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Multi-level marketing opportunity at Team National – A review

Team National pyramid scheme

When it comes to MLM programs then the biggest area of concern is to get members join in and make enough compensation through sales. I am Brad and yet again I have come up with an interesting review on a good opportunity that can help you learn more about earning through Team National multi level marketing program. The biggest benefit that you have with team national is that they are involved in 20 different industries and you get the flexibility to sell their products to earn good compensation. The company has been accredited with BBB rating and they have also made it to US chamber of commerce.

What is Team National Network marketing 

There are two ways to make money from the traditional MLM format. You can make money when your recruits spend money or recruit new members for Team National. It’s a three level system, which means you make money 3 tiers below yourself. The nice part about Team national two different MLM systems is that you can do either system or both systems.

Team National
The first way benefits people who like to save money. Team National has formed agreements with major and small retailers across the country; such as Home Depot, Sears, and small internet companies like Carrot Ink. When you as a Team National member recruit a new member, you can make money off their purchases. Your friend won’t be frustrated because they are saving money, and you are happy as you make money off every dollar they spend.

The second way to make money with Team National’s program is to recruit members. You make money on each member you recruit. As the MLM compensation program is multi-tier system, you make money off the people who your recruits convince to join the program and so on.

Imagine sitting on a beach, and you made money because several people from your tiers spent money throughout the month on stuff they needed to buy. Would this make you feel good? You are helping people by recruiting new participants into this discount program. Are you like Robin Hood for bringing new members into MLM system of Team National? No you are not a hero, but you are helping friends and family when they become a member because they SAVE MONEY.

Editorial Note:

In full disclosure…I have been a member of Team National for 3 years. I have saved a lot of money. Home depot probably hates me. I use my BIGN.com panel to buy Home Depot gift certificates, which I save between 10 to 20 percent depending on the promotion/time of year. Recently I saved a bunch of money buying an outdoor grill, so I bought a new gas lawn mower. I have gotten financial compensation and saved money over the past 3 years. Thank you Team National

Team National Company’s facts 

Team National is associated with more than 20 industries and has collaborated with some of the big names. I guess the difference here is that you are not just selling a service or a product but you need to focus on helping people save money on different kinds of services and products. This improves your chance of doing well in this MLM program as saving costs in wide variety of products and services will surely attract huge numbers of people towards you. The unique idea of helping people capitalize on discounts and cutting costs of various areas catches the eye of every consumer.

The founder of the company Dick Loehr had come up with this idea of providing a membership savings scheme that could help people gain rewards and at the same time save money on various purchases that they make. Going forward with this vision he started the residual income program that would help people get substantial savings scheme. As all of us know that the Fortune 500 companies make huge amount of savings with the huge concessions that they get, by becoming a part of this program the members would be able to enjoy similar savings and they get the buying power similar to Fortune 500 companies.

Some of the quick points before we discuss about the compensation program

Before you consider this program you must chalk out a system that would help you get good business partners. It is important to get in with serious business partners that are well qualified to present the business program effectively. We can never think of everyone to be a prospect and it is important to recognize to consider people who would be serious about it. You need to build networks with people who would like to make money by joining a membership program or save money through a business membership program.

The difference in the MLM program at Team National is that they are focusing on a savings program and not asking the members to sell any product.

Let’s get to the membership plans of this program

There are four different divisions in this program through which you can start earning. Here is the break up:

  • Factory direct division: In this program you get to save around 65% on the items like jewelry and various furnishing items.
  • Group buying division: This part offers you savings scheme for following items
  • Travel
  • Communication services
  • Health benefit plans
  • All kinds of vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Business savings
  • Rental cars
  • Team national products
  • Financial services
  • Business Exchange scheme: This scheme focuses on helping you saving thousands of money in local businesses across the country.
  • E-commerce: This part of the program helps you in getting more than 30% commission on products from more than 100 brands across various retail stores.

Team National Business Opportunity

You should make sure that you are well aware of the structure followed by the company and understand how to market their savings scheme. You must give proper time and effort to get this program accepted among people in your network. As I have mentioned before, I would like to advise you that you should not consider everyone to be your prospect and focus on people who would be willing for doing serious business.

