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Viridian MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Viridian MLM Compensation Plan

When you sense the bitterness in my Viridian review, you might be inclined to think that I have something against using electricity, but actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I quite enjoy using electricity.  I have previously discussed on this site how much enjoyment I derive from sitting on my keister in my basement all winter, and I will be the first to admit that sitting on my keister in my basement all winter would not be nearly as much fun if I did not have electricity in my basement.  If it were not for electricity, the computer on which I am writing this Viridian review would not be able to function.  It isn’t that I don’t enjoy being away from electricity for a while; when the weather is warm, I rather enjoy fly fishing and playing Paintball, and neither of those activities is enhanced by electricity, but I would rather go back to my RV at night than live for days on end without electricity.  Perhaps the most useful device in my life these days that runs on electricity is my refrigerator.  I have mentioned in other posts on this site that the other Brad, who is the cofounder of Notebook Crazy, and I made a bet on New Year’s Eve which culminated in me having to buy him as much diet Vernors as he can drink in my presence between now and the summer equinox.  If I did not have a refrigerator, I would have to go to the gas station to get a fresh can of diet Vernors every time the other Brad came around.  While I am sure my dog Floyd would enjoy all those walks to the gas station in this delightfully mild weather, I would get tired of it pretty quickly, being the couch potato that I am.  Besides, it would not be cost effective to buy all those cans of diet Vernors separately.

No, the trouble is not electricity.  The trouble is multilevel marketing (MLM).  It is one of the most inefficient ways I can think of to do business.  I know that a lot of people get interested in joining one or another MLM business opportunity because they think it will give them a living income for little work, but, if you read the rest of my Viridian review, or pretty much any other review on this site, you will see that the opposite is true.  MLM companies tend to send you on wild goose chases at your own expense.  You will see, for example, that the Viridian business opportunity can easily lead to new Viridian distributors working day and night for four weeks just to earn a measly 87 bucks.  You might be disappointed at how little your job at Kroger pays you, but I assure you that you make more than 87 bucks in four weeks, even if you only work part time.

Viridian: The Company and Its Products


Viridian is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company that sells deregulated electricity and natural gas services.  Since the energy markets are only deregulated in 17 states, that means that you do not even need to read the rest of this Viridian review to decide whether the Viridian business opportunity is right for you if you do not live in one of those 17 states.  Viridian presents itself as an environmentally conscious company and its products as “green” energy, but I have heard so much about health and wholesomeness from various MLM companies that it is starting to go in one ear and out the other.  I take Viridian’s claims of green energy about as seriously as I do those MLM companies that sell you ordinary vitamin supplements, coffee, or water and market them as a well-kept secret to good health.

It costs $199 to join the Viridian business opportunity and market Viridian products in one state only.  If you buy a $399 Viridian membership, however, you can sell Viridian products in all 17 states where they are legal.

The Viridian Compensation Plan

The Viridian compensation plan document is a whopping 20 pages long.  That does not sound like such an impressive length for a multilevel marketing (MLM) compensation plan document, as some of them go on for more than 30 pages.  The reason that the Viridian compensation plan document deserves the distinction “whopping” is not simply its length, but rather that every line of those 20 pages is filled with details about the Viridian compensation plan, no filler at all.  Other MLM compensation plan documents are full of images of the kinds of vacations and luxury cars that you might have a slim chance of earning if you keep having MLM products autoshipped to your address and if you keep nagging your relatives, friends, and neighbors to become distributors until you become persona non grata even block parties and church socials, but the Viridian compensation plan does not even contain a single image of what the lifestyle that Viridian distributors allegedly aspire to might look like.  It is all text, all fine print, with only a few tables to break up the monotony of the prose.

The leadership levels in the Viridian compensation plan are Consultant, Lead Consultant, Senior Consultant, Director, Lead Director, Senior Director, Executive Director, Partner, Platinum, Partner, Diamond Partner, Crown Partner, Ambassador, Platinum Ambassador, Diamond Ambassador, and Crown Ambassador.

The Viridian compensation plan lists eight ways to make money through the Viridian business opportunity, and these eight ways are further subdivided.  These eight ways are the Fast Start Bonus, the Mentor Bonus, the Rank Advancement Bonus, the Customer Acquisition Bonus, Group Pay, Generation Pay, the Leadership Pool, and Promotional Pay.

