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Valentus MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Valentus MLM Compensation Plan Review

Many people are showing increased eagerness to be a part of multi-level marketing industry. They know very well that this industry will become the guiding force to dominate the economic affairs of the world in the coming future. Not only that, it is through this industry they can also leave behind a legacy in the shape of autonomous home business for their successors to run. It provides the perfect platform for the individuals who want to leave a long lasting impact in the world of marketing. Here you will always find jobs as there is continuous demand of workers even in tight financial situations like recessions. But when it comes to landing to an appropriate company, people like you often face trouble. It is obvious, due to availability of multiple options that you encounter in the market. The problem can be simply overcome on the basis of your area of preference. For instance, if you have knack in health products, then Valentus will be quite appropriate for you. Before joining this MLM firm, just have a glance at the review elaborating the products, compensation plans and other exciting options. To know more about earning high from these compensation plans click here.

About Valentus MLM Compensation Plan


Valentus was founded with the sole aim of providing the most advanced nutritional products in the market. It utilizes the superior scientific technologies when it comes to offering the customers with products that will optimize their overall health. At present, it is operating in more than fifty nations of the world but is exploring the markets of other countries as well. Its distributors mainly sell products using the tactic of word of mouth advertising. In this way they have been successful in convincing customers to use and buy the products of the company. So far all its products have received positive approval of the customers but the company is still making all out effort to innovate and launch a new variety of nutritional product lines in the market. Though it has more than forty thousand distributors at its disposal but is still looking for more distributors. This company always encourages the motivation of these distributors through attractive bonus and commission amounts.

Product of Valentus MLM Compensation Plan

The firm always ensures quality of its products to the considerable extent. It is the main reason why it always buys manufacturing ingredients from trusted and well known wholesalers only. The scientists working in its advanced state of the art facilities use the latest food processing technologies for obtaining the finest products. All its products have secured the approval certificates of FDA and other third party agencies. Besides, you can clearly find in its product labels the manufacturing dates in the form of crystal clear printing. A few well known products of this company mainly include the following:

 Prevail Trim: This supplement is quite helpful in burning your fat to the fullest extent. With its help you can regain fat free slim body. Its nutritional ingredients can effectively dissolve inside your blood to shed the unused calories to the maximum extent. Try it for few days and you can notice the difference within few weeks.

Prevail Energy: This nutritional drink can maximize the level of energy inside your body. You can notice the difference when you will be able to endure the harsh outdoor activities like farming and athletics. Its herbal ingredients will ensure that every portion of your body does get required nourishment for strengthening your overall health.

Prevail Boost: This nutritional supplement can help you to obtain a solid defense mechanism that will protect your body from every sort of infections. The product is packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants to transform your immune system into a superb one. You can automatically experience its advantages once you start taking it regularly.

Slim Roast: It helps in managing weight through reducing your appetite level to a considerable extent. Its natural ingredients can dissolve easily inside your body to burn the excess calories for shedding fat. Apart from that, it also improves the performance of your brain and nourishes the central nervous system to the fullest extent. If you are fed up with your over-weight, then buy this product at once.

Compensation Plan of Valentus MLM Network Marketing

The compensation plan of this company is quite flexible in the market and enumerates series of money making options for the distributors. It encourages them to invest in their home business without any fear of financial repercussion. According to this plan, distributors have the chance of earning money in the following ways:

Retail Commissions: It is not bad if you begin your first day in this company with the retail commissions of twenty five percent. But for that, you have to buy the products of the company at the wholesale price and sale it to your customers at a retail price. Your actual amount will be determined on the basis of the difference between retail and wholesale costs. Not only that, more the product orders of your enrolled customers, higher will be your commission amounts.

Fast Start Bonus: As a distributor you have to generate order for any of the product pack of the company within the period of thirty days after your enrollment. Your legitimate bonus amount shall be determined on the overall volume generation of the organization to that of your initial personal volume generation on every pack. The same rule applies to that of your down-lines members also who have to place their initial orders for buying any of the product pack of the company. Here every distributor has the scope of earning till $100 which can be maximized based on their subsequent order volumes.

Dual team commissions: In order to receive this bonus, you have ensure that your one leg generates the business volume of about hundred and the other leg must have to generate business volume of about two hundred. On the basis of this prescribed criteria, you have the chance of earning twenty dollars besides other residual commissions. Now here also, your bonus amount can be maximized if the order volume generation of any of your leg is more than three hundred business volume. It is a weekly commission and is given on the basis of the prescribed criteria.

