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Shaklee Corporation MLM Compensation Plan review


Hello people today we will discuss about Shaklee MLM plan and I am again here for helping you out in finding a reliable MLM firm to make you feel comfortable with decent income earning scope. As you know people are always in search for good products that can take of their skin, manage their weight and provide energy in the middle of the work. You might be interested to know why I have suddenly speaking about healthy and herbal products in the middle of the conversations. For your information Shaklee Corporation is one such MLM that deals with these types of healthy and nutritious products. Before you plan to join this company you must go through my review so that you can’t blame me later for any inconvenience. My review will give you detail information and compensation plan of the company besides highlighting your role to be able to do business with this company.

About Shaklee Corporation:

Shaklee Corporation was established in the year of 1956 under the leadership of Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. It provides effective healthy products in the market which are categorized in the four segments and that include nutrition, weight loss, beauty and household. Its main office is based in California and has vast domestic and international markets for selling these products. The company does have a sound base of customers and distributors to be boast of. The yearly revenue of the firm is now soaring above $ 200 million and will continue to rise in the subsequent period of time. There is a surplus scope for punks like you to earn sufficient living because it mainly follows the approach of direct marketing of selling its healthy products. Punks like you once enrolled in its direct marketing business have the scope of earning surplus amount for recruiting younger lots and selling its products.


Shaklee Corporation: Product overview

I know you might be wandering whether all its products are health friendly or not. Actually you should raise such questions because without having proper idea of the products of an MLM company it would be a big risk to join such company. In any mishap you will be held accountable because of your convincing role to consume such products. Fortunately, all the products of Shaklee are clinically tested and acquired essential certification from leading labs of USA and so there is no scope for any further questions to be raised. Besides, it also used high quality ingredients with latest technology for manufacturing its products in its processed labs.

Criteria for becoming a successful distributor of Shaklee

There is no better job than that of a distributor as you would be setting up your own work schedule and does not have to follow others when you have achieved some recognition in the market as a reliable distributor of Shaklee. You have the scope of enjoying family companion as well as enjoying greater financial autonomy which punks like you dreamed all days. In every MLM company punks like you always start from the below. Let me be specific otherwise you might think that I am taunting you. If you want to join as a distributor then you must contact a registered distributor of the company and enrolled yourself under him. You will receive a commission if you mange to sign up any person under you but you can only enjoy surplus profit from the sale of products that the people willing to purchase. There are three ways through which you can be associated with this firm. These mainly include the following:

  • Gold Ambassador: In this position every person receives their respective sites for selling products of the company. Besides, the firm also provides sufficient promotional aids for boosting potential sales into the steady stream of income.
  • Distributor: Here every people are provided brochures and other materials for ensuring maximum promotion and selling of the products. Here your self- marketing ability will be tested to a great extent for convincing people to use these products confidently.
  • Member: When you sign up as a member your scope of having direct access to the products of the company do get increased and you also have the scope of working as a part time distributor if you have any time to spare.

Many successful distributors of Shaklee have been able to develop their own downline using online platforms for better customer and client connectivity based on mutual trust and respects. These distributors have been successful in leaving a long lasting impression among the people because of their excellent customer service to the clients.

Compensation Plan

Ya! It’s now my time to share some facts about compensation as well for you guys will not let me off easily. On way of receiving god payment from Shaklee is to sell products to the consumers. You will receive all these products at wholesale rates to tick them up for selling to the consumers. In this way there is a scope of earning monthly income on a regular basis. Wholesale price of Shaklee’s products is 15 percent of the retail price and this 15 percent will be your legitimate commission. The second scope of earning residual income is recruiting members under your disposal. This way there develops the scope of earning bonus commissions between 4-34% on the basis of the personal volume of the team you lead. There are car bonuses, annual vacations, leadership bonuses and other incentives for the sincere direct marketer. The firm will provide adequate training and exposure to its distributors. Product conferences, webinars, company seminars and other avenues have been available for exposure and training purposes. More the number of members that you can recruit for maximum sell of your products; the more you have the scope of earning money in this process. It is the primary reason why consultants working in Shaklee do enjoy more earning than other consultants working in other MLM firms. Both men and women have the similar scope of earning handsome income if they are dedicated to their task of registering maximum sale of the Shaklee’s products besides, recruiting large number of grass root sales teams underneath.

