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Telecom Plus MLM Compensation Plan Review 



Working as a Distributor for Telecom Plus MLM Compensation Plan

How many working people are earning just enough to pay for all their fixed and variable expenses in the long run and still manage to leave for an annual vacation? If it were possible for you to carry out feasibility study on the above question with a minimum sample size of 1000 in your locality, you’d be pleasantly surprised with the results. For a start, and quite contrary to what most of us would expect, less than 1% of the workforce is able to meet every major or minor expense on a continual basis.

The question that follows from this startling revelation is ‘what proportion of the remaining 99% of workforce would be open to taking up a part-time engagement if it supplemented their incomes substantially?’ For getting a concrete answer to the above question, you can do without carrying out a survey for the simple reason that almost everybody would be too willing to opt for a part-time job to earn extra bucks. One excellent way of supplementing your current earnings from whatever you’re doing is to work as a distributor or a business associate of a well-established MLM company.

Conducting a quick research on the net will throw up the names and web addresses of numerous MLM or network marketing organizations that have carved a reputation for themselves. Amway, Avon, Ambit Energy, Oriflame, Usana, World Global Network, PM-International, Forever Green, and Organo Gold are renowned pyramidal marketing organizations, to name a few. Utility Warehouse is one such celebrated network marketing enterprise that has nearly 40,000 distributors working independently by making the most of the MLM technique. People have been earning more than 5K every week through these compensation plans, to know more click here

Utility Warehouse is the marketing division of Telecom Plus PLC, a UK-based multi-utility service provider that was founded in 1996 with twin-objectives. It was set up with the pious aims of extending a range of utility services at down-to-earth rates and building up a team of distributors. These distributors would be handpicked and appointed by the company to promote its services as well as expand its customer base by recruiting new distributors and clients.

The distributors earn a payout or commission by operating at multiple levels, including canvassing of the organization’s services, recruiting down-line distributors, and adding to the firm’s clientele base. Utility Warehouse’s distributors make money when and whenever they convince prospects to hire the services offered by Telecom Plus and also when they encourage them to work as independent distributors. Utility
Warehouse offers its distributors and customers with a unique way of saving on their utility expenses and earning a handsome amount at the same time.

The communications director of Telecom Plus is very ecstatic and upbeat about the amount of money an individual can make by signing up to work as a distributor during his or her spare time. Additionally, Mr. Humphrey Couchman makes it clear at the outset that one has to earnestly slog to earn a respectable sum every month. Nevertheless, countless distributors have gone on record by testifying that they’ve made around £6,000-£8000 in payouts for months on end.

About Utility Warehouse-The MLM Compensation Plan of Telecom Plus

Telecom Plus Plc is a leading provider of broadband, mobile, gas, electricity, and landline telephony services to both domestic and commercial establishments. Registered on LSE (London Stock Exchange), it extends these services to more than 5, 00, 000 customers in UK, under the trade name of Utility Warehouse. As of 2014, there were 750 in-house employees and 40,000 self-established distributors marketing the allied services of this frontline MLM organization.

Telecom Plus has come a long way since 1997- the year it rolled out its services by launching ‘Smart Box’. Smart Box was a small gadget that could be plugged into a socket meant for phones facilitating the rooting and rerouting of calls to different networks. Fees for routing the calls work out cheaper when compared with rates charged by British Telecom. Apart from the utility services outlined above, Utility Warehouse also furnishes a CashBack card, a basket of smartphone tariff plans, and web-based telecommunications services.

The company amassed a revenue totaling £658.8 million for the financial year 2014-2015 and earned a net profit of £32.7 million in the same period. Utility Warehouse has blazed a trail since its inception and has maintained a more or less steady track-record in terms of overall growth and development as well as profits. As far as advertising and marketing its services are concerned, Utility Warehouse resorts to the MLM approach-the route taken by all other network marketing companies the world over.

You won’t come across any shop, outlet or POS kiosks of Telecom Plus anywhere in the UK. Neither does the company advertise its services on television channels nor does it bring out classifieds in the mainstream or local newspapers. Utility Warehouse, right from the beginning has been fully exploiting the word-of-mouth or viva voce strategy of promotion for spreading awareness about itself and its activities.

Distributors representing Utility Warehouse go all out to garner new clients for the company by pitching about its exemplary services that one can avail of at competitive rates. They print visiting cards in their names spelling out their website address and contact numbers and pass on the same to their network of social and business contacts. Those who’ve the zeal and the hunger to earn over and above their regular incomes decide to give this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ a try.

Of course, there are some inbuilt advantages and benefits of subscribing as a distributor for Utility Warehouse. You’re provided with free of cost complete training and unflinching support so that you get the confidence to get started. So, before you proceed to dump the calling card into the bin branding the company as just another run-of-the-mill, fly-by-night operator out to fleece the gullible public through a crafty Ponzi scheme, think again. If you care to take a second look at the card, you’ll surely spot the emblem of a well-known British enterprise which has been serving the citizens of UK for close to two decades.