There are people who don’t consider this to be an MLM program as the structure is different from other programs and you have the opportunity of unlimited earning when you move down the levels. It is unique when compared with other programs but you cannot say that “this not an MLM program”. The independent marketers interested in demonstrating the value of this program either selling the membership or selling some unique aspects related to savings scheme through this program.

Once you start working with this program then you will witness that it helps you generating additional stream of income for your personal savings. This is actually great and you would start earning exceptionally well when you build a strong network. Once you improve your team building skills then you will see that you will be able to create a good source of leveraged income. The whole process revolves around creating sales and building a team that wants to be a part of a unique business savings scheme. Once your team gets good leads then you will get additional benefits and sometimes you are paid for some of the work that you are not even doing. People who like to live more luxurious lifestyle and get good amount of cost cutting in various purchases should seriously consider this scheme. The savings that an average person gets on lifestyle products, vehicles and various industrial products proves to be advantageous.

There are huge amount of retailers out there helping Team National through the volume purchasing contract. This helps in selling the products at contract discounts and sells the idea of this savings scheme. Once you join the program you not only get the advantage of saving on various products but you also get benefit by marketing these benefits to various other customers around the country.

You should make sure that you read the guide provided by the company carefully and invest cleverly.

Membership Plan of Team National MLM Program

The package of the MLM program ranges between $400 to $2000. It depends on the type of scheme that you opt for, starting from the two year package you have the option of buying the lifetime package by paying $2000. You have the opportunity to resell the packages to others in your network and in turn you receive benefits of creating a new line of members. Some people find it hard to create a down line of members and this has led to some negative comments for the company. But the fact is that one if you are able to understand this service inside out then you get to know the difference.

I will not say that“it is the only program or it is the best program that you could ever get.” But it is for you to go through the guide and get a thorough look at the review to have a proper understanding. You need to make up your mind on the type of program that you would like to join and the structure that is suitable for you. This is similar to a business model and if you get nice business leads then this compensation plan is surely suitable for you.

I understand that paying the lifetime charge of $2000 would surely be huge for you and you need to make up your mind before you invest that sum of amount in any program. What I would recommend is that you draw a plan and make a list of the discounts that you feel will be fruitful. The discounts that you feel would be helpful for you and save your costs in the long term. Even when you approach people for this program you should make sure that you have a clear knowledge of the program guide and you are able to explain this to them properly.

This is just like a business meet, if you feel that you have the capacity to build a nice line of members who would understand this business model then you sure shoot for the lifetime package. You should even consider comparing the discounts of Team National with other discounts available online at other Ecommerce sites and if you feel that this provides you enough opportunity to get leads and sales then why not opt for this program. MLM programs are all about understanding the minds of the potential clients and providing them with what would be of their interest.

I have seen people using the scheme of vehicle discounts as their mainstream scheme that helps them in reaching out to more and more people. Vehicle discounts work much better among large amount of consumers. But along with the positives there are risks. In these areas you need to be sure that you are well aware of whole program and you understand the amount of discount the you can get through this scheme. Making a sale as big as this is no child’s play and you should go through the details before you finalize a deal.

There are also optional earnings scheme in the MLM program started by Team National. The main reason for this optional scheme is because of the high payout offered by the company. They have a binary structure where they are paying around 72% of their membership charge back to the independent directors through the bonus and compensation. The reason behind the high compensation amount is that the company has the option of negotiating the savings due to the large volumes of sales generated by their independent marketers. The memberships that you will be selling would not be causing direct costs to Team National and thus they would gain from the high buying power of different groups.

The hybrid structure has proved to be beneficial for many members out there. At first you can expect to earn between $25 to $100 for every membership that you sell. Then the four divisions in the membership plan of the company can help you get $1500 in a week’s time. It is surely a strong compensation for just one week and once you start gaining additional legs then you can expect to earn around $2500 for an average 4 sales. But let me repeat myself again, this is only possible if you are thorough with the guide and understand all the aspects of the program.

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