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Talk Fusion MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Talk Fusion MLM Compensation Plan

A few days ago, I found out another fascinating story about Florida, with is the site of an MLM Valhalla mythos that has been forming in my mind since the first time I ever attended a multilevel marketing (MLM) convention in that state a few years ago, and it appears to me that the introduction of this Talk Fusion review is a suitable place to tell it.  All the introduced species in Florida are the stuff of legend.  You do not have to look very hard in Florida to find water hyacinth, melaleuca trees, and nutria.  The most legendary of Florida’s introduced species, however, are reptiles that entered the state through the pet trade and then either escaped into the wild or were released into the wild.  People probably keep reptiles as exotic pets in a lot of places, but when your landlord tells you that you can’t keep your pet snakes in lizards, when you release them into the wild in Florida, unlike in most other states, the climate is such that they can thrive, and now various parts of Florida have breeding populations of iguanas, Haitian curly-tailed lizards, and, I recently found out, Nile monitor lizards. To know more interesting facts about earning from MLM marketing just try out the facts mentioned at  jobkillingtestimonials.com.

The Nile monitor is a carnivorous lizard native to almost all parts of Africa.  In a story that parallels the Petsuchos story, there has been some debate as to whether all the slender but mind-bogglingly long monitor lizards in Africa belong to the same species or whether the ones in West Africa represent a different species and, if they do, what to call that species.  (“Ornate monitor” is one of the more poetic names that has been suggested for it.)  As far as physical characteristics go, all the populations of smooth faced, skinny monitor lizards in Africa look alike; any differences are at the genetic level.  Their heads and necks are shaped in such a way that, if a Nile monitor peeked around the corner at you from where you could not see its legs or tail, you might think it was a snake.  Their tails are shaped like an alligator’s tail, and when they walk, they lift themselves up high enough to keep their lean but drooping bellies from dragging on the ground.  Any given species of reptile does not have very much range of facial expression, so whereas iguanas, even when they are scurrying up a tree trunk or thrashing their tails at you, always seem to have a languid look in their eyes.  Likewise, the Nile monitor always wears an expression that makes it seem perceptive, astute, like it is onto you.  In fact, their faces look a little bit like what the original Kermit puppet looked like before Jim Henson decided to put a frog collar on him and make him into a frog.

The Nile monitor can grow to be as much as eight feet long; that is longer than all but the biggest American alligators.  If an alligator half that size swam past your canoe, you would paddle for your life.  In certain parts of Florida, Nile monitors swim right beside the gators and sunbathe on land right beside all the other humungous lizards in Florida.  In fact, the American alligator just may have met its match in the Nile monitor.  The two nightmare fuel reptiles have a lot in common.  They are about the same size (though not the same weight), and they have similar tastes in food.  In Florida, alligators have a way of swimming in canals in residential neighborhoods and picking off household pets, and recently, Nile monitors have also gotten in on the action.  In fact, the Nile monitor may even be a threat to the American alligator itself.

When the American alligator was placed on the endangered species list in 1973 and protected under the Endangered Species Act, its only enemy was man.  Alligator populations had dwindled because they had become alligator purses or alligator souvenirs in the gift shops of New Orleans.  Once they were protected and it became illegal to hunt them, their numbers rebounded quickly, so much so that, if your visit to Florida includes any destinations other than Disney World and Sawgrass Mills (which, by the way, is built in the shape of an alligator), you are sure to see a few of them.  Enter the Nile monitor.  In Africa, crocodile eggs are among the Nile monitor’s favorite foods, so once it arrived in Florida, it did not take long before it developed a taste for alligator eggs.

Some people who have studied the Nile monitor’s behavior have said that it has demonstrated ability to count as high as six, meaning that its mathematical skills are sufficient for it to recognize that joining an MLM business opportunity is a bad idea.  So, next time you go to Florida, beware of alligators, beware of the Nile monitor lizards, and beware of the Talk Fusion business opportunity.

Talk Fusion: The Company and Its Products


Talk Fusion is based in Brandon, Florida, which is in part of the metropolitan area that includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater; it is a part of Florida I have visited several times during my association with the MLM industry.  The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina.

