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Team National MLM compensation plan review 2.0


Introduction to Team National MLM compensation plan

If nothing, my involvement in the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry has provided me with ample opportunities to take road trips throughout the Midwest and beyond.  In this Team National review of mine, you will read about people connected to the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The reason I mention this is that, in my travels, I have met a lot of people who think that “Kalamazoo” is a weird name for a city.  Given that most of the people who told me this were in Florida (road trips to Florida are inevitable for anyone who stays in the MLM industry long enough), I consider this a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Have you heard the names of some of the towns and cities in Florida?

Case in point, if you are driving north on any of Florida’s major highways, and you are south of Orlando, you will see signs for a place called Yeehaw Junction, Florida.  Some of the signs for Yeehaw Junction have navy blue text on a dark yellow background, and they are printed in the same font as those signs that advertise airboat tours of Everglades.  The closer you get to Yeehaw Junction, however, the more you see hand-painted signs with skinny lettering in fuchsia, neon green, and neon orange.  In recent decades, the main attraction of Yeehaw Junction was that it was a place to buy discounted tickets for Disney World.  Before then, its main draw was a brothel called the Desert Inn.  The town was originally going to be named after the brothel, but as its population grew, it needed a more respectable name, so it was named Jackass Junction, and the name was later changed to Yeehaw Junction.

Meanwhile, there is a town in the Florida panhandle, near the border with Alabama, called Two Egg. There is hardly anything there, but the area is famous for its weird name.  Conflicting reports exist about how Two Egg got its name, but the name alone has made it something of a tourist attraction.

Team National: The Company and Its Products

Team National

First, the good news.  The Team National website does contain a lot of information about the company’s leaders.  Dick Loehr, the founder of the Team National business opportunity, was a Midwesterner; he was originally from Michigan.  He had a storied career as a race car driver in Michigan, and when he retired from racing, he opened a car dealership in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which is not too far from here. Later on, he moved to Florida, where he worked first in the restaurant business.  In 1999, Loehr founded the Team National business opportunity.  Loehr battled prostate cancer for the last ten years of his life, and shortly before his death in 2008, he handed leadership of Team National over to his daughter Angela and her husband Phil Chrysler.  Other members of the Team National management team include Harry Ebener, Andres Forero, Josh Marx, Lou Prats, Chris Ramcharitar, and Dan Zintsmaster.  The Team National website makes all of them sound like lovely people.  The Loehr family, in particular, sounds like a nice Midwestern family that originally moved to Florida for reasons that had nothing at all to do with the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry.  The biographies of the company’s managers are not full of hype about how their involvement with the Team National business opportunity makes them heroes or how Team National will change your life.  A few statements about Dick Loehr’s death give the impression that the Loehrs are Christians, but the Team National website is not preachy like some other MLM websites, for example, the homepage of the Premier Designs website.

Thus, the Team National website is to be commended for saying who its leaders are instead of using mystery and hype to make people curious about them.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for its handling of Team National products.  The parts of the Team National website that are available to the public contain almost no information at all about Team National products.  Even the Frequently Asked Questions page appears only on a drop down menu called “login”, and as the title of the menu suggests, you actually have to log into your Team National distributor account to find out much of anything about the Team National business opportunity and what you will be selling.  I have only been able to gather little drips and drops of information about Team National products by reading other Team National reviews.  It appears that, when you join the Team National business opportunity, you get a search engine website called Big N that Team National encourages you to set as your home page.  There is a video on the Team National website about how using Big N will help “good information” about the Team National business opportunity rank more highly in Google searches.

Team National advertises itself as a “discount” MLM.  From what I can tell, it is somewhat similar to those MLMs where you buy and sell a toolbar for your computer that will give you discounts on products and services from certain businesses.  Some of the Team National reviews I read described these discounts as cash back rewards that you get when you make purchases online from certain businesses.  It also seems that Team National distributors sell insurance, travel packages and even telecommunication services, which makes it sound as though Team National is a mix of almost every MLM business opportunity out there except for the ones that make you sell nutritional supplements, costume jewelry, alternative currencies for when the U.S. dollar tanks (whether gold or possibly non-existent virtual currencies), or weird devices connected to one or another health fad.  I guess the advantage of these types of non-physical product MLMs is that potential recruits cannot wave the product you are trying to sell in your face and point out its ridiculousness.  If you try to sell people costume jewelry, they can just drip hand sanitizer on it until the gold paint comes off, and if you try to sell them vitamin supplements, they can read the nutritional information off of the bottle and then compare it to the labels of the much cheaper drug store vitamins in their kitchen cabinet, but with insurance and discount packages, it takes several months to prove for certain that you are not benefitting financially.

