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Unicity MLM Compensation Plan review


Hey buddies you would be glad to know that MLM firms are playing a vital role in opening up the scope of handsome earning so as to enable you people to live with dignity and financially independent. You may not agree at the first hand but believe me there is a surplus scope of earning money when you are engaged with any MLM company. The primary benefit that you folks would get is to work from your home without parting away from your loved ones forever. So you would not prefer to slip this opportunity from your grip right guys. Besides, if you are health conscious then I suggest you to join Unicity. It is one such MLM which deals with health products. To know more hooked on to my review attentively. You can click here to know the ways that can help you earn more than 5K income per week.

About Unicity

Unicity was established in the year of 2001 with the merging of Enrich International and Rexall Showcase. Stewart Hughes the CEO of the firm has played a vital role in the growth and expansion of the company. The firm is mainly specialized in selling various personal care items and nutritional supplements using the technique of direct network marketing. Distributors of the firm reach directly before the customers and pursue them to use its products through oral advertising which is quite cheap and effective than banner advertising. Head office of the firm is based in Utah and it employs millions of young people like you to work as an independent distributor. Without the contribution of the distributors the firm could not achieve so higher position in the MLM industry. At present it operates in every country of the world generating revenues more than 180 million.


Products of Unicity MLM business

Though I have not used all its products but I can tell you that all its healthy products can raise your energy level and can reduce your fat concentration in the body. They also help to regain your lost glamorous appearance quite magnificently. Its product categories mainly include Women’s Health, Weight Management, Xxtra Fitness, Personal Care, Men’s Health, LifeHealthTM , Immune, Homeopathic, Heart Digestive, Anti-Aging and so on. Products of these categories are manufactured with pure natural ingredients and state of the art facility. You can find in its labels the manufacturing and expiry dates are mentioned clearly with the approval seal of FDA. I hope that now you any issue in marketing its products to the customers. Bios Life Slim and Bios Life are the most sensational products of the firm. Bios Life helps in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar and Bios Slim helps in reducing body fat through resetting the metabolism in our body.

Unity Compensation Plan levels

There are seven basic ways through which an associate can receive payment on selling the products of the firm. These seven ways mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Retail Bonus: Here you need to simply purchase its products at the wholesale prices for selling them at retail prices for obtaining the profit pie. You can also ask your casually acquainted people to place their orders so as to obtaining larger chunks of profits in your pocket.
  • Personal Rebate: Personal bonus is paid at the beginning of the month of your second volume. You have the scope of receiving 5% bonus every month on your personal volume when it reaches to 100. If the personal volume is above 1000 then the personal of yours become will be enhanced to 20%.
  • First month royalties: It is paid on personal volume of your sponsored recruit in the first month.
  • Rank Maintenance Bonus: This is paid on monthly basis based on your qualifications for the particular rank within 12 months. It can be earned at any period during the beginning of any month when the bonus of Rank Achiever is earned. For more proper explanation view the tables below:
Rank Total Bonus Monthly Bonus
Director $2400 $200 x 12
Ex. Director $4800 $400 x 12
Senior Director $3600 $300 x 12


  • Repurchase royalties: It is mainly paid on the basis of monthly personal volume of your downline team beginning from the second month. It is paid to you on the volume generations from your downline teams.
  • Achiever’s bonus: These are usually cash payments in one time only. You receive this for qualifying to a specific or higher rank for consecutive 2 months at a stretch. Distributors qualifying to the rank of Senior Manger receives achiever’s bonus of $ 300 and on qualifying the rank of Director they do get $ 15,00. Once the directors achieve the positions of Senior and Executive Director then the bonus amounts to $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 respectively. Similarly there is a bonus amount of $10,000 on achieving the rank of Presidential Director as well as $ 20,000 for achieving the rank of Presidential Sapphire. To know more you need to visit the website of the company or to contact your nearest distributor for more information.
  • Chairman’s club royalties: On reaching the status of presidential diamond for consecutive three months at a stretch you have the scope of initiating AFP (additional franchise position). For instance after becoming a Double Diamond you have the scope of achieving 3-5% royalties on first volume and 6- 10% on second volume of additional franchise position. On achieving the status of Triple Diamond you have the scope of receiving 3-5% on fist volume, 6 to 10% on second volume and 9-15% on third volume. The same rules apply for after achieving the position of Crown diamond.
  • Lifestyle Bonus: There is a monthly lifestyle bonus which is paid to the affiliates on qualifying the ranks of Executive Director, Senior Director and the Director. Directors are entitle to receive a lifestyle bonus of $200 per month, Executive Directors are entitled to receive a lifestyle bonus of $ 400 per month and Senior Directors have the scope of receiving $ 300 per month. In my opinion that would be amazing for punks like you since you guys have a common dream of having fabulous lifestyles.

