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Usana MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM business opportunity is on the rise and its all about improving your network to earn better. To earn more than 5K a week you can click here. This time I have come to provide information about another MLM company so that you can earn decent compensation without having to think seriously about your future. You know buddies that we all like to see ourselves beautiful, handsome, healthy, glamorous and attractive before others particularly before women and so there is no alternative of consuming healthy supplements, creams and other lotions because these products can provide our desired appearance within few months of consumption. Ha! Ha! You must be wondering why I am today talking about healthy supplements and other products because USANA is one such MLM company that these deals with these products and you have the bright scope of earning huge income once you entered in its direct marketing business.


A brief about Usana

USANA was established in the year of 1992 under the inspiration of Dr, Myron Wentz. Dr Wentz is considered to be a successful entrepreneur and has received many international awards for his entrepreneurial capabilities. Since its inception the firm has registered annual sales above $ 100 million in the year of 1998 and in the year of 2006 its annual sales is over $ 350 million. As per the site of the firm above 130 distributors are associated with this firm in the year of 2009 and now in 2015 the figure is much larger. At present it is the leading manufacturer of wellness and healthy products. Its business perimeter encompasses 15 countries of the world and employs over 1,000 people in the entire world. The head office is located in Utah and uses MLM model of business for product distribution. Its products are sold through oral advertising and the distributors do enjoy handsome commissions from the company for their team and individual sales.

Products involved in Usana business opportunity

The firm manufactures more than 50 diverse nutritional products and some of its product lines mainly include shower gel, skin care, shampoos, meal replacement shakes, body wash, vitamins and more. On visiting their website these categories are enlisted in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Healthy weight.
  • Heart health.
  • Eye health.
  • Women’s health.
  • Immune health.
  • Digestive health.
  • Join and bone health.
  • Men’s health.

All its popular selling products are quality certified and do not contain any harmful ingredients that can affect the normal metabolic activities of the body. All these healthy products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced scientists in the manufacturing facilities of the company. The prices of these products are quite affordable and are much preferred for their hygienic qualities. As a consumer you will find that all its products are tightly packed with clearly mentioned manufacturing and expiry dates with the stamp symbol of FDA.

Usana Compensation Plan

The binary compensation plan of USANA offers you multiple ways of earning handsome commissions in proportion to your capability to sell its products directly to the consumers and building an organization underneath to perform the similar tasks. This compensation plan is divided into the following categories mentioned below:

  1. Retail sales: Here you have the scope of earning 10 % profits only on determining the retail-wholesale difference while selling the products directly to the consumers. It is the cheapest and fastest way of generating immediate profits for your MLM business from home while starting to develop a large base of trusted customers. These customers will just purchase from you and not work under you. So you have to devise the best marketing strategies to attract such people. You can utilize the sales aids of the company or can send consumers to the personal site of yours or can meet them in person for such purpose.
  2. Weekly commissions: Here you have the scope of earning 20% commissions on weekly volume of sales in group on selling products to your preferred consumers who often makes requests for such products as it is their quite favorite brand. Unlike the compensation plans of other MLM companies extra sales volume till 5,000 is continued in the successive weeks because its products have huge appeal among the consumers especially the professional athletes. You are fortunate enough that as USANA’S stuffs are consumable there is a regular flow of incoming income coming in your way. You can also utilize the services of Auto Order Program to for making money quickly as fast as you can.
  3. Lifetime Matching Bonus: You have the scope of receiving profitable reward if your team members are being able to replicate your success. With this surplus bonus you have the scope of receiving a certain portion of the commission from the sales volume generated by the personally sponsored team members of yours once they reached to the level of Platinum Premier Pacesetters and Premier Pacesetters. You will continuously receive this reward lifetime as long as your sponsored members are able to generate this superb group sales volume. This scheme of bonus is the unique way of boosting your income in USANA.
  4. Incentives: You have the scope of enjoying surplus incentives like cars, vacations and many more if you give your whole hearted effort in building team network under your charge to register higher volume of sales in collectively and individually. You will also earn recognition and respect for your contributions of registering highest sales volumes for the company. So boost up your spirits to make your lasting impressions in the mind of the management of the company.
  5. Leadership bonus: Once becoming a top leader of the company you have the scope of receiving surplus portion of the profits generated by the team members under your able guidance. The company usually reserves 3% of its sales commissions to divide it among the Gold Directors and other superiors for developing and building new leaders to generate surplus volume of sales in weekly and quarterly basis. On advancing beyond Gold you have the scope of receiving higher profits for accumulating wealth within a short period of time.
  6. Elite bonus: This bonus pay package is reserved for the higher employee levels whose teams have been able to generate maximum sales volumes every week without any hindrance and interruptions. You can receive above $ 1 million with your fellow producers of the company.

