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ViSalus MLM Compensation Plan Review


Many common American fellows like you do become restless in search of a decent job after the completion of their graduation courses. They want to attach with any established firm so as to earn decent income and can spend quality times with their family members. MLM companies are now appearing as the biggest source of providing surplus employment to many common American youths like you. If you have enthusiasm for healthy and fitness products then you can join ViSalus because it is one such MLM company that shall ensure your decent income earning opportunities as well as other facilities. To gain more facts about the company, its products, compensation plan and business opportunities hooked on to this review. You can easily earn more than 5K per week if you use effective and planned techniques, to know more click here.

About ViSalus MLM Compensation Plan

ViSalus was established in the year of 2005 and the head office is based in Troy, Michigan. The firm was founded mainly under the leadership of Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. The firm is mainly known for producing dietary supplements, energy drinks and other nutritional products which are sold in the market by its independent distributors through oral advertisements. In 2008 it was acquired by Blyth Inc and since then has been generating surplus revenues over one million dollars every year. Over 40,000 consultants work in this MLM company and the firm always recognizes the contribution of its employees who are the main pillars of its present success.

Product of ViSalus MLM Compensation Company

Products of this MLM firm mainly comprised of supplement pills, energy drinks, flavor mix-ins, meal replacement shakes of several combinations that are priced within the range of $ 49-$ 299. These are mainly made up of primary ingredients like forskolin, caffeine and green tea. Some of its well known products mainly include the following:

  • ViSalus NEURO: This energy drink neither contains caffeine nor sugar but only contains nutritional natural ingredients for boosting your brain and body. It produces no side effect after consumption and the firm always cross check the quality of the products before being launched in the market. It is basically a powder that has to be mixed with any cold liquid comprising of Raspberry Boost or Lemon Lift. Natural ingredients mainly comprised of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Rhodiola, Arginine, DMAE and Green Tea.
  • Vi-pak: It is the most advanced nutritional support system which has been designed for offering body nutrients that are hard to from any diet solely. Through providing the appropriate blending of several beneficial nutrients and vitamins this pack helps in providing anti-aging support, healthy heart and joints, immune system and production of natural energy in the body.
  • Vi-Shape: This product kit is mainly useful in boosting the metabolic activities in your body as well as for managing the body weight. It mainly comprised of natural ingredients for curbing appetites and provides healthy sound shake as a substitute for your unhealthy meal for reducing calories with the booster metabolism pill and appetite suppressant drink.

Ever product is FDA certified and is well packed to retain the essential nutritional qualities. You can clearly view the approval seal in the label of every product as well as the manufacturing and expiry dates. The firm employs superior state of the art facilities to manufacture health friendly products under the supervision of experienced scientists.

Compensation Plan in ViSalus MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of ViSalus enables you to earn money in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Personal Customer and Direct Sales Commissions: Retail sales shall enable you to earn decent income through purchasing the products of the company at the wholesale price which you can re-sell it to your consumers at retail price. There is also another scope of earning through Personal Customer Commissions through the retail customers when they directly place their orders to the company via the Distributor ID of yours. Besides, preferred customers who decide to save till 25% from the retail price through enrolling in the program of Auto-ship. This commission is mainly paid on the basis of preferred customer, retail and personal sales above the bonus volume of $200 every month in accumulative pattern.
  • Weekly Enroller’s Pool: This is a special financial sharing incentives reserved for the employees of Rising Stars. This is the primary building block of the compensation plan of ViSalus. Once you reach the status of Rising Stars and emphasized on fixing on the Weekly Enroller’s Pool then you need to duplicate your success all through your careers for that would ensure your gradual promotion in the career path of ViSalus. The firm places 2 percent of the overall bonus volume into this bonus pool from the previous 4 weeks.
  • Fast Start Bonus: On achieving the Director rank and above there is the surplus scope of earning Fast Start Bonus amount of $ 180 mainly from the products that are sold within the every Executive Success System in the team. All these bonuses can be pocketed from various depths following Enroller Tree which are paid on weekly cycle. Overrides on this bonus can be earned once you achieve the status of Regional Director and above on the basis of difference between the bonus earned within your rank and bonus earned within your organization.
  • First Order Bonus: It is paid on the basis of personal product orders which is placed by the new Associate during the period of his/her previous enrolment date and the payment mainly goes to the active first four associates in the upline. Personal products that are bought by the company Associates after the initial order of enrolment would count towards the team and personal customer commissions. All these bonuses shall follow Enroller Tree which is paid on weekly pay cycle. The more samples and products will the new distributors exhibit before the customers their business will grow faster.
  • BMW Bonus: On reaching the Regional Director level and higher you shall be entitled to be associated with the sophisticated Bimmer Club for monthly BMW bonus for having a black BMW car of a renowned brand.
  • Team Commissions: As a distributor of the company you shall be focusing on developing the preferred and retail customer base besides developing the team of several distributors and your organization. Once you begin to progress through the career path of ViSalus you have the scope of earning increasing amount of team commissions through the generation of product sales from the distributor organization. The section of team commissions within the compensation plan of ViSalus is referred to as Unilevel with the Compression. It implies that you have the scope of earning percentage incomes through certain number of the referral levels within the organization. On achieving higher ranking level you have the scope of earning surplus commissions.
  • Leadership Depth Bonus: Over the passage of time it can be possible that you organization has to expand over 8 referral levels and so the firm has developed this leadership development bonus at the Ambassador level. On achieving the Ambassador rank you can earn 2 percent on the overall bonus volume from the ninth level beyond infinity. On helping any other people to achieve the rank of Ambassador the bonus amount shall increase to four percent through the eighth level of that ambassador.
  • Leadership Pool: The firm has reserved two percent of its overall bonus volume for the elite group comprising of Ambassadors and Presidential Directors. As the Presidential Director you have the scope of earning points in one percent PD pool and as the Ambassador you have the scope to earn points in both one percent AMB pool and one percent PD pool.
  • Ambassador Star Bonus: This bonus has been primarily designed for acknowledging the contribution of the field leaders as well as for rewarding people maximizing the promotion of its various products. It is mainly paid on the basis of monthly Success Club Subscription to purchasing promoters who have to sell minimum one product before the lapse of the subscription period. At least minimum subscription amount of $ 12 is paid in Ambassador Star Bonus.

