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Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan Review

Hey guys! its me Brad and this time I shall want to discuss with you about the future scope of multi-level marketing. But before starting this discussion, I must say that I like this industry a lot. This is industry is having the vast potential to continue for a long period of time. It is quite evident due to its continuous expansion along with the ever increasing demand for manpower each year. This demand never shrinks even in tight economic situations like recessions and on the contrary it increases to a considerable extent. This strategic commercial model is also attracting students as it provides them an opportunity to hone their leadership and team development skills. Not only that, here you can get to know many facts about innovative product marketing and selling. This industry is also allowing people engaged in other sectors to work here for earning handsome part time incomes. But with the continuous arrival of various MLM companies, I know it is quite difficult to select the appropriate one. But if you folks are health conscious, then you can try with Stemtech. To know more about it just read the review below. People have earned more than 5K every week from these MLM plans, to know more click here. 

About Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan


Stemtech was established in the year of 2005 and mainly deals with selling superior quality nutritional products. At present it is operating in more than ninety nations of the world and is constantly exploring the markets of other countries to sale its products. Its products are hugely popular to the consumers all over the world as they strengthen the overall health system of the body. The company has been established with the sole mission of providing the healthiest products in the market within affordable market price. It has also given jobs to more than forty thousand distributors who work hard to market and sell its products. They mainly utilize the tactic of oral advertising for convincing customers in buying the products of the company. The firm acknowledges the contribution of these distributors and rewards them heavily with attractive financial perks.

Products of Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan

There is no comprise when it comes to product quality and so the company always imports top quality manufacturing ingredients from reliable wholesalers only. These ingredients are then sent to the advanced manufacturing facilities of the company where these are processed under the supervision of experienced scientists. All its products have secured FDA clearances and other third party tests clearly show that there are no artificial ingredients and toxic chemicals present in them. You can see these test results in the official website of the company. Though I have not used all its products but I can describe the benefits of some them. These mainly include:

SE3: This is clinically approved product is quite useful in supporting the essential renewal system of your body. It mainly comprises of unique blend of herbal ingredients for supporting the telomere health. It not only nourishes your essential parts of the body but also strengthens your bones and teeth to the maximum extent. Additional benefit that you can enjoy in using this product is that of age reduction and younger looking appearance. Try this product for few days and you can automatically notice the difference.

Stem Flo: This product comprises of suitable blend of enzymes and anti-oxidants for supporting the optimal circulation of blood inside your body. It is available in the shape of pills and is mainly designed for supporting the spread of nutrients and mature stem cells inside your body. It also curtails stress and helps in proper fragmentation of additional fibrin. To experience the effect, just take some of these pills every day.

Stem Sport: This item is mainly developed for the purpose of helping people to achieve the ultimate fitness with maximum energy within their body cells. As a result it can help your cells to endure maximum pressure when you are engaged in toiling activities in the outdoor. Not only that, it is also useful in maximizing the number of stem cells inside your body in order to compensate for the lost one.

In order to know more about the products, you can either call your nearest distributor or visit the website of the company.

Compensation Plan of Stemtech MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of the company has been devised for encouraging hardworking youths like you to adopt innovative and unique product selling strategies. This compensation plan comes with opportunities for maximizing your bonus and incentives amounts to a several extent. As per this plan, distributors can earn income in the following ways mentioned below:

Retail Commissions: In order to become eligible for this commission, you have to purchase the products of the company at the wholesale price and sell it to your customers at a fixed retail price. Your commission will be determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs. Normally it begins with five percent when you belong to the level of Supervisor and ends with twenty percent on reaching the level of Director. The amount can be further increased when you receive increased product orders from your existing and new customers.

Fast Start Bonuses: It is mainly paid when you successfully recruit new distributors of the company when they sign up to buy the fast start pack at $299. As the recruiting affiliate you shall receive the amount of fifty dollars for recruiting each distributor and so the overall amounts will be determined on the basis of your total recruitment of distributors every week. For recruiting each member your up-line Director shall receive the amount of twenty five dollars as a legitimate financial claim. But if you achieve the level of Director at the time of recruiting then you shall receive the entire amount of seventy five dollars.

