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Univera MLM Compensation Plan Review


People who are in search of a transparent platform to display their hidden skills and acumen can try out their luck through joining any multi-level marketing company of USA. These MLM firms are always in search of those people who have the hunger and determination to prove their marketing and product selling skills. Effective network marketing techniques will always give you complete freedom to evolve new marketing strategies and other innovative approaches to maximize the sale of products in any corner of the world. They would also support you whole heartedly to develop your home business so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones. MLM firms normally deal with various types of products and services. If you are a health conscious individual then Univera is the appropriate one for you. To know more about the company, its products, compensation plans and other opportunities read the review carefully. People have been earning more than 5K per week through these network marketing plans, to know more click here.

About Univera Compensation Plan


Univera was established in the year of 1999 with the sole objective of providing customers with appropriate nutritional products for the overall development of their body and mind. It mainly deals with nutritional supplements, personal care products, weight management products and much more. At present this company is operating over more than 30 nations of the world and always taps new markets to sell its products. Its current annual revenue generation is above $175 million and has provided employment opportunities to more than thirty thousand distributors. These distributors mainly with the help of word of mouth tactics sell the products of the company directly to the customers.

Products of Univera MLM opportunity

This company manufactures all its healthy products in its superior state of the art facilities under the sharp observation of experienced scientists. It mainly uses pure herbal ingredients for making the products. All the products have been approved by FDA and other third party agencies. Products are well packed for preserving the nutritional elements and you can clearly see the expiry and manufacturing dates properly mentioned in the labels. Some of its well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Aloe Protect: Everyday our liver is performing essential functions and to maintain its optimum performance this clinically approved product is quite awesome. Due to the oxidative stress the ability of our liver to repair damage and to detoxify harmful chemicals are often compromised. With the consumption of this product you liver can again perform normally to make you feel healthy and active again.
  • Xtra: When we begin our life we feel amazing and this sole credit goes to our body cells which make it possible to lead healthy life. But with the passage of time the functioning of our body cells get hampered due to because of factors like poor nutrition, pollution and stress. In order to enjoy life normally you can try Univera Xtra which contains twenty powerful natural ingredients to protect your DNA and to help in the effective cell renewal activities to help you get rid of your damaged cells immediately. Its bioenergetics optimizes the production of cellular energy for creating positive impact in the overall functioning of the brain. It is also useful in joint pain and providing soothing effect to other parts of the body.
  • Super Immune: This nutritional product enhances the defense mechanisms of your cells against all types of germs attacks. It helps in the formation of multi-layer shields for supporting the defensive framework of your body. It is mainly made up of natural ingredients like the extracts of Reishi mushroom, Astragalus and so on.

These are some of these products that have been mentioned above and in order to know about its other products you can either contact your nearest distributors or can visit the site of the company.

Compensation Plan of Univera MLM Network marketing

As per the compensation plan of Univera, distributors have the scope of earning income in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Retail Commission: The firm pays the fixed retail commission of twenty percent to the distributors on selling any item at the retail cost. The paying of this commission percentage bears testimony to the fact that the distributors are selling products at the recommended retail price only. Selling products at a discount rate may curtail the profitability of any distributor and so it is better to sale them at a fixed retail cost. Unlike other firms, every representative of this company has the scope of earning flat twenty percent retail profit irrespective of the level of their promotions.
  • Unilevel payments: These are payments which the firm pays to every distributor on the basis of the sales of their down-line team members. Every distributor begins through earning fifteen percent of the overall volume generated by the up-line. When your team will expand the percentage which you are earning at every level will be decreased but if your generation is within the required criteria then you have the chance of availing increased incomes on that basis only. It enables those who are at the early stage of their career to earn decent income within a short period of time besides assuring other financial incentives for achieving any promotional level.
  • Generation Payments: It is normally paid to those who are working at the Silver level and above. There is an extra bonus commission of one to five percent that are paid on every first six generations within the organization of yours.
  • Promotional Pay: Besides, rewarding the first six generations within your organization, the firm also provides limited time incentives for helping you in developing a vibrant and successful team.
  • Xcelerate Your Drive: It is normally paid in between $600-$1600 every month for allowing distributors to enjoy the luxurious car drive at a lease. The eligibility criteria for the bonus must be maintained every month before the expiry of the lease durations. If any distributor fails to meet the eligibility criteria then he/ she must bear the expenditure of paying lease from their pockets only.
  • Trips and incentives: The company is determined to shape you as an effective individual and leader. For that it shall invite you for participating in its top class activities and events when you achieve any higher or new rank within the organization.
  • Blue Diamond Bonus: Every month when any associate qualifies the rank of Blue Diamond then he/she is eligible to claim a share of the bonus pool of the company. It normally comprises of two percent of the overall commissionable volume of the company.