Getting Started with ViSalus MLM compensation PLan 

It will be quite ideal for you to start your career in this company as a distributor so as to proceed in the next levels. As a distributor you need to promote the 90 Day Challenge for getting paid on the basis of group and personal volumes. To become the distributor you can either sign up before the local distributor or simply enroll yourself in the website of the company in the following manners mentioned below:

  • For enrolling as the distributor you need to log on to the portal of http://www.JoinChallenge.com and then click on the button of Promote The Challenge.
  • They you have to select the country location of your choice and have to complete filling all the essential contact details.
  • Then you have to select your preferred starter kit option.

There are three main distributor kit options that the firm presents and it mainly includes the following mentioned below:

  • BASIC kit: This option kit can be purchased at a small amount of $49 and once you purchased this distributor kit option you have to include additional shake kits in the order because it does not arrive with any product. This option is quite ideal anybody who just have newly entered in the MLM business. You would be paid for promoting the products of the once you generate the overall product volume order of $125. It arrives with collection of samples for the purpose of sharing.
  • Executive kit: You just have to pay $499 to purchase this optional kit. Besides you are not required to add order for any shake kits as it arrives with products comprising the Vi-Crunch. This optional kit enables you for participation in the extra bonus pools and Bimmer incentive straight from the shoulder. Besides, you shall have access to much training on purchasing this optional kit.
  • STAR kit: Once you purchase this optional kit for $999 you shall have similar contents like the option of Executive kit with much more samples for offering to your casual acquaintance for free trials. This option would be quite ideal if you are planning to give sample packs to at least fifty people. The compensation is similar to that of other optional kits.

Now you have to make a suitable decision on which optional kit you can go for. It depends on your goal as well as on your wallet conditions to pick the suitable optional kits as a distributor of the company. If you purchase the first optional kit then you will be failed to create considerable impression in the mind of your customers but if you proceed with the second or third optional kits then maybe you have the scope of receiving considerable attention of the customers. Besides you also have to convince the customers using oral advertisement which can become quite easier if you yourself tried some of the products so as to display your passion before others while selling these products.

Conclusion of ViSalus MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping the review you must remember that never falls prey to the misleading information of others in the market. As you are quite aware that the market of MLM is very competitive and many rival firms are in the process of maligning the reputation of ViSalus so as to reduce its popularity. But you must not fell into such trap without verification because otherwise you would be the sole loser and not the company. You can trust this company as the work environment in this company is quite sophisticated and the employees here worked out every possible effort so as to maximize the annual revenues of the firm. The firm acknowledges the contribution of every hardworking employee and rewards them without any discrimination. Both male and female employees receive promotion in the successive stages of their career and there is no place for any gender discrimination. All employees are paid instantly and there is no such case of pending salaries and bonuses in the entire work history of the company. So you must go for this company without wasting any time.



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