Residual Commissions: It is mainly paid utilizing the commission structure of uni-level plan. According to this structure, a distributor is placed on top over other recruiting distributors and has the rightful financial claim from the volume generations of the subordinates. Any distributor who is successful in developing his own-donwline team shall belong to the second level and you will continue to dominate your existing team in the first level. The process will continue up to six levels as it is the ultimate limit of this commission. In order to receive this bonus it is essential that all the six levels must generate the minimum business volume of fifty.

Vehicle Bonus: In order to be eligible for this bonus you have to achieve the position of Director and above. Every high ranking distributor of the company gets handsome bonus amounts to buy vehicles of their choice that may include luxurious cars and stylish bikes. But once you fail in retaining the qualifying criteria then you have to bear the expenditure for maintaining such vehicles.

Leadership Bonus Program: In order to obtain this bonus you have to generate order volume over hundred at each leadership level in the organization. Normally it begins from 1-10% till six levels but when your team grows and leads to the formation of seven levels and it continues up to many levels then you shall receive the infinity bonus amounts along with this existing bonus. This infinity bonus normally begins from 1-3% starting from level seven and it continues as much as it can.

Get Started with Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan

If you wish to join this company, then the ideal way to kick-start your career is to sign up for the position of distributor in the company. On joining as a distributor you will be able to learn various concepts of MLM and can acquire full knowledge of its products which you can utilize on your own way while explaining their benefits to the customers. For signing up as a distributor, you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log on to the website of the company. For online enrollment you have to follow certain prescribed norms. In the first place, you need to choose your marketing area along with filling certain information columns. In the second place, you have to carefully select and buy the suitable business builder pack which will contain many useful training resources in shaping up your MLM concepts. Finally, you have to choose and purchase the optional product pack for your home business. It is advisable that you purchase the costly pack in order to attract the attention of the customers. After completing these formalities you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrollment. After that a replicated website shall be generated on your name from where you will forward the product orders of your customers directly to the company.

Business Opportunity of Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan

When it comes to business opportunity, the company provides the most flexible and dynamic one in the market. You have no scope to complaint if you started to earn immediate income in the shape of retail commissions on the first day of joining the company as a distributor. It starts with the five percent commission in the first level and continues to expand when you achieve other high ranking position in the company. On enrolling new distributors for buying the specific product pack of the company, you will receive a solid bonus amounts in the shape of fast start bonus. Then when your down-line expands that time you will also get sufficient financial perks from the company. Not only that, as a distributor you have the sole authority to determine the marketing strategy of selling products and claim your legitimate financial shares from your down-line members. This is not the end of your fortune because on displaying continuous successful performance you will become eligible for the vehicle bonus to maintain the vehicles of your choice and dream.

Training in Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan

New distributors are mainly provided formal training on how to establish home business through facing less financial loss. But before that, they are first given a brief introduction MLM industry and also given elaborate explanations on the different concepts that are closely attached with this strategic commercial model. Then in the subsequent stages they are given well training on lead generations and to attract the target customers for product selling. You must go through the training materials of your builder pack for that will help to easily grasp the MLM concepts quite easily. It is better to establish rapport with any experienced distributor of the company for getting full ground level support when you directly engage with the customers in any formal or social event to maximize product publicity. As a distributor of the company, you have the scope of attending its annual official events that are hosted for increasing the motivation of the distributors. On joining these events you have the chance of meeting the successful distributors of the firm from whom you can obtain many tips to become successful in the industry.

Conclusion of Stemtech MLM Compensation Plan

I hope guys that this review has helped you a lot. But before wrapping up this review, you guys must always bear it in mind that it takes many years of hard work and dedication to become successful in this industry. From my personal experience I can say you that once your focus is diverted or hampered then you will miserably. Apart from that, you must never fall into the trap of false propagations that are often spread by the rival firms of this company. Many rival firms owing to the widespread popularity of this company are using every mean to stall its progress permanently. In order to achieve success in this mission they are targeting youths like you in order to prevent your participation in this company. As you have now read this review, you know pretty well that there is nothing wrong with the company. This is evident when you view its products and its manufacturing ingredients. It has clearly specified these ingredients in detail and also properly displayed the outcomes of various tests in its website. Even in terms of compensation plan, it has clearly mentioned the ways of earning immediate income for the distributors. So instead of wasting your time, you must join this firm at once.







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