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Usana MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Usana MLM Compensation Plan

Let’s start with the most interesting part, I guess.  Before I started doing research in order to write this Usana Health Sciences review, I knew almost nothing about Saint Kitts and Nevis.  In fact, I hardly even knew that Saint Kitts and Nevis existed.  I had only ever heard of it before from playing geography games on Sporcle, and in the process of playing those games, I learned that it is somewhere in the Caribbean.  When I found out that Saint Kitts and Nevis plays a role in the story of Usana Health Sciences, I endeavored to learn a little bit about it.  When I read the Wikipedia article about Saint Kitts and Nevis, I found out that the island nation is also called St. Christopher and Nevis, and that Christopher Columbus named it after his patron saint and namesake.  Wikipedia then goes on to say that, in the seventeenth century, Kitt was a nickname for Christopher.  I guess that makes sense when you consider that Kit Lambert, the band manager who was partially responsible for giving The Who their rambunctious temperament, was called Christopher on his birth certificate.  The other interesting thing that I found out about Saint Kitts and Nevis is that it has a mongoose problem.

What kind of a mongoose problem?  Well, it has too many mongooses.  Before the African honey badger became an Internet star in the early part of the present decade, the mongoose was the most famous animal when it came to killing poisonous snakes.  If you have ever read the story “Rikki TikkiTavi” from Kipling’s Jungle Book, you will recall that the story is about a mongoose that kills poisonous snakes.  The ancient Greeks called the mongoose the “ichneumon” and claimed that it could kill not only snakes but also dragons and even the Nile crocodile.  (Regular readers of Notebook Crazy will recall that there are not many things that can kill the Nile crocodile.)  According to Wikipedia, mongooses also sometimes eat the eggs of the Nile crocodile.  Regular readers of Notebook Crazy will also recall that the Nile monitor lizard has also been known to eat the eggs of the Nile crocodile, which makes the issue of what the actual apex predator is in this whole situation a little less clear cut.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I found this out.  I had heard the word ichneumon before, but I had always thought that it was some kind of mythological reptile, perhaps some kind of semi-aquatic dragon.

To make a long story short, the island of Saint Kitts was, at one point, overrun with mongooses.  The English brought mongooses to Saint Kitts in order to kill the rats and snakes that were being a nuisance on the island.  The mongooses soon figured out that rats and snakes do not exactly taste like chicken, and they began attacking the domestic chickens on the island.  Wikipedia does not specify exactly how the people of Saint Kitts were able to get rid of the mongooses, but to this day, the theater tradition of Saint Kitts includes the Mongoose Play, in which dancers act out a battle between humans and mongooses.

I also found out that, due to legal restrictions, it is well nigh impossible to import mongooses into the United States.

What has any of this to do with the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity?  Well, speaking of legal restrictions in the United States, Myron Wentz, the founder of the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity found himself and his company the target of several lawsuits.  This is nothing unusual in the world of multilevel marketing (MLM).  Search on Google for the name of virtually any MLM company, and you will find the company’s name followed by “lawsuit” as one of the recommended search terms.  Google isn’t dumb.  What makes Usana Health Sciences stand out is that, according to some of the Usana Health Sciences reviews I found, after enough Usana Health Sciences lawsuits, Myron Wentz renounced his United States citizenship.  He now resides in Saint Kitts and Nevis, where he is still a chairman of the board at Usana Health Sciences.

Usana Health Sciences: The Company and Its Products


The Usana Health Sciences business opportunity was founded in 1992.  For those of you not old enough to remember 1992, it was a time when there was no such thing as Wikipedia, so if you wanted to figure out what an ichneumon was, you first had to figure out how to spell “ichneumon” and then plop a heavy dictionary down on a table and use your knowledge of alphabetical order to flip pages until you find it.  Compare that to today, when you can just type your best guess as to the spelling of “ichneumon” into Google, and it will figure out what you mean and show you a picture.  As regards health fads of the early 1990s, the mothers of the upper middle class attended Weight Watchers meetings, while everyone else invested in low fat Oreo cookies and diet Coke and hoped for the best.  Jenny Craig commercials were just starting to air on television.  While the first Atkins diet book had been published in 1972, it was not until the late 1990s that low carb diets would attain mainstream popularity.

Today, the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.  Each of these countries has its own version of the Usana Health Sciences website.

The “About Us” page of the Usana Health Sciences website is quite dull, if I may say so.  It does not tell much of an origin story at all, no family member being miraculously cured through nutritional supplements, no rare fungus discovered in the remote mountains of China, not even a story of rising from the ashes of some previous MLM business opportunity.  The “About us” page of the Usana Health Sciences website is about as generic as they come, which disappoints me, since, as longtime readers of Notebook Crazy will recall, I love a good origin story.