Legacy Enrollment Bonus: It will help you to fetch $100 every month on the basis of your volume generation for the pack of business builder during the period of your enrollment to the position of Ruby IR within the organization. Apart from that, you also need to possess an active business volume of about hundred via the autoship order.

Car Bonus: This monthly bonus is usually paid the moment you reach the position of Diamond or higher within the organization and to retain them for the consecutive periods of two months. But you need to retain such high ranking position for subsequent months in order to enjoy the constant flow of this bonus amount. For instance, on achieving the position of Diamond in April month and retaining it for the May month, you shall be eligible for this bonus in the month of June.

Enrollment Bonus Pool: For enjoying this monthly bonus, you have to enroll minimum three customers or distributors to buy the pack of business builder each month. Those enrolled distributors must also possess the autoship business volume of hundred so that you become eligible for earning one percent of the overall shares of the company on a global basis. Your share amount will be determined on the basis of the overall enrollment of distributors in this product pack of the company in a given month.

Rank advancement: On achieving any rank that begins from the rank of Diamond, you shall receive an advancement bonus on the following weeks. In case you fail to retain such rank, do not worry because you shall be given thirty days grace period to qualify such high position to become eligible for the bonus.

Get Started with Valentus MLM Compensation Plan

If you guys have made up your mind to join this firm, then the ideal way to boost your initiative is to sign up for the position of distributor. On joining as a distributor you shall have the opportunity to closely study the working structure of multilevel marketing industry and to enrich your product knowledge including their benefits. There are two ways you can sign up for the position- a) either contacting the nearest distributor of the company or b) directly logging on to the official website of this company. During the time of online enrollment, you need to follow certain prescribed guidelines for your own benefits. In the first step, you need to select your marketing area and also to fill certain other important information columns. In the second step, you have to carefully select and buy the optional builder pack that contains essential training manuals and other useful information. It is better you go for the costly pack so that you can receive increased volume of such materials. In the ultimate, you have to properly select and buy the optional product pack that will contain different nutritional bottles of the company for self consumption, selling and offering to your loved ones as a free trial. It is recommended that you opt for the costly one so that your investment appears serious before the customers. Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrollment. Then a replicated website shall be generated on your name from where you will forward the product orders of your customers and distributors directly to the company.

Business opportunity of Valentus MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of this company ensures legitimate financial supports for the distributors who are planning to set up their autonomous home business. It has been mainly designed to encourage distributors like you to leave behind a decent legacy for the future generation of distributors regarding how to earn maximum profits through autonomous home business. Besides, one joining this company as a distributor, you have the option to pocket handsome commission and bonus amounts in the form of retail sales, first start bonus, team enrollment bonus and so on. This is only the beginning, after you achieve the position of Diamond or higher you will continue to receive non-stop flow of highest financial perks. Though all such high ranking positions must be achieved within fixed time period but the plan also offers thirty days of grace period to re-qualify for any position. As a distributor, you will command over the marketing and product selling strategies without interference from anyone. If you continue to retain your progress criteria then you will also receive car bonus and other exciting offers from this MLM firm.

Training in Valentus MLM Compensation Plan

The firm does prefer to train those distributors who have passion and hunger in them to succeed in this industry. For the first time distributors, it separately holds special training sessions where they are provided with detail information on various aspects of multi-level marketing. After the brief introduction, they are imparted training on how to establish autonomous business without suffering much financial loss. At the same time, the firm fully backs employees who wish to adopt different marketing and product selling tactics in this industry. It offers full on-field supports to the distributors when for the first time they venture into the outdoor marketing world for reaching to the target consumers. But before that they are provided solid training on lead generation and spotting the suitable customers. It will be better for you to establish rapport with any experienced distributor so that you get essential guidelines while working on the field.

Conclusion of Valentus MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending this review, you guys must always remember that it takes years of hard work and sincerity to become successful in this industry. Apart from that, you guys must always beware of incorrect blog posts which only try to defame this company before the public eyes. But as you have read this review, you know pretty that this firm is absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong in it. For instance, it has clearly specified the constituent ingredients of all its products and the various test results on its website. Even in case of the compensation plan, it has missed nothing. So instead of wasting your time, you must join this firm at once.    





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