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Tiens MLM Compensation Plan Review



The network marketing companies provide plenty of income generating opportunities. People from different walks of life are making a mark for themselves in the world of multilevel marketing. MLM programs allow people to pursue the income multiplying opportunities. The business model is designed to suit people from almost any profession who are willing to invest their time and effort. However, only a limited number of companies provide opportunities in form of genuine MLM programs.

Tiens is one such organization involved in selling home and personal care products. These products are claimed to be prepared with the blend of different botanical elements. Their line or series of products keep on multiplying allowing the consumers to benefit in a number of ways. The company has experienced success since its arrival into the multilevel marketing field. One of benefits of joining the company remains the freedom to work independently without any boss to complain for. There are plenty of positives for a person to make the most of joining Tiens. It is known to consistently multiplying the revenue levels and creating new milestones. More than one billion revenue has been already generated so far and it’s going further up. Tiens has presence in more than 10 countries and exploring new markets to expand.

MLM programs by Tiens can be the opportunity you were waiting for. Being an independent distributor would give you the license to improve your finances. The business policies of Tiens are quite transparent to understand. Competition in the field of wellness and health care products are consistently going up. Despite the fact, the business of this company isn’t impacted from any angle. Their top class product quality and a decent compensation plan has made the life of many people. Hello everyone! It’s Brad and I would be taking you deeper into the MLM programs of Tiens. Keep reading if you’re interested for it may turn out to be lucky for you.

A quick walkthrough of Tiens MLM Compensation Plan


Tiens is a wellness company that has gone Global quite efficiently. At present, the company is valued at more than $1 billion as annual revenue. It is present in countries such as North America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, China, Australia, Singapore and more.  The varied product categories roughly fall under the below mentioned sections:

  • Weight Loss
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Facial care
  • Dental care
  • Laundry and Cleaning
  • Bath and Body
  • Hair care
  • Beauty
  • Essential Oils
  • Pet care
  • Home fragrances

In the same year, the company was first of its kind to provide the soothing and healing power of essential Tiens oil for people all around the world. The company has a serious intent of enhancing the lives of people involved by helping them to reach their goals to become financially independent.

Being a customer opens the world with a number of privileges. An almost perfect destination of high quality wellness products, there are enough variety and options. All the products are designed for your home and family members. Each and every item manufactured goes through multiple quality inspection prior to reaching the hands of customers. They are well researched, scrutinized, refined and further monitored to ensure complete customer convenience. With the passage of time, the company aims to expand its product offerings. All of these are prepared to be economical, environment friendly and healthful.

With such an impressive portfolio, there is no doubt that the company will reach greater heights. Many people who’ve joined the company have managed to make a living. There is no shortcut to success and it’s the same with Tiens. The distributor needs to get in as many people as possible to widen the reach and fulfill various business objectives. Commission amount is paid out in different levels which require the distributors to market the products.

 Review of Tiens MLM Business Opportunity

The wellness company has made a name for itself despite the presence of growing number of competitors. Tiens has been there for the last three decades which shows how it has grown from strength to strength. For the people who have the right intentions and passion to do well, it offers plenty of earning opportunities. There is no need to stop everything and start pursuing their MLM programs. Interested people would surely find a way to make a lot of money. A prior marketing experience may be handy and makes it easier for some people. Even people with no marketing experience can also pursue these opportunities.

Tiens functions a bit differently compared to some of the suspicious MLM companies out there. For those who can pursue the challenges, the profit margins would be decent and worth all the effort. Many kinds of people can benefit from their MLM programs. It includes stay at home parents, business professionals, these willing to go out of debt, those seeking financial freedom and people looking for a secure retirement. It takes time to build a business brick by brick and that’s the same with Tiens. Many people join MLM programs considering it a shortcut to make millions in a short time. It is different in case of the company which has progressed due to the sheer hard work, patience and commitment. The valid business opportunities should be utilized to their maximum.

Membership Levels in Tiens MLM Compensation Plan

After a successful enrollment, it is important to determine participation category. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money which can be earned through Melaleuca business. Many things depend upon the efforts invested along with time and fast learning abilities. The proven procedures for achieving success must be followed along with a unique and different approach. Faster the business more is the number of customers joining the organization which leads to success in long run. The company also has bonus offerings to people moving fast through the rankings.

For example in case of pacesetter bonus, the advancing directors have an opportunity to increase single time bonus incentives by double folds.  The pacesetter is a significant program and part of its overall compensation plan. All the new entrants can end up with earnings equal to $200. It is while buying a value or career park, and become the director. It is a type of bonus rewarding the new enrollees for a move to the level of director’s chair.