Likewise, Usana Health Sciences products appear to be quite unremarkable.  They look very much like what you can buy at the supermarket, multivitamins, probiotics, some curcumin here, some melatonin there.  There are hardly any Usana Health Sciences products for which I have not seen a very similar product on other MLM websites, whether it is the digestive enzyme ones or the eye health ones or any other Usana Health Sciences products.  They are just plain nutraceuticals, and take it from someone who still has boxes of unsold MLM nutritional supplements piled up in his basement, nutraceuticals are bad news.  (The MLM nutraceuticals piled up in my basement actually have a gimmick, some kind of weight loss fungus, which is even more than I can say for Usana Health Sciences products.)

The Usana Health Sciences Compensation Plan

The Usana Health Sciences compensation plan is described in considerable detail on the Usana Health Sciences website.  With just a few clicks, you can download the Usana Health Sciences compensation plan in its entirety.  It appears that Usana recommends that you set the retail price for the Usana Health Sciences products such that you make a 10% profit.  Meanwhile, you also get a 20% commission on “group volume”, which means on the value of Usana Health Sciences products sold personally by you as well as those sold by members of your downline sales team (people you recruited into the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity, people they recruited, and so on).

The Usana Health Sciences compensation plan is devoted in large part to the definition of terms and to scenarios about how your downline sales team might be structured and how you might make money from sales of Usana Health Sciences products.  It does not even mention the names of the leadership levels of the Usana Health Sciences compensation plan.  It mentions that there are “incentives” such as prizes, travel, and cash bonuses, but it does not go into any detail about what they are.  The Usana Health Sciences compensation plan also includes leadership bonuses, which are given as a reward for achieving certain leadership ranks.  (Of course, these ranks are not named in the Usana Health Sciences compensation plan document, and it is far too late at night for me to be able to think up names for them.)  The leadership pool in the Usana Health Sciences compensation plan is a bit different from the bonus pools in many other MLM compensation plans.  Rather than eligibility for the bonus pool being tied to reaching a certain leadership level, it is reserved for the 40 Usana Health Sciences distributors with the highest sales volume.  That is actually good news, because it guarantees that 40 people will be eligible for it.  In many MLM companies, it is virtually impossible to qualify for the bonus pools.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • According to one of the Usana Health Sciences reviews I read, it seems that Usana Health Sciences distributors are free to sell Usana Health Sciences products online. That is a relief, because there are few things more embarrassing than having to make repeated in person sales pitches for overpriced nutritional supplements.  This way, if, for some reason, someone really wants to buy Usana Health Sciences products, that person can just buy them from you online.
  • Some Usana Health Sciences products are certified kosher.
  • The Mongoose Play on the island of Saint Kitts does sound like a sight to see. If it had not been for my Usana Health Sciences review, I would not have known that it even existed.


  • By this point, I have started to develop an allergy to the phrase “health sciences” when it is used as the name of a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. It is almost as bad as the phrase “science based” when used in MLM advertising copy.
  • I hate nutraceuticals as much as the honey badger hates virtually everything it lays its beady little eyes on.
  • The Usana Health Sciences compensation plan involves a downline team with binary structure, which is bad news.
  • The Usana Health Sciences compensation plan involves autoship of Usana Health Sciences products, which is a fast track to a basement full of vitamin supplements. How many?  So many that the most practical way to get rid of them would be if a 17th century pirate ship were to run aground in your basement and the pirates were to raid your stash of vitamins in order to cure their scurvy.  If that sounds far-fetched, well, it is the only scenario I could think of in which anyone would need that many vitamin supplements.
  • If people want nutritional supplements, there are plenty of places they can get them that do not involve dealing with you and your money grubbing MLM sales pitches. It is 2016, and only the most foolish of consumers fail to compare prices before they make a purchase.


Sometimes I wish there were such a thing as an MLM ichneumon that would grab MLM compensation plan documents right as they came off the press and carry them away to devour them, before they could give anyone false hope about getting rich through MLM.  The truth is that you have a greater chance of getting around the legal restrictions and actually being able to sit on the deck of your house and stroke your pet mongoose as you watch a Midwestern summer sunset than you do of making money through the Usana Health Sciences business opportunity or any nutraceutical MLM company, for that matter.

Hey, Notebook Crazy readers!  No thanks to my big pile of MLM merchandise, I actually achieved success by building a successful Internet marketing business.  If you want to know how I did this, and how you can do similarly with your business, schedule a call with me, and I will tell you.


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