How to make money with Unicity

If you guys are seriously considering making some money with the company then follow my recommendations closely. If you have the option of starting your business with the company as an independent distributor for which you need to enroll yourself under the downline of any local distributor for selling the products. But first you need to convince yourself and for that you need to purchase its products as retail customer and once you experience the tastes and benefits of the products you have no problem in convincing the other people of your locality. If you don’t get any local distributor then you can directly visit the website of the company and after registering you begin the process of enrolling yourself. Once you begin the process you would be asked to select the marketing zone of your choice and after choosing it you would be asked in the next stage to select your business pack. There are four starter business packs which include Transformation Manager Pack, Manager Pack, Jr Manager pack and Associate Pack. The onus is on you guys to choose the pack of your preference.

Not only you have to generate personal or group volume but also have to recruit people under you to replicate your success process. On joining as an independent distributor your exposure in this MLM business will be much broadened as you will be working with experienced sales professionals of the firm. Besides, you would also receive high-tech training materials so as to obtain knowledge on generating sales leads and other aspects of MLM. So don’t let this opportunity sleep from your grips punks. There is another benefit if you join as a preferred customer of the company. You have the scope of receiving instant discount on purchasing all the products of the firm. After acquiring experience in this direct network marketing you have the scope of becoming a franchise owner so as to swallow large chunks of profits in your purse. However, in order to start as a franchise owner you must have the knowledge of generating minimum thirty target leads per day. That is why I am advising you to start slowly and don’t act rashly.

Is Unicity is the ideal MLM company for you?

Let me put it straight guys working with any MLM firm is not a joke when it comes to Unicity. In this MLM company you cannot become successful to establish a million dollar business just with the participation of your friends and family members. Indeed their role is vital in attracting new customers as well as building your downline but you cannot solely rely on them in finding new clients for your business venture. You need to explore new channels or avenues every moment to search new customers and new distributors for the growth of your business. Another factor which makes many people to fail in this business is the obsession of becoming rich immediately and it plays a vital role in shifting their focus of putting dedicated effort in the growth and expansion of their business. So I am making you ware guys never fell into such temptations at the start of your career in this company. You will be surprised to know that it takes 3-7 years of sincere and hard works to become successful in this business. So if you think that once joining your fortune will be transformed miraculously then you better look for other company because this firm is not for lazy and idle punks like you. The firm is quite strict in generating leads and if you register failure for consecutive months then you will be terminated from the commercial transactions with the firm. You can only be successful with the firm once you develop the habit of learning at every stage of your business. You should not averse to learning tricks of the business and so it’s always says that learning never stops. From my personal experience I can say that it’s a bit of challenge in generating leads consistently but if you have the hunger on your heart then I don’t feel that it’s quite tough. Previously I do believe the same thing but the working atmosphere of this MLM company have completely changed my notions. Sometimes you guys lose your motivation which is quite embarrassing because to shine in this business this weakness you need to overcome at all costs. Another common problem which majority of you encounter is to surpass one another with the sole objective of attracting the attention of the company for obtaining higher commission. You need to remember that working as a team is quite essential to be successful in this company. If you fail to become a leading and active member of the sales team then your prospects to succeed in this business become bleak.


Before wrapping up my review I am recommending you guys to have a careful consideration before joining this company. You should introspect whether you have the guts to absorb the work pressure of a sales distributor. Ultimately its’ your life and so you have to arrive at a conclusion and if you’re unable to bear the job pressure don’t blame me afterwards. Now coming to the main point as guys are well aware of the compensation plan, annual revenue generations of Unicity many rival firms are in the mood of maligning its image in the market. So my request to you is don’t rely on the facts of any unreliable sources because then ultimately you will be the sufferer but not the firm. As for your advantage I have mentioned all the important facts about the company so that you don’t fall in the traps of misleading information. I can bet you that you would found any such MLM firm like Unicity. The work environment is quite sophisticated and all the employees are quite dedicated to build a long lasting impact with their hard work and sincerity.








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