Getting Started with Usana business opportunity

Hey buddy! If you are wondering how to start your MLM business with USANA I am here to help you out. It’s quite simple and only requires some formalities to complete the process. I know that you are after reading my review is very excited to join the firm with immediate effect. For joining USANA you need to first sign up under the recognized distributor of the company who will act as your sponsor in the initial phase. He can recommend various ways of starting your MLM business from home. He would clarify all your queries so that you don’t fumble in the middle of the business. If you are unable to find any such person from your locality you can check on the official site of the company. It usually costs less than $ 30 to start with this company. There are various options that you can chose while signing up with the company via online. The overall cost would be determined on the basis of package you select. In my opinion you should begin as the retail customer for trying out the products of the company and once you liked them then it will be easier for you to convince your customers quite easily. If the products do not taste good then you must give up the idea of USANA business because you will be failed to convince the customers.

For your convenience I am now mentioning two aspects to get start with your USANA MLM business in a convenient, healthy and least expensive manner:

  1. Customized in your preference: Once you are ready with your first order of product you do have the bright chance of working with friendly associates who would spell out your options of starting this MLM business. You got three business package options_ Professional, Entrepreneur and Basic with surplus savings and plenty of fixed products. Other business pack which your associates must not forget to mention is Custom Business Pack. In this scheme you have the scope of customizing your order as per your preference. You may be interested to place order for bottles of Procosa and Essentials both for your business purpose and to provide relief to your knees. If losing weight is your priority then you can purchase the kits of RESET with Nutrition Bars and Protein Snacks. The scheme of custom pack allows you to select your desirable products with no maximum or minimum price limits. Hey1 if you start with his pack you can earn free perks after hitting particular point levels in the garb of cycles and event passes of the handy commercial tool of Income Maximizer.
  2. Automatic Savings: I will now make you realize the advantages of the auto order but before that let’s have some talk of preferred pricing. Before the company made its change in the business plan each of its products are listed under the tags of autoship price, wholesale price and retail price. Then the firm thought that because of confusion over such tagging let’s have a preferred price implying single affordable price for all its products. Keeping in mind the people who prefer to save products on a long term basis it rewarded them with Auto Order. Here your products will be shipped automatically each month to you. You have the scope of receiving all items at a 10% off. On placing your successive product orders you do get 5% off on each order after the first round.

Reasons for joining USANA

Hey buddy! It is quite silly if you ask me such questions. To put it simply USANA is a reputable company with vast experience in MLM marketing of healthy supplements and skin care products. Besides, it pays 45% of the overall revenue earned to all its distributors without any delay. Both male and female employees do receive equal rewards from the firm. Its products are quite outstanding to make you healthy and beautiful with no harmful chemical effects. You will get financial stability to start your life afresh with your loved ones. It just requires paying $ 30 or less to start your own MLM business. On consistent performance you do enjoy vacational leaves, cars and other facilities. So now you can understand its essence I do hope.


Before I end my reviews I would like to warn you of the fact that many rival firms are up against this company and are spreading fictional lies about its policies and terms of service. So don’t take these rumors seriously otherwise you would lose your own scope of income because no other MLM companies is as friendly and cooperative towards it employees than the USANA. You just need to find a suitable sponsor who will guide you in the initial level. After having your own team you can enable them to replicate your success to earn kudos from the company. When you and your team do show such consistent performance every year they have the scope of earning lifetime achievement bonus reward from the company.  Majority of the people do fail to make money in a MLM firm because of their loosing enthusiasm and zeal. But in USANA you have the opportunity to receive online training kits and other educational stuffs to keep your motivational level alive. I don’t have any idea what you people want from me to know more. You do have the option of beginning your business with your preferred lists of products and for that company is always there to help you out. Just remember don’t give much importance to the propagandas of other companies because this is the perfect MLM firm to shape you up your career in the right directions without any strict criteria for selections.





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