The Team National Compensation Plan

The Team National website does not contain a copy of the Team National compensation plan document, at least not in a place where casual viewers can download it, thus my information about the Team National compensation plan comes mostly from reading other Team National reviews.  According to the Team National review on Monte Eggers’ Internet marketing site, simply joining the Team National business opportunity does not automatically qualify you to receive bonuses.  In order to be eligible to get paid according to the Team National compensation plan, you must first sell two Team National memberships.  In fact, to maintain your active status as a Team National distributor, you must sell at least two Team National memberships every year.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Team National products are not nutritional supplements.
  • The Team National business opportunity does not involve home sales parties.
  • Even though the company has its headquarters in Florida, which I have previously described on this site as MLM Valhalla, the founding family of the Team National business opportunity has its roots in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which is not too far from here, and for that reason, I must consider Team National a Midwestern MLM.
  • As I once discovered during an MLM-related trip to Florida, there are a lot of people from outside the Midwest who doubt that Kalamazoo is a real place. It is very likely that this Team National review is providing the moment in which someone somewhere is finding out for the first time that there is a real place called Kalamazoo.


  • As any extreme coupon shopping can tell you, and as most casual coupon shoppers would also agree, when it comes to finding discounts, the destination is the journey. It is fun to brag about the deep discount that you got on your new computer because of the effort that you put into it.  It satisfies the part of the brain that it designed to make human beings into good hunters.  No one likes a backseat driver directing their pursuit of discounts, but that is effectively what you are when you are a Team National distributor.  Let us discount hunters enjoy listening for the faint sound of discounts in the distance; do not ruin the moment with your MLM sales patter.
  • The fuzzy descriptions of Team National products on the Team National website raise red flags. The fact that everything is in video form and nothing is written out so that potential recruits can think carefully about it is another red flag.  Finally, the idea that the purpose of the Big N website is to spread “good information” about the Team National business opportunity is either one of the most naïve descriptions of search engine optimization (SEO) I have ever heard or one of the sleaziest.
  • The favorable Team National reviews I read, as well as the favorable comments in the comments sections of less favorable Team National reviews were so vague and generic, they sounded like they were written by content mill writers who were getting paid pennies on the paragraph to write them and couldn’t even be bothered to find out what the Team National business opportunity is all about.
  • The Team National compensation plan involves binary structure.
  • Team National memberships are quite expensive, which makes them difficult to sell. If you are annoying enough, it is possible to convince your friends and relatives to buy things that they do not want or need, just so you will leave them alone, but that only works when it is $20 for a necklace or $40 for a bottle of vitamin supplements.  Team National memberships cost a lot more than that.  If you already hang out with people who have enough disposable income that they can afford a Team National membership, you have many opportunities ahead of you that are much better than anything you will find in the MLM industry.
  • Even when the discount packages do not cost a lot, selling opportunities for discounts is not a good way to make money. Remember those school fundraisers where you used to sell coupon books?  You never made money off of those, did you?  People would much rather buy candy that they can eat now than coupons for things they may or may not buy in the future, and I cannot blame them for that.


Discount club MLM companies like Team National do not provoke as much of an immediate reaction of disgust in me as nutraceutical MLMs do (and, increasingly, as costume jewelry MLMs do), but I still do not think that participating in them is a reliable way to make money.  It takes so much work just to sell one membership, and you have to make a huge nuisance of yourself to do it.  Bargain hunting, much like the much older practice of actually hunting animals for food, is never successful unless there is a great bond of trust among the members of your hunting party.  Trust and the MLM industry are almost mutually exclusive.  Almost all MLMs, even the ones that trumpet about their high morals, require their distributors to be fuzzy with the truth in some way.

My advice to you is that, rather than joining the Team National business opportunity, you should stick with your existing job and your existing bargain hunting tactics.  You will be much less likely to lose friends that way.

Hey, Floridians!  Which Florida towns with weird names am I missing?  Schedule a call with me and let me know.  While I have you on the line, I will give you my advice about how to start and maintain a successful SEO and Internet marketing business.


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