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SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan

MLM companies are providing the most ambitious scope of establishing independent home business to the people from various walks of life. Along with that these companies are also giving employments to millions of unemployed youths regardless of their job qualifications and experiences. For instance, if you do not have proper technical skills then also you will be recruited which is not possible in other service professions. Here your merit shall be tested on the basis of your practical marketing and product selling skills. It is the most suitable platform for budding entrepreneurs to acquire the skills of obtaining decent performance from the down-line members while maintaining coordination with the up-line. Due to the vast pyramid like chain structure, people from other occupations can also participate to earn decent part time income. As there are numerous MLM companies in the market, the task of selecting the right one often gets difficult. But if you are interested to join any such firm then SoZo Global may serve your purpose to the fullest extent. But before that read the review of this company properly so that you do not have to regret later. You can earn more than 5K per week with these MLM Compensation Plans, to know more click here.

About SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan


SoZo Global was established in the year of 2009 with the ultimate objective of offering healthy beverages to the customers within a reasonable price. The company is operating in more than sixty nations of the world and is exploring new markets for its products. So far it has received positive feedbacks from the customers due to its outstanding products in the market. But the company does not want to stop here and is quite sincere about providing most advanced nutritional drinks to the consumers in the near future. It has provided employment opportunities to more than twenty five thousand distributors and motivates them to reach before the consumers of age all group for product selling. The distributors mainly utilize the skill of word of mouth to attract customers to purchase the products of the company.

Products of SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan

When it comes to manufacturing nutritional products the firm uses advanced state of the art facilities in its manufacturing units under the supervision of expert scientists and dieticians. It imports top quality natural ingredients from reliable wholesalers and always tests their qualities before sending them to the manufacturing units. All its products have acquired the quality certification from leading consumer food testing agencies of USA. Third party tests have revealed that there is not a single harmful and artificial ingredient present in its products. The firm tightly packed its products for safe storage in the retail outlets besides preventing the loss of nutritional elements. Some of its popular products mainly include the following:

SoZo Ignite: This clinically approved product is a perfect alternative to your artificial health drinks available in the market. This energy beverage will not only maximize your physical energy but will also give higher endurance capability while working in tough weather. It will boost your overall immune system so that you never become vulnerable to virus and bacteria caused diseases. It contains perfect blend of fruit, vegetables and coffee extracts and can be taken any time before engaging in extensive physical activities.

Thermogenic Coffee: This is another coffee blend product which is quite ideal for shedding your body fats to a considerable extent. It causes no harmful side effects to your health rather help you in gaining fat free stout body within few weeks of consumption. Its constituent ingredients mainly burn your extra calories and body fats internally and so there is no need for excess workouts.

SoRadiant: This anti-aging product is quite suitable for taking care of your rough and old skins. Apply it gently to the affected skin areas and all your wrinkles and other aging symptoms will disappear within few weeks of usage. Its manufacturing ingredients percolate deep down to the skin cells and nourish them with essential nutrient elements. It moisturizes your skin in cold seasons and makes it resistant to bright sunlight in the summer times.

Compensation Plan of SoZo Global Business Opportunity

The company follows most flexible and unique compensation plans for motivating its new and existent distributors to achieve higher levels in the future. The sole aim of this compensation to maximize the commissions, incentives and bonus amounts of its distributors. It allows distributors to earn incomes in the following ways mentioned below:

Retail Commissions: On selling any product of the company to the retail customers you have the chance of earning retail profit which is determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs. Usually you have the chance of earning fifty percent profit on the sale of every product which can be further maximized based on the purchasing amounts of your retail customers on a weekly basis.

Fast Start Bonus: It is the perfect option for starting your career as a distributor in this company as it ensures immediate income earning opportunity. In order to be eligible for this bonus you have to enroll two preferred customers with the overall sale volumes of over 100. Along with that you need to buy the product starter pack and also sponsor minimum two distributors with the overall sale volumes of about nine hundred. You need to fulfill these conditions within twenty eight days and then you can earn the bonus amounts of $250 inside your pocket.

Three and Free: As a distributor you have the chance of receiving products of the company for free. For that you need to personally enroll three preferred customers for purchasing the products of the firm. The free product criteria shall be further determined on the basis of the overall order volumes forwarded by the three preferred customers. If the order volume is beyond the average volume then you shall get more products for free during any given week and it shall be continued if you repeat the similar performance in successive weeks also.

