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Skinny Body Care MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Skinny Body Care MLM Compensation Plan

Multi-level marketing is creating a tremendous sensation in the job market and is attracting large number to people to participate in the firms that are specialized in this commercial strategy. The main reason for this huge popularity is due to its vast income earning opportunities along with the never ending demand of distributors irrespective of the educational qualifications. As a result, people who are not getting employment in other sectors flock to this industry to lead a decent life with greater financial autonomy. It also develops the leadership skills among the people for obtaining solid performance from their team members. In addition to that, working in MLM companies can give you a thorough insight of its services and products. With the help of such information you can meticulously convince your target customers to buy the products of your company. If you want to work with any MLM company, then Skinny Body Care can be the ideal one for you. For additional information about the firm, its products, compensation plans and other opportunities just read this review carefully below. To know more about earning well through MLM compensation plans click here.

About Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

skinny body care

Skinny Body Care company was established in the year of 2011 and is dedicated to provide the most healthy products to the customers within reasonable prices. At present it is operating in more than thirty nations of the world and is exploring new markets to sell its products. It has provided decent employment opportunities to more than thirty thousand distributors and is still looking for young and energetic distributors. Its present annual average revenue is above $34 million and is receiving positive feedbacks from the customers for its quality products. The distributors mainly convince the customers via oral advertising to buy the products of the company. The company acknowledges the contribution of every distributor and rewards them with attractive financial perks to encourage them.

Products of Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

When it comes to offer quality nutritional products, the firm is quite strict about testing the quality of the manufacturing ingredients that it sources from reliable wholesalers. After the essential quality testing, these ingredients are forwarded to its advanced manufacturing facilities located in different regions of USA. There, under the supervision of expert scientists, these items are scientifically processed using advanced technology to obtain the ultimate products. Both third parties and FDA accredited tests have clearly revealed that there are no harmful or artificial ingredients present in its products. The company never allows products without proper manufacturing and expiry dates to be released in the market. Its widely appreciated products mainly include the following mentioned below:

Skinny Fiber: This clinically approved pill is quite ideal for losing your body weight to a considerable extent. Its nutritional ingredients will dissolve deep inside your body to burn fat and extra calories so as to prevent the formation of further layers of fat in future. Another benefit of consuming this product is that it will completely detoxify harmful chemicals and compounds without causing any side effect. Apart from that if you have any digestive problem then it is the perfect remedy for such problem within short period of time. Just consume it for few weeks and you can notice the difference automatically.

Ageless: This skincare product is quite effective to bring back your younger looking face without causing any damage to your skin tissue. On the contrary, it percolates deep down to the skin to nourish and rejuvenate the age old skin cells with essential nutrients. Not only this, it can remove your dark and tiny skin spots and wrinkles within few weeks and makes your face looks attractive before others. Apply it gently to the affected skin areas so as to enjoy the benefits within few weeks of usage.

Compensation Plan of Skinny Body Care MLM Business Opportunity

For the purpose of encouraging both existing and newly recruited distributors, the company has brought out the most flexible and dynamic compensation plan in the industry. Here distributors have the chance of earning incomes in the following ways mentioned below:

Training Bonus: Here you have the bright chance of earning money by just participating in the training program of the company. All you need to do is to thoroughly watch one of the informative training videos of the company in the first week along with enrolling first three people under your disposal for receiving the payment. It is a single time commission that is paid in the first month.

Retail Bonuses: For retaining your position as an active distributor of the company, you need to generate business volumes of about fifty in your personal volume every month. This condition can be easily fulfilled on selling the products of the company to the preferred customers at a fixed retail price. You have the chance of earning the retail bonus amounts of $20 for selling every product of the company. The amount can be further enhanced based on the product orders from your customers.

Matrix Commissions: On successfully activating the position of distributor with the business volume of about fifty in your personal volume, you have the chance of getting a commercial center position within the matrix framework of 3 x 8 in the compensation plan of the firm. It will enable you to earn money on the sale and purchase of every product of the company on the basis of the initial product orders of your distributors and customers. It is usually paid up to the depth of eight levels within the matrix. On progressing to the high ranking levels, you will become eligible to earn on the extra volume levels within the matrix structure.

