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Synergy Worldwide MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM companies are emerging as the ideal job alternatives for people who are interested to work from home to earn money. Another advantage of working in such companies is that you have the complete freedom to fix your own job hours so that you can give time to your loved ones. Unlike other companies, multi-level marketing firms have the capacity to accommodate large number of people as they always require people to sell and market their products before the customers. It also offers the option of earning part time incomes to the youths who are engaged in other institutions. All these have resulted in the increased popularity of the MLM companies across the world. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with any such firm then Synergy Worldwide can be the ideal options. Before joining the company just read its review elaborating its products, compensation plan and other opportunities. To know more about earning opportunities through MLM marketing click here. 

About Synergy Worldwide MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM company was established in the year of 1999 based on the principles of stability, quality and integrity. At present Synergy is operating over more than forty nations of the world and has provided employment scopes to more than twenty thousand distributors. Since its inception the firm has achieved tremendous success in the MLM industry due to its innovative marketing plan. Its current average annual revenue of above twenty five million bears testimony to this fact. The distributors mainly use the tactic of oral advertising to convince the customers to buy the products of the company. The firm acknowledges the contribution of its distributors and rewards them heavily.

Products of Synergy International MLM Company

Synergy International’s products are considered to be the top quality supplements all over the world. This fact has been thoroughly supported by many third party tests along with the FDA tests. It always focuses on providing healthy products to the customers. It imports quality natural ingredients from reliable distributors and processed them under the supervision of experienced scientists inside its superior manufacturing facilities. You can clearly view the expiry and manufacturing dates in all its products along with the FDA approval seal. Some of its well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Vitamin D3: This clinically approved product mainly comprises of chewable tablets for benefiting various biological activities of your body. The vitamin D3 performs many useful functions in our body but the most important is calcium absorption. Without the presence of vitamin D3 our body cannot absorb calcium so easily. These tablets can also give you a healthy skeletal system reducing the incidence of bone fracturing.
  • Slm Smart: This health shake can reduce your body weight to a considerable extent and can impart a muscular look to your well crafted body. Its constituent elements help to burn up your body calories during extensive physical workouts and so there is no scope of accumulation of fats in your body.
  • Elemence Vera Gel: This body refreshing cream can remove the dark spots from your skin and imparts a soothing effect on your skin tissue. It can remove the toxic elements from your skin and make it healthier and younger. It is also useful during skin burn and its constituent elements completely heal the affected spots within few weeks of usage. It can easily compensate the loss of essential vitamins of your skin and you can notice the difference within few weeks of usage.
  • Body Guard: It mainly comprises of chewable body capsules that are made from the liver oil of sharks. These tablets can improve your cardiovascular health and boost your immune system against oxidative stress. So it reduces the chances of cholesterol and occasional heart attacks.

Compensation Plan of Synergy International MLM Company

The official compensation plan of the company enables distributors to earn incomes in the following ways:

  • Retail profit: You have the chance of pocketing thirty percent commission as your retail profit on selling the products of the company to your preferred customers at a fixed retail price. It is mainly determined on the basis of the difference between the wholesale cost and retail cost of the products. The percentage will go on increasing on the basis of the orders forwarded by your preferred customers. It is a weekly commission and so it can light up your chance of starting your career with enough money.
  • Fast Start Bonus: To be eligible for the bonus you need to sponsor team members with the activation of three tracking centers. You have the chance of earning between $ 25- $50 for the generation of three hundred commissionable volume in these centers and for generating five hundred commissionable volume you will get $100 every week. The bonus amount will be revised on the basis of the overall commissionable volume generations in these tracking centers. If you sponsor any team member with the activation of single tracking center then also you shall receive $25.
  • Elite Rebate: As a member of the team you have the chance of enjoying rebate once you qualify for the elite level on placing the order of 150 commissionable volumes and more in every month. The simple way to qualify for the elite level is through generating the autoship order of 150 and more.
  • Basic Commission: This is usually determined on the basis of the overall commissionable volume accumulated by the tracking centers of your members every month. It is calculated on the activation of overall commissionable volumes by the tracking centers of your right and left legs. The eligible team members have the scope of earning till ten percent of the overall commissionable volume on the performance of the left leg. The bonus obtained is the portion of only fifty percent of Payout Pool. This basic commission starts with the amount of $2000 for each tracking centre. For three tracking centers you have the chance of earning $6000.
  • Mega Match Bonus: This bonus enables you to earn a matching commission in response to every basic commission which is being paid to your personally enrolled team member. There is no restriction on the number of people who you can personally enroll. You have the scope of receiving up till $20,000 in each month in response to the basic commission of your team members whom you have personally sponsored. It can be further enhanced to $60,000 on sponsoring any team, member with the Executive Option. This mega bonus can be restricted to $5000 if the weak leg of your tracking centre generates lesser than five thousand commissionable volume. Hence as the team leader you must ensure that your weak leg is generating enough volume so that you can receive the maximum bonus amount.
  • Leadership Bonus: When you continue to develop sales on the weak leg of tracking center one, you shall be considered eligible for this bonus. It enables you to earn till four percent on the commissionable volume of your strong leg on the basis of the monthly growth of the commissionable volume of the weak leg.
  • Global Share Bonus: It is an extra payout and is determined on the basis of the one percent of the overall commissionable volume of the company every month. When any of your team member achieves the status of Presidential Executive and more every month, shall be eligible to participate in the bonus program. As per this system eligible distributors earning the title of Presidential Executive shall get single share, those earning the rank of Double Presidential Executive shall get double shares and those belonging to the Triple Presidential Executive shall get triple shares of the overall Global Share Bonus. Restriction of the bonus is determined on the basis of the number of qualified team members.