Compensation Plan of Telecom Plus Network Marketing

The management of Telecom Plus takes pride in claiming that their compensation plan is extraordinary and exclusive in that the same has been devised in an innovative way.  It follows from this that each and every distributor, irrespective of his hierarchical position, stands to gain monetarily if he takes advantage of the plan. Telecom Plus’s top management realized early on that the perpetual growth of the company invariably depended on the success of the distributors.

To become an authorized and ‘qualified distributor’ of Utility Warehouse, an individual will have to rope in at least 12 clients for the organization-this stipulation became effective from 15th January, 2012. On becoming a distributor, they’ll be eligible to take part in an exclusive ‘Team Building’ program as well as get started with the task of recruiting new distributors. Once a new distributor is enlisted, he or she undergoes full online training and has to be present at COE skills honing and team building courses for thorough orientation.

These newly recruited distributors, in turn, embark on a drive to garner twelve clients who’re anointed as distributors who continue with the cycle-a never ending process. A distributor will have to pay £199.75 as registration fees that the business associate can reclaim as reimbursements if he or she is successful in increasing the client database by 12 individuals. However, the recruitment drive has to be successfully completed within the stipulated period of 90 days.

Distributors will be entitled to receive an incentive payment of up to £40 for each subscriber/customer-£20 for a broadband client and £10 for a smartphone client. A distributor also gets to earn money on a month-to-month basis which is actually a proportion of the cumulative amount the customers expend for availing of Utility Warehouse’s services. There is money to be made from the activity of introducing new people to Utility Warehouse and making them register as ‘qualified distributors’ of the MLM firm.

As per the website of Telecom Plus ‘Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating or surf the net, you could be getting paid’. The site also goes on to say that if you’ve a full-fledged team then you can envisage the same fanning out with a thousand distributors spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. These distributors who’ll be working directly underneath you will be amassing clients and distributors for the company making your Telecom Plus team immensely huge.

You can well imagine the amount of money that’ll be there in your kitty each month when every member of your team is active plus rakes up a sum for hiring the services. You’ll still be having a handsome amount in your bank account every month even if less than half the members of your team are working actively. You start out as a QD (qualified distributor) and attain the zenith when you become a ‘NNL with 5 stars’.

There are 10 hierarchical levels that you’ll need to cross before you stand on the threshold of the ultimate and the topmost level. As a qualified distributor you can make a maximum of £2,000 per month and your earnings maxes out at £83,333 each month when you attain the status of ‘NNL with 5 stars’. Of course, there are also bonuses-in-kind that a distributor of Telecom Plus will be entitled to for instance he can win a BMW Mini on fulfilling specific terms and conditions. Alternatively, the distributor on successfully meeting more stringent criterions can drive home a Porsche Boxster.

Working as a Distributor in Telecom Plus MLM Compensation Plan

In order to earn commissions from Utility Warehouse by vending its services, you’ll need to register under a current distributor of this MLM enterprise. Once you’re enlisted as a distributor, the amount of your periodical earnings will be directly proportional to the number of hours you’re willing to sincerely devote for popularizing Utility Warehouse’s services. There are two distinct ways in which you can make money as an authorized Utility Warehouse distributor.

You earn when you enlist a fresh recruit for ‘The Utility Warehouse Discount Club’. The commission or payout that you receive for getting a new face acquainted with the club is termed ‘Customer Gathering Bonus’ or ‘CGB’, and is a one-time payment. To be specific, the exact amount of CGB that goes into your kitty for netting a single customer depends upon the service pack he or she settles for.

Nevertheless, the amount ranges from £2.50-£50 and the average payout is £20 for every client. It generally takes up to a maximum of 1 hour to fully explain the specifics of working as a distributor to a new prospect before he or she agrees to plunge in. Once you’re anointed as a certified distributor, your sole target is to get as many new customers for Utility Warehouse as possible with a view to maximize your earnings.

At the same, you also try your level best to mould your customers into convincing them to become distributors. Once you’ve a steady team of customers and distributors, you get set to receive a fixed amount of passive bonus on a monthly basis. Passive bonuses and incentives are payouts or payments you receive when your direct customers pay their energy or utility bills through Utility Warehouse.

You’re also in queue to receive commissions when your recruited distributors and their respective customers foot their bills. This income is referred to as passive payout simply because money is credited to your account even if you remain idle. The passive commission(s) is the amount you gain for work done by down-line members in your team.

This type of disbursement is called CVC or Customer Volume Commission. Again, the cumulative and total amount of CVC you’re expected to receive will invariably depend upon the different services and the invoiced amount your team members are liable to pay. For instance, a customer who routes his or her landline, electricity, gas and broadband bills through Utility Warehouse will put £5 in your purse.

Closing up, it can be convincingly inferred that if you sincerely want to make a neat sum every month over and above your current income, you should not think twice about becoming an Utility Warehouse distributor.



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