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Sisel MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM companies have made it easier for people from every walk of life to earn money quite comfortably. At present these multi-level companies are attracting huge number of people to prove their marketing and product selling skill in a fair manner. No matter what your educational qualification is, multi-level marketing is an entirely different ball game. Here you need to apply your own innovative ideas and approaches to become successful in this industry. Here you need to work at the grass root level to be thoroughly updated with the latest taste and preference of your customers. If you are sincerely searching for any MLM company to start your career then Sisel will be quite appropriate for you. This MLM firm mainly deals with nutritional products and other healthcare products. On joining this firm you can learn many facts about MLM along with using some of its products. To know more about the firm, its products and compensation plan just read this review properly. To know more about interesting money earning opportunities through network marketing click here. 

About Sisel MLM Compensation Plan


Sisel was established in the year of 2006 with the ultimate purpose of producing the most effective dietary supplements and personal care products for the customers all over the world. The firm was established on the basis of four principles which mainly include longevity, energy, success, innovation and science. At present this company is operating in more than fifty nations of the world and its current annual revenue generation is above $45 million. It has provided money earning opportunities to more than forty thousand distributors and through them it sells its products to the consumers. These distributors mainly use the tactic of word of mouth to convince the customers to buy the product of the company. Using the same tactic they also persuade the customers to have these products for free trial during any social occasion.

Products of Sisel MLM Compensation Plan

The company manufactures all its products utilizing the superior state of the art facilities. It imports all the natural ingredients from reliable distributors and hence there is no scope of any harmful and artificial ingredients to be used for product making. All its products are FDA approved and have also obtained the quality certification from other third party agencies. The firm pays special attention to packing its products for preventing the loss of essential nutritional elements. All its product packs are well sealed and you can clearly view the expiry and manufacturing dates in them. Its product line mainly comprises of dietary supplements, skincare stuffs, aromatherapy treatments and much more. The sole purpose of these product lines is to offer the most healthy and natural product alternatives to the consumers. Some of its well known products mainly include the following:

  • Body Shield: This clinically approved product provides excellent support for the overall development of the cellular health. It mainly comprises of fulvic acid which contains traces of fulvates and other minerals. It helps in detoxifying your body waste and optimizes the healthy functions of your body. Along with that its seaweed extracts help in developing effective immune mechanism in the body and making your thyroid healthy.
  • Accelerator: This product is capable of burning your fat to the considerable extent. Its herbal ingredients can burn your body fat through the process called thermogenesis. You can consume this supplement before engaging in extensive workouts or while going to office. You can spot the effect of this product on your body within few days of consumption.
  • Transfusium: If you want to get back your younger looking skin then this product is quite perfect for that purpose. It natural ingredients will remove all types of wrinkles from your skin and make it soft and moisturizes. Apply this body care product on your skin to witness the benefits within few weeks.
  • Terminator Mouth Rinse: This dental care product has been designed for the purpose of supporting your oral health, refreshing your breath, and cleaning your teeth for an attractive smile. It also eliminates unpleasant mouth odor and makes your gum strong and healthy. It can completely destroy every type of oral germ and prevent cavities and other type of dental problems.

Compensation Plan of Sisel MLM networking opportunity

As per the official compensation plan of the company distributors have the scope of earning income in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Fast Start Bonus: During the period of your enrollment if you place any personal order volume of fifty and more then you shall have the scope of earning this bonus within the first four weeks. If any of your enrolled distributor or preferred customer places any order within the first month of your business then also you can receive this bonus.
  • Retention Bonus: This bonus can be earned only when the new customers and distributors sign up under your disposal within the second four weeks of your enrollment period. The new member of your team must place the minimum personal order volume of hundred. Bonus amount varies from five to fifteen percent on the basis of the placed order volume.
  • Distributor Commission: In order to become eligible for this commission you must have minimum one qualified leg in your down-line. These are equal to the two to ten percent of the overall volume of every generation. On being promoted you become eligible for this commission with maximum number of efficient legs within your organizations. These commissions are mainly paid till the depth of five levels within the organization.
  • Master Cheque Match: It is mainly available to those working at the One Star Master Distribution level and above. In this program you are mainly paid between two- five percent of the overall Direct Distributor Commission that have been earned by your down-line members for being promoted to the Master level and above. The more is your level of promotion, the greater is your possibility of earning this bonus.
  • Luxury Bonus: This bonus is mainly available to those who work at the level of Two Star Masters and higher. It normally ranges from $300 to $750 and has been designed for allowing employees at this level to buy the luxury car of their choice. If you do not purchase the car after taking the bonus then the amount shall be curtailed to fifty percent.

