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Vemma compensation plan review


Eating healthy is what we want and look forward to exercise just enough to be in the right shape. But like me you all would be left with no time to exercise or get the right diet. Hence supplements can be a great alternative to boost up the energy levels while making sure you look at your best. Vemma is one such vitamin and supplement drink. Definitely you would have started wondering as why I am marketing a health drink suddenly. Haa.. But you would be pleased to know that Vemma is one MLM company as well. Every people who play an active role in the promotion of healthy and nutritional products have heard of Vemma International. This US based firm stationed in Arizona has become a leading brand in the industry of health drinks and supplements.


Customers like us always hold such company with high esteem as they tend to enhance our health conditions for long living to enjoy life to the fullest extents. The firm is also recognized for its professional distributors who help in the successful achievements of target ensuring record sale of the company’s product in every corner of the world. If you are interested to earn or enjoy decent profit in your wallet you need to hook onto my reviews with proper attention. It is important on your part to have a proper understanding of the work environment of the company before working with the top management of this firm. In the process you will automatically gain insight of running any profitable venture within short time period.

Vemma International: At a glance

This firm was established in the year of 2004 and under the effective leadership of BK Boreyko who has vast experience in the sector direct selling of products. Before establishing Vemma his first leading firm New Vision turned to be a big success. When Borekyo set up Vemma there he followed a unique model of marketing distribution network which mainly focuses on direct interactions with consumers for creating long lasting impressions on their mind both financially and physically with the help of personalized knowledge of healthy products. His model produced the desired result when the company registered superb profit of $ 1 billion mainly from the retail sale of products. His firm has won many international awards for following such unique commercial models for ensuring smooth rapport between customers and clients.

Products of Vemma

By now you must gained an insight of the nutritional products of this company however for your convenience I am again saying that the products of this firm mainly comprised of organic minerals, green tea and other health friendly minerals to enhance physical immunity and to improve the existing condition of overall health of the persons of all age groups. This is evident of the fact that all its key health products have received warm appreciation from the leading US journals. All these nutritional products are manufactured under the sharp supervision of experienced health experts and dieticians to minimize the possibility of the presence of unhygienic contaminants in such health drinks. To ensure further quality they mainly took the following initiatives mentioned below:


  • Utilizing raw ingredients having superior quality
  • Using highest grade of nutritional technology to weed out the toxic materials from the ingredients
  • Adhering to the extensive standards of testing and manufacturing

Before launching any product in the market the company completes a series of quality control processing to remain stain free from the allegations of the rival firms.

If you are planning to include products for the MLM strategy you have the option of trying with Verve, energy drink of Vemma International. This product comprised of essential nutrients which would make the people feels energetic and active all the day and is much ahead with other health drinks comprising of chemicals and sugar. Unlike other drinks this drink promises to provide essential minerals and vitamins to the human body. If you test this product personally you can easily convince your customers to have this product to enjoy an active life. As the market of energy drink is already saturated people hardly have any choice but to accept your explanations on the benefit of using this product. I can assure you this task is not so tough if you establish rapport with your customers.

MLM nodal of Vemma:

There is two ways of selling your products and services to the customers viz: retailing and the other is MLM. I would try to help you out to understand what exactly this MLM can be like. This Multi Level Marketing Plan bases on selling of products and recruiting people beneath you. Ahh.. that’s something you must be knowing but I thought of just refreshing the stuff over again. Vemma follows this MLM approach of selling its products as it ensures direct interaction with the customers and keep the company in touch with latest preference of the customers. It is quite easy to obtain the feedback of the customers following the MLM model of direct selling. You must have certain experience of direct selling before joining as a contractual sales professional of the company. The criteria for recruitment of independent sale employees vary on the existing market conditions of the country. Though company also recruits inexperienced candidates but when there is economic meltdown it relies on criteria to reduce additional expenditures on training inexperienced candidates.

Compensation plan of Vemma

This mainly include binary compensation scheme of the company which is no doubt quite unique while comparing the compensation packages of other company. This compensation scheme of Vemma involves two segments and to understand it very clearly I am providing you with an easy example. For instance when you appoint two new commercial builders you would naturally employ one in the left leg of your business and the other in the right leg. Additional employees then need to be accommodated in the either side of your existing staff strength. This not only ensures cooperative environment in the company but also allows assisting the newly inducted members to play a vital role in the building of the company.  This approach of team building is the key feature of binary planning. It seeks to balance the volume of product selling in both legs of your organization. This balance is quite essential for future growth and prosperity of your company. It also minimizes the scope of factionalism as both the right and left segments of your organization being able to enjoy equal amount of profits.