Univera follows the unilevel compensation plan and so every distributor who is enrolled by the consultants is mainly placed in the top level or first generation of the team structure. There are a series of advantages and disadvantages associated with this compensation structure. The advantages of this unilevel system mainly arrive from the factor of simplicity. This compensation structure can be easily explained and is quite simple in obtaining the monthly commissions in exact format. There is no restriction on recruiting distributors at a limited extent for placing them on your up-line. The higher the number of your recruited distributors the more will be the generation of sales volumes which will only ensure your increased paychecks. The disadvantages of this compensation structure are the direct outcome of the payment limitations with the increased competitions that the distributors thrust among their members of the teams. The plan limits the payment depth which ultimately restricts growth beyond the particular point.

Getting started with Univera MLM Compensation Plan

If you are determined to start your career with this MLM firm then embrace yourself because you need to work harder to become successful in this company. The first thing that you need to do is to enroll yourself which can be done either visiting your local distributor or directly log on to the website of the company. During online enrollment you need to follow certain steps for confirming full enrollment from the company. In the first step you need to mention facts like your name, address, contact no and so on. Then after the completion of the initial formalities you will be asked to select the market location. It will be ideal if you chose your local market then you have no problem in finding the targeted consumers for the products. In the second step you need to select the optional business kits of your choice. It is quite essential because these kits contain valuable training materials. So you must purchase the costly ones which contain the highest number of training tools. In the ultimate step you have to select the optional product packs of your requirement. In this step also you go for the costly starter packs so that you get sufficient quantities of products for self consumption, selling and offering to the neighbors for free trials. Once your enrollment process is completed you will be provided with a replicated websites from where you shall forward the product orders of your preferred customers directly to the company.

The compensation plan of the company has been designed for rewarding product sales as well as for team recruitment. The simplest way of earning money as a distributor is through selling the products of the company to the customers who placed order for such items through autoships at a monthly basis. Ever new distributor has the chance of purchasing products at the wholesale cost which is normally eighty five percent of the market value. The other payment options which are provided to the distributors are mainly include commission payment, bonuses and promotions. Usually as a distributor you have the scope of earning ten percent on he orders forwarded by the associates as well as their down-line customers and fifteen percent on every order of the new customers. Your earnings will be increased on the basis of the earnings of the promotion. If you want to have the maximum shares of the compensation structure then you have to build and maintain large down-line members. You shall be able to learn many things about MLM from the training kits and it is better if you establish rapport with some old distributors of the company to know the tricks of generating leads for your health conscious customers. You must regularly attend the events and functions of the company so that you get the chance of meeting the successful distributors of the company. They will share their success secrets with you which you can apply in your business.

But for all these you need to retain your focus once you join this company. You must give up the disillusionment of becoming immediate rich once you join this firm. Remember it takes normally 3-5 years to become successful in this industry. Many distributors in the attempt of securing leads already devote considerable period of time but when they lose their focus they fail miserably. The firm shall provide you all sort of support but nothing will work out unless you show the initiative and determination to success.

Conclusion of Univera MLM Compensation Plan

Before closing the review you must always remember that the road to success in MLM companies is often associated with series of challenges and hard determination. Without solid focus on your part you cannot withstand the highly competitive atmosphere of the industry. It is also essential in this respect to mention that in MLM many firms with the sole objective of capturing the market often spread misleading facts about rival companies so that consumers do not purchase its products and services. Unfortunately it is also true for this company also. Many rival firms jealous of the current prosperity of Univera are spreading false propaganda against it. For this purpose they mainly choose innocent guys like you. Hence it is your responsibility to verify such misleading facts before believing them. If you believe such information blindly then you shall be the sole loser but not the company. After reading the reviews you now know that this firm is quite transparent in terms of its products, compensation plans and other opportunities. You will be happy to know that it rewards both female and male employees without any discrimination unlike other MLM firms. Therefore do not waste your time and join this firm at once.

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