Fast Start Bonuses are earned based on how many customers you enroll during your first eight weeks after joining the Viridian business opportunity.  If you only sign up to sell electricity and natural gas through Viridian in one state, you can earn $175.00 if you sign up 16 customers for electricity in the first four weeks, and you can earn $87.50 if you sign up 16 customers for natural gas in the first four weeks.  The more MLM reviews I write, the more I realize how much of the blame for MLM madness can be attributed to fast start bonuses.  Think of how much Red Bull you would have to drink to keep your energy up to keep badgering people to cancel the energy services they have and get 16 people to buy natural gas from you in four weeks, all for a lousy 87 bucks.  You would have a better chance of earning 87 bucks in four weeks by doing penny gigs on Amazon Mechanical Turk or a similar penny gig site, but MLM compensation plans will never tell you that.  The section of the Viridian compensation plan that deals with Fast Start Bonuses also contains a chart that indicates that, if you enroll 50 customers for electricity, you get a $2500 bonus, and if you enroll 500 customers for natural gas, you get a $1250 bonus.  The Viridian compensation plan document does not explicitly say that you have to enroll all these customers in the first eight weeks, but the fact that it is mentioned in the Fast Start Bonuses section of the compensation plan document implies it.

As far as Rank Advancement Bonuses go, at the lowest levels of the Viridian compensation plan, when you join the Viridian business opportunity or get promoted, the Viridian member who recruited you gets a bonus ranging in value from $100 to $350.  Once you reach the rank of Lead Director, then you become the recipient of your own Rank Advancement Bonuses.  (Before you start seeing dollar signs, think about the last time you joined an MLM business opportunity and how much money you had to spend and borrow to make it to the fifth level, if you ever even made it that far.)  When you reach the rank of Lead Director, you get a $500 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Senior Director, you get a $1,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Executive Director, you get a $2,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Partner, you get a $4,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Platinum Partner, you get a $8,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Diamond Partner, you get a $16,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Crown Partner, you get a $32,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Ambassador, you get a $50,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Platinum Ambassador, you get a $60,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Diamond Ambassador, you get a $75,000 bonus.  When you reach the rank of Crown Ambassador, you get a $100,000 bonus.

Like many other MLM compensation plans, the Viridian compensation plan includes a leadership bonus pool.  You become eligible for shares of the Leadership Pool once you reach the rank of Partner, and the more your rank increases, the more shares of the Leadership Pool you get.  The Viridian compensation plan also includes a Car Allowance.  When you reach the rank of Partner, Viridian will pay $500 each month toward a payment on a luxury car.  As your rank increases, so does the amount of the Car Allowance, until you get a Car Allowance of $2,000 per month at the Crown Ambassador level.  The Viridian compensation plan does not specify which cars are eligible for payment with the Car Allowance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The fact that the leadership levels in the Viridian compensation plan skip Bronze, Silver, and Gold and go straight to platinum is a welcome change from other MLM compensation plans.
  • The Viridian business opportunity is only available in 17 states, so if you live in a state that does not have deregulated energy (and the chances are about 2 out of 3 that you do), then you do not have to worry about anyone approaching you to buy Viridian products or become a Viridian distributor.
  • The Viridian compensation plan document certainly is detailed. It does, however, leave some questions unanswered.


  • The products of Viridian products just are not competitive. In the discussion of any MLM business opportunity, the question of whether it is recession proof almost always arises sooner or later.  People who are promoting energy MLMs like the Viridian business opportunity will be quick to point the finger at MLMs that sell things like costume jewelry and plankton juice and say that almost no one has enough wiggle room in their paycheck to buy accessories and nutritional supplements even when times are good, whereas things have to get really desperate before people will stop paying their electric bills.  When you get right down to it, though, that argument does not hold water, because the electricity prices you can offer your customers as a Viridian distributor are unlikely to help anyone save money.
  • One complaint that I have found in the Viridian reviews I have read, whether they were written by customers or by current or former Viridian distributors is that Viridian charges variable rates for its electricity services. Variable rates mean that Viridian can increase the price of your customers’ electricity with little or no warning, and it also means that it can keep its prices high even after the market makes it possible for it to lower its rates.  Are some circumstances in which fixed rates on electricity cost you more and other in which variable rates cost you more, but in the Viridian reviews I read while researching this Viridian review, the variable rates were a point of complaint.
  • The requirements of the Fast Start Bonuses in the Viridian compensation plan are virtually unattainable.


Skip it.  Deregulated energy MLMs are a whole lot of hassle for only small amounts of money.  The job you have now is probably more money for less stress.

Believe it or not, I do other things besides grumble about MLM companies on my blog and buy diet Vernors for my friend.  I actually have a successful Internet business, and if you schedule a call with me, I will tell you more about it.



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