, which has a pH of about 9 and bleach, which has a pH of 12.5.

The pH of different parts of the human body varies only by minute amounts, except under extreme circumstances such as very serious acute illnesses.  Stomach acid is very acidic, with a pH of 2, compared to 0.5 for battery acid.  If your stomach acid were not this acidic, you would not be able to digest.  Meanwhile, human blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH of between 7.34 and 7.35.

But the alkaline diet is not about the pH of the actual food.  It is about how the food you eat affect the pH of your urine, and some proponents of the alkaline diet encourage people to test the pH of their urine, especially when they are just starting out the diet.  The pH of urine really does change according to what you eat, meaning that it changes very quickly, almost every time you eat.  Proponents of the alkaline diet are correct when they say that eating vegetables makes your urine alkaline and eating animal protein makes it more acidic.  The flaw in the idea of the foods making your “body” more alkaline or acidic is that the pH of your blood ad organs does not change.  In fact, your kidneys and respiratory system work day and night to remove acids and alkaline compounds and expel them as waste products, namely urine and exhaled carbon dioxide.

If you read alkaline diet websites, you will hear all about how alkaline diets prevent cancer and osteoporosis, but none of those claims have been substantiated.  If you are going to eat fruits and vegetables, eat them because they taste good or because they contain vitamins and dietary fiber, not because of how they affect the pH of your urine.

SevenPoint2: The Company and Its Products


The SevenPoint2 company was founded around 2011 by Jason Boreyko, whose experiences with the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry go back his whole life; his father made a living by selling Amway products.  Of course, that was before it was possible to buy products online, and buying products from individual salespeople rather than from stores was also much more common than it is now.  It also seems that, in the 1960s and 1970s, Amway distributors put a lot more effort into selling products than they did in to all this recruitment of layer upon layer of downline sales team.

Yes, SevenPoint2 products are nutraceuticals, specifically nutraceuticals designed to make your urine more alkaline.  It appears that the company’s name refers to a slightly alkaline pH level, but I am not sure exactly what it is the pH of.  Even if you stuff your face with junk food all day, your blood is still more alkaline than 7.35.  (Of course, food doesn’t change the pH of your blood at all.)  I find it a bit rich that one of the flagship SevenPoint2 products is a protein powder, since protein is one of the food components that makes urine more acidic, but protein is an essential part of the human diet, so it would be worse if SevenPoint2 tried to get you to sell meal replacement shakes that do not have any protein.

After reviewing so many MLM companies, I get the feeling that if you have seen one nutritional supplement product line, you have seen them all, and other than the pH-themed marketing gimmick, SevenPoint2 products do not really seem that different from any of the other nutritional supplements sold by the other MLMs I have reviewed on this site.

The SevenPoint2 Compensation Plan

For this detailed information about the SevenPoint2 compensation plan, I am indebted to a slide presentation prepared by Erik Chang.

You can join the SevenPoint2 business opportunity in any of three ways.  You can buy an Associate Membership, which is inexpensive as MLM business starter kits go but which offers you little leverage for building a business, you can buy a Bronze or Silver Fast Start Pack, which it appears that Erik recommends for people who are more interested in selling SevenPoint2 products than they are in recruiting a downline sales team, or you can buy a Silver Elite Fast Start Pack, which Erik very euphemistically says is for “creating serious income quickly”.  The Bronze and Silver packs, which cost $299.79 and $599.97 respectively, contain an assortment of SevenPoint2 products, plus something called a success kit.  The Silver Elite pack costs $999.97, and it contains the success kit, even more SevenPoint2 products than the other starter kits, 25 product brochures, four different training CDs, a shaker bottle, and enrollment in something called 7.2 University.

As with other MLM compensation plans, the SevenPoint2 compensation plan contains the assumption, if not the explicitly stated requirement, that SevenPoint2 distributors get monthly deliveries of SevenPoint2 products sent to them on autoship.  One of the income opportunities in the SevenPoint2 compensation plan is called “Nothing Beats Free”, and it says that, if you enroll three customers to receive autoship deliveries of SevenPoint2 products, then you get your autoship merchandise free.  That may sound like a boon, but every MLM veteran knows that the autoship thing is how so many of us ended up with basements full of nutritional supplements.