Scope of money making:

If you manage to join Vemma as an independent sale representative you have the scope of enjoying equal facilities and allowances as the registered employees of the company. You just only need to achieve the sale volume of the company on a monthly basis to stay afloat in this company. Besides as you have the scope of gaining much more insight about the economy and marketing scenario of US once you join this company as a sale representative. Sometimes the firm also held workshops in cities to meet its manpower for carry forward the tasks of direct selling. For information you can visit the website of the firm to upgrade your knowledge. Another plus point is that you will be guided at every stage by your authority to exceed the sales targets at every successive level to place you in the better position for enjoying profit perks. The company asks for further inputs like improving the offer scheme of all its products to receive more response from the customers to its independent sale representatives like you. So your role also does get increased and if your inputs improve the sales graph of the company you have the scope of receiving car, bungalow, vocational leaves and other such high profile facilities.

Good things of this firm:

In my opinion the direct interaction with the customers has put this company much ahead of its competitors. It not only provides online but also offline scope of interactions for the customers having little or no knowledge of technology at all. It also plays a vital role in creating brand awareness among the people when they compare the quality of its products with its rival companies. It also maintains transparency as it clearly mentions the percentage of every ingredient in its health drink packets with accurate quantity. Its product packets bear the certified clearance from leading quality control agencies of the country. They do have the backing of many health conscious celebrities which help in smooth endorsements of its products besides running professional advertisements with much highly designed content. I would say you could ideally make the full time from the part time job simply by selling Vemma. For doing so it’s not important that you are too good at marketing or confident enough to do direct sales. Although, the company offers you a list of websites once you sign up for the Vemma MLM program, they offer you the bunch of goodies.. to list them down it consists of :

  • Vemma Bottles: 4
  • NEXT Bottles: 2
  • Verve Zero Sugar Energy Drink: 12
  • Verve Energy Drink: 24 cans
  • V 2- Fridge Brick: 1
  • Bode Shake Vanilla Ice Cream flavor: 1 bag
  • Vemma Success Kit: 1
  • Verve Bold Energy Drink: 12
  • Bode Shake Chocolate Ice Cream flavor: 1 bag

Additionally there are several business builder packs which comprise of marketing website for free utilizing social media for helping to tell stories, free mob app instilled with text videos as well as advanced tracking for managing a business activity etc.

Things to be considered in this MLM plan

While everything above could appear to be a lucrative opportunity, I would like to state the flip side to you as well. All the goodies come for a price and to start with a basic package of Vemma you would need to shell out $ 499.95. The bigger pack comes at a price of $999.95. Roughly a $ 500 spending would get you 48 nos drinks, 32 ice creams and the marketing kit. Sounds good deal to me. However, it doesn’t end here as you are automatically signed up for paying $ 126 per month and offered 232 ox bottles.  Another serious flaws which makes it quite unpredictable among average consumers as to whether give a try or avoid its products. There is no complaint about the quality content of its products but it mainly involves in selling supplement products which cannot provide the same nutritional level to the physical health of the persons same as that of raw fruits and vegetables. These supplements though clinically healthy but are not recommended by therapists and dieticians as they are no match for the fresh bunch of fruits and vegetables. It is a fact that as we are leading busy life it is impossible for us to make proper choice of buying nutritious fruits and vegetables and so we are becoming much more dependent on supplements having short term benefits only.

The situation becomes quite tricky for contractual sales employees like you who are bound to purchase these supplements for your commercial purposes and hence getting no time to purchase and eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The major flaw lies here that despite knowing consuming fruits is better than supplements but for continuing profit generation you have to convince others that supplements provide better nutrition than all other food materials. You can neither leave nor expose it for that would tarnish the brand image of the company.

 Brief Summary

So what does the bottom line mean here? I would say that although there are loads of scams in the market which makes you turn away from genuine opportunities, be relieved that Vemma is not any scam at all. As I stated it’s an international company which also uses the MLM system for selling its products. I believe that not all of the people under the MLM system would make huge amount of money, but if you use such products, there is definitely a scope of trying them yourself and selling every other time.

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