The company is providing the blended compensation structure comprising of the features of both stair step break away and unilevel design. The sole objective is to ensure that this compensation structure is quite profitable for the veterans and for those who just started their business with huge number of down-line members for supporting their initiatives of achieving the desired targets. To make this structure profitable the associates must retain their focus and must continue generating surplus order volumes. They should also make sure that their downlines are also generating decent order volumes for maintaining the profit earning momentum. Though it is a fact that the residual incomes generating from this structure are quite profitable but it can dry up immediately once the growth of the team is stalled forever.

Getting Started with Sisel MLM Compensation Plan

If you are serious about working with this MLM firm then you must start at once. It will be quite ideal for you to start your career as a distributor for acquiring the basic concepts of multi-level marketing irrespective of the educational background. To enroll as the distributor you can either contact the local distributor or directly start the enrollment procedures through visiting the website of the company. While enrolling online you have to follow three essential steps to receive full confirmation from the company on your enrollment status. In the first step you need to mention your address and other contact details along with selecting your marketing area. In the second step you have to purchase the optional business kits of your choice. You must buy the costly business pack because then you can get more training materials and other motivational kits to start your business. In the third step you have to purchase the optional product pack of your choice. Here also you can purchase the costly pack as it can give you more products for self-consumption, selling and offering as free trials to your loyal customers. Once the entire enrollment steps are completed you receive a confirmation message from the company. Then you will also be provided with replicated website to start your business through forwarding the orders of the customers directly to the company.

Money earning opportunities in Sisel MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation structure of the company has been designed for rewarding team members for their contributions in every level of order volume generation. This compensation structure is the combination of stair step breakaway and uni-level design. As a result it allows every distributor to develop a large team of down-line members for becoming qualified for earning more payment and to be prepared for taking much responsibility as the leader of a team. Newly recruited distributors like you have the chance of earning income through maximizing the promotions of products of the company along with pocketing the cash profits on the retail sales of these items. The actual profit percentage depends entirely on the costs of these products that are been fixed by the distributors during the retail selling. It becomes the limited substantial portion of the income of the distributors as they mainly develop team for collecting passive or residual income from the selling efforts of the down-line members. The company pays its distributors the huge chunks revenue percentage that has been generated by their enrolled down-line members. Every distributor needs to generate personal order volume above fifty every month to be eligible for the commissions and bonus amounts. This compensation structure is quite inexpensive and there is no scope financial drainage on your part.

Training in Sisel MLM Compensation Plan

The training program of the company mainly comprises of two essential parts which include start using the products yourself first and then motivates your customers and other people to do exactly the same. The firm mainly emphasizes on the fact that you must select and reach before the target consumers for your products. Then in the second step you must try to convince them either through a live demonstration or through mentioning your experience of consuming these products in a passionate manner. The firm will give you all types of supports regarding how to generate leads for your products and to locate your target customers. You must try to establish rapport with the most experienced distributors of the company to hone the skill of persuading your target consumers to buy the products of the company. The company will organize conference meetings, seminars and other events to provide you the opportunity of learning additional MLM tricks and other successful distributors to motivate your spirit. On receiving the training you can derive the benefit of better understanding of the importance of these products and can revive your eagerness to sell them to your customers.

Conclusion of Sisel MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending the review it is essential to make you know that it is quite tough to become successful in the industry of multilevel marketing. This industry is quite competitive and full of challenges and to become successful you must have the hard determination and passion to succeed. Here many firms with the ultimate objective of grabbing more customers always try to malign one another through spreading baseless information against each other. Unfortunately it is the similar case in response to this company also. Many rival firms just to check the flow of distributors in this company are spreading baseless information in the market. If you believe such facts without verification then you shall be the sole sufferer. Hence it is essential on your part to verify such information otherwise any rash action on your part can ruin your prospects. Now you have read the review you know pretty well that in terms of transparency this firm is much ahead than that of its rivals. It is quite evident when it comes to its products. Similarly in its compensation plan also it has clearly mentioned the immediate earning opportunities for the distributors. So you must join this firm at once without wasting any time.






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