The leadership levels in the SevenPoint2 compensation plan are Global Associate, Bronze, Silver, Silver Elite, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Platinum, Diamond, Black Diamond, Presidential Black Diamond, Royal Black Diamond, Imperial Black Diamond, and Crown Black Diamond.  If we are going to stick with this whole pH theme, why not name the leadership ranks in the SevenPoint2 compensation plan Battery Acid, Stomach Acid, Lemon Juice, Cola, Vinegar, Orange Juice, Beer, Coffee, Milk, Water, Sea Water, Soap, Ammonia, and Bleach?

It looks as though, in the SevenPoint2 compensation plan, you can assign the SevenPoint2 distributors to whichever “leg” of your downline sales team where it is most advantageous for you to assign them.  While, if you are new to MLM, that might seem like a boon, like the company is giving you flexibility to develop your own strategy, but again, if you have been in the MLM business long enough, you know to run in the opposite direction when you hear that your downline team has “legs” at all.  One way or another, which sales come from which legs of your downline team is going to count, in some way, toward your commissions and bonuses.  That is not how commissions work in businesses other than MLM.  A commission is supposed to go like this: You get a commission equal to X% of the value of the merchandise you sell.  Bonuses should go something like this: As store manager, you get a bonus of X amount of money if your store meets certain sales goals.  MLM makes the process of commissions and bonuses much more complicated than it needs to be.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • If someone tries to pitch the SevenPoint2 business opportunity to you, a debriefing session afterward with your kids, in which you debunk that alkaline diet, could start an interesting, lifelong discussion about chemistry. That way, the next Thanksgiving, if one of your aunts starts rattling on about her new fad diet, or your cousin tries to rope you into yet another MLM (yes, I admit that a few Thanksgivings ago, that cousin was me), your kid can tactfully change the subject by talking about the pH of cranberry sauce.
  • It is interesting to me how different MLM compensation plans have differing interpretations of the value of rubies, emeralds, and platinum. The SevenPoint2 compensation plan does seem to be part of the industry-wide consensus that “presidential” ranks below “royal”, which ranks below “imperial”.
  • It is possible that your warm market is full of people who are naïve enough to buy into the alkaline diet and not resourceful enough to find vegan nutritional supplements, and if this is the case, you may have some success selling SevenPoint2 products to the, but if you choose to go this route, shame on you.


  • The elaborate SevenPoint2 compensation plan gives the impression that the SevenPoint2 business opportunity is more about multilevel marketing (MLM) recruiting and less about selling SevenPoint2 products. In fact, the alkaline diet themed product line almost sounds like it was chosen as an afterthought, after all the super-fruits had been claimed by other MLMs.
  • The price of the starter kits is quite steep, and it is especially a red flag when a lot of the additional cost of the Silver Elite starter kit is because of training materials. An MLM reviewer in a video I once saw on YouTube (unfortunately I do not remember the reviewer’s name or which MLM he was reviewing) said that the real way MLMs make their money is not through the sale of products but through the sale of training materials, and I could not agree more.
  • As with almost any MLM company out there, especially the ones that require you to sell nutraceuticals, the SevenPoint2 business opportunity is a whole lot of work for very little reward. It is almost impossible to end up in the black through any MLM opportunity, unless recruiting downline distributors and earning commissions and bonuses based on their sales is only a small part of what you do as an affiliate of the company.
  • People who want to buy expensive vegan protein powder will buy it at Whole Foods. Again, this is a problem with almost every MLM.  The product is something you can buy for a lower price, and probably a better quality, somewhere else.  Dealing with the MLM business model only amounts to a big hassle for you and for the people who might buy the products from you.


I am not trying to discourage anyone from eating a plant-based diet.  On other MLM reviews on this site, I have listed vegetarians and vegan I admire, and I just found out two days ago that His Purple Majesty was a vegetarian.  If you want to follow a vegan diet and take vegan supplements, I fully support your decision to do so.  Just don’t waste your money and time on yet another MLM business opportunity that, ultimately, is nothing special.


Isn’t it awesome when you tell kids about things like the pH scale and they think you know everything?  Schedule a call with me and tell me how your kids responded.


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