Talk Fusion products include a video chat service similar to Skype or Google hangouts and a technology by which you can send videos through email instead of just sending links to videos through email.  Almost every Talk Fusion review pointed out what I noticed almost immediately, which is that aa business opportunity based on these products is either outdated or completely unnecessary.  It is a bit like the MLMs that sell deregulated energy services, except maybe even a bit worse.  On this site, I frequently draw attention to the pointlessness of selling vitamin supplements through MLM, because the people who want them can buy them from the supermarket at a much lower price.  Whenever I review a deregulated energy MLM, I also say that customers can find much better prices on energy services than the ones that MLM distributors are offering.  If this is the case, then how ridiculous is it to buy Talk Fusion products?  As for the video chat feature, Skype and Google hangouts are free.  As for sending videos by email, it is already easy as can be to record a video on your mobile phone (just today, I recorded about ten seconds of a squirrel perched on the edge of a garbage can, eating a chocolate chip cookie so vast that it had to stretch its arms out as wide as they would go just to hold the thing), and it is no hassle at all to upload the video to YouTube or Google Drive and then email links to it to its intended audience.  Sometimes people who promote this feature will tell you that it is safer to send videos in the email itself than it is to send links, but if, for some reason, you consider it unsafe to send links, it is definitely possible to send a video by text message from your phone directly to someone else’s, with no links involved.

As happens so often in the MLM industry, Talk Fusion distributors realized that they were not making any money, and they also realized that almost no one was buying Talk Fusion products.  It was yet another MLM where the products are just a front for selling a business opportunity.  While I was unable to find a copy of the decision, it appears that the Talk Fusion lawsuit turned out much the way that so many other MLM lawsuits turn out, with the plaintiffs being paid a nominal settlement, the MLM company making some cosmetic changes to its promotional materials, and then life going on as normal.  You may recall that both Amway and Herbalife were defendants in high profile lawsuits in which nothing much changed in the MLM industry.  I read the policies page on the Talk Fusion website, which was updated on April 17, 2016, and it really just looked like a list of empty promises Talk Fusion distributors should not make when trying to recruit other Talk Fusion distributors.  It was nothing I have not seen on other MLM websites.

The Talk Fusion Compensation Plan

It should come as no surprise that the Talk Fusion compensation plan emphasizes recruitment of new Talk Fusion distributors.  The feature of the Talk Fusion compensation plan that I found the most striking was the “2 in 72 hours” bonus.  To get this bonus, a new Talk Fusion distributor must recruit two more new Talk Fusion distributors within the first 72 hours after he or she has joined the Talk Fusion business opportunity.  Furthermore, the new distributor should encourage his or her new recruits to recruit two new Talk Fusion distributors each within their first 72 hours of joining.  It is a Fast Start bonus writ large.  I have seen plenty of MLM distributors run themselves ragged trying to recruit three new people in the first month, or perhaps even two in the first week, to get their Fast Start bonus, but especially speaking as someone who has tried to recruit new MLM distributors before, recruiting 2 people in 72 hours, only to have the madness continue as these 2 people try to recruit 2 people each sounds more than a bit excessive.  I can’t quite decide if whoever put that bonus in the Talk Fusion compensation plan was doing it to be cheeky or to be sadistic.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Talk Fusion products are not nutraceuticals. No one is going to make you try to convince your former high school classmates that a video chat app cures cancer.
  • Writing this Talk Fusion review gave me an opportunity to mention my squirrel and chocolate chip cookie video.
  • Perhaps someone who reads this Talk Fusion review will decide that they do not want to attend an MLM convention in a state where alligators and agile monitor lizards the length of an adult human being pick off house pets in tandem, and that person will be spared being recruited into a MLM business opportunity. If that person has already been recruited, at least he or she will be spared all the BS that goes along with MLM conventions.


  • I have a hard time believing that anyone is naïve enough to think that people can legitimately build a business by selling Talk Fusion products. The veneer is just too thin.
  • Talking people into buying services that they are not actively shopping for is no simple task. If you are selling a physical thing, people might buy it on impulse simply because they like the look of it.  This does not happen when you are selling things like video chat software, which your warm market already has, anyway, and they don’t pay a penny for it.


The plaintiffs in the Talk Fusion lawsuit make it clear that Talk Fusion products are a thin façade masking a business opportunity based on recruitment of more and more Talk Fusion distributors.  Florida already has enough gigantic, sure-footed, streamlined, tail-whipping, flesh-eating reptiles without the Nile monitor.  Introducing it to Florida’s ecosystem can only lead to trouble.  Likewise, your computer and phone already have enough free features that enable you to send videos by email and to have live video chats.  Bring the Talk Fusion business opportunity into the mix can only lead to trouble.  My advice to you is that, when someone tries to sell you something that sounds very similar to something you already have, except plus a lot of trouble, please consider that the only thing you will get by buying it is trouble.


Hey, want to see my squirrel and chocolate chip cookie video but do not want to be bothered to click a link?  Schedule a call with me.  This exchange of phone numbers could lead to me sending you my squirrel video right to your phone, and it could also lead to a fruitful discussion of how to make your Internet business successful.



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