Business opportunity in Shaklee

Shaklee is an excellent company with great leadership and products. More than 1000 distributors are receiving above one million dollars and so there cannot be doubt on the scope of money making in this company. It provides a generous structure of commission for the individuals planning to work from home. You need to have much focus on your sales target to be successful in this company. The firm will provide you with sufficient training so that you can form and manage your own team for building an effective marketing network. The success pillar of the company is mainly built on creating strong relationships in lieu of sale gimmick as it generates profits for short time only. Sales teams must eagerly seek for the sponsorship of the dedicated entrepreneurs who are devoted to the brand of the company and its highly valuable products. Shaklee provides ocean of opportunities for generating healthy income through a simple and dedicated approach. Shaklee’s success formula is quite simple. On becoming golden ambassador after joining Shaklee you need to purchase its products on certain every month. Then you have to share this technique with others after signing them for the position of golden ambassador. You will also get new customers for your products. Then you need to fill the lines of 10 customers and 3 ambassadors. With increasing achievement you have the scope of earning more bonuses and commissions. Besides, on achieving certain recruiting and sales goals you can qualify for the car program of the company.

Get Started with Shaklee:

The starter kit of Shaklee’s golden ambassador is usually available at a market value of $ 500 but you have to pay only $ 299 for purchasing it. This involves your free coupon of the products, application fee, training and marketing materials, trying out the samples of various products of Shaklee, getting rights for doing business under Shaklee’s names in any parts of USA and many more. I think this can be a perfect opportunity to you unlike the other MLM companies where you have to purchase everything at the original market value without any scope of reduction. Shaklee’s offer is quite big and better than other MLM companies and in my opinion you will not find such a cheap way of starting your home business without having any difficulty.

Alternate ways of expanding your Shaklee MLM business:

For smooth expansion of your MLM business you can utilize the channel of guest blogging in reputed sites for generating leads and discussions about your services and products among the netizens. While writing guest blogs make sure you use unique and innovative contents with related keywords for obtaining maximum search results for your website. To make it more professional develop your own blog site with exclusive domain name so that users can always find you while placing their queries. You can also look for availing the paid service of WordPress for posting your blogs with suitable contents. This site is much more accessible to the users and so there is greater chance of being into their notice and query. You can also market your products through the medium of e-mail as it would compel users to delve more details into the contents and benefits of using your products. Usually we follow two types of marketing through e-mail which include direct and transactional mails. Direct mails mainly comprised of promotional messages like launching special or new product for the purpose of attracting new or existing customers towards your company. On the other hand transactional mails mainly comprised of messages that are generated on the action of the consumers. These mainly include order confirmation, purchase, receipts and many more.

Hey! my suggestion is not yet finished for you buddy because if you don’t develop your business on the manners I am suggesting you don’t blame me afterwards. You have the scope of developing your Shaklee MLM business using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well. Don’t underestimate their importance because these tools can be easily accessed by users’ not so expertise in computer handling.


Hope that punks like you have now reaped some benefits in reading my Shaklee MLM reviews and before ending I would like to say never fall in the trap of rumors because that would only destroy your chance of further growth in your career. It is really surprising that reputable firms like Shaklee Corporation are sometimes viewed with suspicions. However, from my personal experience I can say that this company is quite legitimate when it comes to business opportunity and compensation plans. No staffs working in this company can claim that they get their payment quite late nor will you find any wage discriminations between male and female employees. So why pals like you make unnecessary cry about the company is still not clear in my head? Shaklee Corporation is a well organized company and there you can enjoy all sorts of facilities once you register spectacular target for the company. Do you know buddy why most people fail make money in such MLM company? It is because punks like you do not show enough interest in the training program of the company due to loss of enthusiasm. I would not blame for you that because it also happens to me also. But you must focus when you don’t have other means of earning money. I do hope that after reading the scopes and benefits of the firm you will not take seriously these unnecessary rumors about the firm. You should remember that many rival firms do want to tarnish its reputations so as to promote their stuffs in the market. If you have visited the site of Shaklee you must have now known that their products have the quality certification of leading labs of America and so your selling task has become already quite easy because of that. So I am suggesting you make yourself available in the service of the company to enjoy financial independence with your dear ones.




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