Customer Acquisition Bonus: The company shall help you to start your home business in a proper manner so that you can reap dividends for a long period of time. In order to develop your independent business in a solid manner you need to have sufficient customers at your disposal to boost your overall volume of order generations. In this regard you shall receive every possible type of assistance from the firm in the form of customer acquisition bonus. In order to be eligible for this bonus you need to enroll five preferred customers on a personal level within twenty eight days. You shall receive the bonus amount of $200 for personally enrolling every five preferred customers in each week. For instance, if you enroll ten customers then you shall receive $400 and the amount increases with the increase of enrolled preferred customers.

Business Builder Bonus: It usually paid on the purchase of every product enrollment pack. The actual bonus amount is mainly paid to the tree of upline enrollment on the basis of business builder rank and qualification. In order to get hold of this bonus you have to become fast start qualified in order to get this bonus in the levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze. But you must achieve this fast start qualified within twenty eight days otherwise you shall miss this bonus. In order to become fast start qualified for getting bonus in these levels you need to have minimum two preferred or retail customers in addition to the overall sales volumes of about hundred during the period of qualification.

Personal Team Commissions: You have the bright chance of earning the decent sales share from the overall sponsorship organizational volume of the previous month of the calendar. It is normally paid till the depth of twelve levels within your organization and does not include sale of business packs. Irrespective of the ranks you have the scope of earning 3% in response to the generation of all business volumes above the sales volume of two hundred. It also comprises both your personal purchases and retail sales of the previous month.

Dual Team Commissions: You will be entitled to this commission on the basis of the overall product pack volume generated by the weak leg within your organization. Orders containing the product pack of the company shall determine the commission amounts. In order to grab this commission your weak leg must retain at least three hundred sales volumes but if the sales volume is lower than the stipulated volume then the existing volume shall be carried forward to the successive weeks till you remain active. It mainly begins from the Bronze rank and continued up to higher executive levels.

Double Diamond leadership: On achieving the position of the Double Diamond, you have the chance of earning decent shares on every sponsorship organization volume starting from the thirteenth level to your successive distributor of highest or equal rank. On the basis of your ranking and that of your down-line members the percentage of your sponsorship organization volume shall be determined. For instance, if you have achieved the position of Triple Diamond then you have the scope of grabbing the share amount of 0.5% out of your overall sponsorship organization volume.

Healthy Lifestyle Bonus: It has been mainly designed for the distributors who have been successful in achieving the position of Platinum and other higher ranks within a fixed period of time. Once you successfully achieve the position of Platinum and maintain it for a period of one month then you shall receive this handsome bonus award on a monthly basis. The amount will be subsequently increased when you cross the level of Platinum and goes for the next one.

Incentives and Trips: The firm rewards its hardworking distributors through providing them with the exciting opportunities of a luxury vacational tours and adventures. For that you must generate consistent performance in terms of personal and group sale volumes. During these trips you will find absolute amusements with your loved ones and testing the delicious foods of the world.

Getting Started with SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan

If you are quite serious to start your career with this company then the ideal way is to sign up as the distributor. For that you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log in to the website of the company. For online enrollment you need to follow certain prescribed procedures so that your enrollment becomes successful. In the first stage you need to select your market area along with filling other important columns of name, address and contact number. In the second step you need to carefully select and purchase the business pack containing useful training manuals. It is advisable that you go for the costly pack so that you get more materials to properly build your concept about MLM. In the final step you have to carefully choose and buy the optional product pack. Here also you must go for the costly one so that people can take your business seriously and carefully listen to your demonstrations. Another advantage of buying costly pack is that you get more products for self consumption, sell and to offer your nearest relatives for free trial. Once you have successfully completed these steps you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company for your successful enrollment. Then you will get a replicated website from where you shall forward the product orders of your customers directly to the company.

Business Opportunity of SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan 

The firm follows the most exciting compensation structure where you have the chance of earning decent money from every possible way. Along with that once becoming a successful distributor of the company you have the sole freedom to mentor and regulate the marketing strategy of your down-line members in your independent ways. Starting from Retail commissions to fast start bonus you only have superb opportunities of maximizing your commissions along with that of your down-line members. Once you achieve the rank of Platinum, Bronze and so on your pockets will be filled with attractive financial perks in the form of incentives and bonus amounts.

Conclusion of SoZo Global MLM Compensation Plan

In my opinion SoZo Global is the perfect MLM company as it is quite transparent in every aspect. For instance, in terms of products the company has clearly specified the constituent ingredients along with the various test results in the website. Even in case of compensation plan there is no hide and seek. Hence you must join this company at once without wasting any time.









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