To be eligible for $200 pacesetter director bonus:

  • Turn into a preferred customers
  • Purchase a career or even value pack
  • Turn into a director within the initial two calendar months by simple following enrollment month

One may also consider a short example in this regard. In case the enrolling date is 15th July, the new entrant has dual calendar months in form of August and September. It must be utilized in order to achieve the status of director. There is a further need to advance at least a director status per month for continuing on pacesetter time frame. All the advancing directors via SD, advancing SD II and SD IX may double up one time advancement bonuses after advancing every time. However, it is simply based on whether they’re fulfilling the pacesetter timeline needs.

The leadership points are the ones measuring support level provided by the marketing executive to their organization. Their compensation plans requires the director II and beyond to create the points on regular basis. Nearly 6 leadership points can be achievable towards the enrollment of newly preferred customer.

Enroller – It roughly equals to three leadership points. The marketing executive turned enroller provides the name of newly preferred customers.

Presenter – It means earning up to two leadership points. This is simply earned by the marketing executive giving the maximum level of presentation which leads to joining of preferred customer.

Value/Career pack – It equals to only one leadership points. This is just awarded to a presenter in case the newly preferred customer purchases value or career pack. It is done at the month of enrollment or even the month that follows enrolment month.

All the bonuses and incentives are designed to reward the leaders creating a certain growth throughout the organization who’ll continue helping others to fulfill their goals.

Compensation plan of Tiens MLM Business Opportunity

Tiens has its own series of wellness and eco-friendly products. Prior to deciding on whether to join as marketing executive or not, certain factors should be considered. The compensation plans are designed to reward the independent marketing executives. All the income earned can be categorized under certain sections. It includes the number of customer purchases made per month, total amount a customer purchases per month and the expertise to build a marketing organization.

Some of the well known ways of making money are discussed below:

Commission for product information: It is paid out right in the month of helping the business acquire new customers. As a marketing executive, you earn almost 20 to 27% commission based on total product points by up to 150 points.

Personally enrolled commission: On the purchases of second month, you can earn 7 to 20% of product points.

Organizational commission: You may earn up to 7% of the commission as per product points which is purchased monthly by more and more customer enrollment.

Career and value pack commission: Whenever the customers enrolled or assisted in the enrolling purchase of career or value pack, you may earn a commission ranging from $30 to $50.

Weekly pay: With quality customer scores of up to75% or more, marketing executives may qualify to have weekly payments as per following three bonuses, product information, quality customer and value or career pack.

Pacesetter bonus: While you’re advancing the bonus to different status, you’re eligible to earn up to one time advancement bonuses for achievement of each new status. In case you manage to make it to director rank, you’ll be eligible to double the advancement bonuses. You may be able to earn almost over $13,200.

Leadership development bonus: After the marketing executive’s escalation to director’s rank, and beyond earnings equivalent to half of pacesetter bonus paid out. In order to be eligible for leadership development bonus, the commission rate should be equivalent to or may be greater than advancing personal every time while advancing status.

Leadership Pools: Commission rate-wise senior directors and above can also earn the leadership growth incentives out of leadership pools. They need to have a leadership growth within the organization throughout the month. Bonus amount is up to $500 for the senior directors while it is $1000 and $2000 for executive, corporate directors as per their status.

Preferred customer services commission: You can also receive the commissions based on everyday services used by you and those using in the organization. It includes identity theft, credit card purchases and wireless phone service.

Car bonus: The senior directors are meant to receive up to $400 per month. However, the executive directors receive up to $1000 per month to have a qualifying car of choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tiens MLM Business Opportunity


  • The MLM programs and business opportunities are valid. It can be pursued by people from almost all walks of life. Some people can pursue it as a full time profession. Similarly, some people get to do it in their spare running parallel to a different full time profession.
  • Marketing the products would help in improving your communication skills. It will help in cutting down the usual hesitancy accompanied. You’re likely to seek new people and bank on these opportunities.
  • Moms, unemployed and a number of stay at home parents can pursue these business opportunities without any problem. Even the people tangled into debt can also try to make their life easier by pursuing these opportunities.
  • Gradually, the marketing executive can build a solid network. Training is also offered to teach them the minimal risk approach of dealing with opportunities. Various corporate events take place where new representatives are recruited, Training to market products and grow leadership skills is also taught.
  • The new entrants get to learn so much such as working as team, methods of self sustaining and further team building. All of these can be applied to solve various problems or issues arising in future through the experience.


  • Just like success stories to get inspiration from, there are a number of failure stories associated with Tiens. It has to face legal complexities by distributors who’ve failed to achieve substantial success.
  • There are certain targets to achieve by moving step by step. It is important to be flexible when one strategy fails to produce desired results. However, many people tend to give up hope with repeated failed attempts.


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