Getting Started with Synergy International MLM Compensation Plan

The company always looks for dynamic and energetic people like you who want to create a long lasting impact in the industry of multi-level marketing. So if you want to join this company then the ideal way to begin is to sign up as the distributor of this MLM firm. For enrolling as a distributor you can either contact your nearest Synergy Worldwide distributor or directly log in to the website of the company. During online enrollment you need to follow certain specified steps to confirm your full enrollment from the company. In the first step you need to choose your marketing area along with filling certain essential information columns. In the second step you have choose and buy the optional business kit. Make sure that you purchase the costly kit so that you get more materials to sharpen your marketing skills. In the final step you have to carefully select and purchase the optional product kit so that you obtain more Synergy product for self consumption, sale and to offer your nearest relatives for free trials. Once you have completed these steps you shall receive a confirmation mail from the firm along with the replicated website for forwarding the orders of the preferred customers.

Income Opportunity in Synergy International MLM Compensation Plan

Synergy Worldwide is providing the ideal platform for those who are eager to engage in the business venture without facing any kind of risk and obstacles. With the stunning growth and expansion of the company, many people like you do not want to slip this wonderful opportunity of earning decent incomes at any cost. In this regard it can be said that comprehending the basics of the compensation plan of Synergy Worldwide can allow new distributors to develop a plan for the financial success. The compensation plan of the company allows the distributors to study the income earning opportunities thoroughly before signing up. As per this compensation structure, the company has formulated a commission plan of fifty five percent on selling products every month. This compensation structure provides every team leader the freedom to percolate the down-line structure for gaining more incentives. It provides multiple options of earning additional incomes in the shape of commissions and infinity bonuses.

There are seven ways of earning immediate income during the first month of your joining this company. The first is the retail profit where you have the option of reselling the products of the company to the preferred customers at a fixed retail price. The profit normally begins from thirty percent and further enhanced on the basis of the sale of your products. In between there are other scopes of earning immediate incomes but the most attractive is global share bonus. Here you have the scope of earning a decent percent on the overall commissionable volume of the company on achieving any new level.

Training at Synergy International Compensation Plan

The firm provides all the essential training to shape up the product selling and marketing skills of every distributor. Its experienced mentors train every distributor how to reach before the target customers and to generate leads for the products. In order to boost the confidence level of the new recruits the firm organizes seminars, workshops and other events to allow them meet with its successful distributors. Through these experienced distributors you have the scope of learning many unknown facts about MLM marketing. On establishing rapport with any experienced distributor can be an additional benefit on your part during dealing with the customers directly. You can gain more knowledge while working on the field on how to convince and tempted the customers to use the products of the company. But you need to make sure that you are focused in your task otherwise you shall fail miserably.

Conclusion of Synergy International Compensation Plan 

Before closing the review you must always remember that many firms with the sole objective of grabbing more customers always try to malign one another. This is also quite true to in response to this company also. So you must make sure to verify such information before taking any rash action. You may lose a brilliant opportunity to slip from your grip on blindly believing in such fictional facts about the company. On reading the review you are now well aware that in terms of transparency this firm is quite ahead than other MLM companies. Therefore you must not waste any more time and join this company at once.




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