Fast Start Bonus with Infinity Overrides: It is the most exciting portion of this compensation plan which enables you to earn immediate money during the initial periods of your career. It is paid out on weekly basis and in order to be eligible for this bonus you need to enroll any number of people for purchasing the product of the company. You have the chance of receiving $200 for enrolling each person and this can be further maximized on the basis of your number of enrolled persons. In addition to that, those enrolled persons have the option of earning enroller fast start bonus for selling or buying the buying products of the company. But as the main enroller you have the chance of receiving extra overrides amounts of about $40 on the first product purchase of the each member of your team. These are jointly paid on the basis of the initial product buying of the new distributors and customers upon a specific business volume.

Infinity Matching Bonuses: Here you will not only earn commissions on the basis of your own ranking but can also claim a decent share from the team commissions of every member in your down-line. It is paid up to seven generations within the matrix system and more the number of your down-line members, the higher will be your matching bonus amounts.

Rank Achievement Bonuses: On achieving the ranks of Gold and other high positions you have the chance of receiving this bonus along with the rest of your commissions. But you need to retain these higher ranks for a specific period of time so that you enjoy these bonus amounts without any kind of hindrances. These are single time payments and are normally paid on third month for achieving any higher ranking position.

Monthly Enroller Pools: With the help of these pools you have the chance of earning incomes on each dollar that arrives in the coffer of the company every month. Here the five percent of the overall business volume about fifty which is placed in a separate pool is divided between the eligible distributors every month. In order to become eligible for this pool you need to enroll at least three distributors and customers with the monthly minimum business volume of about fifty. On such basis you will be considered eligible for each rank of the pool within a specific month. It is paid on the initial week of every month along with other commissions for qualifying during previous month.

Getting Started with Skinny Body Care MLM Compensation Plan

The most ideal way to start your career in this company is to sign up as the distributor so that you get the chance to know the basic concepts of multi-level marketing. In order to enroll as the distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log on to the website of the company. During online enrollment you need to follow certain prescribed steps properly. In the first step you need to choose your marketing area along with filling certain information columns. In the second stage you have to carefully select and buy the optional business builder pack containing various types of training manuals. It will be ideal on your part if you purchase the costly pack so that you get more training materials to shape your MLM concepts properly. In the third stage you need to buy the optional product pack containing products for personal consumption, selling and offering to the closed acquaintances for free trials. Here also you must buy the costly packs so that you can obtain the serious attention of the customers towards your home business. Once you have successfully completed these steps you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrollment completion. After that a replicated retail website shall be generated so that you can forward the product orders of your distributors and preferred customers directly to the company.

Business Opportunity with Skinny Body Care MLM Compensation Plan   

Before joining any MLM firm it is better to study the compensation plan properly so that you do not have to regret later. This compensation plan mainly elaborates the chances and scopes of earning both immediate and long time incomes on achieving certain criteria levels. This is no exception in case of the compensation plan of Skinny Body Care also. But unlike other compensation plans, this compensation plan is quite distributor friendly and elaborates various ways of maximizing their commissions. You have the scope of pocketing surplus money amounts in the shape of Retail, Bonus, Training Bonus and many more. Along with that if you are successful in retaining your position as a distributor you have the sole freedom to devise marketing and product selling ways to your preferred customers without any kind of interference. It is not the end because then you can earn higher commission and bonus amounts on achieving new higher ranks like Gold, Platinum and so on. You can also earn decent amounts for introducing or enrolling customers for buying the product packs of the firm.

Conclusion of Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

But before ending my reviews I must tell you in advance that it is not so easy to achieve success in the industry of multi-level marketing. It normally takes 3-5 years for every distributor to become successful in the industry. Along with that it is my duty to warn you from all blog posts which spread negative feed backs about various MLM firms. These posts are the mere handiworks of some of the unsuccessful distributors who are maligning the image of these companies to have their revenge. Unfortunately, Skinny Body Care is also on their target lists. Their ultimate objective is to discourage youths like you to join this company after reading these posts. Therefore you must not take these posts very seriously and even if you believe then you must verify the facts before taking any step. Otherwise you shall be the sole loser but not the company. Now that you have read the entire review you know very well that in terms of transparency and consumer safety this company is much ahead than other MLM firms. For instance, if you look at its products it has clearly mentioned the manufacturing ingredients along with the test results of various agencies. Even in the compensation plan, it has clearly specified some of the easiest ways of earning immediate commissions and bonus amounts for the distributors. Therefore, instead of wasting precious time you must join this firm at once.



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